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Date: 6/12/99

Great site man....

It sucks that these people are after you. You would think they would have better thing to worry about than some of us web junkies...

I hope you are able to keep the site up and running in the time to come... I see Bush has at least made you "famous"... Something you can tell your kids about someday, huh?

Keep up the work! Make this Bush burn!


Subject: Keep It Comin! they cannot stop you!
Date: 6/12/99 is an excellent site that exposes the awful truth of "true" freedom of speech on the internet.

G. Bush's intent to pursue stopping your "freedom of speech" has easily changed my vote (which was once G.W. Bush's) to the bigger man in the campaign, Mrs. Dole.

Thank you for exposing Mr. Bush.


Subject: thanks?
Date: 6/12/99

Yes thanks for your so-called "parody" site where it's clear you are going beyond any notions of a tasteful lampoon and straight to typical conservative bashing with a deep personal tone. I can only wonder why you and your cronies would lodge baseless diatribes filled with innuendos at Governor Bush like this before he has even spoken on the issues. It's clear the disciples of Brother Carville and proponents of the "politics of subversion," are at work. Good luck because most of us have grown weary of the puerile, off the-mark ravings of Clinton jingoists. I suppose there's no one with the chutzpah to find and post that indecent picture of George W. Maybe that's next ,huh? On the other hand, if perjury, a sex scandal and subsequest impeachment can boost President Clinton's popularity, how could a photo hurt Bush? Damn, that's right, it's the economy stupid! One last item: the First Amendment,which is so often abused, allows one the freedom to denigrate as well as ingratiate. If only more of us were compelled to bear witness to the truth then the choice would be much easier.

Thanks and see you at the ballot box-

Don McKinney, TX

Subject: Hello!
Date: 6/12/99

Made you look. You guys suck.

Subject: rumours
Date: 6/12/99


It is people like you that cause rumours to spread and damage peoples reputations.

I wonder how lilly white you all are. I'm sure you voted for Clinton (twice) without regard to all the substantiated things that HE did, including selling secrets to the chinese, dodging the draft, womanizing, smoking pot, so on and so forth.

Good luck,


Subject: Your ROVE ing reporter should look at Karl
Date: 6/12/99

Karl Rove is the kingmaker behind Boy George. Austin American Stateman called him, "Texas' Prime Minister" in a gushy article back in 1996, I think. He writes most of the speeches and thinks most of the thoughts.

My idea for a new T-Shirt:

Front: Funny drawing of W. standing about knee high to his daddy

and the name, Boy George.

on the back:

"coma,coma coma, coma, coma chameleon"

Date: 6/12/99

In reference to your article "American Human Rights Atrocity"

There is no such thing as a victimless or consensual crime. Every single unlawful and many legal action have repercussions that hurt people. The teen who buys the marijuana gives money to the pusher who gives money to his supplier who we know commits other crimes, hides his money from the government while using national services for free putting a greater burden on the remainder of society. I will not even start down the road as to how drugs effect the brain permanently.

Please rethink your position. Short-sightedness does nothing to improve our country.

Sincerely, -- Lance, M.D.

Subject: more quotes
Date: 6/12/99

Here are a few quotes that you should publish. But then again, what else should one expect from a bunch of cowardly hypocritical liberals like yourselves !

"The Constitution is a radical is the job of the government to rein in people's rights." (William Jefferson Clinton on MTV - 1992)

"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans." (William Jefferson Clinton in USA TODAY, 11 March 1993, page 2A)

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." (Hillary Rodham Clinton, 1993)

Subject: more Bush info
Date: 6/12/99


So far you have not used another good source on our great Guv. Schrub. Check This is probably the oldest liberal publication in Texas and runs regular columns by Molly Ivins and Jim Hightower.

Hang in there but please let Al Gore alone. The Republicans have enough money, They don't need any help.


Subject: Ideas for Shrub speak
Date: 6/12/99

George W. Bush "Shrub" Jr. Finally came out of that HOLE he lives in called TEXAS. He spoke to a small DORKY crowd of PASTY, WHITE, conservatives, and this is some of what he said: " The role of goverment is NOT to create WEALTH", EXCEPT if your ME and use TAX dollars to finance my baseball team or oil wells. "The road to America will always be FREEDOM" EXCEPT if your a WEB PAGE that makes fun of ME, Then,"There should be a LIMIT to FREEDOM" "I will NOT use my office as a mirror to reflect public opinion" " I'm a DICTATOR not a SERVANT". "There will be BAD consequences for BAD behavior ALL across America". EXCEPT if your ME. If I get DRUNK or HIGH my DADDY takes care of the CONSEQUENCES. And last of all, I can't BELIEVE a goofy, bonehead DORK like me is running for president. Oh well. It was my DADDY's IDEA.


Subject: Hurrah for you!
Date: 6/12/99

I found your address through Slate. Please keep it up; if we can't slay this dragon with bucks (they're well-heeled, the heels) perhaps your satire will shoot him down. Then again, maybe he'll actually say something, and the press will print it (you think maybe, the GOP press corps? Some truth from them...Nah..) Good luck, I hope somehow he's taken down. Keep it up!

Subject: I enjoyed
Date: 6/12/99

I work in the legal community, and I applaud your efforts to show how the drug war has devastated many lives in the United States. It is a shame that we have to empty our prisons of violent offenders to make room for drug offenders with their mandatory sentences. Most of these people were productive members of society who paid their taxes and supported their families. Now that many of them are in prison our tax dollars go to support them and their families while they are locked up.

