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Subject: Bush
Date: 8/20/99

I hope you understand that even if you take down Bush, it's not going to give support to Gore. Even if Bush, say, leaves the race, then there's still Steve Forbes, John Mccain and Elizabeth Dole. I don't think Bush is the best canidate, that honor goes to John Mccain, but he's much better than the hypocrite (he said anyone who lies in the government should be fired), liar (he really said he invented the internet!), and total bore named Al Gore!

Subject: good work
Date: 8/20/99

Excellent site, keep up the good work.

Subject: You, a socialist?
Date: 8/20/99

I am curious about your detractors; I read the "nay" emails first, and they paint you as a communist/socialist liberal anti-gun abortionist. Is any of this true? I am quite conservative, especially when it comes to conserving my liberty, so I applaud your web site and send you my best wishes for your survival. G.W. Bush is as socialist as a Republican can be, in all the worst ways. I was very concerned about the G.W. Bush steamroller that seemed to be unimpeded on its way to the Republican nomination. I hope this little episode creates a shadow of doubt in people's minds so they actually consider others who are in the race. Again, I wish you well.


Subject: S&L; bailout funds campaign?
Date: 8/20/99

I heard GW Bush profited bigtime from the S&L; bailout, which is costing the American taxpayer close to 1/2 trillion dollars! Does anyone have more details on that? Thanks for your website. I signed the petition and have encouraged others to sign it for free speech. Ken

Subject: What a FARCE
Date: 8/20/99

George W. Bush is a disgrace to the nation & his father. The ego factor for this guy is off the scale. It is ludicrous for George W. Bush even to consider running for another government office again. He has lost the support of the media and countless voters. I know for sure I am not voting for him and I will encourage others not to vote for him either. If by chance he does win (by ballot stuffing or payoffs) I will move to Mexico for the next 4-8 years while the United States is ripped to shreds by a political novice. I could do a better job in politics then that amateur. He dodges questions like they were tomatoes being thrown at a bad actor. I wish Bob Dole was running, he'd be the winner. There are many other things I could say but they would get me in trouble, so I will just say "DON'T VOTE FOR GEORGE W. BUSH, IT WOULDN'T BE PRUDENT!!!"

Subject: amazing
Date: 8/20/99

Subject: Compassionate Conservatism
Date: 8/20/99

I would like to express my disgust towards this liberal commie socialist hippie-lovin web page. I am so sick and tired of turning on Dan Rather every night and seeing that pot smokin, sex addict corrupting my children. I can't even let my son watch the evening news!! When I heard Mr. Bush talk about Compassionate Conservatism, I thought to myself, it was about time someone was proud to say they were a conservative. Adding the positive connotation, compassion, to conservative was like hearing a song that you liked but got sick of but then hearing it again, you remember why you liked it so much. This is why your web site abhors me so. You want to throw conservatism right back in the toilette. Proof again that taking God out of our schools is a detriment to our children, abortion is wrong, and taxes are too high. What are you, Hitler or someone like that. Please don't e-mail me back because the three hours it took me to find this site, read the disgusting articles, and have my son show me how to send an e-mail, is all the time I have for freaks like yourself.

Cindy, Proud housewife

Subject: Teenagers
Date: 8/20/99

Dear Governor Bush:

I have voted for the Republican candidate for President, as well as all other offices, since I turned 21 ... and beginning with Senator Barry Goldwater.

I think it is disgusting we have such a nothing of a man...bill our President. How can we impress on our children the importance of following the law of our land when we have such a low life in the highest office in the World?

Now lets look at you. I have a great deal of respect for you Father. I understand you are a good man, but...if you used drugs as a young person, how can we impress on our children how harmful drugs, and breaking the laws of our land, can be?

I am afraid I will have a hard time supporting you unless you can come forward and explain to us what drugs you were using and what the circumstances were. How can I get across to my teenage son and 20 year old daughter that using drugs is wrong if my candidate is a former user?

Gene, Fairhope, Alabama

Subject: beating the bush
Date: 8/20/99

good job .... God i love freedom of speech .. keep up the good work

Date: 8/20/99

Yea...right...good...Kill all hypocrits...

