GWBUSH.COM in the News
partial list)

Act IV:, September 14
The Atlantic, September 14

Act III:
MSN, April 25,
LA Times, April 23
ZD-TV, April 20
Washington Post, April 20
CNET News, April 18
ABC News, April 18
Boston Globe, April 20
New York Times,April 18

Act II:

Wall Street Journal, Jan 2
Village Voice, Dec 29
Wired News, Dec 13
USA Today Editorial, Dec 6
American Spectator, Dec 2
Washington Post, Nov 29
Times of London, Nov 30
The Register (UK), Nov 30
Lenta (Russia), Nov 30
De Volkskrant (Holland), Nov 30
Heise (Germany), Nov 29
Repubblica (Italy), Nov 29

Act I:

Slate, Sept 28
BBC, Sept 21
Newsweek, Sept 20
All Things Considered (NPR, RealAudio file)
Democracy Now! (Pacifica Radio Show, RealAudio file)
William F Buckley
Dallas Morning News, May 22
Austin Chronicle
Associated Press, May 26
Associated Press, May 22
New York Times, June 9
New York Times, May 30
New York Times, May 21
New York Times, May 20
Salon May 27
Salon May 25
Salon May 26 (correction to above) (June 10. Includes discussion.)
Online Journal
Akademie Newspage (Germany)
Noticias Intercom (Spain)
Agencia Estado (Brazil)
ABC News
Washington Times, May 23
Canal+ (French)
Political Finance & Lobby Reporter (.pdf file)
TF1 (French TV) (RealPlayer)
American Politics
New Hampshire Primary Source
The Independent (London)
Newsticker (Germany)
Telepolis (Germany)
CNN (Norway)
Computerworld (Norway)
Internet News
High Times
San Francisco Examiner (AP)
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Hangover Guide
Gazeta (Russia)
Svet Namodro (Czech Republic)
Internet Intern (Germany)