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"I'm doing my time for
youthful indiscretions:
experimenting with pot.
Though the 80s do seem
so long ago!"

Dear Mr. Bush,

     Boy, do I feel your pain. Why are people always dredging up what you did a decade, even two or three decades ago? After all, Henry Hyde and Bob Livingston were still enjoying "youthful indiscretions" at our age! And what about those in congress who "experimented" with drugs? (You and I just abused them!). Hell, the same drugs they "experimented" with, they're mandating 10 and 20, even life sentences for first time, non-violent experimenters-far more than for bank robbery and rape. If (select) drugs are worthy of such irrational sentences, why can't people avoid responsibility for "lesser" offenses, say, "experimenting" with bank robbery, or "experimenting" with rape? Nah, this drug thing they're hanging on you isn't right. Like you say, it's time to "forgive and forget."

     I noticed the press you are getting for being coked up at your Dad's inauguration. Strictly your business I figure. Besides, drinking heavy like you did, a pinch of Peruvian marching powder can really help titrate that buzz. It's like Oreos and milk, isn't it? I've been there. But can I give you some advice? Switch to pot. That disco dust and alcohol can make you mean, while pot mellows you out - you know what I mean. Besides, it makes you a hell of a lot more "compassionate." You ain't itchin' to pull the trigger on every execution that comes across your desk (especially the 14 year olds you pushed to be able to fry)!

     Speaking of forgetting, I've been rotting in federal prison for years now. (The Drug Czar calls it our Drug Gulag -what's with all the Russian?). The only one who hasn't forgotten me is my federal prosecutor. Don't get me wrong, I sort of like Paul (I call him Paul; he calls me scumbag druggie). He's like a pit bull you can't help but grow fond of, even though he'd be a lot happier, I'll bet, if he "experimented" like you and me. Come to think of it, being forgotten isn't all that great. Your wife, your dog, and especially the message it sends to the kids. Forgiving though, that's more in line with the "compassionate" thing you are pushing. I like the "responsibility" thing too.

     I'm doing my time for youthful indiscretion -experimenting with pot (though the 80s do seem so long ago!). My prosecutor (that's Paul) demanded that I "accept responsibility" for my "experimenting" (that's Federal-speak for saying "Yes, boss, whatever you say boss," to charges you can't fight because the government gets to pay (yes, pay) their witnesses handsomely, while you'll get an extra 10 years if you even think of actually going to trial. Besides, prosecutors rarely know, or frankly even care, what the reality was, and the judges have even less power now than a Kulack in front of Joe Stalin.)

     I really think you should "accept responsibility" for the cocaine thing-it goes with the responsibility THING -which allows you to be "forgotten" in the Gulag thing -which after a decade or two, you get the forgiveness thing!

     Yes George (can I call you George?; we're so alike I feel we could be friends) it's time to accept responsibility for your actions, then to forget, then forgive. Just like you say.

      Your novig drook, (that's new friend in Russian)

Kevin, P.O.W. #05689-052

Kevin McHall
Reg. No. 05689-052
P.O. Box 9000
Seagoville, Texas 75159-9000