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Subject: ahh, what a hoot...
Date: 7/2/99

I just got through browsing your main page and the most recent emails, and I must say what a hoot! Being from the SF Bay Area, I haven't heard too much about GW, besides that he does don that old Bush silver spoon. I found the most enjoyment from your arrangement of statements that he has made throughout his career to illustrate his personal dedication to the fat b*st**d r**ublic*n (republican as in party is almost as bad as a cuss word out here) majority. I see zero difference between him and his father. All the more reason to not give this unusual fellow the spot as Commander in Chief...One email stated: (regarding the retaliation you've experienced through the formation and existence of this site) that Clinton spoof web sites are abound, yet we don't hear him complaining about these entertaining and (tongue in cheek) informative sites, do we? Fortunately, for thinking and conscious Americans, GWB won't stand a chance. How could someone that has his a** up on his shoulders so far be at ease enough to run this country into the coming millenium? The future is bound to hold many new and possibly frightening variables, and I personally could not see such a sphincter boy in charge of this very fortunate and great nation...

Subject: GWB
Date: 7/2/99

This is one awesome site, Zack! I just read about this site in the Orlando newspaper (which is completely right wing). The article was full of quotes from Junior himself voicing his displeasure of your internet site. Maybe he's still smoking fatties! I never would've known about this site. They claim you're "poking fun" at George Bush. Like these allegations are a joke meant to bring about a laugh (Even though they did!!). Anyway, Good Luck from Florida and keep sticking it to him. Also, I'm very interested in the FEC's decision. Remember, there's two things that control justice, and neither is justice....MONEY & POLITICS. Your gonna need all the LUCK you can get


Subject: If you don't like it don't read it!
Date: 7/2/99

To whom it may concern, I've read through your site and found it very interesting. It's amazing what a person can do when one puts their mind to it. Free speech is just speech, if people don't like your web site they DO NOT need to read it. It's pretty simple folks you may not agree with his point of view or even like the author of this site but he can still state his opinion!

Each and every one of us is capable of making decision's on what we believe in. So to cut to the point if you read this site and you think it's a load of crap then disregard it. If you like this site then read it and enjoy.

Nice site!

Later, Drew

Subject: So Good!
Date: 7/3/99


Thanks for last night.


Subject: Government for all
Date: 7/3/99

Dear Friends,

This is a good site! The beginning elements of a citizen's democracy taking shape. We Americans have had enough of the privileged shysters, thieves, liars, and hypocrites running for office and, yes believe it or not, ( I'm sure you do) actually being awarded governships and presidencies.

Let's have amnesty for those locked away, or " jail" for those violating laws, and walking freely about, running for presidencies and governships . Why should all the burdens of keeping American Capitalist Democracy alive and viable be shouldered by the unprivileged , while the privileged play by different rules ,often taking credit for bettering or cleaning up the nation, punishing, jailing or removing all the bad guys so that the good guys can have good clean living in a good clean country, reaping more that their share of the rewards, wealth, and privileges . Wake up Americans. What is right for one is right for all. Let us have no more Bushes or any other such people running for and yes being awarded lucrative and prestigious public jobs.


Subject: Keep Up The Good Work!
Date: 7/3/99

Every national candidate deserves a website like this.

Keep up the good work!!

Subject: Prodigious Campaign Fund Raiser!
Date: 7/4/99

Greetings, this isn't funny, however, it would be nice to have a law requiring the disclosure of the amounts of money under $50 a candidate received. I think a reasonable deduction could be made, if the process was truthful, of where the money was coming from, more succinctly Sincerely, Neil

Subject: Family values
Date: 7/4/99

Daddy Bush ran the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency). The Bushlet snorted it. Family values! The media never lets Clinton is a pot-smoking draft-dodging philanderer. The same media never reminds us the Bushlet is, too. We wonder why...

Date: 7/4/99

Latest news ....

GW Bush avoided Vietman by joining the National Guards (a la Dan Quail )!

I don't know ... I rather have a Vietman vet as president ....

