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Subject: awesome.
Date: 6/23/99

I'm sure you get plenty of e-mails per day, and I wouldn't wan't to increase your traffic above your 250$ cap,

but I have to say, after reading the site, and listing to the real media episode- I am impressed.

I was not aware of gwb's past.

if anything you opened my eyes about his past, and I'll be anxious to see what the outcome of this ordeal is.

good luck!

Dr Aubrey ...

Subject: Pictures of George W. Bush
Date: 6/23/99

Can you send me an ugly picture of Bush. thanks -- Michael

Subject: Great site!!!
Date: 6/23/99

Great site you've got here Zack. I hope you're able to keep up the good work. In Minnesota the average sentence for killing someone is only 8 years, and there are people doing life for selling drugs. I guess it's a matter of priorities. Erik

Subject: The REAL Bush site
Date: 6/23/99

No wonder he is mad! I just went to the official GEORGEWBUSH.COM site and his site is super funny. He's mad that you are trying to get in on his funny business. His is funnier. Here are a few examples;

1. According to your site, he is a hypocrite - according to his, he is The Messiah. 2. Your site lets us know that it will be funny - his subtly pretends to be serious. 3. Your site expects us to laugh at actual facts - his lures you into his masturbatory fantasies about a dubaya Presidency. 4. Your site was developed knowing he won't "do what's right" - his pretends that he will. 5. Your site shows that he isn't qualified - his pretends that he is.

I'll be back once in a while to get some laughs from your site, but I plan to visit his regularly for some real laughs.

Subject: RE: Thank You
Date: 6/23/99

My only concern is that wearing it may backfire, since people who see gwbush may not realize it's a joke. I don't want people to take it as an endorsement. (Let's face it -- some of the people who support him may not be the most discerning individuals around.)



Subject: George W. stole the term "Compassionate Conservative"
Date: 6/23/99

Love the site. Keep it up!

Maybe you've heard this already, but GW stole the term "Compassionate Conservative" from a San Francisco Right-Wing Jock named Mike Savage.


Regards, Jeff

Subject: Keep up the good work. Free speech is untouchable!!!!
Date: 6/23/99

Subject: Keep up the Good Work
Date: 6/23/99

Zack- I cannot remember laughing as much reading any other web site. You are not only talented at parody and satire but are doing a public service by exposing the hypocracy of the Bush family (let's not forget Iran-Contra and Silverado) - youthful indiscretions indeed. I even wrote a letter chiding the other less mature Bush web site for the bad taste, intolerance, and frightening political attitudes. Keep up the good work

Jack Baldwin

Subject: Bush Consultant Karl Rove
Date: 6/23/99

George Bush says he is a friend of minorities. However, his key political consultant, Karl Rove played the race card in his most recent campaign, which involved the use of racial stereotyping in direct mail during the state GOP primary race in Illinois when he was employed by Senator Peter Fitzgerald. Senator Fitzgerald has maintained a financial tie to a bank that pleaded guilty to laundering drug money (in Operation Casablanca) and Senator Fitzgerald may have derived a profit from his heavy ties to the Bank of Montreal and Grupo Financiero Bancomer. The Bush-Fitzgerald connection is worth exploring, especially since the money laundering guilty plea has completely discredited Mr. Fitzgerald in the state of Illinois.

An Illinois citizen

Subject: Damm good site
Date: 6/23/99

Keep up the good work-Mark

Subject: bush-it
Date: 6/23/99

Great site. Not only has Bush side stepped the Rockefeller Drug laws due to his connections, but so did Senator Shelby's son, who was caught with over 50 grams of cocaine returning from England. He got probation. Unbelievable. And to the person who wrote that drugs kill, you're right....Pharmaceutical drugs definitely killed over 480,000 people last year (according to Death and Mortality news) and that does not include all the children killed by vaccines! So let's not talk about how dangerous marijuana is, since, according to medical experts it is NOT addictive, nor does it kill anyone. Down with these draconian drug laws. Was nothing learned from the Prohibition and McCarthy era? Why are we making criminal out of non-violent drug users? We don't put alcoholics in prison. Arizona's citizens have got it right, they have overturned the drug laws and now send non-violent users to REHAB! What a novel idea!

