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Subject: your site
Date: 6/10/99

What a terrific site! I really hope it has the intended effect. I am familiar with the case you site in "but seriously". PBS has done a terrific program on just this subject.

I am passing your address to everyone I know.

Best of luck

Subject: amnesty 2024
Date: 6/9/99

i live in houston and i am very interested in getting innocent people out of jail. the idea that a person can have a job, a family, pay taxes and go to jail for smoking a joint is twisted and wrong. also, i work at a print shop so i would like to get some hi-res files that i can print and distribute. amnesty 200 is a great idea and every person convicted of the victimless crime of drug possession or use deserves another chance.


Subject: This site
Date: 6/10/99

Dear Authors: This site is terrific and funny. I think it is hilarious that the George Dubya camp is so intimidated by, just think if Ken Starr had been after THEM for 5 years! Whoa! Keep up the good work. Remember 2024! Cornelia in Miami

Subject: BRAVO!!
Date: 6/10/99

WOW!! This is a bold, innovative way to show what a joke this gentleman's backers are supporting. He is nothing more than a groomed stick man figure who does the bidding of the people who kept him fed, liquored and drugged while he was growing up. It is pathetic what today qualifies for "leadership." We have this druggie's brother in Florida and is he a joke. His first official act was to violate the government in the sunshine law and meet with the heads of the legislature and senate in private, then explain he didn't understand the law applied to him. It has just gone down hill from there.

If these Bush boys are all the Republican party can dredge up, bring back Jimmy Carter.

Paulo Alto.

Subject: re: Amnesty 2,000
Date: 6/10/99

Hi! Is there any action going on in Baltimore? I work with Baltimore Action for Justice in the Americas, and we have a committee of people working to end the "drug war."

If there are people in D.C., we could get in touch with them too. Thanks! Great web page- I heard about it on Pacifica radio station this week. Jodie

Subject: love the website ...
Date: 6/11/99

just wanted to send a message saying that i love what you are doing here. keep up the good work. many people need to know about this and this is an awesome way to do it!

Subject: And another reference
Date: 6/11/99

And another reference for the idiot who sent you a complaint:


Subject: Drug Laws
Date: 6/11/99

Hi, If you really want to change the drug laws, why not go after the people who wrote them? The democrats owned congress for many years and enacted many of the laws you are upset about. They had the power to block anything ANY president wanted. Also for the first two years of this president's rule it was 100% democratic. You really seem to get upset over a republican person getting away with anything but give any democrat a pass on their past behavior. You make a lot about Bush how about Clinton's brother? He was a drug dealer and was protected by his brother. Why don't you work on getting changes done with the current administration ? If you really want change why bother with someone who has no national power right now and deal with those who do? Just to let you know I don't support Bush. Thanks for your time, John

Subject: Amnesty 2024
Date: 6/11/99

Question: So, is this "Amnesty 2024" campaign a parody or for REAL??? Really, I wanna know~! Are you serious about this?

Date: 6/11/99

Did you see this idiot Benjamin L. Ginsberg's rant?


Subject: Commentary
Date: 6/11/99

Now it looks like Mr. Ginsberg is complaining about a web site which accurately describes George W. Bush to a "T." ( defending yet another anti-American Republican who states, "There ought to be limits on freedom."

Hello?! Isn't it time the Republican Nazi's got the hell out of America and moved to Iran where they belong?


Subject: Idiot
Date: 6/11/99

You and all you walking insect bubby should find yourself on a website, not good old George!! Try you'll see your mother!!!

Subject: What did he snort?
Date: 6/11/99

Thanks for a wonderful parody site!

I think the real quesiton Americans must ask about George W. Bush is:

"What did the candidate snort and when did he snort it?"

Don't ya know that's the kind of quesiton reporters love to repeat over and over and over?

Here's one of my recent sites: A work in progress, like all...

