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Tuesday, April 25, 2000

From Newsweek
Activists organized for "A16" on the Web.

Concerned Journalists
The first study of campaign coverage on the Web misses the boat.

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The satirical Web site runs two sets of photos showing the "uncanny resemblance" between Bush and Elian Gonzalez, then suggests that Bush will pick Elian for his running mate: "Anyone who says a seven year old can't serve as VP doesn't know Elian. This kid has already been through hell and back--he's faced more adversity in his short life than I have in all my 53 years."

Gore Strikes Back
Gore's leisurely campaign pace is about to change, the Los Angeles Times reports, as the "next few weeks will see Gore roll out an ambitious mix of policy and old-fashioned bare-knuckled politics to reclaim the public's attention."

Good Politics But Bad Policy?
Bush's plan to use tax credits to help low-income families buy health insurance is politically deft, the New York Times reports. But some health experts say the tax credit of $2,000 per family "falls far short of the cost of a family health policy."

Reno's Breakthrough
Will the seizure of Elian Gonzalez by the Immigration and Naturalization Service hurt Al Gore? The pundits don't think so. Read Slate's roundup of the Sunday talk shows.

Why Richardson Won't Be VP
Energy Secretary Bill Richardson is one of the most-mentioned potential Democratic running mates, but Kausfiles doesn't think Gore will pick him. The reason: picking a Hispanic like Richardson risks alienating African-American voters, who are more numerous and more important politically.

Bush Outraged by INS Move
George W. Bush assailed the Justice Department's decision to forcibly remove Elián González from his Miami relatives' home, the New York Times reports. Al Gore reiterated his earlier position.

House Challengers Outraise Some Incumbents
The conventional wisdom that incumbents raise more campaign funds than challengers is being rewritten by several candidates, the Washington Post reports.

GOP Gives Bush a Free Pass
The New York Times explores why leading conservatives have been reticent about attacking George W. Bush, despite his left-leaning repositionings on issues like gun control and the federal government's role in providing education and health care. The answer? They're hungry for the White House.

Clinton and Gore Questioned
For the first time since 1998, President Clinton was questioned by Justice Department officials about possible finance abuses in his 1996 campaign. An administration official told the Washington Post: "I presume they asked the questions that they've been criticized for not asking previously."

Bush Asks Washington for Help
Bush is looking to six prominent Republican strategists, including Haley Barbour, Mary Matalin, and Vin Weber, to help his campaign connect with Washington Republicans, the New York Times reports. The Bush campaign is also adding some former McCain advisors, including Weber.

Bush's Position Unchanged
Bush is sticking to his position that South Carolinians, not presidential candidates, should decide whether the Confederate battle flag flies atop the South Carolina Statehouse, the Associated Press reports. "It's the right of the state of South Carolina to make the decision on the flag," Bush said.

Now He Tells Us!
finds McCain's reversal on the Confederate battle flag issue "deeply annoying": "To advance his political career, he lied. Now, to advance his political career, he's apologized for lying to advance his political career!" To read about McCain's apology for lying during the South Carolina primary, click here.


Photographs of: Al Gore by Win McNamee/Reuters; George W. Bush by Win McNamee/Reuters; George W. Bush by Jim Bourg/Reuters; John McCain by Win McNamee/Reuters.

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Clintons and Gore together at first fund-raiser of year

McCain, former POW, arrives in Vietnam to tour former prison

Reno to defend seizing boy in meeting with senators 

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