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Subject: Hehehehehe...
Date: 6/15/99

Just wanted to drop you a note saying I enjoyed your site immensely,Keep it up =)


-- "Ast kiranann kair/Gardurm Soth-arn/Suh kali Jalaran!" -Raistlin Majere,as he fries a gnome with a lightning bolt

Subject: Thank you!
Date: 6/15/99

Love this site!! I know the election's a long way off, but already the died-in-the-wool Republicans in my office are ready to throw their first borns on the fire if it will elect one of "their own". Yuck. I'm just afraid this buffoon will be elected because of a Clinton backlash, and because the other Republican candidates are being left in the dust (appropriately, for some). I know I'm going to hell, but gwbush looks a little "off" to me....something in the eyes. Vapid isn't quite it...."deer in headlights" isn't quite right, either. Maybe dropped on his head at birth? Hmmmm. Keep up the great work!

Subject: Congratulations!
Date: 6/15/99

Webmaster of Somerville:

Heard you yesterday on NPR via WBUR, or at least that is what I recall. At any rate, my hat is off to you! Congratulations for registering a voice of many that should be hear by many!


Subject: GWB
Date: 6/15/99

I heard your interview on NPR yesterday and I jumped on your web page today. I was very impressed. It is now a bookmark on both my machines. I just had to tell my sister about it. When I call her tonight, I think she is going to be upset with me.

Keep up the great work RG.

Subject: Brilliant.
Date: 6/15/99

I think your site is brilliant, and that it should have passed without notice, as you expected it would. In the future, sites like it will pass without much notice, as public access tv and local newspaper editorials and letters to the editor do now. It is an accident of our place in time that it has become so big. I love it when hippocracy is exposed, no matter who the hippocrate is.

Enjoy the 15 minutes of fame. I am glad to see you are putting it to good use, getting the 'war on drugs' exposed.

Subject: bush
Date: 6/15/99

One thing George Bush stands for is supression of ideas and opinions that don't agree with his. Thus, his campaign is buying up all available web space so nothing negative can be displayed. Sounds more like he's up for Dictator rather than President!

Subject: Good work!
Date: 6/15/99

I amn't a Democrat, and in fact am of the opinion that anyone who believes loyalty to a political party will get them what they want or that one party will somehow represent them more effectively is completely ridiculous. It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that the voter is becoming one of the least important aspects of politics... but that's all beside the point... Here IS the point: Your work thus far on the webpage is very refreshing and much needed... and the kicker: (this is SO good!) that you claimed the name before they did! Let's hear it for the "little people"!!! (and the wonders of the Web).

Thanks, Christian

Subject: Keep fighting the good fight!
Date: 6/15/99



Subject: Go GarbageMan!!
Date: 6/15/99

Love your site, Heard about it on NPR yesterday. Did Mr. Bush intend that term to be disparaging? Does that reflect disdain for working class??

Subject: "There ought to be limits to freedom"
Date: 6/15/99

Yes. Limits are imposed on those actions that hurt or defraud another person . A web site that lampoons George W. Bush does not "hurt" anyone - not even George W. Bush. I would say that Mr. Bush needs to grow up a bit and work on his sense of humor.

Statements like this, by members of the Republican Party are what drive away potential Republican voters in droves. There are still people in this country who believe in Freedom and take it seriously. In spite of their rhetoric to the contrary, the Republicans are proving themselves to be just another faction of the one-party system in this country that does all it can to take more and more power, tax us to death, regulate our every move and generally rob what is left of our liberty.

I will not be voting for Mr. Bush or any other "Republicrat" in 2024 - because I'm an American.



Subject: None of the above
Date: 6/15/99

Is there going to be a bore2000 shirt? Or how about both and bore2000 on one shirt? I don't want to make a statement that takes sides in the two-party system. People wearing your shirts may be accused of being "Pro Al Gore" if there's a sillier thing I don't know what it is. This election will excite only the wealthy. Keep up the good work!


Subject: Your webpage
Date: 6/15/99

You really have too much time on your hands!

Date: 6/15/99

Every sound bite I've seen (so far) of this candidate talking, I ask myself "What the hell is he saying?"

He uses cute phrases that are non-sequiturs, meaning nothing to me.

Your going to have to beat that!


Subject: Press
Date: 6/16/99

Just thought I would let you guys know that you were also mentioned last night on Emmanuel Goldstein's, the editor of 2600 Magazine The Hacker Quarterly, radio show, Off The Hook, in Manhattan on 99.5 WBAI. You can download a realaudio version of the show soon at Enjoy. Keep up the good work!!!


