How long do we have to wait for a reporter to ask:
"You're against race quotas, but what about rich quotas? Do you support the Ivy league practice--that allowed you to attend Yale--of reserving 'legacy slots' for rich students who don't make the grade?"

Title: Compassionate, Conservative, C-student
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The following lines of text appear on the screen in sequence:
1. George W Bush opposes affirmative action.
2. He says he was a C student in high school.
3. He got into Yale thanks to slots set aside for "Legacy" students.

Cut to a working class New Haven kitchen. An angry mom yells at her early-teen child, waving his report card in his face.

Mom: "You think you're going to Yale with these grades?"

Boy: "But Mom! They took him!"
[The boy points to the TV with a frame of Bush on the screen saying he was a C student.]

Cut to Yale's campus:

The camera follows the boy as he hikes up to a group of students on Yale's campus with his report card in hand. He hands them the card and asks if they think he could get in.

Cut to a series of clips of several students and groups of students shaking their heads apologetically, "You pretty much need all A's to get in here."

Final shot is of the boy with chin in hand, sitting on the steps of the library.

Voice over--something like: We need a president who sets an example of hard work and integrity.

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