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From: PM
Date: Saturday, June 26, 1999 12:45 PM

Gee Zak,

This little exercise is, no doubt, doing wonders for your ego at the expense of freedom, America and the Bush campaign. Your sophomoric chuckles about "freedom," when, if you had the maturity to pause long enough to think, freedom has always had accepted limitations. Just try putting some of your pictures of little naked children on this website, go to a film and shout "fire" or, better yet, walk down your street "free" of clothes. No one has real freedom and for you to try to make an issue of Bush's comment is irresponsible, arrogant and even selfish. Find something else to do with your spare time. Find something to promote, not destroy. The only thing it looks like you're trying to promote is drug use and you're not really helping, transferring the responsibility for the Tuckers' abuse by the Feds to Gov. Bush.

--Former Democrat

To: PM
Date: Sunday, June 27, 1999 3:21 AM

    I think we come from a similar perspective, actually.  But the thing is: Bush really did mean that freedom of speech should be limited.  I just got the tape recording of the press conference, which includes the whole context of his quote, and it is much worse than I expected.  Not only did he mean that my freedom to do a parody should be limited, but he also took a long time to think about exactly what word he would use.  And then stopped his sentence and didn't elaborate.  It was in repoonse to a reporter asking, "Should this guy's site be taken down?  When is it time to pull the plug?  This guy's talking about cocaine!"  And Bush said, "Ya, there ought to be limits....there ought to be limits to....there ought to be limits to FREEDOM."  And he's backed up his words with deeds, but threatening to sue and then telling me I have to register with the government to have this site.
(never a democrat)

From: PM
Date: Sunday 6/27/99 11:37 AM


Thanks for the update. In that case, screw 'em all. I'm ready to head for somewhere remote where I can pick 'em off from a distance when they try to come get me to vote. That is if I can go before all the fucking guns are collected. That's another thing--I'll bet those people in Kosovo wish they'd had some way to protect themselves. I'm so sick of hearing what the government should do to fix everything. I don't want mas'er decidin' what I can and can't do. I'm glad I'll be gone soon enough not to see it get much worse! Send me back to the 50's; I've decided I would like to live on a ranch and never go into town! Give me liberty or a ticket out of the country (Australia?)