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Subject: Brilliant!
Date: 6/28/99

Kudos on a most excellent site. As an instructor of technical communication courses, I teach my students to critically analyze all data. This includes spotting inconsistencies and contradictions in provided information. Your use of Bush's own quotations and campaign literature is very effective (not to mention just plain hilarious). Keep it up...

Subject: Thank you
Date: 6/28/99

Dear Mr. Exley:

Thank you for your page, it's nice to see someone stand up to the hypocrisy of a moron like Bush.


Sam Lavigne, President Union of People Who Made a Pact to Leave America if George W. Bush is Elected President

Subject: hahahahahah
Date: 6/28/99

Read about you in the paper. Way to go !! This guy has no sense of humor. What is he going to do when SNL starts on him when the campaign really begins. Keep up the good work.

Subject: gwb
Date: 6/28/99

good page, but, really, a polititian admitting drug use is something you should leave to the right wing to get all hot and bothered abt. if you want to attack his early drug use in a constructive way, contrast it with sentances he has approved for current youthful offenders. keep up the good stuff. terry Terry

Subject: Fwd: A battlefield is no place for a child
Date: 6/28/99

If under 21 is too young to buy and own a gun it most certainly is too young to be on a battlefield. A battlefield is no place for a child. Replace these youngsters with knee-jerk congress persons and liberals. Ernest

Subject: gun control
Date: 6/28/99

I have been a Republican all my life but I will not vote for anyone who does not support a law to make parents legally responsible for what happens with their guns. Almost all school shootings occur with guns taken from a relatives home. How many more children are going to be the victims of gun accidents because adults don't have their firearms locked up? How will you solve this problem if you are not for a law to prosecute negligent adults? Sincerely,


Subject: Hey I'm in SLC utah and am interested in joining any
Date: 6/28/99

Amnesty 2024 rallies.

Let me know dammit.


Subject: Keep Shrub On His Toes!!!
Date: 6/28/99

This website is priceless!!! I am sitting here in my office laughing my head off. How tragic that the Shrub is soooooo thin-skinned. My God the websites that have Clinton as a target (many of them accusing him of treason, drug trafficking and murder). Imagine if he got all bent out of shape about them!!!

Please, please, please keep up all the good work and humor. And please keep us apprised of any and all shenanigans by Gee Dubya. I think he might be a lot of fun. (You may be able to give that goober Drudge a run for the internet money.

This is the funniest thing I've seen all day.



Subject: the shrub and freedom
Date: 6/28/99

for some reason, i am unable to read the letters from other contributors. maybe i ckd or failed to ck something when i subscribed. anyway, i love your response to all the accusations/complaints. i have survived life in texas under shrub's "leadership" and will do all that i can to work against his election. as an individual who is gay, i can testify to the fact that shrub is not a person who values diversity. now we all know that he is also not a person who values individual freedom. i can hardly wait to receive my t-shirt and will wear it proudly to work at this (ut-austin) bastion of good-'ol-boy bureaucracy. keep writing, zack. pat


Subject: rich boys site
Date: 6/28/99

The site was forwarded to me today. Great Work!!! What a bunch of stuffed shirts that his press and legal people can't see that this PARODY.

Their boy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and has only got more spoiled since then. Grow up--this is politics. Hardball. If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. I can keep going with the cliches but you get my drift.

We thought Dan Quayle was an easy target. (The lights are on but nobody is home) georgewbush--is even an easier target. He has a wonderful history of 'youthful indiscretions" (its ok for him by skewer President Clinton)

Thanks for the site. I will make it a regular habit to stop by and be entertained...aah I mean enlightened.


Subject: freedom?
Date: 6/28/99

I read about your site in an e-mail from "This is True" and just *had* to check it out. When I read about what was going on between you and the FEC, I was quite suprised. Anyone with a computer and internet access can create a website and their website can contain any information they choose. I understood perfectly clear when reading your site that what I saw was your opinion, thus being fact for you. And I don't see how one 'average joe' citizen's opinion (no offense intended to you) could "maliciously damage a person's reputation." (definition of libel in The American Heritate Dicationary, 3rd Edition,copywright 1994). You've said that it is your opinion that Bush has done illegal drugs and also that you personally have no proof; that your opinion is based on what Bush and his spokespersons have already said, or not denied. That is enough to base one's hard opinion on. I think Bush has done drugs,too; and I also think that by his adamant attitude on not discussing the issue, he is making it more interesting to the press and making it appear as though he is hiding something.... and this country is full of curiosity. Doesn't he realize that we just had an impeachment trial over, initially, something that happened in our so-called leader's personal life? So, hell yes, we are interested in the character of future leaders, and character is built over a life time, not just in the most recent years.

And you are right when you said that the committee is the one that publicized your site. We have a right to freedom of speech here, or at least we did in the original constitution, before it was re-'interpreted' to protect the rich, hypocritical political 'leaders' of the US. So, you keep your site, and your opinions and voice them often. If the committee is worried about your influencing the outcome of a presidential election, then that just proves that they think we are stupid and gullable and can't form an opinion on our own.

