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Date: 6/18/99 (Read a reply to this letter sent in by a well informed Libertarian reader.)

In your "But seriously" web page, you state that hundreds of thousands of people are in jail for committing victimless crimes. If "hundreds of thousands of people" means only 300,000, that's 6,000 people in jail in EACH of the 50 states. Do the math -- your statistic is impossible! And numbers aside, when is the last time someone did time for possession of a modest amount of a drug (i.e., a "victimless" crime)? It rarely happens. And does "Joey" deserve to go to jail for selling LSD, a lethal drug? That's really not a tough call -- that is NOT a victimless crime. There are very few people in this country who think that selling LSD is okay. People die from LSD every day of the week. And each death encompasses multiple victims (i.e., spouse, parent, child, friend).

Make fun of George Bush -- no problem. But to insinuate that he "walked" when others did hard time for the same offense is an accusation without any basis or merit. The reason that drug use is still strong is because we are not putting people on jail. Believe me, if a ten-year-old kid did six months in jail for smoking pot, that would be the last time he smoked pot. The drug laws are a joke precisely because they aren't enforced -- there's no jail space for the more serious offenders, never mind the offenders of "victimless" crimes -- everybody knows that. Where do you get your statistics from?

Subject: You left out the worst...err...part!
Date: 6/18/99

Great website, but why did you leave out the worst part of the Bush heritage? No problem, I've got that covered:

Regards, Mr. Tsun

Liberal: Gives up (your) liberty for (his) temporary security. Conservative: Loves (his) money better than (your) freedom.

The truth about G. W. Bush:

Subject: Who do want as President?
Date: 6/18/99

So you don't like Hairy Bush? Who do like? Gore? Son of a biscuit, I sure hope not. Truthfully, Mrs. Bob Dole should run because Mrs. Bob Dole knows what's good for Mrs. Bob Dole. The whole presidency thing has become an embarrassment to our nation. The president is just a puppet on a string. His staff tells him what to do and he/she does it. And I don't mean "the presidential staff" involved with a bunch of hookahs. Although that staff tells him what to do as well. I think we need a priest / rabbi, a gay general, a professor, a psychotic lunatic, and a homeless bum with various diseases to run this country. Morality, a Spiffy Military Force, Carnal Knowledge, Balance/Symmetry, and a person who knows what our countries less fortunate really need. I really don't know what the HELL I'm saying, but it's fun to write a bunch of barfulamalableness. Blabbidi, blabbidi, blah.


A thousand points of light...............................................................

Subject: Dubya is a Dork
Date: 6/18/99

Just to set the record straight, Dubya is not now, nor ever has been a Texan. Bite your tongue! We don't claim him. Blame him on anyplace he has ever lived, but not on Texas. We didn't ask for him and we don't want him!

The Austin Statesman ran a whole section "puff piece" fronted by a picture of Dubya on his daddy's shoulders. Truth will out! Do you really imagine that Dubya has made an independent decision in his life? Do you imagine that daddy would ever LET him make an independent decision? Now remember the decisions daddy made in office. Wasn't he bad enough for one lifetime? I think he would have been a better president if he hadn't wasted so much time and credibility bailing DUBYA and other son out of savings and loans debacles, oil and gas deals and setting up sweetheart sales like the infamous baseball team that he got for a song and sold for a ransom! These things don't happen by accident, and they won't change. DUBYA has one agenda and only one: to carry on the Bush family tradition of wheeling, dealing, and seeing to it that all benefits of the office work to the benefit of the BUSH FAMILY. Everybody else can go to hell! Big money and big connections can make life real easy for the little prince, but the rest of had better be very careful not to crown him President, unless we are ready for a government of, by and for the exclusive benefit of DUBYA, family and friends. That's a pretty small "ingroup" and an awfully big and eclectic "outgroup". Can we really afford to elect him and THEN figure out where we stand?

Older but Wiser Texan

Subject: something to add to your press links
Date: 6/18/99

I was delighted to discover your site today (thank you, National Review!), but dismayed by a serious omission from your press links. The current (June) issue of The American Spectator contains an expose that is alone worth the cost of a subscription. The entire article has been posted on TAS's website -- see "George's Road to Riches" by Byron York at: (follow the "Click here to read excerpts" link).

Cheers, - Bill

Subject: Gary Graham: Innocent man on death row & GWBush
Date: 6/18/99

Dear friends,

Are you aware of the case of Gary Graham, an innocent man on death row whose last appeals are currently before the U.S. Supreme Court and who, if unsuccessful, would more than likely face execution during mr. Bush's campaign for pres.

I have recently completed a round of interviews for the Interpress Service and Peoples Video Network and could provide information if you would like it for your web site . . .

If Houston were listed as a state, separately, it would rank No. 2 after the state of Texas in the number of executions; the District Attorney John Holmes has a "silver needle collection" with the names of executed inmates on them in a glass case in his office . . .

Bush's Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles may be the only thing between Gary Graham/Shaka Sankofa and execution . . . and they have never once shown an interest in the question of the innocence.

Best, . . . Key, Peoples VIdeo Network


Subject: Great Work
Date: 6/18/99


I love your site!


Subject: Right On!!!!
Date: 6/18/99

BEst site on the Internet!!!! Go For it and NEVER EVER Let them get you down or DEFINITELY Never let them make you take the site down.

Sincerely, Dal

Subject: YES!!!!
Date: 6/18/99

Your page is awesome!

Buy more of these and put up parady sites, it makes the election more interesting. how about, or, or

Have you ever thought of running for president?

High Five from Boston! Sarah

Subject: Bravo
Date: 6/18/99

I think you're awsome! Bravo for standing up to the big guys. This is democracy at work.

-Vito Boston, MA

Subject: nothing, really
Date: 6/18/99

Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on your site, and on forcing Bush to reveal his true feelings (scary stuff, that). -Jean


"You look like a god sitting there, Why don't you try writing something?" -James Tate

Subject: GWBUSH
Date: 6/18/99


gee, so GW Bush got elected governor of Texas mostly because of his name and partied in college. Wow, he almost sounds like a Kennedy!

Subject: Keep up the good work!!!
Date: 6/18/99

Wishing you well in your fight against GeorgeW!

Garret Pearse

Dublin, Ireland

Subject: Read about your site on the Boston Globe's Website today.
Date: 6/18/99

Nicely done. Bush should lighten up.


Steve Seremeth Salem, MA

Subject: your site sucks man
Date: 6/18/99

Hey Man,

This isn't parody--this blows. I read the article in today's Globe and while Bush sounds like an idiot, your web site makes you look like a bigger one. Your 15 minutes are up man, I hope your $250.00/month bill is worth it. And while your at it, the allgore site you call out crosses all bounds--any hopes you had of looking intelligent were razed when I went linked over there. You do realize that all of those people who are going to visit your site as a result of the Globe article are going to link over to the Gore site and equate you with somebody who shows Tipper near naked and Hillary with a "Pearl Necklace", right? You are stupid.

Subject: Good work, very funny, very needed
Date: 6/18/99

Terrific site. Keep up the good work! Benjamin