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Subject: Great webpage!
Date: 6/7/99

Thanks for helping to expose the hypocrisy of George W. Bush. As is to be expected, the mainstream media conveniently ignores his past. It is very likely that in the year 2024 America will witness the battle of two former potheads for President.
I guess I should say alleged former potheads. Al Gore is at least honest enough to own up to his past. Unfortunately, neither politician will bring any lessons learned while waiting for the doobie to make its rounds to their campaign. Both will no doubt profess to be "tough on drugs" and commit billions more to a counterproductive drug war.
And why not? It is a great political tool which inspires the prison, alcohol, tobacco, advertising and pharmaceutical industries to donate big money to unscrupulous politicians. Who pays the price? Minorities of course! And the taxpayer. This lifestyle war costs billions and helps fund numerous duplicative and bloated government agencies. Not to mention the prison system with the highest incarceration rate in the world.
The "Land of the Free" is well on its way to becoming a police state, yet no one in the mainstream media is willing to make this known. The Washington Post runs articles on the violence, corruption and public health problems caused by the drug war almost daily, yet is seemingly staffed with morons because it fails to make the connection that the drug laws are the cause of these problems and not the drugs.
The lessons of alcohol Prohibition are lost on today's weasel politicians. I realize I'm preaching to the choir here. In conclusion, good job on the webpage. If you need help writing material I'd be happy to contribute. Its definitely a worthy cause.

Subject: Thanks
Date: 6/7/99

Thank you. You help make a lot of republicans squirm at my office....and that is a good thing.


Date: 6/7/99

Here is something that I feel I should share: It has come to my attention that a person called Bush is also the governor of Florida. This came as a surprise, as I am a resident of that state and I don't recall the election. This lapse may be in aid of previous drug use that occurred in the forty or so years before I grew up. I am not sure. I did, however, contact the authorities in Tallahassee and was informed that a Mr. "Jeb" Bush was in fact holding office there for at least "The next few years." Evidently, the first order of business for the new Chief of State was to ram through piece of legislation that makes it ok to give residents "School Vouchers" so their offspring may attend private schools at taxpayer expense. To qualify for this, the student must be enrolled in a so called failing school. (One might infer that such a school would be any one in which the student body was not entirely composed of white people.) This law is evidently very popular with The Catholic Church as well as the many "home grown" religions that litter this part of the south. Now maybe it is just a coincidence that Florida and Texas both have governors that share the same surname. A more sinister scenario would present itself if, by some horrible accident of fate,they were somehow related. If this is a possibility, then it is also possible that there are more than two. I, for one, plan to go to the local library and research this possibility. I am sure they have some sort of "book of governors" or something where I will be able to ascertain if there are more than two Governors Bush lurking in this great land. I will let you know what I find out. I enjoy your site and am sending it's URL to my friends and enemies alike.

Sincerely, a fireman in Saint Augustine, Florida

Subject: Unsuccessful Businessman
Date: 6/7/99

I was reading your website and noticed that you called George Dubya Bush "an unsuccessful Texas businessman." I am not sure that is a completely accurate statement. You might want to investigate how much he sold his interest in the Texas Rangers for; he earned a considerable profit. Of course, he managed to earn that profit because he and his co-owners convinced the people of Arlington to fund the construction of a new ballpark, so it was more than just friends of his famous father who bailed him out.

You might also look into how much influence he actually has in Texas. Although He would undoubtedly carry the state with a large majority of the votes, it won't be because he is such a powerful and influential governor. After all, Texas' constitution severely limits the governor's power.


Subject: excellent site...
Date: 6/7/99

Liked your "But Seriously" explanation. I agree GW should be held accountable. Our drug laws are a joke. Please also investigate GW's church/state separation stance.



Subject: but seriously
Date: 6/7/99

Good work. I'm glad someone is taking Bush seriously. I'm sure you know that 1996 and 1997 federal laws require the INS to send legal immigrants to their countries of origin for past criminal conduct, including very minor drug offenses. And now a ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has authorized the INS to revoke the citizenship of naturalized Americans with criminal pasts that pale in comparison to the allegations against this would-be president. Of course, since Bush is a natural born citizen he gets to stay, but should he be president?

