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Subject: This is great!!
Date: 6/5/99

There ought to be more sites like yours to expose public officials and their corporate sponsors!!

Great educational tool...continue the great work!!

Date: 6/4/99

First of all, let's get it out of the way that the polls showing Bush's numbers at 45% are obvious fabrications. Next, we see that Bush is not much different than Clinton anyway. Real Democrats and Republicans are for America, in their own way of course. For instance, Dick Gehphart and Pat Buchanan are for saving jobs for Americans. Clinton/Dole/Gore/Bush/Marx/Lenin/Neitzche are for expanding business opportunities for communist employees at XAC(the communist run monopoly company manufactures for American fat cat corporations), China.* Clinton is not the only one getting money from Marx. Why would republicans support Bush? The answer is that the only republicans that are still really supporting Bush are the republicans who have been duped by the "he's the only guy who can win" gimmick. The establishment republican leaders are supporting Bush, but they are the main ones. Still don't believe me? Check out the AOL poll; Bush is getting hammered by Buchanan. Most of Bush Jr.'s supporters probably don't even read our Constitution. Sad.

*Source: William Grieder's One World Ready Or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism - but don't expect Bush to have read anything like this, since he is spoon-fed everything.

*FLASH*!!!!!! Since the Red Cross has begun distributing pampers, Republican leaders are saying that a Bush/Dole ticket is now very probable. The experience Mrs. Dole would bring to another Bush presidency would get rid of much of the baby problems that existed in the former Bush presidency. However, some are wondering if the constant diaper changing will take away from the administrations communist foreign policy initiatives.

Subject: Pure Pleasure
Date: 6/4/99

Keeping current with all of your letter file adds a lot to the day of this eighty year old open mind. I think my Creator for giving me the power to separate the wheat from the chaff. I think you are doing the American people a real service, and I firmly believe the path of destruction is through ridicule. Keep at it.. Too many or your readers will prefer using the residue from the rear end of a Texas steer that most of the media puts out than to evaluate what comes from the horse`s mouth. Go get`im. Tiger. lbhaynes Please read thank for think --my Creator , line 2

Subject: Awesome Site!
Date: 6/4/99

Love your Website!

I'm wondering, though: How on God's green Earth can the Republicans be so "ga-ga" about GB Junior, considering his own (and the rest of his family's) past?

Let's be honest here, people: The only folks for whom GB Senior and his family have ever shown any real concern are themselves and their elite, money-hoarding friends. Remember when GB Senior pardoned Reagan & his entire Cabinet so none of 'em would rat him out? Remember GB Senior's "October Surprise?" How about the times when GB Junior, Jeb, and Neil got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, only to have Daddy to bail 'em out?

As much as I distrust Clinton, Bush Junior deserves my trust even less.


Subject: Humor,satire,parody,etc
Date: 6/4/99

Hi, just found your site after reading about it at the ABC web site. I think it is great. If someone doesn't have enough sense of humor to appreciate satire and parody, then I feel they shouldn't be in politics, let alone be President. One thing that everyone should be able to do is laugh at themselves. Methinks GWB takes himself too seriously.

Subject: Hey dudes! Niiiice site
Date: 6/4/99

I love

When are you going to update the graphics to look like the "rogue" site's new look?

Subject: The Bushwacking of America
Date: 6/4/99

Hey, this site is great! I do believe if the Republicans field GW Bush or Danny Quayle it will send folks running to the polls like a pack of scalded dogs to cast their votes for Gore. But even more exciting, perhaps if GW were elected he would make that friend of retired pensioners (and his), Charles Keating, Secretary of the Treasury. Just as corporations hire reformed hackers to man the ramparts of systems security based on their expertise, GW and Chuckie could team up to protect social security long enough to bankrupt it and the rest of the country.

Subject: this is the best keep up the goooddd work they will soon be offering 10 million
Date: 6/4/99

these guys are going to find that the internet will be more relevant. than their dinosaur mentality ever thought. keep going raise your price to 10 million. the peace movement is pissed at bush for all those murders he's done in texas under the guise of being tough on crime. they are going to follow him. they will just love this site. oh they are 25 million families strong and can be reached with one keystroke on my computer. isn't modern day communication wonderful. allen taylor executive director un peacekeeping forces veterans 1988 nobel peace prize winners

Subject: Putting the Twist on Bush
Date: 6/4/99

I think what you are attempting to accomplish by your website is commendable. The Republican Party has long attempted to present their candidate as "Mr. Toogood," holding the Democrat Party hostage because with their ownership of media news (newspapers and TV) the Democrats side of the story never reached the voter.

I have never seen anything printed or televised that might tarnish Mr. Bush. Isn't this the same Bush that was almost indicted in the SL scandal in Colorado? I oftened wondered what happened to that indictment when Sr. Bush was vice president. Maybe you can enlighten me.

About Pat Robinson's moral majority, doesn't it do your heart good to hear it was a media hyperbole to get the Republican candidate elected from the man who coined the phrase? How many well-intentioned Christians bought the lie "unless you are a registered Republican" you are not performing your Christian duty. Bah Humbug.

Rest assured I will be returning to your webpage.

Subject: You rock!
Date: 6/4/99

Much of what you have to say is true! George Jr. has offered little in the way of a policy platform. He is vague about way too many important issues including abortion. Leadership is not about being vague, it is about being honest, straightforward, and working on your beliefs. This man would be even more vague once he got into office and would work on his elitist proposals while trying to appear the "compassionate conservative." Please keep up this website. It does this man a great service and the rest of the country a great service to see just how out of touch with mainstream America this blueblood is.