Subject: Good Work!
Date: 6/11/99

Good work you folks are doing! How about incorporating a little Bush family history at the site? (The "family tradition" - international dope dealing and all the spooky shit that goes along with it.)

Anyway, thanks for your efforts. This citizen appreciates it.



Subject: Sign me up!
Date: 6/11/99

I wanna t-shirt and I wanna demonstrate on behalf of Amnesty 2024. Sign me up. Sign me up. Sign me up. Hugs and kisses!

Subject: But Seriously
Date: 6/11/99

You go, kids!

Subject: noticed a parallel
Date: 6/11/99

Whitewater, Rainwater, = Hotwater dan

Subject: Love it!
Date: 6/11/99

You have an excellent web site there! The stupid shits working for the mega-stupid shit Bush seem to have never heard the fact that parody is protected speach and renders added discressionary margins to the Fair Use doctrine. The goddamned stupid shits. :-)

Bush's occult ravings, franking, scare the crap out of me. God help us if he were to become President!

Subject: "Personal responsibility"
Date: 6/10/99

Hey folks,

I've visited your website a couple times and want to say "thanks." I like it. And I'd like to suggest another topic for your sharp-witted writers: "personal responsibility." GW has mentioned several times in speeches that people are going to have to start taking more responsibility for their actions and I'm certain he's referring to the little people and not the criminal ruling class.

In case you don't know, Big Bush was convicted in the World Court on 19 counts of War Crimes stemming from the Panama invasion (Operation Just (be)Cause) and the Persian Gulf War. Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and his team were present during both of these events and documented 19 counts of war crimes by former President G H W Bush, et. al., and they were found guilty on all 19 counts. The details are layed out in the book by Ramsey Clark, THE FIRE THIS TIME: U S War Crimes in the Persian Gulf (1992). You may find a copy at your local library or a used copy for a few bucks through the Advanced Book Exchange at

Former President George Bush, a convicted war criminal ! ! ! No one can tell me the government doesn't control the media.

Maybe something about how war criminals aren't really bad people "they just made some poor choices and need to be given another chance, like my father."

I hope you find this info useful.

Keep up the good work.

Subject: The political forum of "free speech"
Date: 6/11/99

I heard you on Democracy Now! and thought I'd check out you site. I love it! I'll be ordering T-shirts when they arrive. Several years ago at the Atlanta Pot Festival I got a T-shirt that had "Tell Clinton to Inhale!". Thought you might be able to use a spin off of that for future T-shirts for Bush.(e.g. front: Bush: I didn't smoke it. back: I Snorted it!) Good luck and keep up the good work! John Dasher

Subject: So typical:
Date: 6/10/99

So typical of the liberals corrupt no ethics no standards arrogant and self serving trash, slash, burn lies about their own lies birds of a feather flock together have fun

Subject: which is the legal and offical Bush site
Date: 6/10/99

thank you

many of us have been duped by the renegade site

Subject: Limits On Freedom
Date: 6/10/99

What types of limits on freedom does bush advocate?

Click to find out more... Subject: Linky & Dinky honor your site!
Date: 6/10/99

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Uncle Url

Subject: keep up the good work!
Date: 6/10/99

Heard you on Democracy Now today, and am delighted to see your site. You make me proud to be anti-Bush.


Subject: Your site is a puke.
Date: 6/10/99

You lefties make me sick. You will largely deserve the world you create where everyone is entitled, a victim, weak, not personally responsible for anything, no standards because everyone will have their own standard and be able to justify anything to the rest of us. Without responsibility, you and the rest of us will lose all our freedoms. You will deserve it. The rest of us will be the real victims of your limp wristed, weak and arrogant excesses. Wake up while there is still time.

L. Ballard

Subject: You rock!
Date: 6/10/99

Hey GW! This isw Vivian, Director of Seattle Hempfest ( and I love your site! Who is ya'll? Are you from this part of the country? Is that all classifried info?

gonna link to you from this site!

Bush Stinks! The New World Order has an Old War Odor!!!

Love, Vivian