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Subject: Complaint to Mr. Oxley
Date: 8/24/99

Dear Mr. Oxley: Been hearing a good deal about your phony web site. Never saw it 'til I surfed over there tonight. Can't say I approve. Misleading the American public like that. All those made up letters. Not good.! Bad enough, you going around using my good name without my permission and all. But, do me just one favor. At least spell my name properly. There is no "W" in GEORGE DUB.....ya......uh..oh.. Never mind. Forget it. Not important. Anyway, just watch your step, fella.

George W. Bush

Subject: gw
Date: 8/24/99

Like the guy said earlier, "the letters are even funnier - 'snork'." AND somebody also said, "DEMOCRACY IN PROGRESS"

Way good stuff! I wonder, I guess in the sickness of my own "liberal" mind, if gee-dub the shrub is looking at hurricane season as a possible political gain??????????? And is that a valid campaign question for the real web site? (By the way, which one is real?...)

To all those pissed at you [zack] for posting a site like this: I'd like to ask, who is it that leaves the anti-clinton print-outs in the break-room? and doesn't fess up. Is that somehow any different?



Subject: Incomprehensible Incarceration Policy
Date: 8/24/99

I read with amusement the various postures that Geo. W. is taking on his youthful drug use. I grew up in the 60's and I took drugs. I learned my lesson. The lesson is that drugs only hurt the user, if anybody. Bad laws, discriminatory enforcement, and judicial malfeasance hurt many, and fill our jails.

Geo W. learned a different lesson. He learned that he could get away with anything as long as he protected the bottom line. He now vigorously supports the prison industry, which has doubled in the last ten years. He has presided over the hyperactive war on drugs that they wage in Texas. He kills death row prisoners to saves the state their upkeep. And today I heard an article on Public Radio that talked about a Texas nursing home that is receiving terminally ill State Prison inmates in a "compassionate release" program. It turns out, that by releasing these prisoners to nursing homes, the state saves about two-thirds of their medical costs, because they then become Medicare patients.

I have no trouble forgiving Geo. for snorting cocaine, and I can even forgive the contorted hypocrisy that he spews to avoid acknowledging it. The problem is that he is a jerk. He knows little of governance, less of fairness, and has used his money and his father's name to brutally shoulder his way through life.

It is very, very scary to think of this man in the White House.

Subject: limits to freedom
Date: 8/24/99

Love the site.You're a true AMERICAN,unlike all of these pathetic latent-NAZIS that try to slam you with such FASCIST ,ANTI-AMERICAN,not to mention Weak DEFENSES of BUSH.Why is anyone who is against BUSH automatically a Clinton supporter or a liberal.GET WITH IT PEOPLE THE WORM IS TURNING Most people HATE the whole lot of Politicians PERIOD.......... Keep hope alive, pissed-off American voter/taxpayer/not a good Nazi.

Subject: LOVE your new LOOK!!!!!!!
Date: 8/24/99


Man, your new title graphic is RUTHLESS! Keep up the ass kicking!!!

W deserves all the mess he brought on himself. I'm a conservative Republican, but W Bush pisses me off. I have you linked on my page and will come to you in the near future when I have my ANTI-BUSH page running!

Hope you link me then

Theta Q No Gore 2024

Subject: George W.
Date: 8/24/99

You are so jealous of George W. Bush. Your web site screams it. No one is more guilty of hypocrisy than Clinton. He is the original hypocrite. And I don't really see where George W. is a hypocrite. He's been faithful to his wife, hasn't done drugs in at least 25 years, has an authentic faith, unlike phoney Clinton, and passed a law a couple of years ago giving judges discretion in dealing with first time drug offenders.

Subject: Re: A question FOR THE REPORTERS regarding CLINTON and COCAINE!
Date: 8/24/99

The problem with Clinton and the cocaine question is that Clinton said he "inhaled" marijuanna 25 years ago. Today the drug is COCAINE! Clinton has not been asked or answered the question about whether he is now or has ever used cocaine while President; that means anywhere in or around the White House. It's more relevant that we find out if our PRESENT occupant of the White House is using cocaine. Look at Clinton's nose. Recall the pictures of him with convicted drug Lords from Columbia and Mexico whom he invited to OUR White House. I can only imagine why there were there. People are judged by the company they keep. Clinton has proved he keeps BAD company. How do we know the Chinese didn't blackmail Clinton into giving them our missile secrets? Monica Lewinsky may have blackmailed him, as well as others we don't know about. Maybe you don't care if it looks like Clinton sold our National Security secrets to China for campaign contributions, or that at the present time there are 58 members of Congress who are members of the "Democratic Socialist Party" (do a search on "Democratic Socialists+Congress), or that the Chinese have missiles pointed at us (thanks to Clinton and his political mafia), but I do.

As for Bush, there's no proof he did cocaine at all. There's no reason why Bush, or any other candidate should answer that question until we hear from Clinton as to whether he is now, or ever used cocaine while President. Maybe that's why Monica Lewinsky was servicing Clinton...he may be on cocaine and that's why we have all these security violations. We have a felon in the White House...we need to know what Clinton is doing right now! Also, if we're going to go into everyone's personal life, then we need to know whether every sitting and/or future member of Congress and Senate does now or ever did cocaine or marijuanna from the day he or she was born (that way, no one escapes the question). By the way, I'm not a Republican...I've been a Democrat for 35 years...not any more thanks to Clinton and corrupt Democrats. Most national newspapers, major television networks, and particularly reporters have no credibility. That's not only my opinion, it's the opinion of many American's. Thank God for the internet and C-span! It's the only balanced information we have to gain knowledge and upon which to base our political opinions. I've made mine; I'd rather have George Bush Jr., in the White House than a felon, a possible drug addict and/or traitor.