Subject: Your Site
Date: 6/4/99

Today, non-human people have much more of a say in politics than do human people, and that say has been getting steadily louder over the years. We at GWBUSH.COM hope to reverse this trend, and give elections back to the human people democracy was designed for.

Does this apply to Labor Unions as well...organizations that use millions of dollars in dues to influence political outcome yet do not allow the "human people" in their ranks to choose where that money is going?

The methods used on this site are deceptive, and as a web developer, I'm shocked that you've chosen this tactic in your form of expression. This is no better than the shady practices of sites like that dupe unsuspecting surfers into a pornography site. Stating your opinions on George Bush are perfectly acceptable and encouraged. That's what democracy is all about. But when you start your argument with a lie...your argument means nothing.

From: carolina
Subject: I liked your home page
Date: 6/4/99

Your home page is very, very good I live in Brazil and i love your home page you are very intelligent

From: Ann Reilly
Subject: eggcellent gentlemen
Date: 6/4/99

Keep up to good work, there isn't an American (with functioning brain cells) that can afford another Bush in the White House. This man truly is an idiot. He make Rudy Guliani look like a "leftwing hippie". If you've spent any time in Times Square lately - you know that is a difficult maneuver. You site was brought to my attention by a friend who sent me an email titled: "bush needs a big helping of wup-ass" I think he's doing his own damage. Thanks -

From: Burton
Subject: You are all despicable
Date: 6/4/99

.....and a lying group of bastards of uncertain heritage. the "Presidential Exploratory Committee" is a front for the "Gore for president Committee" suggested by Gore's mentor---- William Jefferson Clinton who seems to believe That "he can fool all the people all the time.


From: Bryan
Date: 6/4/99

Not just pathetic, but downright frightening. The First Amendment guarantees free speech, but not the manipulation of the truth for personal or political gains. Your agenda frightens me.

From: Peter
Subject: you
Date: 6/4/99

this is not parody, but evil deception.

but what's new?

From: Rico
Subject: bush jr link page
Date: 6/4/99

I just updated my bush jr page

You might want to link to it.

Very informative

Thanks Rico

From: Gregory
Date: 6/4/99

It's people like you who abuse your freedom of speech either for personal gain or to just be funny. You should use your talent in a positive way. Tell the truth, compare the candidates based on actual facts, not just on your one opinion. It's people like you who abuse your freedoms that ultimately costs the rest of us ours. Clean up this site !!!!!

From: Ronald & Rhonda
Date: 6/4/99

I can't wait to wear my shirts and wear them with pride I will, hahahahahahahaha....

From: Lisa
Subject: Thank you
Date: 6/3/99

Thank you for not knuckling under to a facist. I live in Texas, and I did NOT vote for Bush, the Younger. I am glad someone is standing up to this yutz with the wealthy backers.

As for that "excess of freedom" statement he made. If there was a way to let every American know he said it, I would gladly help do so. I'm currently sending this web site's address to all my friends, as well as the article about your site.

Keep it up. Lampoon the heck out of GWB!


From: M
Subject: One For The Garbageman
Date: 6/3/99

Hey, Garbageman, This is a real down home Texas hoot. "My drug use was about average for children and young adults of my social class and upbringing, and yes, that included cocaine as well as several other drugs." My daddy wasn't a millionaire, nor did I graduate from a prep school which together must explain why I wasn't a fun loving drug user as the likely GOP contender was. I think this country has had one too many George Bushs circling the White House. It does not matter whether there is an H.W. or just a plain W. plunked after George. We have been there and done that. Keep up the great lampooning.

From: Darin
Subject: Love the site!
Date: 6/3/99

Brilliant! Keep it up!

From: David
Subject: Your web site
Date: 6/3/99

Your web site sucks. You must be a pinko, homo democrat!

From: Steve
Subject: (R) in the White House in 2024!!!
Date: 6/3/99

hey asshole, just thought i'd let ya in on a little secret "your side is going to lose in 2024"!!!

you, and Clinton, and Gore, and all the other commies out there might not like it, but you WILL lose in 2024, and it doesn't really matter what you say in your brainless little web site.

the American people may be insanely stupid, be even they have finally figured out that 8 years of socialism/communism under Clinton is more than ENOUGH.

perhaps you should design some web sites for Fidel Castro. it seems you have more in common with him.

Subject: comment re: satire website
Date: 6/3/99

Dear Boygeorge: grow up!

If you have so much courage, how come your mum on just about every issue out there. A little too much thin skin??? Lots of luck imploding.

From: JC
Subject: Algore's parody
Date: 6/3/99

Hey, I couldn't find a link to Algore's parody site anywhere on your infantile site. Can any of you mental dwarfs point me to where it is?

You did make one didn't you? You obviously have plenty of time on your hands--it must have taken about 5 times as long to build as Bush's--given all his hilariously moronic utterances.

Subject: Garbage
Date: 6/3/99

If you have points to make to make you should have the guts to do it openly instead of hiding behind a web site design to fool people. But then no one would care would they?

From: Old Faithful Geyser of California
Date: 6/3/99


Subject: Sleaze
Date: 6/3/99

Having failed in a thinly disguised effort to extort money from the Bush campaign, Mr. Exley now puts out a web page that is a deliberate effort to deceive and distort. I covered the Army-McCarthy hearings..again the words.."Have you no shame" come to mind

From: Schickedanz, Shirley A.
Subject: THIS SITE
Date: 6/3/99


From: Terri
Subject: Great job!
Date: 6/3/99

"There ought to be limits to freedom . . . " Job well done. He finally expresses an opinion. And what an opinion it is.