Subject: Not yet
Date: 8/21/99

Just a few weeks ago, I was resigned to the prospect of another Bush in the White House. Over the last week, however, between the drug thing, his almost Clintonesque replies and this (and similar) web sites, I'm starting to think that this thing may not be over yet.

It's early-- the snow hasn't even fallen in New Hampshire yet. Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, don't give up just yet.

-Ron, Cleveland.

Subject: Good Work, Zack
Date: 8/21/99

Dear Zack- I just read the article about you and your site in the San Jose Weekly Metro: and want to compliment you on the conniptions that you have given to georgedubyuh's handlers. I understand your focus on the drugs and the hypocrisy there but don't think any chinks will appear that part of the armor. I'm sure he didn't buy it himself and none of the Skull'n'Boners would ever come forward to verify the fact. Rolling Stone had a great article on the other facet of his charmed financial and political life that makes Hillary's success in the commodities trades look like chicken feed. I don't know if your focus will start to encompass the whole Bush clan and it's charmed life but can only hope. Perhaps the unwitting right will stumble on these revelations and pass on the coronation of George II. Watching them tussle in the "big tent" would be a lot of fun. Dale PS Keep fighting the good fight for the poor (and unfairly) incarcerated.

Subject: Drugs
Date: 8/21/99

drugs, shmugs, let's kick some butt

Subject: Keep it up.
Date: 8/21/99

Great site. Don't let Bush's RNC hack lawyers intimidate you with their crap. Here's the reply I would like to have sent them (feel free to plaigarize if the need arises):

Dear Mr. Ginsberg,

Thank you ever so much for your letter/ranting dated April 14, 1999. My response can be summed up in one word: "parody." Let's spell that together, shall we? P-A-R-O-D-Y. Should the legal significance of this word be lost on you, I would recommend you study Hustler v. Falwell, and the opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in that case (Hustler v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988))..

Since my PARODY is protected by the First Amendment and since you are intentionally using your status as an attorney at law to attempt to intimidate and harass a fellow citizen in the lawful exercise of a basic constitutional right and since your are asserting legal claims you know or should know are groundless, further threats received from you will be forwarded to the D.C. Bar, together with my complaint for your breach of its canon of ethics. See, e.g., D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct Nos. 3.1 and 4.1.

Sincerely, Your Name Here

P.S. At least we now know where your client stands on ONE issue: Freedom of expression is a core value of this nation, as long as it's not used by people he disagrees with.

Subject: Greetings from the Free World
Date: 8/21/99

Hallo Zack,

It is refreshing and inspiring to see an American web site devoted to cutting through the political hype and media brain washing so prevalent in the US with the razor edge of satire. My heartiest congratulations.

Please know that there are many in Europe who dread the idea of Bush becoming President. I cannot vote in your elections but I can encourage you to continue to expose this murderously ambitious presidential candidate to needle sharp public scrutiny. Please continue.

Bush doesn't just threaten you and your country's freedoms, he threatens all who believe in free speech, the right to life, liberty and justice for all. And America does not, and has never had, a monopoly on those beliefs.

Our government tends to snuggle up to the US government, particularly on matters of foreign policy. And even our politicians are not entirely free of graft, corruption, hypocrisy and meglomania. But at least if they get out of hand we are free to laugh them out of office. I wouldn't like our people picking up any more nasty habits than they already have, by associating with the likes of Bush. He could be fatally contagious.

Why am I bothering to commend your efforts to disinfect your politics? Many of my dearest friends are US citizens. Many of them have suffered because of, or are under threat of far worse from, 'he-who-speaks-with-forked-tongue Bush.

Now, what would be an appropriately American style word of encouragement for efforts?

Oh yes.

Please go right ahead Zack and on behalf of all of us, nail Bush's hide to the barn door.

Thank you and good luck.


Date: 8/21/99

I can't quite understand the governments correlation between fighting crime and the war on drugs. I would think that some sort of legalization of drugs would reduce crime much more effectively. It's usually not so much the drugs themselves as their illegality that creates crime.