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Date: 6/16/99

Sooo sorry the conservatives are offended by this site.....

Guess they should try to earn a living as an american, and not a feudal lord in some foriegn country.

Get a grip, right/wrong wing....

It's our planet.. not for the side of subjugation. If we don't make it together... we don't make it at all.

Tell that to your great great grandchildren, when they have no oxygen to breath.

Subject: gwbush
Date: 6/16/99

Zack: Keep up to good work! When they call in the lawyers it is usually because of what my father always called the "hit dog yelps first" theory of politics.

If they make you register, I am sure you can raise the money to help pay for the increased expenses of the site.

Please add me to your e-mail list for notifications of the new and interesting developments.


"The problem with people who have no vices... is you can be pretty sure they are going to have some annoying virtues," Elizabeth Taylor


Subject: Beat around the Bush
Date: 6/16/99

I thought it was $5 BILLION involving George Bush's BNL-Iraqgate deal, $221 million Broward with Jeb, Neil (Silverado) a mere $1 billion makes Clintons look like real pikers. Why is the press so "forgiving" to this ne'er do well, rich kid doesn't make good who has cost we the people so much money? I don't get it! Love your web site. Boogie on. No, I'm not a fan of Clinton, but his administration has been the most effective since Truman and my money's on Gore - he's no standup comic (I like Seinfeld and Lionel for that) but you can't beat his experience and record not to mention his great family! Thanks for the info. Cathryn

Subject: Dubya (Caligula) Bush-W. Saletan c/o Slate Mag. Re:"Beating Around The Bush" 7-15-99
Date: 6/16/99

Were you just being kind to not "lay it on too thick" when you left out the real "gems"? "The next President must close the gap of hope." Where is that located? Near the Panama Canal? How could you have overlooked "A quiet river of goodness and kindness that cuts through stone."? ("Palming off" welfare to the private charities). And really you were galactically amiss in not mentioning the "all-timer"..."Blow the whistle on failure", not yet a cliche, but what does it mean? Who can say, but it must be important because he says it again "I will praise success--but shine a spotlight of shame on failure." Is he planning to "Flynt" somebody? Is this a threat? It's "just too rich" to watch the bores at the GOP try to transform this ludicrous pampered Caligula rich kid into a cross between Ghandi and Lincoln. The GOP is "pulling down it's own pants of guilt" in foisting off this "compassionate conservative" bs on us. They've lost it completely. PS: I have only one word for Dubya's new "compassionate" image-Carla

Date: 6/16/99

Your web site is a total waste of time. PULL THE PLUG AND GIVE IT UP!!! People like you make the Internet full of bloat and stupidity. Quit wasting bandwidth and get a real job! I hear that McDonald's is hiring!!! OR maybe you could qualify as a greeter at Wal-Mart!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

Subject: well done!
Date: 6/16/99

Great site.....don't let "Shrub" shut you down! I'm sending a nasty note to Karen Hughes in support telling her to lighten up or at least start wearing a swastika so we know where the Bush people really stand. I live in Austin and we know what his "gentler" side is really your back.

Subject: Joey
Date: 6/16/99

Do you think Joey will ever deal again? Probably not. If he had been slapped on the wrist for his crime, would he consider doing it again (if money was tight)? Probably. As harsh as it may seem, this punishment may ultimately save Joey from himself and it's my GUESS that this isn't the only thing that Joey has ever done. If Joey had known this might happen if he was caught, he probably would not have done it. I believe that people don't put their hands in fires, because they know with certainty that they will be burned. Only when people learn that they will be punished harshly for their crimes, consistently, with no chance of getting off easy, will things start to change. I will share what happened to Joey with my 10 year old son and hope it will affect his decisions later in life. I wish Joey the best of luck upon his release and I hope he takes the chance to enlighten others as to what could happen to them.

My sympathies, to Joey and his family.

Subject: gw
Date: 6/16/99

They should lower the age to 12. Execute the weak and the strong shall survie and thrive.


Subject: drug dealers
Date: 6/16/99

They should be in prison......they're the cancer of society. If you think drugs are a victimless crime you are sadly mistaken. READ THE PAPERS! DRUGS KILL!

Subject: nytimes, 6/16
Date: 6/16/99

just thought i'd relay a quote from G.W., taken from today's ny times article:

"I'm telling you, people out there, they're looking for something -- dignity, integrity, optimism, big themes. I know what I believe in. I believe the big issues are going to be China and Russia. There will be moments when situations, incidents will flare up. It's important for the President to think globally. But in the long run, security in the world is going to be how do we deal with China and how do we deal with Russia. People think the Russian situation, or used to think, Russia was not an issue. It's a huge issue. But if the East Timorians decide to revolt, I'm sure I'll have a statement."

perhaps this could stand alone as a kind of synopsis of reasons not to vote for Bush, juxtaposed with a goofy picture or something? just a thought....