Subject: Press releases
Date: 6/7/99

Further evidence that it is impossible for a Texas politician to see him/herself as he/she really is (or the rest of the world for that matter).


Stranded in Texas

Subject: you must be a very bored individual
Date: 6/7/99

It's s sad to me when I think that you actually spent money to put up a website to do nothing more than to bash a fellow American. Are you fucked in the head or something? Get a life!

Subject: GWBUSH.COM T-Shirts
Date: 6/7/99

The idea is simple: just put an exaggerating cartoon of bush's head and his "There ought to be limits to freedom" or any bad thing he said on the T-shirt. I am not good in drawing, so I can only give you my idea.

Subject: impressive
Date: 6/7/99

A magnificient site. Bush reeks of hypocrisy. I'm sending your web address on to friends -- keep up the good work!

Subject: election support
Date: 6/7/99

Yes, count me in. If George Bush is willing to admit that he used illegal drugs and to declare an amnesty and decriminalization of drugs in America, I would love to support him. If he can not do this I would be interested in demonstrated for this item to become a part of his platform and the platform of the republican party. If he makes a campaing stop in Idaho please contact me.

Subject: "There ought to be limits to freedom"?
Date: 6/7/99

Is there a context to this quote from your Web page? Hasn't the Federal Government already usurped too many of our basic freedoms? Where does the governor stand on forfeiture laws?

Respectfully, Rick a former Texan who voted for George H twice...

From: Joseph
Subject: Unfair
Date: 6/7/99

One of the most unfair debacles throughout the country is the working couple that sacrifices extensively to have the money to send their child to a private school so that the chance for a good education is achieved. the 5-6,000 dollar range... This is in addition to the taxes paid to support the public schools. Seems to me, the funds expended on education...should be a tax deductible item..especially the low and moderate income of two working parents. If no voucher system...give help....this can be a powerful message for the electorate in 2024..... Goget'em Joe, San Diego

From: odd
Subject: I love you guys
Date: 6/7/99

Damn funny website. poignant, pertinant, persuive, and perfectly personable.

WE TAKE DRUGS very seriously in this country.

Keep up the good work.

From: Michael
Subject: Religious leaders
Date: 6/8/99

You had a feature about Bush and religious leaders. Don't forget that Bush contacted THE religious leader himself when it came to capital punishment. When Bush had to decide whether or not to spare converted Christian Karla Fay Tucker from the death penalty, he "resorted to prayer", or words to that effect. Please review his televised press conference offered on the night of her murder, I mean execution. Bush didn't mention what words God used to advise him to allow the killing to proceed; perhaps the Lord said "Stick her good"?

From: Jack
Subject: Our Porch Poll
Date: 6/8/99

I have a Web Site that I created for Senior citizens - there is no charge to them.

I put an Opinion Poll on my page asking who they thought the next President would be.

Why not drop by and see who they think it will be.

Best regards and good luck

Jack - Fullerton, California

From: Bobe
Subject: GW's compassion
Date: 6/8/99

Congratualaions. We need people like you to expose these pretenders. Hey, why are you not talking about his "compassion". You know he is "compassionate". You see he was for the hate crime bill and things like that. But he could not support it because it was "flawed". He is very compassionate towards big businesses. Keep up the good work. Without you, we will be at the mercy of these wolves in sheep's clothing.


Subject: Political Statement
Date: 6/8/99

Yes, I'd like to make one. Let me know what is happening in the SF Bay area.

Subject: lost my vote
Date: 6/8/99

I was considering voting for George W. Bush in 2024, but he lost my vote today by signing the parental notification law. This is an outrageous intrusion into young women's privacy.

Thank you for your attention.