I understand that even a limited legalization of drugs would be complex and costly at first. Perhaps it would take a non-profit / non-governmental organization placed in charge of manufacturing and distributing certain drugs that are now illegal. They might be manufactured by pharmaceuticals who would have to sell them at a very low price over cost. I'm sure in that in volume sales alone drug companies would make out well enough to consider such a proposal.

However, if it could be done, it would be a major economic blow to organized crime and drug cartels. This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike them while they're down, limiting their influence in other areas as well.

Money that flows into the underground economy would stay above board. People who need drugs would not need to spend upwards of hundreds of dollars a day on them. This money instead would flow into the regular economy with billions of dollars creating a more stable economy. Both of these things could help reduce street crime, prostitution, etc.

More police would be available to pursue more important crimes. Emptied jails provided by a drug amnesty would keep dangerous criminals behind bars, not on the streets because of overcrowding in jails. The DEA would also find itself with a much more obtainable objective, were it still needed.

Drugs could be taxed with the money going towards health care and education. Responsible, licensed and regulated distribution of drugs by health professionals who would help reduce personal and public health care. Some of this money could go towards helping to rehabilitate those that want to give up using drugs. Some of the money now used in the war on drugs could also be used as an economic incentive to do so. This may give some current addicts the chance to return to lives of being productive citizens.

Other money now used in the war on drugs could be spent on education and prevention as well. With the counter-culture mystique somewhat lessened, there might be a reduced inducement for young people to start.

And lastly, people such as George Bush Sr. would be less likely to find themselves involved in nasty stuff like the Iran - Contra drug running affair with drug runners like Eugene Hasenfass (spelling?) being arrested in Costa Rica with the Vice-President's direct office phone number on a piece of paper in his pocket. Funny how these things work.

Paul C.

Subject: Frat Boy Nation Link
Date: 8/21/99

Hello. I've been a big fan of your site ever since your auspicious launch and ensuing broo-haha. Great job, and wonderful work recreating that cheezy "professional polish" of an authentic campaign site.

I'm running a site called the Hypocrisy Entertainment Network at And I just posted a story entitled "Frat Boy Nation" about our friend W, which includes links and a photo from your site. I also put a link to your site on the home page of the site under "Critical Politics". I was wondering if you would do me the favor of including a link to from your site. Thanks.

Subject: GWB
Date: 8/21/99

I have found the Republican hypocracy goes way beyond the believeable!!!! >From the time Bill Clinton was running for office they were after HIS personal life in every way shape and form. Now that their own "crowned prince" is having the truth splashed about him, the Repubs are screaming like "stuffed pigs" that his personal life is only HIS business. Well folks you CAN'T have it both ways and as they say "PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!!!"

Subject: Your great site ---> politicians suck
Date: 8/21/99

Despite not being an American I definetely love your site. At a first glance on it I thought : WOW! This Georgie really wants to change something for good. But sadly I found out very soon that this all was just to be parody. (sic!) The internet is by far one of the few sources where one can find suitable information for himself. And any surfer should fight against any attack against freedom of speech. The net shows that state control is obsolete and that there may be a time in real life when no one has to suffer under any organized government. The thoughts are free - and so should be speech. So thanks for unrevealing the hypocrisy of GWB Jr. . I hope for the fortune of this planet that you Americans donīt elect him president in 2024. But whatīs the alternative ? Al Gore is non the better. So anyway, politicians suck - whereever they are and whatever they pretend to have in mind. They only care about power : how they can achieve or maintain it. Keep up your great page

P.S. : ... and when is it time for the US to have an (ex) junkie * as candidat for president who says : Yes, I injected the syringe - but I didnīt push it. And besides, what about the past ? Only present and future matter. Just let me go away with that and have a high time in office ! * ( well , of course I know there are no ex-junkies nor ex-alcoholics )

Subject: Hypocracy At It's Worst
Date: 8/21/99

I just read all the recent letters posted to your e-mail site. First of all many of these "negative" letters appear to be written illiterate morons.

Many discussed substanciated stories vs. unsubstanciated stories. Last week the ultra conservative spinmeister/radio/cable tv personality Sean Hannity interviewed Gennifer Flowers who made statements about both the President AND the First Lady that could NEVER be substanciated. Not only did Herr Hannity play this "important information" over and over ad nauseum on his radio program and his cable tv program but he also sent audio copies of these "UNSUBSTANCIATED" statements by a proven slut to the any other conservative talk show host he could think of. (Are there any other kind on WABC Talk Radio????). Now the conservatives are screaming about your website, major hypocracy!!!!