Subject: Your view
Date: 6/16/99

How do you view the current state or our military and international intelligence? Under your leadership, what direction would the military take?

Thank you.

Subject: Really pathetic
Date: 6/16/99

I have not made a decision regarding presidential candidates (registered Democrat) yet....HOWEVER, your website is pathetic. I must ask....who would spend so much energy developing this website...and why? The only conclusion I can draw must be Gore or Clinton supporters!! And if this is how you plan to represent yourselves....I will NEVER SUPPORT ANY OF THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES!!!! Why not make a website IN SUPPORT of the candidate you want as PRESIDENT?????? I am waiting to find out more about George W. Bush...and the information you provide does NOT influence my opinion AGAINST Bush...but it MAKES him appear more LIKEABLE and make me want to SUPPORT and defend him because of the lousy attacks/comments this website makes!!! Is your MOTHER proud of your work and effort with this website?????????? --Leaning toward Republicans in 2024

Subject: thanks
Date: 6/16/99

Thanks for your page. As a Texan I am horrified that now Bush will be touting all the wonderful things he has accomplished as governor of our poor misguided state. Why did he ever get elected in the first place? Certainly not for his qualifications, and he didn't get any help from me. With the exception of raising teacher salaries, (a few days before announcing his presidential bid in order to boost his image as an "education candidate" no doubt,) I can think of little good that he has done. Contrary to popular belief, and though it may be fruitless, some of us will be checking other names in the ballot box. Down with hypocrisy!

Subject: Just a note.....
Date: 6/16/99

Just a note to the person who said:

"The phrase that should be on everyone's lips for the next 18 months is:

"Coke Snorting Draft Dodger!"

Keep up the good work. Spread the word, brother!"

I hope your referring to Bill Clinton because this is not the description of Governor George W. Bush. Obviously in insulting Bush [which I believe you are doing] you didn't realize that you stated the description of your own beloved Bill "perjurer" Clinton. Watch out liberals, you just might be calling the wrong person the wrong thing!!! Clinton as you've probably denied, dodged the draft, [obviously he has thought he is above the law his whole life] * yet did not "snort" cocaine, but he [lied of course] about his own use of Marijuana. Yes, Clinton is real great!! Get a life you liberals, anyone who thinks this website is great must live in a trash can.

*- and he thought he was too good serve in the military [yet brought shame to the country's presidency thirty years later] This guys is just one walking embarrassment! And his wife is too! What gives her the right to run for the Senate in a state she does not even live in, and never has, and take away the chances from good citizens from New York who want to run for the Senate?!! She and her scumbag husband need to be in a good place, a Prison! All their friends who's lives they've screwed up are so why shouldn't they be [in a Prison] ?!

Subject: Keep it up
Date: 6/16/99

I think your webpage is absolutely fantastic, and I think you have support worldwide, I am from Australia and feel that the president of the USA does influence my country, especially with the conservative, arsekissing government we have at the moment. Its a case of the US says jump and our goverment says we dont like that, but how high anyway?

Any action taken against elitist corrupt politicial and corporate entities by individuals is truely highly commendable.


Subject: Bush was right [and always is]
Date: 6/16/99

To the person who said that executing "that women" was horrible. First of all learn how to speak a language I like to call "English." Second of all let me remind you that Karla Faye Tucker the woman you referred to as being a "born again," murdered two people ruthlessly, and admitted in court that each time she slammed the pick ax into her victims, it stimulated her sexually. This women deserved death like I deserve a cold drink on a normal summer day in Texas. I don't care if she was "born again" or any other nonsense, she was a criminal, and was sentenced to death. The law does not make exceptions for those who convert to any religion. Imagine if that had been a man. There would have been no sympathy. Of course not, because liberals only pick and choose who they side with. Ms. Tucker was not in prison to become "born again" or to rehabilitate, she was there to wait to die. And thank god she did, that proves that our justice system is fair to all. Also another note: why should Governor Bush listen to the pope? With all due respect to His Holiness, there is a separation in this country of church and state. And the pope isn't even in this country. He should have no jurisdiction over the legal matters of this country. Bush made the right choice. No one is above the law. BUSH 2024!!!!!!