Next thing you know, they will revoke our right to vote...that might imply that we think badly of the candidates we didn't vote for.

Ok, I guess I've slammed the government enough today. Keep on keepin' on.


Subject: A Cat will win the a landslide!
Date: 6/28/99


Loved your site.

I came across an interesting web page. It seems a real iconoclastic Cat is running for President. After reading the platform of Gramalkyn Katchamouskie, and ROFLMAO at his humor, I think he has a good chance.....considering the opposition.

Hang tough and don't let old GWB limit your freedom.



Subject: interesting
Date: 6/28/99

Could it be that "The Father of the Internet" put you up to this???

Its about as logical as a liberal can do with your typical A B D logic.

I love it when liberals try to be smart.

Subject: shurb bush!!
Date: 6/29/99

Hello from Fort Worth..very good how about this WD40 Bush..very slick!! Robert and Anna Barrett

Subject: WHAT?
Date: 6/29/99


Subject: Great Web Site
Date: 6/29/99

As a native Texan I am proud to say...Awesome site!!! Shrub (A.K.A. George W. Bush) is quite an embarrassment to all Texans. Thanks again.

Subject: Wonderful!
Date: 6/29/99

I love your site. Wish I had thought of it. I'm putting a link to your site everywhere I go.

Thanks for a fun morning. I'll be dropping by for updates.

Of course, my favorite is Amnesty 2024. I wish you had a T-shirt for that.

Subject: shame on you
Date: 6/29/99

Shame on you. If you want to express your view, why dont you do it in a staight forward way. Personally, I dont support Mr. Bush, nor his policy. I hope Mr. Gore will win the election but not the help of the coward who can't come up with his real website. You are the good example of freedom without responsibility. It's a shame for us, the liberal , to have you as a memeber.

Date: 6/29/99

Your website stinks big time!!!! I like George Bush and his father and always will. I voted for his father and I will vote for his son for President. It's time to put RESPECT back in the White House and even though Al Gore, in my opinion, is better than Clinton, he still can't come close to Bush.

Why don't you concentrate your efforts instead on Clinton since you're such a big lover of the Democratic party? Your web site would have tons of pages for sure!!!! You need to look for another part time job; what do you do full-time anyway, work for the waste management company? You're going to be out of a job soon, GEORGE BUSH, JR. WILL BE PRESIDENT. Your web site is disgusting and a total waste of time. Anyone who enjoys it is a loser.

Subject: Good Luck
Date: 6/30/99

While you assertions of former drug use are hard to substantiate, in my opinion, you do seem to have sufficient creditable evidence to validate your opinion is in fact true.

Irregardless I support your right to your opinion and your right to state it publically. It will only further prove that there really is no freedom left in America if others are successful in silencing you.

Our political process is already destroyed, now so-called Constitutional Rights are now rapidly being undermined. -Dean, Lansing, New York

Subject: Good work!
Date: 6/30/99

Zack, I heartily support your work in puncturing this windbag. I'm wondering if the press will ever (get the chance to) ask him any difficult questions (like where do the Grecians live?). If they do, who's next? Pat Buchanan? Orren Hatch? G-d help us all. Good luck, Ed

Subject: Right On, Zack!
Date: 6/30/99

Your opinion is right on the money regarding Mr. Bush!


Subject: your site
Date: 6/30/99

For what it is worth, I enjoy your sight immensely. While the mainstream media seems to have projected him the winner with 99% or the popular vote, it is refreshing to read detailed accounts of things I have heard rumors of or vague comments about. While his supporters may quibble with a few details, he is obviously a spoiled rich kid who is as insubstantial as his father. Keep it up! In the words of one of his father's deceased colleagues, STRIP THE BARK OFF THE LITTLE BASTARD !!!

Chris, Wheaton, Md.

Subject: Keep It Up!
Date: 6/30/99

Hello, Last May I was stopped, interrogated, and searched on I-40 outside of Memphis. Since that time I have been researching civil forfeiture, police abuse, and the continuing dismantling of the Constitution. Thanks for your efforts to publicize the destruction of our freedom. I am afraid it is only a matter of time before the policies of the former Soviet Union will appear to be "liberal" compared to those of our own government.

Jim Clinton, Maine

Subject: Your right to Parody!
Date: 6/30/99

I enjoyed your site--although I was expecting a lot more material, considering how much attention you have garnered. The funniest thing on the whole site was the letter from Ginsburg, who deftly avoided any contention of the real issue, which is your right to parody.

I am not a lawyer, and am not in any way qualified to give legal advice--But I am a songwriter and I used to do an act that was mostly parody material--I was surprised and delighted to find, on investigation, that out rights to mock, deride, and parody through the alteration of existing copyrighted material are firmly established, and there are a variety of insightful judicial rulings, some of which can be accessed on the web.Your parodying doesn't even have to be funny to be protected!(Although it is!)