This is the first Presidential election since I've been on the internet and many of us will finally find out the "sweep under the rug truths" that will enable us to make INFORMED decisions thanks to the internet.

Conservatives can't have it both ways....They have been on a search and destroy mission since 1991. They can dish it out but they can't take it LOL. Nancy... New Jersey

Subject: hahahahaha
Date: 8/21/99

Just wanted to say I truly enjoyed the article in the Metro and think you've done a great job with this site. One thing-- Bush's hypocrisy isn't really a surprise, I'm sure all of the candidates have their downfalls as well. Americans feel like they have to choose the least crappy one to rule the country. If they made up their minds that it doesn't have to be that way, it could change! For all who read this, let's write in Zack Exley on the ballot.:)


Subject: Kudos
Date: 8/21/99

Glad to see you're still up and running. Don't let George Dubyah get you down.

Subject: Go for it!
Date: 8/22/99

Wow Zack... Keep it going. It's hilarious that big money bags can't stop you. If he was stupid enough to miscalulate and give you this notoriety and popularity, what other screwup would he do as Prez

Subject: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Date: 8/22/99

Your site was mentioned in the front section of the Sunday Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thought you might like that...

Subject: Character Counts
Date: 8/22/99

Bush is the man! although in prison, he has the personal character to know he belongs there and refuses to be released. What more could we ask of our public servants? His character, honesty, and integrity shines like a beacon on the rocky shoals of our political shores..Would it could be that all our politicians could have similar insights! Just think, if he does get elected , the new road to the White House will be through the Big House ! The country would finally be well served by candidates of integrity. Bod bless you George W. Bush!!!!!!.

Date: 8/22/99



Subject: Re: [responce to Petition refered by Kevin Sullivan]
Date: 8/22/99

hello, the internet is a wonderful thing. i have been living in switzerland for the past 4 years. i keep up on the news in the U.S.A. through the flow of information provided by the news media and by my friends. there is quite a lot of information provided by individuals and groups that are not a part of the mainstream news, ie. abc news, the san francisco cronicle, the l.a. times. the internet is the best and fastest form of free speech that we have. i remember a situation many years ago when some powerful political persons tried to pass a censorship law in the state of california. john wayne, who was about as conservative as they come, came on the television and gave the only political speech he ever made. he said that if the people voted for the censorship law they were going against the constitution of the united states. he went on to say that if people did not like what someone had to say in a book or movie they had the right to not read or watch it. they did not have the right to stop anyone from saying what wanted. after his statements the proposed censorship laws just faded away, rather quickly if i remember correctly. this proposal of making political activists register so that they can go on the internet is analogis to the poll taxes that the south put on afro-americans to keep them from voting. you can also find similarities with these proposed restrictive measures in history. hitler's germany comes to mind. so does todays england with there secrets acts. there is no way to have to much freedom, as defined by the constitution. is mr. bush telling us that he wants to scrap the constitution or parts of it. does he want to rewrite the constitution to restrict peoples rights to what he and his friends deem right. people should focus on what really is happening. these proposed laws are unconstitutional. the supreme court would throw these laws out. if the laws passed through our congress and was signed into law by the president a federal court would suspend the law until it was heard by the supreme court. what is really happening is that big business is very afraid of the internet and want its use restricted so that the people will only get the information that they want them to have. big business knows that the internet is dangerous to them to the extent that they will lose their complete control over the people of the world. in the past when people got together and talked about things like fair wages or safe working places, big business would call them communists and had the federal government send in troops to stop them. people died because they wanted to be treated fairly. this was not good for big business. it cuts into the profits.

now that big business has gone public with its global business practices the working people around the world are communicating to each about being treated fairly with fair wages and safe working conditions. this is called workers rights.

a person working in a bank in the philippine makes the equivlant about $150.00 per month. children are working in unsafe conditions all over the 2nd and 3rd world countries. these people are getting information about workers rights and how to get them from the internet. this information is passed freely because the senders can remain anonymous. if big business can not identify the senders they cannot stop them. this is scaring the hell out of them. why? because it cuts into the profits. recently, on swiss television, a vice president of a large swiss chemical company said that at a consortium of international companies, there should be at least a 4 percent unemployment rate. this was for the purpose of keeping the working people in line.

big business does not like what they are seeing on the internet and they are trying to control it and the free sharing of ideas. just remember one thing. if you don't like what your goverment is doing you have the greatest weapon in the world. you can vote. if you don't execise that right you deserve what you get.

