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Subject: Hmmm...
Date: 7/7/99

I find your site disgusting. I am certain that I will not find this email among the amazing number of positive responses you have generated. If these were actual responses, you might include some of real email addresses of the 'authors'. By law you should be required (and by conscience if you have one) to clearly state that this site is not the authentic site.

Very truly yours,


Subject: Great site!
Date: 7/6/99

Great site! I think people are tired of the sordid details of Clinton, but they're also tired of hypocrites like Hyde and this Bush guy. Once Americans link this guy to the hypocrites, he's a goner.

I also think GWB is going to bomb with Generation X. (Been thinking of starting a web site X against W). Why do we need some guy who partied through the 60s (while watching all the political struggles of the time on TV) make us live our lives as he didn't live his?


Subject: Bush is such a baby
Date: 7/6/99

I like your web site, it's a real hoot. Shrub can't take a joke f**k him. I am going to develop my own anti-Bush web site just to help keep the Bush boys busy asking the FEC of help. Also, the Republican candidates have raised over $61 million and the elections are still 16 months away! No wonder the Republicans are refusing to pass campaign finance reform, their making a bundle just acting like the American people are big enough fools to vote for them.

Chris Dallas, TX

Subject: Related?
Date: 7/6/99

Saw your picture in a newspaper article. Are you the son of Chuck Exley, former head of NCR? He is one of the funniest people I've ever known, and even if you're not related, you certainly have his sense of humor.

Subject: Link for you
Date: 7/6/99

Above is the online version of an investigative piece I did in 1992 on the Bush boys including GW. It might be interesting to your visitors since it remains the most comprehensive examination of GW's financial dealings to date.

Cheers Steve

Subject: Support GW Bush, coke dealer, slave trader and pedophile, sounds very presidential doesn't it ?
Date: 7/6/99

LET IT BE KNOWN > Those who support GW BUSH are indirectly contributing to America's slide > into the abyss of Global Control. GW is neither > conservative or liberal, He is a Bohemian and Skull and Bones member > that worships Satan and works for the enslavement of mankind. > Don't believe it ? Ask Cathy O'brien an x-cia mkultra mind control sex > slave. What makes her story seem so unbelievable is that > it's true and the events in her life actually happened. > Visit her web site at or better yet read > her book. > Learn about GW's A Most Dangerous Game and why you would never want to > play it. Maybe the stories of importing cocaine through > army bases in Texas interest you ?, well then get a copy of The > TranceFormation of America. > In the mean time, write GW and ask him why his grandfather, Prescott > Bush robbed Geronimo's grave in 1918 from Ft. Sill Oklahoma > and then removed them to YALE University where they sat in the "TOMB" > for over 50 years. > GROVER

Subject: Read July Harper's!
Date: 7/7/99

I just finished reading an e-mail message sent by the website which was published in Harper's Magazine's July edition. It was absolutely hilarious! The funniest thing about it, I felt, was that there might be some ambitious young conservative num-nuts who actually try to help do some "research" for the website. Everyone should get a copy of Harper's and read this. I'm cutting it out and putting it on my fridge. Nice going, guys.

Subject: A letter re. GW's Iowa effort (to be posted on th' website ifpossible)
Date: 7/6/99

>From all accounts Guv'nuh Bush has emerged from his Balkan Air-war isolation to begin a frenzied canvass of Iowa in a bid to sweep the August 14th G.O.P. straw-poll. This is the all-too familiar strategy advocated by the candidate's unimpressive coterie of advisors and pundits (you know, that pack of eminent thinkers who thought Bill Clinton would end up surrendering to Milosevic) who want a big frightful win NOW in order to force Alexander and some of the other more obscure dingbats out of the race. Bush is still gonna hafta field all kinds of zingers from Pat Buchanan and Senator Bob "Crazy Boy" Smith in the debates but a few deerheads on the wall always helps with the Guv'nuh's intimidation factor. Let's face facts, unless someone has some seriously damaging info on Bush, Junyer is probably gonna end up the nominee. However since GWB IS his father's son, he's got to pick a Vice Presidential candidate who is first and foremost no intellectual or charismatic challenge to the Heir Apparent but who has nonetheless the necessary brutish conservative credentials. This is the sort of hair-raising logic that once foisted Dan Quayle on the public. Which is ironic given the rumors that GWB is in the race because his mother was appalled at the prospect that her husband the ex-President might have to endorse the notoriously dimwitted Dan Quayle. Thus We could end up with the likes of Bruce Willis or Idi Amin as Bush's VP designate. We should linger a bit over the Amin candidacy, He was tought on lawbreakers in Uganda and his long sojourn in Saudi Arabia has given the alleged cannibal-dictator some desperately needed foreign policy polish. Unless I miss my guess the faxes have probably already been flying thick and fast between Austin and Amin's exile palace in Riyadh...

