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Date: 7/9/99

Bill, I mean Zack.....

You must be bored sitting at home having nothing better to do with your time than to criticize a true leader rather than your good buddy "Slick Willie". Governor George W. Bush will bring back honor to the nations capital along with "hands on experience" in running a government entity.

What you need to do is get out of bed, brush your teeth, and report to your position at the Democratic National Committee as a shoeshine boy. Oh well, you got the response that you were looking for. I guess that is the only reason this site is here. To get a response and nothing else.

One other thing George W. Bush will win the 2024 presidential race by a LANDSLIDE !!!!!!

See Ya, D.M.

Subject: RE:Parody???
Date: 7/9/99

I stumbled in here while looking for something else, and a little browsing of your site gave me the same feeling I get when I see graffiti on a building or sidewalk or highway underpass; or garbage thrown out along the street; or any other type of vandalism. Parody is broad and easily recognized; you have attempted to beguile and deceive; all the time remaining anonymous. I can imagine you getting quite a laugh out of the unsuspecting souls who think they have found the legitimate web site of Gov. Bush and respond. That is just plain cruel! Are you even a registered voter??? Do you vote and participate (openly) in the local and national political process???

Subject: Exposing the Drug War "Follies"
Date: 7/9/99

Zack-and other concerned citizens: Just had to respond to the "fuck you" letter dated 7-2-99. Nice. It just goes to show the intellenge it takes to form a consenting opinion on the subject. The drug war is a war on american citizens, as your example in the "but seriously" section. It's a great example but there are literally hundreds of thousands of stories just like it all over the country. Interested readers should check out Michael Levine's web site: ( for ammo to launch at the drug-war-hypocrites. Yes, the current tab is ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. That's a thousand billion. A recently declassified CIA report does NOT deny allegations of drug-running. Check out Gary Webb's DARK ALLIANCE. Keep this issue in the forefront. The first causalty in "war" is truth. Let it set us free. I challenge anyone to disprove the statements made by the snub-the-shrub camp. Silence? It's deafening. In response to your critics, such as the meathead I quoted above, I would just like to remind you that the pillar of democracy is DEBATE not HATE. EZ-E.

Subject: website
Date: 7/9/99


Diane, New Hampshire

Subject: I bet yo can't!
Date: 7/10/99

I noticed that your critics aren't voiced on this site, and I really think that is extremely biased! I do hope you realize that to be a successful journalist or mediator, or if your intentions are to accomplish any kind of debate or are thinking of starting a political uproar in the manifestations of an accomplished man as GW BUSH, you're going about it the WRONG WAY!

Try getting YOUR facts in line with what's REALLY GOING ON in AMERICA. Instead of reading and listening to all of those ' liberal and loyal-until ' Clinton fanatics, turn on something more non-judgemental on the tube... something like FOX NEWS or C-SPAN. Listen to the PEOPLE... Listen to the candidates. THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! Liberals depend on the polls and savage media as their basis of 'political knowledge', but you can break away from that habitat, you can start forming legitimate opionions and start questioning others' motives and morals ONLY when you start depending on YOURSELF instead of the government's toadies and appointed speak-freaks!

Subject: hi
Date: 7/10/99

I didn't even know about this website until I read the article in the Valley Advocate. I just wanted to read a little up on G. dubayah...

At least now I get a more rounded picture... Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Jerri

Subject: embarrassed texian
Date: 7/10/99

i can't believe some people are seriously considering voting for this guy, much less giving him money. and you're right, he's been hard on juvenile lawbreakers, and won't admit to doing it himself, which is really hypocritical, altho i don't think kids ought to be allowed to do drugs, it makes you too stupid (maybe i should just point to shrub as an example to my kids of the dangers of drug use).

great site, a juvenile probation officer in west Texas

Subject: I luvit
Date: 7/10/99

Keep up the good fight. Who knows, there may actually be an alternate choice between the Twiddle -Dum and Twiddle-Dee.

Peace and Blessings, L. V.

Subject: lovehate.htm*L* (get a Mac!)
Date: 7/12/99

Yo, that shit about "about average for my social class and upbringing" cracked me up. I think the real issue at hand here, is where would Mr Bush be now were he black and slightly less affluent? Hm.