Subject: GW's Music Collection
Date: 8/22/99

Just because George W. Bush was born with a silver straw in his nose, does not mean that he has sacrificed less than the ordinary person. In order to show that he is in tune with the general populus, he has decided to share his love of music with the American people. The following songs were shared by Bush at his latest campaign rally.

1)The Beatles - With a Little Help from my Friends- "I get high with a little help from my friends"

2)The Grateful Dead- Candyman-"Pretty lady aint got no friends till the candyman comes around again"

3)The Grateful Dead- Truckin'- "Livin' on REDs, vitamin C and cocaine..."

4)The Grateful Dead- Casey Jones- "Drivin' that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones you'd better, watch your SPEED"

5)The Beatles- Come Together- "...He shoot Coca-Cola..."

6)Eric Clapton- Cocaine- "Cocaine..........Cocaine..........Cocaine"

7)Buck Cherry- Lit Up- "I love the COCAINE, I love the COCAINE"

8)The Beatles- *L*ucy in the *S*ky with *D*iamonds- "Uuuhhh.....Gee..."

9)Jimi Hendrix (Hell, the name says it all)

10)Everclear- Chemical Smile-

11)Everclear- Amphetamine- (Hey, it's close enough)

Subject: idea
Date: 8/22/99

Please do an article of a press conference in which GW Bush is asked, 1--If religion cured his use of whatever, would he support property tax elimination for any organization involved with drug rehabilitation. 2--Would he support tax incentives for corporations of organized reigioin that advertised for a cure of drug use via religious-coversion 3--If he quit using drgs X # of years ago, would he commute sentences of all those jailed for illegal drugs for more than X #of years. 4--Would GW BUsh support a Constiutioinal amendment, staing that anyone cannot be in jail of illegal drugs for more than X # of yeats

Subject: other idea
Date: 8/22/99

Did W Bush' ask his father, when home from a trip to Central America, "Daddy, daddy, what did you bring home for me?" And if the father porduced a bag of cocaine, 1) did the father violate any law by not reporting a gift of assets owened by the US gov't to a private citizen 2) did the son report or not report the gift on his tax return?

Subject: glad tidings
Date: 8/22/99

Greetings to the GW Bush campaign organizations, A friend faxed me an article from the latest (April 19-26) issue of the San Jose Metro. My heart was filled with joy to learn of the Bush family's conversion to Islam. It is my fervent hope that in the event that should Ghafar Walid binBush (nee george W. Bush) be elected the next president of the United States, he will usher in a new era of evenhandedness in the conduct of U.S. foriegn policy especially with regard to the arab states and the zionist entity. >From my mountain redoubt in Afghanistan, you are in my prayers, Salaam Alaikum, Osama binLaden

Subject: The Destruction of Democracy
Date: 8/22/99

The letters from Bush's supporters are very saddening: too many voters with no idea how democracy works. So much of what passes for political discourse these days is the intellectual equivalent of "You Suck and Our Guy Rulz!" Couple that with the disgraceful conditions of campaign finance and it's easy to see how US elections have degenerated into hollow rituals.

The "New Right" has succeeded in implementing an old wrong: the vast majority of people have no input on the policy decisions that affect their lives.

I am also depressed by the Bush supporters vacuous grasp of the concepts of freedom in general and free speech in particular. Their conception of freedom reminds me of a something:

'...We have freedom. We have the freedom to act responsibly. We have the freedom to print the truth and we have the freedom to do what is right.....we cannot abuse these freedoms, we cannot print lies and we cannot do what is wrong'

It's been over ten years since I read that, so it's not an exact quote. But, I'm sure that my recollection of the sentiment is 100% accurate.