From: Tony
Subject: Pretty Funny
Date: 6/3/99

Good site. It's just what we need: People to get the attention of these "wanna' be leaders" and let them know we're watching. Never before, since The Revolution, has the populace had more of an opportunity to shape this government. In our case, reshape the government back to the function for which it was originally intended. The Web finally gives a "bully pulpit" to all the people. One comment, however, you should somehow mark this site as being a parody/satire. That would make it eminently fair.

From: Jay
Subject: GW Bush new campaign slogan!
Date: 6/3/99

We've upped our standards. Up yours!

From: Richard
Subject: Wonderful site!!
Date: 6/3/99

Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful site on Governor Bush. I was having trouble differentiating among the Republican candidates, but I can now see that the Governor really is the best of the lot.

I know many people will say that's a little (well, maybe a lot) like being the smartest kid in the stupid row. But, darn it, Governor Bush is just plain better than the other Republicans.

He is the only Republican candidate who hasn't taken a stand on anything; and that will make him a much better President than any of the others who are just, well, prejudiced. Nobody can accuse the Governor of being biased, because he doesn't stand for anything. I mean, he doesn't care about anything. I mean he just wants to be President because his Daddy was. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Keep up the good work, we all want to know more.

Dick, Virginia

From: jbeams
Subject: Cocaine - vice of patriots
Date: 6/3/99

Dear PEC; I am disheartened by your mistrpresentation of the motives behind the youthful indulgences of the beloved statesman and patriot, GW BUSH. At a time when his father's CIA operatives were generating millions of dollars for the freedom-fighting contras in Nicaragua through cocaine trafficking, I find it shocking and disheartening that you don't recognize the great contribution this man has made to democracy in the western hemisphere through this most patriotic of vices. At a time when most young men are contributing to the coffers of RJ Reynolds and Anhueiser-Busch, GW was putting his party-money where his values are - the hands of the same hard working Columbian drug lords that have worked closely with our intelligence services in recent decades to bring freedom to the people of Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

Call me old fashioned, but I'll pass on the Budweiser. A toot of Bolivian boo is a toot for freedom and for America first. Sincerely, A concerned citizen.

From: tchaptn
Subject: Cool!
Date: 6/3/99

This site is coool.

From: Spad
Subject: Don't back down!
Date: 6/3/99

You are in a position to strike a blow for continued freedom in America. GWB's reaction to your site reveals much about the man. If you back down from his threats you give away another piece of our freedoms. As a long-time Libertarian conservative, I consider this to be the most important issue here.

I have assured GWB that I will support whatever runs against him, even if it's a cockroach. No wait, he's the cockroach. Well, I think you get the idea.

Thanks for the good work,


-- The most popular human pastime is denial.

From: fav helk
Subject: stupid idiot
Date: 6/3/99

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From: fav helk
Subject: why don't you use the normal politcal process
Date: 6/3/99

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From: fav helk
Subject: screw off
Date: 6/3/99

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Subject: Idiot
Date: 6/3/99

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From: fav helk
Subject: get a life
Date: 6/3/99

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From: fav helk
Subject: You moron
Date: 6/3/99

Get a life

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From: fav helk
Subject: Jag off
Date: 6/3/99

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From: Robert
Subject: I owe you one!
Date: 6/3/99

Anyone who could get a Predisential Hopeful to say (in English, in public, in AMERICA) "There ought to be limits to freedom" Is definitely a hero to me!

Thank you so much, R

From: Gary
Subject: KFI radio
Date: 6/3/99

Just visited from an announcement on the radio KFI in Los Angeles. For a T-shirt how about a large GW over a burning Bush.


From: Anna
Date: 6/3/99

Hoz bout the old BUllSHit! I had a lapel pin that said that when dad was running...

From: Mark & Dani
Subject: GOP Kick'n ASS
Date: 6/2/99

From: Wilma
Subject: oi from Brazil...
Date: 6/2/99

Dear Consciousness Raisers... Here is a quick note from a Tennesseean living in Botucatu, SP in Brazil to say thank you for this great webpage. Bush should be called to account for his hypocrisy and other follies. I guess I should get back to Tennessee to vote against this welfare-chiseler. Good luck to you and your lawyers in the "Land of the Free." Thank you !!!! Jimmy.

From: John
Subject: Keep up the great work !!!
Date: 6/2/99


Don't be bullied around by that legal counsel. I took some flack when I first published the SmutBaby site. ( ). Senator Exon is gone; SmutBaby is still kicking ... *haha*

John, New Jersey ---

From: loneparanoid
Subject: Just another wanna-bee good 'ol boy
Date: 6/2/99

and fascist peckerhead? I don't care for Al Gore, but I sure as hell would never vote for a closet nazi like "GW"; he may talk some of the talk, but he's too much of a repressed chip off the old man's morally resentful shoulder... Not to mention..."Only 30,000 hits in so many months"...Pitiful...Actually I came here looking for the Joke Site. It may amaze you but there are millions of thinking Americans who lump guys like Bush in with the Pat Buchanans and David Dukes of this wretched world...And they might be right.....

