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Subject: I love this page!
Date: 6/14/99

GWB ought to be pleased with this page, by mocking him we add substance to his appallingly vapid public persona. But when has a Bush ever had that level of self-consciousness? I caught th' guvn'er on tv today, I was shocked at the rank amateur nature of his Texas accent. Bush Jr. sounds like he desperated watched "Dr. Strangelove" over and over again in an attempt to master Slim Picken's panhandle patois.

*** "Mah Fellow Amurricans, Ah stand before yew a simple country boy frum th' hills o' Yale yearnin' ta do raht fer you-all in th' Neoo Hampshurr prim'ry. Ah fough th' perilous battle fer dignity-n-viability in th' Tex-ass Air National Guard and I'm ready t' serve as yer Prez-ee-dent ifn' yew if yew will have me!" "Ah Have read th' bible to the heathen in the Har-vard Bidness Skool and now Ah will preach to th' whole dang world mah simple plan t' lower taxes to a point whar th' federal guv'mint owes Yew fat-city cash!!! Some folks call this barefaced grovellin' fer votes, wa-al it is! And as a four-square Tex-ass country boy from th' hill country o' Andover Ah promise yew no-one will outpromise, outcringe, or out-truckle this hyar can-dee-date! Yee Haw!"

All goofing aside am I alone in thinking that a Community Theater Production of Oklahoma! has more authentic sounding accents. Any how I like the page & I'd like to contribute on some level, politics has become such a silly condescending enterprise that We are almost compelled to view national campaigns as spectacle for the entertainment of the citiznery. In short since they don't take us seriously why should we take the candidate seriously? Well anyhow thanks for letting me vent.... JF

Subject: Keep up the good work!
Date: 6/14/99

I LOVE your site. I'm glad you're bring his words and deeds back to him!

Good interview on the radio, too.

Subject: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!
Date: 6/14/99

I think George W. Bush should have been living in the 90's, and had had the forsight to buy the domain name!!!!!!

Subject: 'bore' 2024 link
Date: 6/14/99

hi there; i love your site, and genuinely think it's a good idea. I HATE, on the other hand, the ridiculous and prevalent notion that because Al Gore is seen as 'boring', he would not make a good candidate. While your site is clearly the product of wit, humor, and thought, a 'bore 2024' site is a vapid and assinine attempt to mimic your site, only without any real merit. Their plans include jokes about 'Bill, Hillary, and of course, Monica' (see the link). This sort of makes me want to puke, and clearly undermines the otherwise shining example of non-mainstream, valuable comment which is your site.

I would like to suggest that you remove the link to 'bore 2024' on your site. I realize that free speech is the issue, and that there is a certain charm in slamming all candidates, but you have room to 1. demand some integrity, and 2. positively influence an anti-bush campaign without making it an anti-all politicians campaign.

thanks for considering this


Date: 6/14/99

Their handling of you and your site is just too damn funny. You must be driving them absolutely nuts and there's not a damn thing that they can do about it unless they force you to litgate where it will cost you money. I'm sure some Harvard dem would love to pick up the tab .

Subject: how about a petition?
Date: 6/14/99

Great Job! What do you think about getting a petition together on line or creating a link to the FEC website with telephone, fax, address info. etc so that people can contact them to show support for your site? Do you think flooding the FEC with calls would backfire? They might become irrational and vindictive if we, the inferior and insignificant citizenry, had the audacity to excersise our right to free speech and interfere with the outcome of their presidential election.

Subject: Rumor
Date: 6/14/99

Dear Gentlemen:

Thre is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that gw will appoint Ken Starr to the U.S. Supreme Court. That is only a rumor.

Subject: Response to Worldwide Tubular
Date: 6/14/99

It's interesting that the main reason that someone at Worlwide Tubulars(letter dated 6/7/99) thinks you are "fucked in the head" is because you spent money doing it. I wonder if all his/her judgements are based on money? I guess if you had been able to do it for free, he/she would have no problem with "bashing a fellow American". Or, the other possible interpretation is that it is ok to spend money to "bash" a drug user, immigrant, Mexican, Serb etc. as long as it is not a "fellow American."