I would like to see you take up another topic. The current Bankruptcy reform that has passed in the House (HR 833). This new legislation if passed will also place a very heavy burden on middle class American families, and it will also impose a burden on the taxpayers. Basically the legislation is corporate welfare for the credit card industry. The legislation was bought and paid for by the credit card industry. The legislation will make some credit card debt non

avoidable in bankruptcy, and force people into involuntary servitude to their credit cards for five years. The taxpayers are going to have to foot the bill for this government provided collection agency. The credit card industry says they will pass the savings along to the consumer. This is the same industry that told us they were going to pass the lower costs of the ATMs(Vs using tellers) to consumers to encourage them to use them. Now they have turned the ATMs into profit centers charging outrageous fees to consumers to access their own money. That is the short version If your interested in the long version I would suggest

I think this would make an excellent tie in to G.W.'s past business problems and how he had to be bailed out. Since this issue is mainly supported by Republicans, I am sure if G.W. is asked about he would say he likes it and comment on how important it is for people to take personal responsibility for their actions. I you would like to use this topic I would be glad to provide an assistance that I could. I just graduated from law school and am waiting to take the bar exam in my state. Consumer issues is my favorite area.

Mark L

Subject: The Women who died in Texas
Date: 6/12/99

Why don't someone put up the face of that women who was executed in Texas and after ther Pope and other high-ranking people who begged Bush to abort the execution, he ignored them and did it anyway. That picture of her still haunts me today and I bet it would haunt everyone else. Bush talks about being gentler, well executing women is not being gentler, its being cold hearted. Find the picture and lets give it to abc News to say here is a gentler man who pulled the switch on a born again person who was executed and ignored even the pope.

That will bring down his chances of running !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: ---
Date: 6/13/99

June 12-13, 1999

The only reason I know of your site, is because I heard about your unfair criticism of George W. Bush on the news!!

I do not know your stance on certain issues or if you are a Democrat (I assume you [the site's manager] are) But God! At least Bush has created a life for himself and become successful after making mistakes! But Instead you pick on something he did 30 years ago with no relevance to today! And we all know the behavior of democrats is much worse than anything bush has done!!! You make up false ridiculous accusations of things "G. W. Bush" said! Get with it! At least have the guts to use his real name instead of an alias with! pictures of him [the real bush], [instead you are being a typical lying cowardly democrat] Its time left wing people like you, start to behave, you act like little children!!, Its ridiculous!

The least you could do is praise your party's candidates instead of picking on miscellaneous babble on the opposing party's candidates! ---READ BELOW---

G-E-T -A- L-I-F-E!!

Subject: truth about Bush
Date: 6/13/99

Subject: A thought experiment
Date: 6/13/99

Try this little thought experiment:

Close your eyes and imagine living in the America envisioned by the likes of Hilary, Al, and Bill. The only web sites allowed by law are ones like yours. The penalty for publishing anti-liberal thought would be prison, torture and execution. Free speech would be celebrated! However, the wrong kind of free speech, namely the truth, would mean death to the speaker. Enjoy yourself, and be thankful you live in a country that allows people like you to trash whoever you want.

Date: 6/13/99


Subject: GW Bush
Date: 6/13/99

The phrase that should be on everyone's lips for the next 18 months is:

"Coke Snortin' Draft Dodger!"

Keep up the good work. Spread the word, brother!

Subject: Loved Your Web site
Date: 6/13/99

After obtaining your URL from a ng I visited your site. I support your cause on the fight against the unjust war on drugs that is destroying this nation. I too am a web master and have a government web page on my site. I know GWB campaign manager is upset with your web site but so what,.I think it's wonderful, he didn't much like it when I posted my URL to the ng's about Georgie either. I think the truth needs to be known. We don't need a right-wing Christian Coalition butt kissing playboy lying hypocrite as president. Did you know GWS's grandfather was one of Hitler's financial bankers who supported Hitler's rise to power and was repaid with money confiscated from the Jews that were sent to the death camps. Please don't quote me because I don't have all the stats, but if this is true and If grandpa Prescott Bush had been held accountable for his actions little ole Georgie would not have been born with that silver spoon in his mouth that he used to buy cocaine with. Bush senior managed to keep his daddy out of the news and who knows how much it cost him to hush up these stories. Possibly not too difficult a task since most of the network stations and newspapers are republican controlled and most republicans will do anything for money. Also George Senior was in the CIA for years, he most likely knows and has had dealings with ever crook in every country around the globe. He's truly an untouchable. From the left Wanda

Subject: Son of a wimp
Date: 6/13/99

I cannot believe people are taking this guy seriously. All his daddy did was ride Reagan's coattails into the Whitehouse, and then do such a lame job that Bill Clinton defeated him in '92. G.W. will be no different, I fear, and the American people will eat his nonsense up in 2024, and then spit him out like an old piece of bubble gum.

Al Gore may be boring, but he's authentic. He cares about our world, about families, and about our future. This country needs to keep moving away from conservative policies, and into our next century with a conscience.


Subject: GO BUSH GO!
Date: 6/13/99

I am a new resident to San Antonio. This town has pulled together since the Spurs have made it to the big game. Unity, wow! Every corner you turn reads GO SPURS GO!

It would be to my amazement if we could replace every billboard sign, pin up poster, car with shoe polish on the windows, and banners with Go Bush Go!

Where can we get bumber stickers, signs, etc!

Thank you for answering the call of your country! God bless you, and your family throughout the long roads which are ahead.