Mr. C. Ocean Grove NJ

From: JRa7446634
Subject: Your Web page
Date: 6/2/99

Great job. It's about time the vast right wing gets a taste of it's own medicine. I've got some jokes about Georgy's mothers private parts. Here goes. Barbara's Bush is so BIG That when she was a baby she wore clampers instead of pampers. HA HA HA That's what you get Scrub for making me listen to Clinton's sex life for a whole year. P.S. You right wing facsist should leave the internet alone or hear more bad mother jokes. HA HA HA

From: Serena
Subject: "Limits to freedom"
Date: 6/2/99

What the hell are you talking about?!?!?!?!??!?! Can I say VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION (most commonly known as the Bill of Rights) And your thinking of running for President? I can see you administration plan now:

1) Ban Freedom of Speech from the internet 2) Once people have adjusted to that, ban Freedom of Speech from the newspapers, 'cause those are just like the internet. 3) Ban Freedom of Speech from the TV, 'cause that's just like the newspaper, which is just like the internet. 4) Aw hell, let's just re-write a few of those freedoms that Americans have so I won't get made fun of...

Man, you need to learn how to take a joke. That's really acting like a loser who can't take a little mocking from someone who apparently is a Republican. I mean, look at Bill Clinton. After the Convention in '88, when he gave a pretty long and boring speech. The next day, EVERYONE from Carson to the Newspapers were on him. And you know what he did? He didn't say "They should ban freedom of speech" NO! He went on The Tonight Show, made more jokes about himself, and played the sax. And guess what? Four years later, who's President?

This wasn't meant to be a hate letter, but I'm just giving you some feedback.


From: james
Subject: Read my Lips Jr.
Date: 6/2/99

This guy has done nothing except be born in the Al Gore model inheritance , "More GORE" Look at the increase in tax revenue in Texas and ask what he did, the people in this state don't even have the freedom of dissent via referendum, we "picks" from what they likes, who needs more bushes, we need more Timber not scrub. sage bush "just tumbling along"

From: Richard
Subject: "my three sons"
Date: 6/2/99

Bush bristled at the extensive parody site, saying "there ought to be limits to freedom."

With an attitude like that George W. Bush should NOT be allowed into the White House!

Good work!

I've heard lots of rumors that George W. Bush and his dad are regular bigtime cocaine dealers

after all it's possible that's how george bush paid for his nasty illegal war in nicaragua was by importing tons of cocaine thru his oil rigs off the coast of Texas

seems to use regular people that bush's "war on drugs" was his way of using our tax dollars to take over the drug trade and not to eliminate it

Did yall ever read those Utne Reader/Mother Jones articles called "My Three Sons" back in 92 that detailed the criminal activity of george bush's three sons two of which are now governors?

But I see from your excellently well documented site that you have most of jr's sins in detail

keep up the good work


From: unbound
Subject: Interesting and funny site
Date: 6/2/99

Hello Folks:

The funny thing about Mr. Bush getting upset about your site is that if he had never complained about it, me and potentially millions of other folks may never have heard of it before. I read about it in TIME magazine. I like the site. Keep up the good work.

Kurt, Township, NJ

From: Peter
Subject: George W. Opposes Hate Crime Legislation
Date: 6/2/99

You should feature this issue on your website.

Brilliant job. I hope you get zillions of hits and that you stay up through the election.

From: Matt
Date: 6/2/99

How fascinating it is that the candidate America is most excited about is the one about whom we know the least. Rise dictator, rise, for America loves to be dominated with a hard, leather strap. Yes, we deserve the worst and it's likely we'll get it.

From: Keith
Subject: Thank you, Mr. Garbage Man!
Date: 6/2/99

Mr. Garbage Man,

Thank you for cleaning up the Web and removing the garbage! I know garbage men are generally unappreciated, but they serve a necessary duty, as we would be mired in muck without their important hard work.

Thank you again!

From: defaultuser
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/2/99

You are truly idiots for mocking Governor Bush. Sadly, you try to revel at the expense of others -

From: Pablo
Subject: link
Date: 6/2/99

Great site. I would recommend more unflattering photos of George W., and some of his infamous quotes, as well as a link to.

Keep up the good work!

From: Juliet
Date: 6/2/99

I love this website - fabulous satire - I thought that Americans were not capable of really doing it, but this is it. Keep it up! julietb

From: Eric
Subject: t-shirt design
Date: 6/2/99

Dear GWBers, Thanks for the great site. I hope to see it change and grow with the campaign in the future. Okay, for the T-shirt design, I envision the following...

a giant silver spoon wearing a cowboy hat stitched with

Anyway, thanks, E.

From: Terry
Date: 6/2/99

This web-site is the most one-sided liberal pinko site that I have had the unfortunate experience to have visited. You make statements with no examples or authentication of the point you are trying to make. If you want to vent your spleen on something worthwhile venting it on, do it to Bubba Boy Clinton and his hinchman Al Gladhand Gore!

From: Chris
Subject: I find this site misleading and even as a liberal Democrat, very disingenuous!
Date: 6/2/99

I find this site misleading and even as a liberal Democrat, very disingenuous!


From: George
Subject: bushbaby
Date: 6/2/99

way cool site... didnt know about it until georgie bushhead whined about your EXCESSIVE expression of freedom... FREE PUBLICITY AND FREE VIDEO CAMERAS TO THE MASSES!!!

From: YankeeDem
Subject: Sock It To 'em Baby
Date: 6/2/99

Keep on going with this site. Sock it to him.