Date: 6/8/99

If you want my feedback, I would urge you to change your "there ought to be limits to freedom" slogan. Even though I understand what it is you are communicating, slogans need to inspire thought or action, such as "give me liberty or give me death". I believe you need something more positive, such as "defending the freedom we deserve". You current slogan fails to inspire and may insult those who have fought to defend freedom. Just my advice. Sincerely, Leon

From: Mark
Subject: What are you afraid of? I'll tell you.
Date: 6/8/99

Your agenda is clear. You are afraid of George W. Bush because he won't be the drug-friendly President that Clinton has been.

YOU are the guy who never grew up!

Subject: Rally Opportunities?
Date: 6/8/99

Please let me know how!

From: Karen
Subject: Amnesty 2024
Date: 6/8/99

I want to help organize. Add me to the list!

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/8/99

How long will your party continue to rob the poor and needy just to give your RICH and GUN TOTING contributors more buying power in Congress. If the Republican party seizes power in the next election God help this country. Being handicapped I have seen what YOUR CONGRESS has done to further lower the self esteem of the innocent people of this Country. I am not a Democrat but believe in electing the most qualified person to office which your party lacks completely. Paul

From: Sam
Subject: Excellent!
Date: 6/9/99

Thanks for your Site. I hope people see the hippocracy of all the politicians posturing to be anti-drug and hard on crime. With George Bush Jr. being the poster child for getting away with everything that he now pretends to be against.

Civil Liberties are not a Republican or Democratic issue, they are an American issue. I hope Americans realize that these politicians (Bush jr., Clinton, along with Reno, the person most responsible for attacks on the average citizens rights) only care about themselves.


From: David
Subject: site
Date: 6/9/99

I can't tell you how hilarious your web site is. And isn't ironic that I probably never would have seen it if Bush hadn't made such a big deal about it in the first place?

From: Michael
Subject: Anti-semitism
Date: 6/9/99

To whom it may concern:

I recently read about your site in the New York Times on June 9, 1999. I went to the site and was quite impressed with the professional manner in which it was constructed. I support your campaign to reveal the truth about GWB. I have a question, though. I recently heard, perhaps out of context, that GWB earlier in his political career said that, "Jews don't go to heaven." Now, I don't want to accuse him of being an anti-semite(yet) because it could have been taken out of context, or could just not be true. However, I was wondering if you had the resources and time to research this, because if this is true I really think the public should know. I don't know if you are even the group to go to, but I figured I'd start with you since you are already a thorn in his side. If possible, can you please let me know the results of any of your findings. I would really appreciate any and all efforts on your part. Thank you for your time and consideration. I'll be waiting for those T-Shirts.

Sincerely, Michael

From: Jacob
Subject: bushy
Date: 6/9/99

Don't go to heavy on Bush. The grim old party may then make the mistake of nominating a real person with brains .As a democrat I will love it when this fascist gets to be nominated

From: Library
Date: 6/9/99

do you have anything else to do?

From: Mott
Subject: website
Date: 6/9/99

I heard about your website this AM on Pacifica radio's show Democracy Now, carried on KPFA in Berkeley Calif. I think it is imaginative, amusing, and informative. I learned yet another instance of the hypocrisy of the elitists like Shrub who commit all manner of crimes and are rarely if ever held accountable. Thanks for making this point so well vis a vis GW's drug addiction, and pointing out that we could be approaching this problem much more fairly and productively.

From: Robert
Subject: Thanks for your SearingTruth!
Date: 6/9/99

Dear, Fantastic gentlemen!. As a regular searer of the hypocritical and anti freedom right wing myself, I can only hope that one day I can do it as effectively, and with as much humor, as you have. I often rip the right wing to shreds on the New York Times forums under my handle SearingTruth, but as I said I'm taking notes on your tactics so I can learn to do it even better!.

As for the evil Mr. Bush's attempts to shut down your site (can you imagine the complete ignorance and disdain that he has about American freedoms?), just keep doing exactly what your doing. It looks like Mr. Bush is a classic political fumbler, and that can only work to our advantage.

