No More Draft Dodgers in the White House!
If he didn't have the courage to serve, when did he get the courage to lead?
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A senior veteran, wearing his VFW hat, answering a question about Bush:
"Well if he didn't have the courage to serve his country back then, then I want to know: when did he get the courage to lead it?"

Voice over:
In 1971 George W Bush was in pilot training with 71 other men. All were going to war...except him.

Because his father was a congressman, George W was moved to the head of a very, very long waiting list to get into the national guard. Then, he was given the additional privilege of entering a pilot training program despite having one of the lowest intelligence scores on the entrance exam. So and so, then speaker of the house in Texas, admits that he made phone calls on behalf of young Bush to get him into the guard.

Many of his classmates went on to die in Vietnam. But Bush went on to Harvard Business School despite a C average in college.
America needs a president with the courage to serve his country. Wasn't one draft dodger enough?

[For documentation on this see: The Dallas News]

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