From: David.Castro
Subject: Volunteering & Info On GWB's Calif Appearances
Date: 6/2/99

Hello, my wife and I live in Dana Point, Calif, in South Orange County, midway between L.A. & S.D. We have sent emails to the Exploratory committee and the Governor's office several times in the last two months, offering to volunteer our time to the GWB 2024 campaign, but have not heard back from ANYONE. So we are writing to you now also to offer our help. Also, we are interested in attending GWB's functions in Orange County, San Diego, and/or Los Angeles at the end of this month but cannot get any info as to where they will be held, or how we can get tickets. Please help us get this information, as we are very disappointed in being shut out up to this point, and VERY MUCH want to attend the GWB appearances in So Cal later this month. We cannot understand why when we are willing to work so hard for GWB that we are being ignored and overlooked in the planning and organization of these important upcoming events. Thank you, David & Susan

From: ron
Subject: web site
Date: 6/2/99

just learned of your site from my locate newspaper (6-2-99- thank-you jack anderson ) the site is bookmarked--looking forward to the campaigns --via your site----ron hamilton-

From: VA Vocational Rehabilitationi
Subject: military experience
Date: 6/2/99

We have been told, by the Republicans, during the last two presidential campaigns that it is essential that a US president have had military experience. What is the military experience of Mr. Bush?

From: www
Date: 6/2/99

wew vb wt ntauymu, iutyipiugkjiou.kho;u;

From: Greg
Subject: T-Shirt
Date: 6/2/99

How about a picture of a Big Featherless Chicken with its head up its butt?!

From: edwin
Subject: Your phoney website
Date: 6/1/99

Why don't you and your left-wing liberal democrats get a life.

From: Edward H. Parker, Jr.
Subject: Who Are You?
Date: 6/1/99

Do you work for the Bush campaign? Are you a Republican organization? Are you Democrats? Who does your organization support for President of the United States in the 2024 election?


Ed Parker

From: jeffrey
Subject: Impeach Bush Message Board
Date: 6/1/99

Thanks for the inspiration! Today, I set up the "world's first" Impeach GW Bush Message Board. Feel free to link.I linked to you in a satirical message from The Shrub himself. I'm having trouble logging on tour message board but I realize you are aware of this.

From: Guy
Subject: Your campaign
Date: 6/1/99

Dear Zack,

As a famous person once said, "for every playwright there are a thousand critics". If you want to actually do something, get out and become a candidate and stand for something instead of just being a naysayer and standing for nothing.

In other words: "Why don't you get a life?"

From: Alex
Subject: Go to hell
Date: 6/1/99

I guess he's got you guys scared already,

From: Cameron, Don F
Subject: T Shirt
Date: 6/1/99

George Jr. or Liddy,

Bush for President in 2024

From: Deziderata
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/1/99

Ha Ha... Very funny stuff. Hope Bush has a sense of humor about your site. No response expected.

Subject: First Visit
Date: 6/1/99


Some people lack any sense...of humor.

Congrats. J. Swift would be proud of you.

Continue the good work.



From: Bill
Subject: Is it in jest?
Date: 6/1/99

I've seen some complaints that the JEB parody isn't prominately displayed on the JEBush wedsite. I agree it isn't.

But if the person who reads the content can't see that it is intentional satire for the purpose of putting down, or spicing up the "real human person" J.E. Bush, then the humor quotient of that person is too low.

Just don't get toooo serious.

Date: 6/1/99

Coming soon to to ebay

From: MrBunnyOK
Subject: Lots of fun...but
Date: 6/1/99

Enjoy the site, but keep it as close to straight-laced as you can, which will make it even funnier. (The Barbie Liberation stuff is kind of over-the-top).

The best is when you can combine real statements with other, more outlandish (made up) ones.

As one who creates web sites, I know it's hard work, especially to keep things up to date. Congratulations of hitting the right note with yours.

Subject: Site Observations
Date: 6/1/99

It is a shame when someone corrupts the political system the way you are doing it by making people think that your site is an authorized Bush site. Shame on you. Free Speech is a right, but abuse of that right is a disgrace.

From: Red296dog
Subject: HA HA
Date: 6/1/99

Very good thanks for the laughs

From: Fatman2869
Subject: you are a real jerk
Date: 6/1/99

From: Michael Brannock
Subject: You really $@#%
Date: 5/31/99

It is no wonder that our society faces so many strange, self-destructive problems. I grew-up with your brand of cynicism. I made all of your mistakes. You need to grow up. I'll bet that most of you that manage this site are 30 years old and live with your parents. You don't understand what makes society work. You are a bunch of adolescents and you think you have figured it all out. You believe that if you can dream it, or think it, then it will come true, but in reality, TV and videos have done nothing but make you a lazy, deluded sack of crap that cannot, productively, contribute to society. Maybe I give you too much credit. Maybe you don't believe anything - you just like whine. You knock Bush for every stupid reason you can think of. I write this to you, not to change your mind, but to tell you that not everyone accepts your line of $%@#!!!!

Sincerely, Mike

From: Jon
Subject: Thank You
Date: 5/31/99

A great service. Thank you.

From: Michael
Subject: Congratulations
Date: 5/31/99

Congratulations on making the New York Times! For what it's worth, I just sent a letter to the editor of the Times, in your defense and in defense of all of us who use the Web for political action.

Keep up the great work!

Mike Keller for

From: James
Subject: tee shirts
Date: 5/31/99

Check out our t-shirt designs by viewing I think ditch pigs may be appropriate. Cheers, James

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 5/31/99

As a Democrat your site has done more to pursued me to vote for Governor Bush than any 30 second campaign ad. When I see small minded people like you attack someone in the manner you have it makes me sick. You are no different from the "spinners" of slime during campaigns. You have truly outdone all of the dirty and slimy political campaigns and ads in all of history.

You are taking Goebbles propaganda to a new low, perhaps you yearn for those days when you attacked those who who don't agree with your neo-facist political one-party rule agenda. Your kind really scare me, perhaps an investigation into your organization is in order. I'm sure some connection to the Gore campaign and the DNC would turn up, since they proved in their last campaign that they would go to any new low, break any law, attack any person, in the pursuit of their zealot based agenda.