Awesome job!.

Sincerely, Robert "SearingTruth"

From: Dayna
Subject: Great Site!
Date: 6/9/99

I read about your site in the newspaper....about all the fuss it was creating in the Bush "camp", so I had to check it out. Great Stuff! Keep it coming! If this "doofus" becomes President, I'm moving to Europe!

From: Jon
Date: 6/9/99

Liberals are like ants at a picnic. It's not what they eat--it's what they ruin. You people are ants!

Subject: The Candidate
Date: 6/9/99

Thank you thank you thank you for putting this website together. I hadn't realized what a nightmare this guy really is until I saw your page. His stance on juvenile crime makes me want to throw up. What a great idea - throw potentially violent juvenile offenders into a cell for awhile with other even more violent juvenile offenders - that'll teach 'em! Oh, yeah, and if it happens to make them even more violent in the process . . . too bad! I don't get it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that I heard about the website today on an interview on Pacifica Radio (KPFK) here in LA. Keep up the good work! And if I can do anything to help, let me know!


From: S.F.
Date: 6/9/99

Bravo! Keep it up!

From: Kit
Subject: Who?
Date: 6/9/99


Subject: George W. Bush
Date: 6/9/99

Thank you for your enlightening coverage. Now I know that G W Bush will make a much better president then our present goof that's in the office or the vice liar trying to control the world.

Subject: "There ought to be NO limits"-J.Shaw
Date: 6/9/99

KEEP IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

From: Craig
Subject: Your Site
Date: 6/9/99


I looked briefly at your site and then peeked at the official site. I must say, the info on your site was funny, but if you are trying to parody the official site, you need to work harder. Or, are there copyright laws that stop you from making it too close to the original?

Anyway, thank goodness for free speech.


Subject: Regarding your "Drug Crime" position.
Date: 6/9/99

I do not see why you are using this facade. If you really were concerned about drug use then Clinton would be top on your list.

Subject: Who are you!
Date: 6/9/99

Is this a sad attempt at gaining strength for the liberal left? All you can do is sit and make cracks, while you remained silent during the Clinton debacle? Why not do the same stuff with Clinton's copious remarks?

Subject: keep up the good work
Date: 6/9/99

Great web site.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I heard about GW's quote "There ought to be limits to freedom." May God have mercy on his soul if he attempts any limits on my freedom.

Anyhoo, I also wanted to pass along a mildy amusing anecdote involving GW's brother Jeb. Jeb was campaigning for his father back in '88 when he stopped by my high school to talk with the students. He didn't realize that the high school he was visiting was located in an area that was decimated economically by Reagan's farm policies in the early 80's. Nor did he realize that some of the students actually read up on the news and would ask some particularly sticky questions.

I started the assault by asking what his father's role was in the Iran-Contra scandal. This threw him for a slight loop but Jeb responded by spouting the official line that VP Bush was not in the loop on that scandal. Then I dropped the bomb on him -- I asked "Well, then, how does that fare for someone who wants to have the #1 job in America, that while holding the #2 job, as well as being the former Director of the CIA, that he was NOT AWARE of what was going on with the Iran-Contra Affair? This question brought a prompt end to Jeb's campaign stop in my high school and he gave me a look of such contempt that I had to restrain from laughing. I trust the Bush family about as I can throw them.

Fight the power!!!

peace, garrick

From: Benjamin
Date: 6/9/99

I believe that the Governor is right. Those who step into the political arena, and attempt to convince other's of their political opinion, should be registered and pay whatever fees and fill out whatever paperwork is required of a political action committee. That is why, after I called my mother, and exhorted her not to vote for Bush, I registered myself as a political force. My listed expense was my nineteen cent phone call. After all, there are limits to freedom of speech.

God Bless America, and God Bless those forces of freedom who are keeping the little guy down where he belongs!!!


