Title: Compassionate, Conservative, Cokehead      
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The ad is shot from Bush's point of view, as if the viewer is Bush. Bush (and therefore the viewer) faces a boardroom table of worried advisors and consultants--all looking down the table at him. Their concerned faces tell you something's desperately wrong. Only two of the advisors speak to Bush in the ad. One is playing good-cop (Karl Rove?) and speaks in a soothing, patient tone, as if to a child. The other is playing bad-cop (James Baker?) and is visibly angry. The rest of the advisors just exchange anxious glances and shift nervously throughout the ad.

The 'Good-cop' advisor, holding a pointer, is standing next to a big chart with slogans printed in big black type:
Young people need to know that if they commit the crime, they'll do the time.
2. Incarceration is rehabilitation.
3. I want to usher in the responsibility era.

Good-cop: George, these are testing great in the focus groups. So come on, repeat after me, "If they commit the crime, they'll do the time."

George: [whining like a littke kid] But everyone knows I did cocaine. I'll sound like hypocrite!

Good-cop: Don't say that George!

George: [embarrassed] But I messed up and said I did some in 1974.

Good-cop: No George, you said you HAVEN'T done any SINCE 1974.

George: [pouting] Same thing!

Good-cop: [groans from frustration and throws his face into his hands.]

Bad-cop: [probably a friend and advisor of his father, yelling like a disciplinarian uncle.] Georgie! Listen to me. There will be no more whining or pouting from you. A lot of powerful people have given us millions of dollars to win this campaign and WE WILL WIN IT. Now say it! [points to the board]

Good-cop: [Taps the slogan with his pointer.]

George: [grudgingly] If you commit the crime, you do the time.

Bad-cop: [pounding the table] Once more with feeling!

George: [slightly better] If they commit the crime, they'll do the time.

[Screen goes black with big words:]

Tell the truth George.

[Small words:]

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