Subject: Keep up the good work
Date: 7/4/99

I have long recognized the fascist impact that the drug war has had on our country, but felt somewhat alone in that understanding. The self righteous manner that our law enforcement agents have trampled on our civil rights has been ignored and over looked because of the demonization of the drug user. Only when someone you love gets caught up in the juggernaut, does the reality hit home. Just because I am against the war on drugs, does not mean I am pro drugs. It means I believe in humanizing the approach to solving the problems caused by drug abuse. Repression only drives the problem further underground. That results in one sitting president and one potential future president, who cannot afford to look soft on drugs, because the majority of the people need a scapegoat.

Subject: Illegitimi non carborundum :-)
Date: 7/4/99

Dear Zack,

Please, please "Don't let the b*****ds wear you down"! I read of your site in our local rag, the Orlando "Slantinel" and couldn't wait to get at it. I wasn't disappointed, and hope to see your site grow in direct proportion to Prince George's increasing affliction of foot-in-mouth disease.

It's my misfortune along with millions of other dazed and bewildered denizens to live in Florida, land of Jeb. He and his cronies constitute the first all-Republican government since Reconstruction... and those of us who've studied the subject know what a free-wheeling, fun-loving time that was. Young Jeb -only a few months in office- has already laid the groundwork for an elitist education system in this State by the passage of his school voucher program, wherein we taxpayers will be required to foot the bill for for-profit charter schools, as well as parochial schools (in direct violation of the spirit of the separation of church and state). And there's more to come.

I'm a staunch Democrat, but even I was made a bit uneasy during the days of what appeared to be the beginnings of a dynastic Executive branch during the Kennedy years. But at least the Kennedys had something between their ears besides a dried spider and a paper clip.

Based on his orations thus far, I suspect Prince George will self-destruct in a variety of ways before the Y2K election, but it certainly can't hurt to help the process along by exposure and well-deserved lampoon. That's where you and -hopefully- more people like you do and will provide a public service, to say nothing of a healthy dose of delightful entertainment. Keep it up!

I'd ask for more information about Amnesty 2024, but participation would put me in fear of public villification. After all, it's my district which sent Rep. McCollum (yep, THAT McCullom) to Congress year after interminable year.

Warmest amused regards,


Date: 7/4/99

Great site! I think Bush, as you suggest, is a fraud; someone who never would be in the position he's in now were it not for his father and the oligarchical powers backing them both.

Good luck with your imaginative idea. Martin

Subject: Keep 'em comin'!!
Date: 7/5/99

Bush has tried to bully you off the net. You do what you gotta do. I'll keep checking in at your site and spreading the word.

Good on ya!

BTW, in case you're wondering, I'm a conservative (a real one) :)

Subject: Quote for Independence Day
Date: 7/5/99

A wonderful quote I came across late last night...

"I see in the near future a crisis emerging that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. ... I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless."

--Abraham Lincoln, 1864

Subject: Hmm
Date: 7/5/99

I feel stupid. I didn't understand this site for almost half an hour. I guess it's supposed to be a joke or something. Very funny. Very VERY funny. I nearly giggled.

Subject: go! go! go!
Date: 7/5/99

It is about time we have some honesty in the white house! I'll work for your cause at any time. jay

Subject: Our Freedom and Independence
Date: 7/5/99

Why is it that you, like other politicians before you see no need for Freedom, Independence and Democracy for Texas and Texans? I realize including "democracy" in this question that I envoke the most foulest word that can fall on a politician's ears.

Subject: Freedom of Speech
Date: 7/5/99

Don't you get the idea that GWB is about as two-faced as he can get and can speak out of both sides of his mouth with the best of those other politicians. There is one thing we all ought to get used to -- there is very little difference between any two political candidates; they will all do or say whatever they think will get them elected.

It seems to me that if a web site should register as a political action committee because it might influence the outcome of a presidential election then why don't newspapers, TV stations and networks, preachers, ministers, rabbis, priests, etc, bartenders, prostitutes...

Keep up the good work. I got a good laugh from the web site.

Lance, Orlando, FL