Subject: this is disco kitty
Date: 7/6/99

1st of all i have to give you major points on the whole web site. this is the funniest thing i have seen on the net since i read the really naughty parts of the ken star report. personally i love poking fun at politics and all that and have voted not down party lines but on the person. face it kiddies even if the electoral college votes in the most bible thumping republican, that person will never be able to change any major laws concerning the "big" issues because the country is just too divided to support any major changes to them and the supreme court will strike any thing too one sided down. so i just vote for the better person. on that note i voted for bush for gov. i live in Dallas TX and am a 2nd generation Mexican. why you may ask. well he is a good looking well spoken guy would would attract some attention to Texas if elected. also the TX gov has no real power in government here so i could not see the harm in it. bush is a good bi

Subject: No Subject
Date: 7/6/99

To My Liberal friend who had three invalid points posted on June 22, 1999. Just a note about your "perfect" presidents. The Democrat who sat in office for four terms to "help our country get through the crisis" actually almost turned our country into a dictatorship, and made government so big that it was in everybody's backyard. Although I will admit a Democratic administration had its points (unlike you did for ANY Republican administrations), FDR did do some good things. But faults of his and Kennedy's are NEVER mentioned, even though I know you must know (since you know so much negative information about Republicans). Kennedy was a failure sleazeball. And I am sure you know of FDR's crisis(es). By the way you made up a fictuous president named "Chester Arthur" no such president exists. There were two presidents with parts of those names. James Garfield (assassinated in 1881) and Chester A. Arthur his successor (1881-1885). Please reconsider your liberal positions and statements.

Subject: The skull and bones society.
Date: 7/7/99

You might try doing some research into the "Skull and Bones Society" at Yale. A&E; (the cable channel) even ran a special on it a couple of years ago. Supposedly Chapter 322 of the Order of the Illuminatti, it has been reported that it's members lay down in coffins and cover themselves in feces as part of initiation rites.

As a reference, try Tony Brown's book, "Empower the People".

See ya,


Subject: t-shirts
Date: 7/7/99

Hey, the site is beyond excellent. I love it. I just want to check. Did George Dubya. really say the quote for the t-shirt. Please tell me seriously. Thanks -Jeff-

Subject: good stuff
Date: 7/7/99

Funny stuff...... I heard you were getting more hits than the one he setup is. I totally agree with everything, but unfortunatly the jackass is probably going to be our next president and theres nothing we can do about. Heh, I'm from Texas too... shame on me. It would be nice if he falls off a really deep canyon so we don't have to hear about the dumbass anymore. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep digging up the trash, sure there's plenty more.

Clint ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sig.....

....What sig?? .....Ooooooops. I lost my sig!!! .....Anybody seen my sig????

Subject: 35.5 mil
Date: 7/7/99


A number of questions: 1) is there a way to track where the shrub gets all his record-breaking campaign contributions? He claims he has "many friends". How many of these friends did he make by selling Texas real estate to them to use as nuclear waste dumps and other unspeakable atrocities against intelligent life? 2) Shouldn't we be afraid that "interests" are giving him this much money? He's been bought and sold how many times over? The media makes this sound like it's a good, even admirable thing, like mark McGuire's breaking the home run record. 3) Why is it that the guy with the most money gets to be president? Isn't that beyond inherently corrupt, but altogether apocalyptic? 4) Isn't there anyone else we can elect, like someone from the Green party? 5) Has anyone ever investigated the link between the Bush family's political ascendancy and Wall Street money laundering prior to the WWII, as when Henry Ford, Dupont, and other industrialists were making a fortune financing the arming of the 3rd Reich? Pravda! 6) There's got to be a way to stop this maggot before he sows ruin throughout the world. I don't even want to live in a country that he has defiled. It's been bad enough the last twenty years, but this really will take the cake.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 7/7/99


Subject: Little George Bush
Date: 7/7/99

When your site triggered the Bush organization's efforts to acquire *all* of the Bush-related domains, I thought, "Really? All of them? Hmmm..."

It didn't take long to find one they missed:

I think you'll be amused. . .