Subject: GW Bush Take Joy Ride
Date: 8/24/99

Lima OH:

GW Bush has taken a page out of history to prove he may have once faltered but is now tough on drug crime. Bush used a recent trip to Ohio to drop by a Lima factory where the latest DEA weapon is on display. After donning a helmet, Bush drove the DEA combat tank around the testing grounds. Said Bush, "I actually qualified to drive this seven ... err ... many years ago."


PS: Hey! Web guys! Drag up an old picture from the '88 campaign and put GW's face on it.

Subject: 60 Second Campaign: BUSH
Date: 8/24/99

Mr. Exley,

Great site. I'm a comedy writer for national radio (Gary Burbank, American Comedy Network) and you inspired me to write my latest bit.

Thanks and keep it coming,


Subject: Humor and GW
Date: 8/24/99

Please post if you find this humorous: Geez...if only I could draw a comic for this:

Press : George did you do drugs? GW: I have made mistakes in my past.

Press: What about your failed oil ventures? GW: I have made mistakes in my past.

Press: What about the Funeral Industry Coverup? GW: I have made mistakes in my past.

Jan 2024: "I George W. Bush do solemnly swear......." America: We just made a mistake in our past.

Subject: awesome site!!!
Date: 8/24/99

I love your web site. Keep up the fight.


Raleigh, NC

Subject: letter:
Date: 8/24/99

Sirs, Madames,

What I want to know about Shrub Dubya's talking about his being a "compassionate conservative" is, is that anything like being a friendly fascist? How 'bout a nice nazi? Out here in Sackamenna, we're pretty stumped about this.

Keep up the good work. A good ole boy in Buck Owens country

Date: 8/24/99


Many Texans who believe Bush used coke before his 28th birthday must consider him an opportunistic hypocrite because he purposely proposed tightening up the drug laws for first-timers in order to win votes when he ran against Governor Ann Richards in 1994. That same year, with the state prisons overflowing, " Richards signed a new penal code whose provisions included automatic probation for first-time offenders caught with a recreational quantity of drugs," writes Michael Daly in Sunday's New York Daily News. Bush was at the time campaigning to get Richards' job, but both he and Richards declined to discuss if they ever used drugs. Bush "produced a survey of Harris County prosecutors that derided the law as "Penal Code Lite."...'Those on the front lines of criminal justice agree with me in describing the new penal code as a joke,' Bush said. 'This survey should give the governor a much needed reality check.' A news report noted that Bush 'told supporters that he thinks individuals must be held accountable for personal behavior.' He did his best to make everyone forget that Richards had doubled the time violent offenders served in prison and was leading the nation in executions. He continued to hammer her for being lite on crime right up to election day. As the new governor, Bush signed a new new penal code that ended automatic probation for first-time offenders," adds Daly.

Last Tuesday a "27-year-old mother of two... appeared as a first-time offender in the 230th District Court of Harris County. The woman had been in a car with two other people in Houston when the police rolled up and announced they were illegally parked. The police would later maintain that the woman made a 'furtive movement.' 'You touch your nose, it's a furtive movement,' says her attorney, Bob Scott. The police would contend that they only searched the car and its contents for their 'own protection.' A handbag in the backseat proved to contain a glass pipe. The pipe had no visible traces of drugs, and a New York cop would have just thrown it away. These Texas cops were determined to make it their business if she had taken cocaine. They submitted the suspect item to the lab....Yee hah! The lab reported that the pipe contained cocaine 'residue.'...The woman knew without asking that pleading none of your business was not an option. She took the eight months to be served in the prison system whose ultimate boss was busy seeking the Republican nomination for president"

"As the woman began her Texas-size sentence for residue, Bush was making some decidedly furtive motions about his own possible cocaine use." Daly reminds us that Bush's "refusal to address the issue directly made him seem too much like our current President. He also sounded like somebody of a social class where you can make your indiscretions without worrying about being rousted and searched on some pretext like illegal parking." As you know, Bush eventually implied and his spinners said that he hasn't used hard drugs between age 28 and the present. He said the purpose of telling that to reporters was to indicate that he could get a clearance for a top-level job in the Clinton White House. We've since learned that Bush's statement was not correct, since the present White House form requests the applicant to fess up to any drug use since his 18th birthday. Getting back to the woman, Bush at 28 "was one year older than the woman currently in jail for residue. She will finish learning from her mistake by next spring, and by then Bush might have discovered that all his campaign millions cannot make up for his failure to give one straight answer." 8/22/99

Subject: Another view on the Bush drug usage allegations
Date: 8/24/99

FYI, there is an interesting observation in a NYT's Week in Review article entitled "Bush is the Man", New York Times, Sunday, August 22, 1999, pp. 1,5, in which it is indicated that "if [Bush] didn't have any of these slight angularities, then the question would be: Is he bland and soapy?"

Defendants charged with cocaine usage ought to file that one away for further reference.

H. Randerson