Subject: Give'm HELL,LOL
Date: 6/9/99

Dear Freedom Lovers:

This is to good to be true. The New York times article will bring 100 of thousands of "Bush Fans " to your site. There they will get a "taste " of this Simple Man from a Very powerful and Rich family who desires to Have his father old Job. Actual, He maybe more Quaffed than his father was for the job.LOL.

Keep up the great work.

From: Dwight
Subject: do you have balls?
Date: 6/9/99

Why not a parody of the current administration which DOES have the ability to change the drug laws. My god, Janet Reno could do it with a swoop of the pen. You're wasting your time on an unofficial candidate, who, even if he won, would not be able to do anything until January of 2024. Do the folks sitting in jail for these minor offenses have to wait that long for help?

You have misdirected your effort. Considering only 1 in three people vote, and of those only roughly half are republican in any one election, you're targeting about 15% of the adult population, if that. Of that only 30% are on-line. Gosh, your're now reaching about 5% of the population (if they even choose to access your site. WOOPY for you.

Drag your sorry ass and aptitude and make a real difference--NOW. Or is the political agenda of using Bush more important than freeing people from jail? That's my question, do you have the balls to truthfully answer it?


Subject: the wealth of the shrub
Date: 6/9/99

apparently there have been wealthy power-mongers that have been interested in junior for some time. a fella by the name of rainwater secured the loan for a broke bush to buy in to the rangers knowing that it would make him independently wealthy and able to run for office. of course the underlying message here is the old adage, "you scratch my back i'll scratch yours." what i want to know is why people still think that just because you can vote you have freedom of choice. in the USSR the people voted quite often but the distinction that U.S. policy wonks made between 'them' and 'us' was that the candidates were chosen for the people of 'communist' countries. so who chooses the candidates here?

Subject: your website
Date: 6/9/99


George W. Bush's indignation at you site just demonstrates that he's a thin-skinned jerk who can't laugh at himself - just like his dad!

Keep up the great work! Although the right-wingers would dearly like it to be so, this country isn't (yet) a police state!!!!

Sincerely, Ray

Subject: No subject was specified.
Date: 6/9/99

Serious message:

I was recently traveling down in Mexico and spent a week on the Pacific Coast near Mazatlan in a town called Barra de Navidad. Here, a luxe hotel resort (1500/night for a suite or something) was recently erected. The major partners in financing the resort have been George W Bush and a unconvicted drug kingpin. If finding dirt on Bush is of interest to you, it might be worth checking into.

From: simonco
Subject: hello from moscow
Date: 6/9/99

Hello from Russia. GWB, JR is a sleaze, keep up the good work!! Mark

From: Aaron
Subject: Suggestion
Date: 6/9/99

In the area discussing people's incarceration for small-time drug distribution, a description of the effects that prison has been demonstrated to have on people would be compelling. I believe that studies have shown that people who go to prison essentially turn out to be much more likely to commit criminal acts. Further, the prison industry is a "booming" one in this country and is becoming big business, which could make one question whether stricter sentencing legislation may be fueled in part by people with interests in keeping up prison populations (the actual increase in prison populations in staggering, though again I don't have the data on me)...

Finally, let us not forget the destruction of one's mental (and often physical) health and general "life" that frequently comes from incarceration--this is particularly tragic when people are jailed for minor offenses.


Subject: Keep up the Good Work
Date: 6/9/99

Mr. Exley, What a terrific site. I just logged on for the first time after reading about your site in the Washington Times (May 23) and hearing you this morning on Democracy Now. I think that you are really tuning in to the hypocrisy that is the essential George W. To have come from the background that he has: made the $; connected with the fat cats and big-time spenders that supported his dad and reagan; to have drank, danced naked (maybe) and done up a line or two -- without the slightest trace of irony is absolutely amazing. I applaud the king of "garbage." keep up the good work.

From: Piers
Subject: my message to gw himself
Date: 6/9/99

I've just e-mailed gw's "official" web site and told him how much I support his "bold proposal" for AMNESTY 2024 and how I looked forward to his discussion of his own youthful drug usage in the coming months. Keep the intellegence coming. P.L.