The source of that sentiment?

The source was the "New Times"... an English language periodical published by the Soviet Union.

How fitting and ironic.

Cheers XYNZ (eX-Yank, New Zealand)

Subject: You've got T-MAIL!
Date: 8/22/99

The Guy Who's Not G. W. Bush,

Mr. T just sent you a card from the TACKY POSTCARD ARCHIVE. To see it, click on the link below:

(If you are using AOL mail, click here.)

Your customized card was created on Sun Aug 22 23:17:39 1999 and will remain available for 14 days.

Subject: G.W.=Global Warming
Date: 8/22/99

Since President Bush once dubbed Al Gore, "Ozone", and now that it is recommended everyone wear sunscreen on a daily basis, does this mean G.W. stands for "Global Warming"?


Subject: response to drug thing on the news
Date: 8/23/99

Nobody really cares what George W Bush did in 1974, only what his public record is currently.What his vision and platform is and what his plans are to rectify the many deeds of the present administration. (Afterall it isn't like he demonstrated against his country in a country that was at the time not an ally.) Not to mention lying under oath, taking money from the Chinese for God knows what, and the many other thing that haven't been discovered yet.

Subject: drug use
Date: 8/23/99

it's rather ironic that a person running for president is not required to disclose his past drug use but a young man wanting to enter our nuclear navy IS REQUIRED to answer such a question and rejection is automatic if the answer is yes to any drug use in the past.

Subject: people who live in glass houses
Date: 8/23/99

Are you the same people who refereed to JFK jr. as royalty? His family never helped his position did they? Only about 100 times more than the Bushes.

"John John was destined to fulfill his father's dreams, to complete his father's build the America his father dreamed of.

George Bush is just riding on his father's rolodex. He would be a nobody if it wasn't for his father....."


Bush has successfully achieved a super huge approval for his work as an elected official in the state of TX.

JFK started a failing business with money from questionable sources.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 8/23/99

In all fairness, you should let your readers know that your site is one of jests and falsehoods.

Subject: Links
Date: 8/23/99

Raph Nader for President - Green Party

Subject: prisoner's addresses
Date: 8/23/99

Hi Zack, Great job you're doing! I am behind you (as are so many others) one hundred percent. I was just reading the prisoner's letters and although I had been very much against the so-called "War on Drugs"--more like "War on Working Class and Inner City America"--the personal tragedies that have occured to these men and their families is intensely moving. I would like to write them, but I don't know where to send the mail. Do any of them have email? Or could I get their addresses at their respective jails?

Also, I read recently somewhere that you'd thought of maybe getting a billboard ad or something, with Gore and/or Bush next to one of these families or people, pointing out the blatant hypocrisy and criminal injustice of these situations. The rich and privileged never fear and even dare to legislate against the American people laws that they KNOW will never touch their lily-white, money-grabbing hands. We've had enough. I think the billboard idea is great. I would be very willing to donate money for it, in fact. I bet a lot of other people would too. Also, if you did something like that, major media, which is already streaming your way, would be sure to follow. A boon for all America. We need to wake up to the fact that this "War" is crippling this entire nation and robbing all of us of our basic rights to personal freedom.

Subject: from Daniel
Date: 8/23/99

I am fascinated that events with Bush have taken this turn and am so glad that I ran across an article on your website. I probably would be agreeing with those thinking that the media is hounding a candidate too much about their past in regards to GW Bush and his potential past drug use.

But I am glad to have seen the information I've seen at your site and would like to help people know what a hypocrisy would be unfolding if the drug laws aren't brought to the front of the headlines and revised after all this.

Let me know what I can do.


Subject: Zack Exley
Date: 8/23/99

Zack Exley

I'm a bit dismayed by your web site and all its venom. I guess it's not good enough for a man to grow up, learn from his mistakes like so many athletes, actors, producers and writers. I guess once a man gets married and starts a family, he is expected to maintain the same immature life style he's always lived. Your web site is such an example. I wish you would grow up and see that what you are doing could influence a national election. What if you are successful and Pat Buchanan gets elected to the White House. Or perhaps you prefer Steve Forbes.