Subject: genius and irony.
Date: 7/12/99

Heh... if I had the money to do that I would have. GWBush thought he was so slick taking up and but he didn't realize that someone can get a URL that could in fact look like an official site, yet be a parody ( a great parody at that. ). Just want to say that what you're doing rules, and Mr. Bush has no right to try and take you off the web because he has a little complex on privacy.. it's so ironic how government / politicians, want to keep their private lives private, or their freedom free. But when it comes to the average Joe citizen they like to limit us. Oh well, great site you've got there.

Need to contaminate to alleviate this loneliness

Subject: Dubya is more fun than Al
Date: 7/12/99

Hi Zack, I realized this morning that Mr. Gore is actually pretty smart. The reason it's so hard to make fun of him is, he never *says* anything! I listened an interview with him this morning. About all he said was, "I'm against crime...I'm in favor of jobs...I'm in favor of education..." Who could disagree with that?

Just once I'd like to hear a politician say, "If we legalized drugs, the economy of south Florida would collapse". "I'm in favor of crime. It keeps cops and prison construction workers busy."

Or maybe, "The unemployment rate is too low. This makes it hard for companies to hire qualified help."

How about, "I'm afraid that if people were really educated about what the government has been doing to them, they might demand a new one."

Thanks for your site; keep up the good work. (feel free to post)

Jim, Clinton (home of anarchists), Maine

Subject: silverado
Date: 7/12/99

Love the site! When will the press expose this spoiled punk GW for what he really is? I'm esspecially waiting for someone to follow the money trail he left when he stole millions of taxpayer dollars for himself and his buddies in the savings and loan bail-out. Old GW was handing out $$$ to all his little friends thru Silverado Savings and then we got to cover all the bad loans...maybe he can confess to that, pay the money back (out of the millions he's gathered from the people that really own him), and add a little more time to his sentence. Lets hope so. Keep the heat on this punk.

Subject: kudos
Date: 7/13/99

This site rocks. I only wish this could be made into required reading for every hippocritical righteous conservative out there. I will be linking this site to mine and directing everyone I know to it. Keep up the good work.


Subject: I insist that you stop insulting our next president at once. I'm a40
Date: 7/13/99

year old male who was also irresponsible as a child--but, like GW, I became an adult at age 40. From first-hand experience, I know of Mr. Bush's integrity and compassion--he always paid for his drugs, and he was good in bed.

Subject: Great site
Date: 7/14/99

Great site, its hilarious. I found your page after reading Cluess.coms story of GW Bushes life. I almost dropped dead laughing from that one, and when I got to your page, that was the icing. I started laughing so hard I almost got fired. I think its sad how the presidential race has deteriorated so much that someone like this piece of shrubery could be allowed to run. By the way, did you notice how Microsoft took over Do you think they could be behind this campeign just to plug their products? I just don't get the economic strategy of putting a link to a majorly selling product under that kind of URL. Oh well, maybe its just me.

Great job again


Subject: Re: Thank You
Date: 7/14/99

So pessimistic! My sole reason for this purchase is to advertise GWB for who he is so the rank and file who never look into who they're voting for can see him for who he is. I really do not want to endure 8 years of him and would work hard to make sure that we don't have to. There is the problem, of course, that we do not, as yet, have a candidate that we could promote. Gore is not only a bore, he's a nitwit who would sell us all down the river in a blink of Ms. Tipper's eye. He claims to advocate for the environment but his "work record" is beyond pitiful. Liar, liar, pants on fire!!! PLEASE, cahnge your statement and try to encourage people to do something about the election. Giving up is not that easy. What has ever become of Jim Hightower. There's a Texan I could get behind!

Subject: Big Money & gw
Date: 7/14/99

Gw Bush is going to try very hard to buy this election and the establishment press is going to go along with it. The Republicans couldn't win on the issues so they are going to try and take the issues out of the race and make it all about money. If they succeed in alienating the few people who still vote our democracy will have come to an end. George Bush is going to buy the presidency and unless we all stand up and say no it will happen. Here in New Hampshire we will never see him in peoples living rooms or out on the street. We never saw his father. He hid behind ropes and barricades. They said it was for security reasons but we have seen Bill Clinton up here and up close and personal and if he isn't afraid why was George? Your site is great and I hope that GW keeps whining about it so that every one with a computer visits. Wake up people rich republican men are going to take over and heaven help the rest of us if we let them do it.