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Sept 28: Jailed Bush endorses John McCain for president. "He's experienced, he's the better man in every way, and our platforms are virtually identical."

August: "George, why are you IN THERE?" "Ralph, why are YOU out THERE?" Bush delivers a moral lecture to friend Ralph Reed through the bars of his federal prison cell.

July: As Gov. Bush sits in jail, awaiting trial for past drug crimes, he is flooded with letters of solidarity from other prisoners of the drug war.

June 20: Bush turns himself in for past drug crimes in attempt to "usher in the responsibility era." Candidate will campaign from federal prison cell.

June 7: "Life begins at 40!" Gov. Bush will raise the age at which juveniles can be tried as adults to 40.

May 26: "There ought to be limits to freedom." --Gov. G.W.Bush, Austin.
The only candidate with the courage to take on excessive freedom on the Internet.

G.W. Bush's politics derive from his own life experience. Although he made serious mistakes as a youth, the Bible says, "Do unto others..." And G.W. Bush has indeed been forgiven again and again by others.

First there was his rambunctious youth, in which he doesn't deny there was use of cocaine and other drugs. Then, as an unsuccessful Texas businessman, he was bailed out with millions of dollars from friends of his powerful father. As President, G.W. Bush wants to create an America in which everyone gets as much forgiveness, and as many chances to grow up, as he had.

In the coming months G.W. Bush will announce several bold and creative policy initiatives. G.W. Bush hopes to set an example of compassion, justice and forgiveness that he feels is entirely lacking among politicians today, in both parties.

Learn how Bush:

  • struck it rich at Tax payers' and shareholders' expense: in The American Spectator
  • got out of the Vietnam war and became a pilot in the Texas guard despite failing the intelligence test. "His score on the pilot aptitude section, one of five on the test, was in the 25th percentile, the lowest allowed for would-be fliers." --Dallas News.
  • got his driving record erased upon becoming governor.
    ...Have anything to do with those DUI rumors?

The other guy:,,,

And so on:

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