The thing that always struck me about Big George, and certainly seems to be true of little george, is that he believed that he was entitled to be President--and that sort of sanctimoniousness makes somebody a perfect foil for humor-

If people were confusing your site with the other one, the other one would have gotten at least an equal number of hits--So it is clear that the public have already made up their minds about little george--I hear you've gotten in excess of 6.5 million hits, more than the number of people who vote in the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary combined!

Keep up the good work,


Subject: right on!
Date: 6/30/99

Right on! Don't let George Bush II (once was enough) stifle free speech on the Net.

Subject: woo hoo!
Date: 7/1/99


Not sure if the site or the letters you get are funnier! *snork*


Date: 7/1/99

Dear Sirs,

Please consider using "Riding that train with" as a slogan for the political season. I feel it embodies the high ideals of the candidate.


Subject: Political
Date: 7/1/99

I was a strong supporter of your father during Desert Storm as I was serving in the Marine Corps. at the time. Your father had a platform, you do not. John McCain stands for leadership, what do you stand for? All I see is you "buying" your way to the White House, what's next?

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 7/1/99

Fuck you

Subject: Support
Date: 7/2/99

I support your site and the right to publish it. Anything to combat hypocrisy is good for society.

The page on Amnesty 2024 was the best!


Subject: Bush's "compassionate conservatism" as it relates to kids in Comal County
Date: 7/2/99

One of the first legislative actions Bush took as Governor of Texas was to ease pollution standards for big industry & his campaign contributors. Governor Bush recently signed into law bill #1298, sponsored by Senator Brown which allowed cement batch plants to obtain permits without following air dispersion modeling, which demonstrates potential adverse impacts on a community.

Due to this legislation and consequent signing by Bush into law, the TNRCC (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission) recently granted Ingram Readymix a standard exemption to operate along Texas Highway 46 west of U.S. 281.

The location of this cement plant is within one to two miles of three public schools, a private Christian school and three daycare centers. Three thousand children will be exposed to dust and traffic (seventeen mixers & aggregate haulers per hr.) twice daily as they pass the facility.

In addition, the plant would reside over the Trinity Aquifer in Western Comal County, which has been designated a Priority Water Management Area since 1990. The estimated capacity of Ingram reaches 45,000 gallons of water pumped per day--up to 1200 cubic yards of cement produced daily. Mind boggling when one considers that homeowners are currently on restriction for watering flowers, their lawns & gardens, as well as for washing their vehicles.

All of which leaves an average resident of Comal County pondering the validity of the Governor's claim that he is the future "education" president & one who cares about the environment. Indeed, his "compassinate conservatism" rings hollow for some fighting to preserve the beauty and integrity of their community.

It rings hollow for the city of Bulverde, Texas. It rings hollow for the Comal Independent School District. It rings hollow for the Comal Area League of Women Voters. And it rings hollow for C.L.E.A.N. (Citizens League for Environmental Action Now).

A concerned mother, Nancy

Subject: Not blinded by Bush in TX
Date: 7/2/99

Hey - just a quick note of support from Austin, TX, temporary home of Mini-Me himself.I can't express how grateful I am for someone like you who has the cajonesto tell the truth about this carpetbagging scoundrel. If it weren't for Poppy's rolodex ($$$), the mainstream press wouldv'e crunched this lightweight into pulp long ago. I am odering a Tshirt -let me know hat else I acn do to spread the ggod word

Keep up the great work!!

Pat Austin TX

Subject: sad
Date: 7/2/99

This is sad that our electorial process has deteriorated to unfounded allegations and rumor gossiping. Sadder still is your failure to include your own name on your site. Is it because you are not honest enough to take the heat of your falsehoods. People are fed up with politicians of all ilk..I wonder why. You are helping drive the nails into the coffin of our political system. The question remains, what is the real reason you are doing this?


Subject: please post
Date: 7/2/99

Dear Zack,

Obviously, most of your page is just bad humor. However, I read the "But Seriously" section, and that seemed more like an EXCUSE to post your site to attack Governor W. Bush. Be forewarned, I am NOT a republican! I have no party affiliation so don't reply going "You conservative !" Here's how I feel. I've had friends who got into drugs and their lives were F**KED UP. If you've ever tried drugs seriously or know (pretty well) someone who has, then you'll agree with me. Drugs F**K YOU UP. Drugs are a problem Americans all have to participate in dealing with if we are to try to rid our country of this cancer. In your "But Seriously" section, there was a family who did NOT do their part. Therefore, I don't feel sorry for them at all. In fact, I feel that if they don't care about our country, then they are not true Americans and should get the hell out of here. I'd like to reiterate that I am in no way supporting George W. Bush for president. I simply agree with tough policies on drugs.

Date: 7/2/99

Shame on you.

Jill, Pleasanton, Texas