One who plans to vote for Bradley.

Subject: Web Site
Date: 6/25/99

Boring and mean spirited - some letter writers to your site are easily amused, others are clearly downright dangerous - thanks for encouraging them!


Subject: sign me up for rally
Date: 6/25/99

Would you please let me know of others in the Albany NY area who would join an Amnesty 2024 rally? I'd like to get involved. Thanks!


Subject: Fw: please post
Date: 6/25/99

Thanks for having the courage to create this awesome site. GWB has always given me the willies. As the scion of an effete, New England WASP family AND the product of a Texas man's man environment, GWB suffers clearly suffers from double repression, as evidenced in his authoritarian, pinched, awkward manner. But far worse, of course, are his provincial ideas and destructive policies. Guns, death penalty, prisons-for-profit, limits on reproductive rights for women, Christian conservatism, the death of public education, public programs and affirmative action -- these are but a few of the terrors that await us if this man is to be elected. This self-righteous, moralistic man need look no further than his own father for lessons in duplicity: Reagan and Bush sr. were never interrogated or indicted for Iran-Contra crimes, despite evidence of their complicity; they were explicitly named by Oliver North, Cap Weinberger and Elliot Abrams. The press never pursued Bush sr.'s longterm, extra-marital affair, either. This affair was common knowledge among Washington insiders. The Bush circle's cloak of privilege is a lesson to us all in how politics and power succeed in American society.

Subject: What a joke!
Date: 6/25/99

Another one of Clinton's sheep. The blind leading the blind.

Subject: Comment
Date: 6/25/99

Heard your website mentioned on last night's edition of NPR's, "Beyond Computers" show.

My question is why would anyone vote for this guy when basically he is running on his daddy's notoriety and got where he is basically by being born to this particular family. The media is pushing this person on the public and I frankly don't see the appeal. Any comments?



Subject: right on.
Date: 6/25/99

keep it up man. The bush people have bought up dozens of mirror sites to try to quash internet debate about this election. You are telling them to stick it up their ass. Your work is very much appriciated by thoose of us here in Fla. keep it real

Subject: Bush 2024
Date: 6/24/99

All you are doing is wasting your time and money by trying to trash George W. Bush. Your fans are brain dead moronic imbeciles who use made up "facts" to try to persuade others. To all you slimy liberals: you have 17 months to find your rock to hide under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Keep up the good work
Date: 6/24/99

Political satire has been part of America since Franklin's "The Sale of the Hessians". GWB can't expect it to become illegal now.

I'm glad to see that you aren't letting the lawyers intimidate you. Keep up the good work, I'll be checking back from time to time.

Subject: Thanks
Date: 6/24/99

Dear Mr. Exley:

Your web site makes me proud to be an American. If pretensious fops like George W. Bush are going to run for our nation's highest office, they should be subject to the most intense scrutiny. I applaud your efforts. I also laughed very hard. I would say you are now in the league of those Frenchmen who pied Bill Gates. p.s. have you ever read A Fan's Notes by Fred Exley?

Subject: Great Job!
Date: 6/24/99

Keep up the great work! I believe your site has helped expose G.W. Bush for what he really is - a megalomaniac who would do a lot of damage to this country.

Thanks again! Adam, Seattle, Washington

Subject: drug conspiracy & statute of limitations
Date: 6/24/99

I believe there's NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON CONSPIRACY to obtain drugs and GW is subject to arrest. It would just take a citizen to make a "citizens arrest" on him for his criminal acts. Someone with big kahunnas. That's why he won't talk about his past crimes. He's afraid of getting busted (right). He fills his Texas prisons with people for using drugs but he skates FREE. His oldman Bush Sr. flooded the innercities with CRACK and Bush Jr. packed his nose full of COKE powder but a poor person of color gets 10 years mandatory in one of Jr's hellholes in Texas. I hope & pray the press does their JOB and exposes the truth on this phony (expletive). Just what we need; another NAZI in the Whitehouse.