You are truly the King of a toillet that needs to be flushed.

From: G T
Subject: Savings & Loan Scandal-Denver
Date: 5/31/99

Question...Was there a Bush son involved in Denver S & L scandals? The amount of $65 million comes to mind... Let me know by Email if your researchers come up with something....We love your site and will keep in touch... G T

From: Richard
Subject: NOPE
Date: 5/31/99


Do you have ANY idea what moral turpitude is ? Typically, it disqualifies a person from serving in public office.

I had much to say, but then thought, why should I make this easier. If my thoughts could be judged representative, relaying them to you would provide an opportunity to address them in a manner which would invite obfuscation of the issues they raised

Sad that we Americans have come to the point where we might (?) elect an acknowledged lawbreaker to the office of President.

I won't help and I will NOT vote for you.

From: Staff
Date: 5/31/99

Mr. Exley,

I wish to express my support for you and encourage you to continue to fight Bush in his efforts to silence you. I believe his actions are wrong, and hopefully he will not be successful in shutting down your website.

Keep the faith.

Derrick C. Johnson --------------------------------------------------------- The Most Distinctive Presidential Candidate On The Web.... Johnson For President: 2024 ---------------------------------------------------------

From: Knight
Date: 5/31/99

I'm writing a paper that includes this site. I'm very confused. Is Bush behind this site? did he fund it? There is so much inflamitory info. For example, if one clicks to find out more about the man, his hobbies etc. they get to this page called "Bush Jr's Skeleton closet" If there is a site done by hi would you give me the url? thanks Lauren

From: RigHooked
Subject: "Garbagemen"
Date: 5/31/99

Hey guys, The website is outstanding. Don't let the "garbage thing" bother you. Wouldn't be prudent.

From: marcogil
Subject: Kudos from a Texas Republican
Date: 5/31/99

I was a delegate to the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego. We were manipulated by the Rockefeller-Bush-Dole wimp wing of the party in their nauseating play to the corrupt media and to the phony "average voter" depicted by dishonest pollsters.

Keep up the good work.

If you wish, I can have a retired newspaper editorial cartoonist create for you a realistic portrait of George W. (Forrest Gump) Bush for free. Bush is the real Forrest Gump. For five reasons:

1. He is nice looking. 2. He is well liked. 3. He has been in the right places at the right times. 4. He is rich. 5. He is a moron, at least socio-economically and politically.


From: Paul
Subject: will be adding a link back to your site from ours
Date: 5/31/99

dear gwbush site maintainer

my name is paul topete i write and play for the political protest rock band from the right.. poker face

a friend of mine turned me on to your site and i love it. i will be putting a link off of my site from the home page to let others know of the quality this guy is.

by the way have you ever read the book... "the Immanculate Deception..the Bush Crime Family'

it goes into great depths about the history of this familys criminal syndicate thru the generations. it is a real eye opener. i dont have the book info on me right now but if you reply i will look it up and send it to you.

enjoyed the site keep up te good fight against these bastards. you know like David v Goliath. see ya paul

From: Tom
Subject: Re: Amnesty 2024
Date: 5/31/99

Keep up the good work. I like the idea of a group called Amnesty 2024. I sure hope that someday the Amnesty International will speak out on the obviously problems of our governments War of People. I am afraid that bush is a villian. I was in email campaign with VP hopefulling Keating over an amnesty of a MMJ patient. It came out (not from him) that he did not want to give amnesty in part because of his opportunity to be the VP candidate with Bush. cheers tom

From: Tom
Subject: Amnesty 2024
Date: 5/31/99

This is a spoof isn't it. I can not believe that a person running for president would say and do something like this. Cheers Tom

From: KenKass
Subject: Shame
Date: 5/31/99

On you for exploiting Mr. Bush in such a false, lying, negative way.

If you can't campaign against the man with honesty then be quiet.


From: ElClair2
Subject: Your website
Date: 5/31/99

Read about the site in the New York Times today. This is a masterpiece. Please don't cave into the smallbrained Shrub people and "soften" the site at all.

I saw an interview with his Mother (or is that is Grandmother in the pearls?) in which the infamous Shrub temper came out in full force and Granny got mean and nasty. Come on, Shrubo, you can do it too. Loose it totally in public like Granny did. It is not a pretty site, but I'd pay cash money to see it.

From: Kebenaran
Subject: Great Site!
Date: 5/31/99

I first read about this site in NYT, and I'm not disappointed. Don't let the Bush bullies take you down. Keep it up! Cheers...


From: Martin
Subject: Corporate right to bear arms
Date: 5/31/99

Dear sirs, You provide a valuable service in pointing out that the constitution covers the rights of corporations. I think that the corporate right to bear arms could lead to the solution to one of the most vexing problems of our times - overexposure to advertising. We would all be better served if corporations fought against one another on the field of battle instead of on our television screens. I for one would support any required enabling legislation.

Concerned voter

From: Sm63dkbmx
Subject: the bush crap
Date: 5/31/99

bush rules man! leave him alone. so what if he is posing off of his dad.

From: Steve
Subject: James Carville strikes again
Date: 5/30/99

I clicked on this site after reading the New York Times article,expecting good-natured parody.Instead, I found "The Best of James Carville,or How to Trash Your Opponents and Reelect Clinton-Gore." The idea that you would try to put forth that our next President has used cocaine,when there is no evidence to support that accusation,is a page out of "Primary Colors."You are to be commended for bringing out the worst in American politics.