Subject: ATTN: Zack Exley
Date: 6/14/99

Thanks Mr. Exley,

For creating a Web Site that allowed me to see the true nature of a candidate that I knew little about. Bush's "there ought to be limits to freedom" remark sealed his fate on my Ballot. I know you are a non-partisan site, but I appreciate the time you took to stir up a reaction like this. It was invaluable information in the upcoming race. Keep up the good work and don't let the Man bring you down.

In the highest regards,


Subject: great!
Date: 6/14/99

I congratulate you on your letter to the FEC. Well-done!! (I have to complain that you used "accept" when you meant "except".)

I agree with you about Bush's hypocrisy. Thousands of first-time offenders are serving 10-25 yr terms for what he got away with 30 yrs ago--esp. in Texas!

Stick to your guns. Political commentary is protected by the First Amendment and I do not believe that you are required to register with the FEC--if so, every newspaper and TV station with a commentator would have to so register.

Bush has no sense of humor. This disqualifies him for President in my book!

Cheers, Ellery

in nearby Medford

Subject: Violations of International Law and Treaty
Date: 6/14/99

Hi There... To whom it may concern: I'm writing you today in my capacity as a director of an international human rights organization the CCADP (Canadian Coalition Against The Death Penalty) and we too are trying to bring to light the failure of Gov Bush to follow international law and convention in his application of the death penalty as governor.

(I had to email after seeing the page on America's Human Rights Atrocity.)

As governor he has executed almost 100 people, many in violation of international law, The execution of people who were juvenilles at time of crime, executing the mentally retarded, mentally ill or disabled, and numerous Vienna convention violations not allowing foreign citizens the right to contact their government at he time of arrest, then executing them. Not to mention the failure of Texas officials to meet even the barest expectations in the disgusting and inhumane treatment of prisoners confined in Texas prisons, numerous violations of international treaties and standards the US is signatory to . . . etc . . .

The campaign slogan for Texas "It's Like a Whole Other Country" is quite appropriate, we feel it's like alot of other countries Iraq, China and the Sudan to name a few . . .

With the Pending "Texecution" of Canadian Stan Faulder the CCADP has launced an international Tourist Boycott of Teaxs, because as we all know, if you end up in police custody while visiting, you may not be allowed to contact your government or family... And in the worst case scenario, you could end up wrongfully convicted and imprisoned under sentence of death and nobody would ever know where you were (TX officials never notified Canadian officials about Mr. Faulder for over 15 years as is required under international law, they actually left his name off lists forwarded to our governemnt as required under international treaty regarding foreigners incarcerated in Texas !)

This combined with Mr. Bush's presidential bid is quite disturbing as it is well known that Mr.Bush has little or no knowledge of international law and treaty, and when he is advised of such, tends to ignore it completely ! Calls from Archbishop Desmond Tutu, along with demands from Madeline Allbright, and the OAS (Organization of American States) to halt the Faulder execution are brushed aside as if he actually feels he is above international treaty and the UN.

We will not let Governor Bush's actions go unnoticed and intend to continue to let the international community know of the failings of Mr.Bush in these areas, as well as the danger this may pose to American's travelling abroad should he actually become president. (What foreign jurisdiction would take the former TX governors calls for mercy or clemency seriously should Americans get in trouble abroad ?)

This Man is a danger to America's credibility as a "Leader of the free world" not to mention a danger to Americans and foreign visitors as he's shown us as TX Governor. Regardless of your views on Capital Punishment (America is one of the last "free" nations to still engage in that sort of midievil barbarism) We would appreciate networking with you to help get out the word about Mr.Bush's credibility as an 'international diplomat'

I hear he has a bad temper, Lets test it ! - We'll keep you up to date on any upcoming actions or initiatives we'll be taking against this former serial killing governor...

We have a Texas boycott page at:

and a page for Stan Faulder at:

Keep up the fight against this wanna-be dictator and please keep in touch with us we may actually be very useful to each others cause.

Thanx for everything . . . (except Bush of course)

Dave Parkinson Director / co-founder CCADP Canadian Coalition Against The Death Penalty.