Subject: You are wrong!!!!!
Date: 6/16/99

I can't wait until Bush is president. What will you liberals say then? Oh you always think of something. I already know he will make Clinton look like a street rat [He already does]. I have a question for you radicals, where is your COMMON SENSE, yeah ever heard of that? Bill Clinton, an adulterer, someone who thinks he is above the law, a perjurer, the only elected president of a 210 year history of presidents to be Impeached, and center of attention of countless scandals, he is perfect?! [You know liberals they pick and choose who they like.] Yet a good honest, truthful man is bad ?! [Bush.] Yet a lying sleazebag is great?! [Clinton.] That shows you how liberals think, scary huh? Liberals, Democrats what's the difference? Of course there are some moderate Democrats, yet they are all under the spell of the "left wing force." Barney Frank, that guy is the definition of partisan! Every issue you see on C-SPAN in Congress, there he is with his partisan comments, I think he needs to return to the halfway house. Yet liberals think people like him and Clinton are great! Yup, there Great! The Impeachment Issue: "Radical Republicans then [during Andrew Johnson's Impeachment in 1868] and Radical Republicans Now!" says drunk Ted Kennedy. I don't know about 1868, but in 1999, hear this: Republicans went over party lines and voted 45 yes, 10 no. And guess what the so called "nonpartisan" Democrats voted: 0 yes 45 [the total number of Democrats in the Senate] no. Who is partisan the DEMOCRATS!!!! Get with it liberals! Your wrong we are right, I can't wait for the day when your party falls, [and maybe a sensible alternative to the Republican party will replace you] and this website too! And another thing, have you noticed how every Democratic presidential administration has been crackpot and almost all Republican, have been great! Does that give you a hint of how you party is? No wonder there have been more Republican presidents then Democrats. I feel sorry when the majority of the people are fooled into voting left-wing. Democrats are basically communists [except that they hate military {Communists usually don't [I think]}]!!! John Kennedy who everyone thinks is great, was a sleazebag like Clinton, his and Carter's military attempts failed! [Cuba, and Iran.] They weaken the military, and risk lives of honorable service men and women. Party description: Democrats: Failure, dishonorable. Republicans: Honor Integrity, Strength. When liberals finally get it through their thick heads that they are wrong we will al be better off! I hope I have opened the minds of all people with my message! BUSH 2024!!!!!

Subject: HEY!!!
Date: 6/16/99

I read on your site that Mr. bush said "There ought to be limits to freedom." I find that quite offensive and I should say one thing, if there is limits to freedom, the society as a whole will crumble and fall. That is my opinion. Thank you for reading this letter and acting on it.

disgruntled surfer, nickman73

Subject: Your "Bush" webpage
Date: 6/16/99

I'm an old guy, and have voted Republican in every election since 1964, with the exception of one presidential election.

I did precinct work for Nixon in 1968 and for Reagan in 1966 when he ran against, and defeated, Pat Brown for California governor.

I will probably vote for George W. if he is nominated, just as I voted for his old man, who turned out to be not as bad as I had thought he would be when I voted for him.

But I deeply resent "limits on freedom" and moreso when they clearly relate to those concerning the 1st Amendment. Your site belongs on the web, and I support your beliefs. Keep up the good work. It always helps to let the politicians learn that there are real people out there, after all.

Ralph , Long Beach, California.

Subject: we've got bush...
Date: 6/15/99

But we're trying to feel good about it! Anyway, I thought I'd point out that the link to "Platform" leads to "Amnesty 2024"; rather confusingly for a punter like me. Cheers,


Subject: support (non-financial)
Date: 6/15/99

I will keep this brief. As a poor college student, my main concern about a Gore vs. Bush presidential race is that, in a supposed meritocracy, the two candidates grew up in posh homes where daddy took care of them, got them jobs, and made sure they never had to work a day in my life. Thus, I just wanted to write this letter of support to you for keeping up this site, good luck. Feel free to give my email address to the FEC (but no other government agencies) if they request people's opinion about this site.

Subject: great site
Date: 6/15/99

keep up the good work

Date: 6/15/99


Subject: An idea for the summer campaign doldrums:
Date: 6/15/99

I think the Manchester New Hampshire City Republican Committee should hold a walk-on-water contest on the banks of the Merrimac River. They could invite all the current G.O.P. Presidential aspirants (but most especially that simple country boy from the hills of New Haven George Bush Junyer the Governor of Texas) down to the riverside, get some gimlet eyed preacher to croak out a benediction, and toss the lot into the rapids to see who can trot atop the waters. The winner gets 50.00 bucks and a carton of cigarettes. Whaddya think?