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Date: 6/26/99

You guys are a bunch of commi bastards - to intentionally sabotage someone like this is a joke! Why don't you guys go hug some more trees, smoke some more dope, have your gay pride rallies, fight for your affirmative action programs and leave good hard working Americans alone. Someday you will know what it is like to be a real American!!! Kevin A

Subject: A little baseball is a dangerous thing
Date: 6/27/99

Before you say, "oh, noe," consider that GWB (not to be confused with, say, GBS) used a metaphor wherein he was "born on second base," but "made it to third on his own." Actually, he's fibbing--he was born in left field. Oops, let's make that RIGHT field.

I have consulted baseball experts in two centers of higher (sic) education; the town tavern, and local American Legion, and they have assured me that the only way a player can ONLY get from second to third UNASSISTED, is by stealing. Yes, STEALING

All other methods involve someone else, who either does the real work, or gets hurt in the process:

(1) Player can move to third on SOMEONE ELSES sacrifice fly. (2) Player can go ahead because of a fielder's choice. ANOTHER guy is the batter. There, but for the grace of Abner Doubleday goes HE, back to the dugout. The other fellow is the one who gets "hurt." (3) Player proceeds to third because somebody ELSE gets a hit. (4) The batter at the plate gets a walk with a runner on first, so the guy on SECOND just gets pushed over to third by his own inertia, "goes with the flow."

So, if you want to do it yourself, you have to STEAL.

Right or wrong???????


John B. Williman

Subject: Long Live Free Speech!
Date: 6/26/99

I just want to say that I have read you website and I have no idea what the big fuss is. It is clear that you are just citizens in this great country of ours and are expressing your right to free speech. I am a conservative right-winged, Rush Limbaugh listening, Christian Coalition supporting, Republican, that will probably end up voting for Georgy Boy. But for crying out loud if this man wants to be President he is going to need to get use to the fact that on any given day only half of the U.S. will agree with what he does, it's what the job is all about. He should have just left you guys alone, but because he made such a stink'n deal about it your website address has not only been posted ALL over the internet but has been discussed on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and every other news service with an N in it.

I just say keep up the good work and I am even going to buy a T-Shirt!


Date: 6/26/99

Gee Zak, This little exercise is, no doubt, doing wonders for your ego at the expense of freedom, America and the Bush campaign. Your sophomoric chuckles about "freedom," when, if you had the maturity to pause long enough to think, freedom has always had accepted limitations. Just try putting some of your pictures of little naked children on this website, go to a film and shout "fire" or, better yet, walk down your street "free" of clothes. No one has real freedom and for you to try to make an issue of Bush's comment is irresponsible, arrogant and even selfish. Find something else to do with your spare time. Find something to promote, not destroy. The only thing it looks like you're trying to promote is drug use and you're not really helping, transferring the responsibility for the Tuckers' abuse by the Feds to Gov. Bush. --Former Democrat

Subject: Re: GWBUSH.COM update
Date: 6/26/99

Great I would watch that series myself. Also, did you read in the paper about Jeb's wife, trying to get into the country with $19,000 worth of clothes without paying a reentry fee. Shame shame. And it also comes out the Jeb is friends with a woman who has pled guilty to evading income taxes, In fact, she was busy raising money for George W at a fund raiser. I guess if you don't pay taxes you have more than enough money to give to the candidate of your choice. They are no different than any other pol. Mary C

Subject: Web site
Date: 6/26/99

Mr. Bush's comments and reactions re your web site proves that he is as intelligent as his father. After reading some of the the newspaper articles about Bush, he has a "loose lip". He would be much better off keeping his mouth shut. The perfect team: Bush as President and Quayle as Vice President.

Subject: good one
Date: 6/26/99

great site Zack!

And what an excellent reply to the FEC by you. I think it's great that you are getting lots of hits and that Bush's campaign staff are stupid enough to create publicity for you. If I owned a capable server in the US i'd give you hosting for free so you wouldn't go over the FEC spending limit.