Subject: dont give in
Date: 6/9/99

I love this site. Don't let him get to you

Subject: Congratulations!
Date: 6/9/99

Congratulations on a cool site. Keep on fighting for Internet freespeech.

Good luck

"The word for world is forest." - Ursula LeGuin

Subject: Bush Policies
Date: 6/9/99

Excellent Idea Amnesty 2024, count me in.

From: Paul
Subject: Good job
Date: 6/9/99

Good job, a witty and informative site.

While I am a Democrat, I have no particular beef with George W. Bush. But I do have a disdain for public figures who take themselves too seriously.

That's where you come in: Keep up the good work.

From: Rod
Subject: Right On!
Date: 6/9/99

I love your site. Keep at it.

Actually, I hope Junior does get the republican nomination - he'll be a sure looser.


From: bill
Subject: news
Date: 6/9/99

you should reprint Hightowers little magazine on bush. he had a very revealing issue a few weeks ago on his "deals" and sudden wealth.

Subject: Love the Site!
Date: 6/9/99

Hey guys,

I love the site. About time someone got the nerve to organize some info on this guy. The press has been acting as if he is the answer to every problem, and that every Latino in the country is in love with this guy.

Anyway, I wrote a piece on George W. Bush for In These Times Magazine. You are welcome to include the link. Please let me know how else I can help out. Here's the link.

Again, congrads on the site.

Con Cariņo, Russell Contreras Contributing Writer -- Houston Press and Latina Magazine

From: Jonathan
Subject: thanks for doing this
Date: 6/9/99

From: Arthur
Subject: shrub
Date: 6/9/99

thanks ...I really like it. I hope this spreads to Gore as well...maybe we can find out who wrote Earth in the Balance...its pretty clear who hasnt read it... AK

Subject: T-shirt slogan
Date: 6/9/99

What about Front: GEORGE BUSH FOR PRESIDENT? Back: Been there, done that.

Allan Westport, CT

From: Dean
Subject: Bush Again?
Date: 6/9/99

Hey, love your site.

I remember at the MTV music video awards a number of years ago, Kirk Hammett of Metallica whilst presenting the winner for "Best Something Or Other" said, 'And the winner is... Bill Clinton', to which the crowd cheered like hell, referring to the then upcoming elections. Bush was the incumbent at the time and no one could wait to get rid of him. Now his son is running. Like, I may be Australian but... wasn't the last Bush bad enough?

What's this "There should be limits to freedom" crap? I suppose he wants to play God with America... and all the Democrats probably wouldn't mind if he did the old "burning bush" thing, literally...

Regards, Dean

"Literary theory is fine. The problem starts when it's flown over the Atlantic, combined with fifth-rate American education, and topped off with whining middle-class girls desperate to follow fashion and be victims. " - Bert, New York Times Literary Theory Forum

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From: Phil
Subject: You guys are beautiful!
Date: 6/9/99

What a brilliant idea... and an important cause! Let me know if we can help...


-------------------------------- IF NOT NOW --------------------------------

From: Eric
Subject: There should be limits on freedom!!!
Date: 6/9/99

I love it! A Republican asking for limits on FREEDOM! Especially limits on FIRST AMENDMENT/FREE SPEECH! Does your candidate THINK? He ought to defend that website - the First Amendment does not guarantee freedom of expression in certain media only!

From: bartok
Subject: good one
Date: 6/9/99

keep me informed. Imagine -a hypocrite in the whitehouse! the American people would NEVER stand for that!

From: holley
Subject: Excellent!!
Date: 6/9/99

Your site is a riot! Or I should say it would be a riot if all this political stuff wasn't soooo scary. God Bless parody; it's helped me get through many a dark day and night. As a former Lady Against Women (Boston Chapter), I have always valued quite highly, satire and its use in the sociopolitical arena. Rock On!!

From: George
Subject: Cool Site
Date: 6/9/99

You guys have a funny site, check out a past issue of Rolling Stone for a good article on mandatory sentencing laws.

