"The Trial of GWBush"
The TV Network Mini-Series documentary that will follow Bush during his time in the wilderness of America's criminal injustice system

George W Bush. A candidate carrying the hopes of a disillusioned nation. A candidate with a guilty conscience. He knows exactly what his country needs: after 8 years of the Clintonian assault on America's values, it is now time to bring morality back. It's time to usher in the 'responsibility era'. The candidate can see it all so clearly, he knows exactly what to do.

But there is one thing in the way: his own past drug crimes. So ashamed is he that a deep depression begins to overtake him. The press begin to wonder aloud, what's wrong with him? It's guilt--eating away inside of him.

All his advisors tell him, "Go George Go! Don't look back! Talk the talk! We've got your bases covered, you don't have to worry about any of that stuff coming out!"

But George W Bush is a man of integrity. Every time he gives his speech about taking responsibility for one's own actions, he feels that he has lost a little bit more of his soul.

Over and over the same lines: "If we are going to save a generation of young people, our children must know they will face bad consequences for criminal behavior. Sadly, too many youths are not getting that message. Our juvenile justice system must say to our children: We love you, but we are going to hold you accountable for your actions." [actual Bush campaign literature] He knows his message, but everyone can tell his heart is not in it.

He tries to tell his advisors how he feels. But they all say, "No GW, you're the one! You're the only one who can save America! It's for the greater good--Don't tell the people. The media will never forgive you. The show will be over and you will never get the chance to usher in the responsibility era."

But finally, one summer morning, amid the hay bales of an Iowa farm, the candidate realizes he can't go on any longer. He's giving a major speech to kick off his campaign, but all those honest Midwestern farmers, looking him in the eye, are making him squirm inside. These are people with no secrets, people who have worked for everything they ever got. In front of them Bush feels small. How can a fraud like me be the leader of good people like these? In mid-sentence he breaks down:

"Forget it! This is a farce! How can I talk of responsibility when I am a criminal who has not yet paid for his crimes! I'm talking about sending these kids to jail, and yet I've done more drugs than any of your little Jonnys or Sues. America needs a true moral leader, but I'm just a hypocrite. America, I'm sorry for wasting your time!"

The crowd is aghast. Stunned silent. But when GW begins to flee the stage, his head hung low in shame, the crowd bursts into cheers and applause. Old men come to tears. Is this the first show of true humility and honesty from a politician since...? Well, since never!

Instantly he's even farther ahead in the polls than before. His advisors say, "Great! We were wrong, you were right! Now Go George Go!"

And candidate Bush, with his heart swelling and his conscience clearing says, "I am, boys: I'm going straight to jail."

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