Keep up the good work and keep fighting! (and you needn't reply to this email because I see that you are getting heaps)


[Brisbane, Australia]

Date: 6/26/99

This is an excellent site. Please keep it up and don't let them intimidate you. Personally, I hope you do influence the election.

Subject: THIS is TRUE for 20 June
Date: 6/26/99

Dispatched this week to 150,000+ readers in 170 countries AND the Video Products Group at Bally Gaming, Inc., in Las Vegas, Nevada, it's...

THIS is TRUE for 20 June 1999 Copyright 1999 by Randy Cassingham

IMPRUDENT: Texas Gov. George W. Bush is miffed that a parody Internet web site is getting more hits than his Presidential Exploratory Committee's official site. Zack Exley, 29, of Somerville, Mass., says his spoof of the governor's campaign site got 6.5 million hits in May. The official site only got 30,000 hits that month. "We're aware of the site, and this guy is just a garbage man," Bush whined at a press conference. "There ought to be limits to freedom," he said. (AP) ...Now there's a campaign slogan people can get behind.

Subject: What's good enough for Bubba is good enough for Bush.
Date: 6/27/99

Way to go! It is absolutely astonishing to me that the Bush campaign would start a pogrom against your site. The right-wing of this country has waged a relentless propaganda blitz against Clinton- since well before his first election- on countless Internet sites, talk-radio, Christian Coalition pamphlets placed in churches, bogus Congressional investigations and newspaper editorials. He's been accused of multiple murders, treason, genocide and the entire decline of Western Civilization. Hell, I'm surprised they haven't pinned the Jon-Benet Ramsey murder on him. For Bush to go after such a subtly satiric site as yours in the face of the unchecked vicious over-kill against Clinton, is another example of the dangerous, hypocritical self-righteousness of much of the current crop of Republicans. Keep it up. God bless you.

Subject: 5/20 PR, Bush Concerns
Date: 6/27/99

Are the comments attributed to G.W. Bush, Jr. in the 5/20/99 press release under Amnesty 2024 on your web page true? Did he actually say he had used cocaine in the past?

If he did say those things, I agree with him that someone's youthful past should not be held against them if they have changed and proven themselves to be a responsible, productive citizen.

My concerns about Governor Bush have to do not with his past, but rather with what seems to be a corporate-oriented republican agenda. The founders of this country made it clear that the number one obligation of government is to preserve the union for future generations. The founders often used the word posterity. Thomas Jefferson, in his inaugural address, spoke of preserving the union for the 10,000th generation.

However, when politicians can only get elected by soliciting corporate funds and providing the necessary favors in return, the goal of preserving the union is severely thwarted. Corporations are a necessary and important part of society. Their primary obligation is to maximize the short-term returns of shareholders. Therefore, corporations cannot regulate themselves, which is in effect what happens when we allow politicians to accept money from corporations--either directly or indirectly through PACs and other means.

For example, if selling a product would be very profitable in the short-term, but might have some negative environmental or public health impacts 50 or so years down the road, the corporation has a very strong incentive to downplay or discount the negative impacts. Therefore, an effective regulatory mechanism is needed to protect and preserve society from corporate short-term interests. This is not possible when regulators are appointed by politicians who used corporate funds to get elected, and are therefore beholden to the corporations.

Of coarse, democrats also use corporate funds to get elected. On balance, though, it seems they would be more effective at preserving the long-term interests of society.

What I would respect most in a politician, republican or democrat, is saying, I will not allow myself to be bribed by corporations anymore. Bribery is a strong term, but if a politician accepts funds and gives preferential treatment in return, is this not bribery? Unfortunately, a politician taking this stand probably could not get elected in today's media-oriented culture.

Therefore, it is up to us, the people, to demand that our politicians stop taking bribes. According to the Constitution, the government's power is derived from the people. When we allow corporate campaign contributions, we abdicate our control of government. So we must act, individually and collectively, by writing, phoning, visiting and emailing our elected representatives and demanding that they take direction only from the people, and not from non-human entities such as corporations.

