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Subject: you suck, just my opinion
Date: 6/19/99

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/19/99

Thank you for adding some truth to public monologue

Subject: Another cool Web site possibility.....
Date: 6/19/99

is I checked and it is available right now. When I heard his name repeated on radio I thought I heard Jar Jar Bush instead of George Walker(?) Bush. What a cool name to have right after the GREAT MOVIE was released. Also makes for a very cool campaign slogan

"Yousa Pleasa Vote for Meesa"

This jarjarbush could go places!!!

What do you think?


Subject: Country Club Draft Dodger
Date: 6/18/99

Is it true that George Jr. wiggled out of military service during the Vietnam War? Can this be true? Actually the rumor is, that no son of former President Bush ever came close to serving during war, but this is all right because they where behind our boys, one hundred percent. So come on out there. Is this just a rumor? What' s the truth? Is George Jr. a stand up patriot, a die for America kind of guy? Or is he a weak sister, panty waisted, yellow bellied little whoosie girl. Enquireing Minds want to know!

Subject: Mrs. Bush
Date: 6/19/99

Why did the wife LIE to the US CUSTOMS in Atlanta? She think she was above the law?

Subject: Keep Up The Good Work
Date: 6/19/99

Hi, Just wanted to say I enjoy your site and think what you are doing is really great. As they say, "Don't let the bastards get you down." Keep up the good work. One thing I was wondering was how can you get in trouble for influencing the outcome of the presidential election/primaries? If that was a problem, then every member of the media would have been guilty. Anyway, good job.

Your supporter, James

Subject: subjects for U website
Date: 6/19/99

I am in Texas and thought you might be interested in what Georgeeboy has done for us.


1. Texas is now the only state in the Union that now allows lawyers to Sue HMO's. Thank you George 2. The Governor said He will sign legislation allowing physicians to UNIONIZE for collective bargaining with Insurance Companies. 3. The State Health Insurance Plan, for those who can't get insurance elsewhere because of a pre-existing conditions, excludes coverage for Pre-existing conditions.

The result

1. Insurance rates have skyrocketed forcing most employers to cancel coverage or make the employees pay more for it. 2. Physicians incomes have taken a dramatic increase. 3. County Hospitals are making plans for rapid expansion at the taxpayers expense 4. 3 out of 4 physicians now have 2 or more homes with personal autos worth in excess of $100,000 in the driveways 5. Georgieeboy has so much money, most from physician & Insurance company lobbyist that he doesn't need federal campaign funding.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/19/99

You Dems are through. Bye Bye!

Subject: You go!
Date: 6/19/99

Keep up the good work! While I don't exactly share your Hugo Black-ish view on freedom, I do firmly support your challenge to Mr. Bush's attempt to silence you.

Knock 'em dead!


-- " Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you." Yoda to Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace

Subject: Shrub?
Date: 6/20/99

I can never tell all of these little bushes apart. Which one got a bail-out from Resolution Trust Corporation? Which one is married to the jewelry smuggler? Which one is the former cocaine user? I think a nice catchy nickname, such as Shrub Bush, is just the thing to help the little fellow establish an identity. Any chance your site could take a first step?

Thank you,


Peekskill, NY

Subject: War on Drugs
Date: 6/20/99

The most pathetic thing about Governor Bush's campaign, is that his attitude reflects a recurring theme in the war on drugs that emphasizes a battle in the ghettos primarily against lower income minorities rather than upper class, educated, white folk like himself. As an African-American college student at an upscale liberal arts institution, I am disgusted by the 'immunity' given to pot-smoking spoiled brats who will surely grow up and vote for conservative republican initiatives. I sometimes feel like being privileged enough to go to college entitles you to a period of youthful mistakes and a growing up that can be altogether disregarded in you 'responsible' adult years. When I compare this to the crackdown that is taking place on people in urban areas, it makes me wonder if this is as great a land as Gov. Bush proclaims. Down with the 'Haters.' NL

I would like this letter posted if possible. Thank you.

Subject: t-shirt idea by me
Date: 6/19/99

an idea I had while reading the letters page: black shirt - front: in white print, in center: "got freedom?" a la 'got milk' commercials back: "" hope you like it -steve

Subject: Slogans
Date: 6/19/99

All the Gorey details Chinagate, Perverts Partner Internet Inventor ...... (come on guys lets get going)

Subject: Jan. 2024: Our long nightmare will be over
Date: 6/20/99

To Whom It May Concern: In January 2024, our long national nightmare, the Clinton Administration, will, at long last, be over. President Bush and Senator Rudy will be sworn in, and the Clintons will be in divorce court, followed by bankruptcy court. Then it is off to the trailer park for President Clinton and Chicago...oops, I mean New York, her home....hahahaha.....for Mrs. Clinton. This administration has been a disgrace. He inherited an economy on the comeback, and the rest is history: gays in military, health care proposal, foreign policy disasters, and, let us not forget, scandal after scandal. Oh, I almost forgot about the impeachment. Enough said. Looking forward to President Bush's first term: America's recovery.