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Skeleton Closet
Bush Watch Cocaine Feature
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Harry Browne: Libertarian for Prez



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He's buying the presidency with $70 million in corporate cash. Don't let democracy take another step DOWN!

#1: Coke Hypocrisy A man of principle, Bush can't swallow the line of b.s. his advisors are feeding him.
#2: W, victim of social promotion. A New Haven youngster wonders if he can use the same affirmative action program that got Bush in despite his bad grades.
#3: Another draft-dodger prez. A veteran asks, "If he didn't have the courage to serve back then, when did he get the courge to lead?" [News articles on this: 1, 2]

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This mechanism of conditional contributing, which the Web makes convenient, will revolutionize the way political projects are funded. This system makes people more likely to give because they know their contribution will definitely go to make something happen. People want to be a part of something big. Making a contribution alone is a small thing--but this system allows people to be a part of a tangibly huge contribution that can make something wonderful happen.

I see this as one way to cut through political apathy. When I say, "I can raise enough money on the Web to fund an Ad campaign to tell the truth about Bush," the response has been: "That would be great, of course I'd contribute to that if I thought you could actually do it, but not enough other people will give." Using this funding mechanism I can get all the thousands of people who would say that, to put their credit card number where their mouth is. Then I can go back to them all and say, "I found three thousand people like you and I can now fund the campaign." They'll be psyched.

This ad campaign is just the first example of a new form of political organizing that will be very common, very soon.

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