In spite of media-generated friendly corporate faces and the good intentions of most corporate leaders, the corporation is a human-made entity designed primarily to maximize short-term profits. This short-term focus causes it to often cannibalize the environment that supports it--the Tragedy of the Commons. An effective regulatory structure helps corporations by forcing them to design sustainable products that will be more competitive in the long term, as well as protect the environment upon which they depend. But because of their short-term focus, it would be illogical of us to expect corporations to lobby for environmental preservation activities that hurt short-term profitability. Instead corporations usually say let's delay preservation until we can do it in a cost effective manner. This allows continued exponential growth in the global accumulation of toxic materials in the land, sea and air.

Aside from environmental considerations, there are other social factors at odds with corporate profitability, such as community preservation and sustainable, local production.

In fairness, others, such as unions and wealthy individuals, also buy preferential government treatment. To avoid unfair influence of government by parties with abundant resources, all elections should be 100% publicly funded. This would probably be the single most cost-effective use of our tax dollars. It would greatly reduce or eliminate pork barrel spending and make it much more likely that today's citizens would pay to remediate damage done to the environment and society by our current lifestyles, instead of passing this cost off to our children. It would allow politicians to focus on their primary responsibility--preserving the union for future generations.

Subject: ADV:Might want to save this
Date: 6/27/99

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Subject: Re: Your site is the best thing since The Qualyle Quarterly
Date: 6/27/99

I played around again and found my problem--here it is in case others have it: when I click the letters or "special reader's feature" I get your basic screen with no apparent additions. I have to scroll down to find the letters which I finally tried. Thanks again--maybe the Internet will put a serious dent in if not an end to hypocrisy in politics. JK

Subject: Keep on the good work
Date: 6/27/99

Hi !

Keep on working... You have even hit the press in Israel !


Subject: Your Website
Date: 6/27/99

To whomever made this website, How do you know all of this crap about GW Bush is true? This is a disgusting web site and I hope it is taken off the web! Why don't you creeps pick on Al Gore? It shows that you are just trying to make a bias political statement.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/26/99

I love your website. Bush is not the type of person I want for ANY job let alone president. Its unfortunate that we have so many of his ilk in Washington as it is. I didn't like his father or the muddle he made of the office of president and I certainly don't like his son and his type of governing..."rule of the elite". GWBush thinks like most people with lots of money. Rules were made for the masses and not for him or his kind! So more power to you. I am sure GW will provide you with lots more interesting and factual statements about himself as this race progresses.

Subject: Hypocrite
Date: 6/26/99

Talk of a hypocrite wanting to be President. Keep up the work of informing us all of the truth.

Date: 6/26/99

What a pathetic webpage. How bad is Bush beating Algore in the polls???

Subject: Garbage Men? You should be Proud!!
Date: 6/26/99

Condidering that in most of these United States, Garbage Men get paid more than Teachers, I would take that statement as honor.

Sign, Former Teacher Michelle

Subject: Thank you
Date: 6/26/99

Your web site got some publicity in the local daily, Tallahassee Democrat. Hooray for you! You've given me some smiles today and I'm sending on your URL to several others to enjoy.

Keep the good spoofing going... regardless of what limits there may be or not be according to the word of GWB.

My best,

Ann -- Annannie in Tallahassee, FL

Subject: KING BUSH
Date: 6/26/99



Subject: Your site
Date: 6/26/99

I love it! I am NOT a registered voter, because I think all of these guys are crooks whether they're Democrats or Republicans. Your "expose" of one of them is beautiful. I would be glad to contribute a few dollars toward a site parodying ALGORE if you would like. Keep up the good work.

Date: 6/26/99



Subject: kick ass
Date: 6/26/99

kick their ass dude, america here, wake up.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 6/26/99

I am one wh enjoys fun and paradoy and jokes at the cost of politicans or any public figure that deserves to be satirized. But your website is just plainc cruel and offesnsive.