Subject: thanks
Date: 6/9/99

I have been looking for information about this noble American. I am very grateful to you for maintaining a website where I can discover such interesting information about Governor Bush's past and about his positions on the significant issues of our day. He certainly warrants watching as a leading presidential contender. Thanks again.

From: fran watson
Subject: internet interference
Date: 6/9/99

According to the NYTimes,Bush staffers seem confident that silencing the only almost safe free speech site in the U.S. today, the Internet will not hinder his little dance with defeat at all. I hate to think that any politician could think he is so infallible that he can staunch any of our freedoms at whim. Let him fight for the privilege like all of his predecessors. But not as president . He seems to have all of the qualifications of today's Presidential timber: stupidity, too much money, ego, and ignorance, but it's time for a change. Do we really need another one?

From: C.D.Land
Subject: Sick, sick, sick!
Date: 6/9/99

You liberals are whats wrong with this country. Your sicko socialist ideals have no redeeming aspects and as long as its gays, minorities, loud mouthed women. or tree huggers, anti gun nuts or something equally asinine you go for it. What the hell does liberals care for decent, law abiding , working people?

From: Otis
Subject: Real quote...
Date: 6/9/99


When you get to this (in 2024)...

When he made his first trip to DC to raise money, some reporter asked him if he thought getting big bucks from fat cats didn't compromise his independence... his (surly) response:

"You have misunderestimated the Governor of Texas."

At the very least, I think we should encourage his budding Casey Stengelisms. Or Yogi Berraisms... Or Rev. Spooner...

Let's not forget that Molly Ivins referred to his dad as having been born with a 'silver foot in his mouth'.

Thanks for throwing a severe wrench in the oily machine...

O. Otis Houston, TX (whur we all carry gunz)

From: Joseph
Date: 6/9/99

Mr Bush, Please call Gov. Ventura re: the value of the net in campaigning. J.

From: Robert
Subject: New York Times
Date: 6/9/99

Hi! hope that you keep your site going. Would be interested in seeing more on Bush's connection with failed S&Ls; in the 1980's.

Saw an article on your site in the New York Times:

Good luck!


From: Warren
Subject: gwbush let's tell the truth, finally ?
Date: 6/9/99

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,

sign me up Warren

From: Geoffrey
Subject: bless you
Date: 6/9/99

Love it!

If it makes that rich fascist greedhead mad, I'm all for it! I don't usually buy into all the preaching about the emancipating wonders of the internet, but there's some substance to this! Now, create an equally good site on Gore and maybe we'll have some hope for a president other than the usual corporate lapdog Republicrats!

Ogre Boy

From: Pattison, MD
Subject: Congratulations!
Date: 6/9/99

I can hear Will Rogers chucklingover all this....well done! Pat

Subject: Love the site
Date: 6/9/99

I must have laughed so hard! This is a great site. I'm forwading your URL to everyone I know. Looking forward to your parody on Al Gore as well. Keep up the good work.

Fred Atlanta, Ga

From: Carmen
Subject: brilliance!
Date: 6/9/99

Dear Zack,

Heard your interview with Amy Goodman on Pacifica this morning. I was pleased to discover your expose-the-truth-campaign against G.W. Bush.

The issue which you highlighted, people serving dramatically long sentences for non-violent/drug offenses, is extremely distressing.

I recently heard a story about a 60 year-old woman in Inglewood, CA who was sentenced to 20 YEARS in prison for a conviction of cocaine posession. I was appalled to learn of such a grave injustice.

Are there any progressive methods which we, as concerned citizens, can take to change this ludicrous policy. I am sickened to know that a 60 year-old grandmother will be holed up in prison until her 80th birthday - if she doesn't die a broken woman in the "pen" first, that is.

I appreciate your efforts to expose the enormous hypocrisy of the slimey Bush offspring. Don't let (not that I even remotely think you will) G.W.'s attempt to put limits on freedom stop your pursuit.

Kudos, Carmen/LA