From: Peter
Date: 5/30/99

If your mouthpiece for the special interests makes it, will he restore the Constitution of the uSA? I believe a national emergency is imminent, then the adulterous liar and rapist will dissolve Congress and he will "rule" with unquestioned power. The klintoon machine targeted the altruistic collectivists in 1992 and 1996: sluts who can't keep their legs crossed, benefit-sucking minorities, subsidy-hungry Semites, and those poor "victims" of dysfunctional parents who turned out to be homosexuals. The more the socialist public school system dumbs down our young it is impossible for them to acquire a character necessary to choose right from wrong in their daily choices. Parents who know the importance of instilling character in their young opt for homeschooling. Get the corrupt unions out of the public school system, then maybe some progress will be made. We don't need more gun laws. We need Parents with Character.


Visit me at: The Center for Exposing Corruption in the Federal Government

Federal Government defined: ....a benefit/subsidy protection racket!

From: Colleen
Subject: Hi
Date: 5/30/99

How about George Bush running through the Poppy Field - with a Monkey on his Back.......

Dressed as not Dorothy, but the Cowardly Lion....actually, Bush is rather tender and gentle and thre is something about him, that I like....think he is a gentleman, and you could do a lot worse....Hiliary could move to Texas you know, or Barney Frank, or - well, never get malicious as you are now just plain funny. Colleen

From: MBMaynard
Subject: texas hosers
Date: 5/30/99

as a conservative republican and a guy who voted for the dad-give me a break. gw is al gore clone. why can't we nominate guys/girls who are leaders? even bill bradley is talking about issues-why not us? how about colin powell? at least he overcame his minority status to have a reasonable and sensible voice in this process.

From: Colleen
Subject: Garbage Men
Date: 5/30/99

How dare of Governor of the great state of Texas insult the garbage men of America.

These men, without them you streets would be run over with rats, disease would spread through the community - and then cholera and the plague.....and Bush dares to insult the garbage men of America.

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Workers.....take note. George Bush insults garbage men....Martin Luther King in his last venture, marched with the "garbage men" of America, only to be struck down the very same day by big business end of the gun. Martin Luther King too, died for the garbage men of America.

Governor should be ashamed of yourself......these men have been cleaning up after you long enough. No more Mr. Nice the future, leave his trash at the curb.

Colleen M. Jones

From: Louis
Subject: right on
Date: 5/30/99

i just read about your web site. thanks for giving out some good info on the bush bros.Mother Jones (magazine) did a wonderful article on the charming bush brothers about two years ago. it was a real eye opener. i'm looking forward to reading your material on the crooks. thanks for all of your efforts. yours in struggle! bridget walsh

From: faustus.g
Subject: *
Date: 5/30/99

You are performing an invaluable service to this nation.

Thank you,


From: ShyOne8950
Subject: How about this for a tshirt?
Date: 5/30/99

Have gw holding an axe to a cherry tree, thinking out loud "daddy will fix this for me, he fixes everything!"

I'll be thinking of other ideas.

From: Jennifer
Subject: Amnesty 2024
Date: 5/30/99

Dear Gov. Bush:

Finally there is a politision willing to tell the truth about the War on Drugs, unlike that lying dirtbag Clinton. You could get the Nobel Peace prize for such a courageous stand for human rights. You get my vote on this issue alone! Captain Robt. G. Steffes

From: Bobbyjoe
Subject: How about the S&L; scandal
Date: 5/30/99

Great Job

Keep it up

When do we hear about a pardon for all those involved in the Savings and Loan scandal?

I saw the article in today'sew Youk Times

From: WriteForU2
Subject: Good work
Date: 5/30/99

Your articles sound reasonable enough to be taken for real. The problem there is that old W. may be seen as more reasonable and attractive than he in fact is. Your satire is too low-keyed. I'm afraid your website may help W more than hurt him. Stan

From: W Perkinns
Subject: Suggested Campaign Slogans
Date: 5/30/99

"So Crooked He Can Hide Behind A Corkscrew!"

"If ethics were gasoline, he couldn't propel a flea's motorcycle around a teardrop."

"If You Liked Clinton You'll Love Bush(the sequel}!

From: bill
Subject: Great site
Date: 5/30/99

Hey, love the site!

May I set up a link to it from my site

the site is going up in the next few weeks, with a gallery of Presidential turkeys.

For a taste of what it will look like, check out my other site,


From: AppSocRes
Subject: (no subject)
Date: 5/30/99

I understand the guys who allow you to do your dirty work favor all kinds of limitations on free political speech. Stop whining when people who oppose you take advantage of the limits that you and your buddies have worked so hard to create and use these limits to tone down your nastiness. By the way, a number of persons whom I've steered to your site have leaned away from Gore and towards Bush in revulsion at the unofficial negative campaigning you and your liberal friends are already getting into. Keep up the good work and the next administration may not be led by a lying, cowardly, immoral, incompetent. Of course, you may be in favor of the killing initiated by this administration in Kosovo and the wholesaling of nuclear technology to Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, etc.

From: LadiGOP
Subject: Web site
Date: 5/30/99

Too bad you don't have anything constructive to do besides badmouth politicians especially Conservative politicians. Do you really have a paying job or do you make your living exclusively on gossip, rumor and innuendo? Liberals always leave a bad taste in my mouth, their words are bitter with enough venom to make one throw up.

Karen Ritter

From: Margaret Froehlich
Subject: Bumper sticker
Date: 5/30/99

"Send the shrub back to the nursery"

From: Arthur
Subject: remarks
Date: 5/30/99

i hope you haven't been intimidated by the "garbage man" remarks. any threat of legal action?