Subject: Enclosed is a letter to be posted on your website
Date: 6/26/99

Kathleen Ann Soliah, sole surviving member of the Seventies Guerilla-Rock act the Symbionese Liberation Army was captured in Saint Paul Minnesota last week. Kathy had somehow been making a living as an actress in community theater all these years. But a cunning turn as Cordelia in King Lear aside, bombing police cruisers in California will still bring the law down on you. Per revised criminal statutes in the thousand Lake State, she's to stripped, dusted with confectioners sugar, and ceremoniously fed to the incumbent Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Strange times are afoot in the blessed plot that once nourished Hubert Humphrey, the steroid addled biped that bestrideth that state is probably mulling a fourth party bid for the White House in the year 2024. Ventura insists he isn't interested, but the promises of a professional grapplers are notoriously unreliable things. Jesse's chief obstacle is money but the opportunity to wrest the Reform Partei from the sweaty grip of wealthy wackjob Ross Perot has to be a precious and lovely thing indeed. On the other hand Pat Buchanan keeps issuing frenzied denials that he is thinking about running for the Reform Partei Nomination. Which means in the clouded rhetoric of today's politics that he is actively considering just such a move. Perot's handmade partei has a 12 million dollar campaign kitty in federal funds and Ventura/ Buchanan have to be writhing with glee at the thought of how much damage they could inflict with a budget like that. Of course there is the little matter of getting past another pesky Texan, Ross Perot, who will undoubtably indulge all kinds of bad craziness to prevent anyone from seizing control of HIS personal platform. Normally the thought of getting down and dirty with a polemicist of noted potency like Jesse Ventura or Pat Buchanan would unhinge the wits of even the most sanguine aspirant. But with the current debate over his candidacy confined to resolving whether he is a Godly Man or a Manly God, The Prince of Austin can afford a certain smug complacency. But then we can expect no less from a man with the lonely courage to tell Iowa farmers that he supports the ethanol subsidy-a fuel substitute made from corn waste. I think the Guv'ner's supporters ought to drive home his iconoclasm by trailing him at every whistlestop chanting corn-waste! corn-waste! He's sure to appreciate it. However the Bushling, had best remember one thing, any kind of a credible Reform Party candidacy be it Ventura, Buchanan or Perot, spells big trouble for the G.O.P. nominee. RP voters are usually disaffected Republicans and a three or even four way race strongly favors the Democrats.

Subject: Abuse of Free Speech
Date: 6/26/99

While I support free speech and all Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to the maximum (on which behalf I have shed blood), I believe that every right has a corresponding responsibility. You have stepped over the line and have abused that right. Your attempts to satirize and divert the 2024 campaign from the real issues to influence its results will probably make your patrons (at least politically), the Klinton/Gore administration, very proud of you. It is in keeping with the "shifting of guilt" which has become a trademark of their administration when the truth is closing in.

Although you have not done anything illegal (yet) that I can see, keep in mind that the eyes of (not only) Texas, but also the entire country "are upon you". I am bookmarking your site so I can visit frequently to see what you are up to. Being retired, I have considerable time to devote to projects such as that and participate in efforts to politically influence the action.

Chuck "US Army, Retired ... and still serving proudly"

Subject: Att: Zach Exley, B.P.E.
Date: 6/27/99

Spent a rainy Saturday re-reading all the email. May I suggest that access to the letters be made the focal point of your endeavors. This morning I read again Celeste Harrison Whitlow`s letter for the umpteenth time and marvel how she handled the subject so well. As I do from habit with pieces of merit, I started to traansfer her letter to paper file for distibution to friends, mostly seniors who do not have access to a computer and internet. What I got was two pages , single column of words..For such a good piece this must be corrected even if we have to buy them from Ms.Whitlow. The candidate who can demonstrate his concern for women would capture the votes of all females past puberty. I wonder if Steve Forbes, with a wife and five daughters has ever had to perform and how he did at the check out counter. Go, Celeste, I am glad to be on the same team. Zach, the Bushmaster is a very pooisonous snake of South and Central America. Like dthe killer bee they come through Texas. As of this AM Bushmaster Plus and Master Bushmaster are two domains available if someone wants to have a little fun for the next seventeen months at the expense of the Connecticut Yankees at Sam Houston`s Court. As Judge Roy Bean would have said, "Hang`em High". Go get`em Tiger! Lonnie

Subject: this site / freedom
Date: 6/27/99

he's a whining wuss just like his father and if ever elected he would make just as good a president.