Date: 7/7/99


Find me a politician that hasn't been a hypocrite or tried drugs and admitted it or have not admitted it and then I will have some respect for what you are doing. If you wanted your site to be truly informative, you would have included information about the other candidates and their lies and deceits. Your site is totally one sided (which doesn't surprise me). As far as I am concerned, all politicians are corrupted in one way or another. To bad you cannot give us information on how the government spends tax payers money, or how our government has turn into this big, one eyed monster with it's tentacles into everything from the public to the private sector. Now that would be a site worth visiting.

However, being a fellow web developer, I do like the site aesthetically.


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 7/7/99

Gee, cant someone find the news reels (from about a year ago) that show Junior, during his reelection campaign, swearing up and down that he had no intention of running for President of the US, that his whole focus was to help the people of Texas, and if elected for a second term, he would serve the entire term? Guess he smoked way to much pot and doesn't remember his pledge. Reporters need to ask regular citizens to name 3 things he did to to better the state.... guarantee you no one can answer it -I think I remember him on TV a whole 3 times in 4 years ... cant wait to see him is some debates....

Deep in the heart of Texas

Subject: George w. Bush
Date: 7/7/99

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for slandering the name of Mr. Bush.

Subject: Bush Witch Hunt
Date: 7/7/99

Dear Zack, You should do a story about Bush's support for Bob Barr and Strom Thurmond in opposing Wiccan rituals at Fort Hood. Bush manages to get around the First Amendment issue by saying,"I don't believe Wicca is a real religion", and he urges the army to reconsider allowing them to worship. This opens up unique possibilities for the Religious Right to circumvent the First Amendment. If there are any groups that they do not like (Scientologists, Hare Krishnas, Moonies), they can simply say,"We don't believe those groups are REAL religions", and they can automatically deny them the right to have tax exemptions. Incidentally, to refute Bush's claim that Wicca is a not a "real religion", there are Wiccan churches with tax exemptions, there have been court cases which have upheld the rights of Wiccans to worship, and the World Parliament of Religions has accepted Wicca. If you go back to the days of Cotton Mather, you will find that New England ministers believed Witchcraft was a rival religion that was a threat to the "true church." Of course, they would not give civil rights to Witches, nor Quakers either. The point is that what Bush believes is a "real religion" does not matter. What does matter is whether he is willing to support the First Amendment if elected. Suggesting a story, Tom

Subject: free the 2024
Date: 7/8/99

Hey sign me up. As a 40 something with a checkered past I fit right in with George W. You can smoke pot, snort coke, take LSD ( all in the past when I was younger!) and still be prez!


Subject: Hypocrisy of GW
Date: 7/8/99

Hi Zack, I can't wait for people to come forth and expose GW for what he is, a draft dodging politician.

Does he actually believe the story with the Texas Air National Guard would pass close scrutiny. You probably are aware of the website Can't wait for his poll figures to drop like a rock in a lake.

Run John Mc Cain. At the very least he cannot lie about his military record.


Subject: If at first you succeed
Date: 7/8/99

If at first you succeed It's porbably your father's business. If at first you fail and then get bailed out it's probably your fathers friends. If at first you realize you may get your ass shot off in Vietnam it is probably your father's connection that gets you a cush assignment in the Air National Guard that 200 others are in line for but you move to the top of the list over night and then everybody says "What nothing wrong with that!!" Better yet they say "Prove it" At least Clinton had the guts to say "Stuff your stinking war" Of course he didn't have daddy's skirt to hide behind did he. Keep up the good work! Let's grind this idiot down to sawdust by November 2024!!! Vote democratic just to piss of Limbaugh and his stupid ditto heads. I hear he is going to change the name of his show to "Clinton Hate Radio All The Time" "THOSE WHO CAN, DO!!!THOSE WHO CAN'T DO RIGHT WINGED WACKO RADIO SHOWS FROM NEW YORK FROM NOON TO THREE"

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 7/8/99

Hopefully the article("Funeralgate Hits Texas," 8 July 1999) regarding GeeDub's ties to Service Corporation International CEO Bob Waltrip will be available at the Austin Chronicle website soon. Looks like a pretty serious influence-buying scandal. Bush's attempts to avoid depositions might likely raise some eyebrows and questions. A note to VP Gore: you might take into consideration that your campaign chairman, Tony Coelho, is an SCI boardmember, i.e. profiteer of death.

Subject: I would just like to add my support for your site
Date: 7/8/99

I linked here from 'r-tm-ark' site. This is great! I really hope his campaign bombs big-time.