From: Arthur
Subject: drug use
Date: 5/30/99

what penalties did gwbush incur for his "recreational" drug use? if not, why not?

From: Roger
Subject: Stupid
Date: 5/30/99

Your site might be useful as parody if it were funny...but it's not. Maybe you quit wasting your own time and money in creating it, and hire someone else who can do a better job.

Get a life.

From: Robert Stanton
Subject: GW Bush
Date: 5/30/99

Looks like Bush is just a rich, spoiled, brat, who can't take a little kidding. -- Bob S.

From: Richard
Subject: Funny stuff for ya...
Date: 5/30/99

Hey! I got some really funny stuff for you about Al Gore! I know you are probably working on a web site taking that clown apart, it's almost too easy huh?

Did you know he claimed to have invented the internet?...hahaha what a dolt! And he says he was the model for that weenie in "Love Story"...hahaha too much! Is this guy in la la land or what? hahaha And my personal favorite, controlling legal authority! hahaha You could put pictures of him with all those monks and nuns in the section soliciting campaign funds! hahaha

You could have an audio section with some .wav files of some his more memorable quotes, the opportunity for hilarity is almost unlimited here!

Hey! Wait a minute! Why should you guys have all the fun! I could do this site myself!...I just checked! OURMANGORE.COM is available! I know you guys wouldn't slip around and take it from me cause liberals are well known for their tolerance of divergent let's all have some fun!

Thanks for the idea!


From: Bruce
Subject: Your Terrific Web Site
Date: 5/30/99

I think you are the ONLY source of information on W which in any way provides a bracing dose of reality to the messianic clamor in support of W. To date, W has been an empty vessel which people are invited to fill with their own expectaions and ideals. Thank you.

Good Work!

Bruce Northport, NY

From: Mobhort
Subject: congrats
Date: 5/30/99

Hear of you on NPR, hope your expression of free speech is not halted. In the bigbrother world of today our constitutional rights are continually whittled away. Thanks for a great page and the balls to be on the edge.

From: Becsin
Subject: freedom must be curtailed
Date: 5/30/99

Not only should we censor the internet, but we should begin serious consideration of censoring, and burning, books, newspapers, magazines, radio and tv, so that only the dissemination of good, positive images is allowed. Only the views of right-thinking Christian men should be viewed by other, inferior human beings. Thankyou for your vigilance in this matter. A fan.

From: Frank
Subject: tshirt
Date: 5/30/99

A good tshirt idea... Exley, Americas biggest looser, finds a way to try and get in the way of a great presidential candidate. All because he has no life and this is his way of trying to be important, but we all know he is the scum that grows on maggots after they have died. I would like five tshirt orders please.

From: John
Subject: a lack of understanding
Date: 5/30/99

I honestly have no idea what your point is. I thought that I could understand English, but as I read your website I find myself having no idea what's going on. It's funny to think that people actually spend that much time on such aimless projects. That's fifteen minutes of my life that I can't get back. I thank you.

Sincerely, Joseph Martin

Subject: appropriate non-toxic lingo
Date: 5/30/99

Ahoy frolicers in conscious garbage:

We must not further pollute our earth, so please consider the possibilities of defoliating bush without herbicides !!!

Run with it -- to whatever colored house preferably not on the Potomac.

From: PWelch2455
Subject: GW is certainly not a bush league candiate
Date: 5/30/99

Thanks for this valuable web site. I am so glad to here of Gov. Bush's bravado stand against too much freedom in general and pornographic advertising in specific. He is certainly no bush league presidential candidate. I am, however, quite envious of magazines he and Jeb had at their disposal as youths. In my growing up years we had only religious tracts, Reader's Digest and the occasional Good Housekeeping. Keep up the good work. Your efforts might yet prevail. I believe the tide is turning against the gun totting, bible thumping crowd that has so threatened our democracy. Sincerely, Darwindad

From: Cheryl
Subject: tee shirt
Date: 5/29/99

How about putting a picture of a syringe with something stating we lead the world in putting people to death. I think he is going to have lots more to be forgiven for than he has ever bargained for in this life & the next!

From: SLEEPY697
Subject: Comments about your web site
Date: 5/29/99

I heard on the radio the other day that there was an individual or group in the Northeast that had reserved 200+ domain names related to George W. Bush's name or campaign for president. Later during that show, I heard that Mr. Bush had indicated that freedom should have it's limits especially in cases of individual,groups, companies reserving domain names that should be reserved by default as related to trademarks, company or individual's names, etc.

Well, I agree. You people responsible for this site represent the type of platform, thoughts, agendas, Philosophies, political view that I will long fight against by remaining a member of the conservative movement. Face it, we all make mistakes especially the current sitting president. If we can forgive him, which I have not, we can forgive anybody. Mr. Bush hasn't even come close to the indecencies that Mr. Clinton has committed and probably never will.

So I hope Mr. Bush can and will take legal action against your group and I hope you have to pay out of the a__.

Best Regards

A real conservative for George W. Bush

From: Paul
Subject: epic website
Date: 5/29/99

hey, lay off insulting the little Shrub. After all, he has only formed an "Exploratory Committee." I mean, he has not decided to run yet. Well, never mind. The Internet is insignificant anyway.

sarcastically yours, Paul


Subject: Best laugh of the week!
Date: 5/29/99

There is much truth, as well as humor, in what you have to say!


From: MD180
Subject: t-shirt
Date: 5/29/99


Subject: T-SHIRT IDEA!
Date: 5/29/99