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Subject: Decision
Date: 8/30/99

I was undecided as for whom to vote for President next year, but your site has helped me make the choice. Any candidate with such petty and mentally impotent foes such as yourself must be a class act. Thank you for helping me realize that I will be casting my vote for George W. Bush!

Subject: Lead for "Mark of the Bush (Shrub" fraternity branding story)
Date: 8/30/99


You will probably want to check out a recent edition of Star Magaizine (celebrity tabloid) featuring an Star exclusive alledging Shrub and the frat initiation involving branding (with a red hot coat hanger) onto the buttocks of frat pledges overseen by frat pres. Shrub. www.starmagazine does not have the article posted yet, but it does give ordeing info for back issues.


Subject: right on!!!
Date: 8/30/99

LOL -go for it!

Subject: The Internet Prayer----Amen, Mr. Lincoln
Date: 8/30/99

-----that this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of Freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

Subject: misleading web page
Date: 8/30/99

Hey get real...I am for FREEDOM of speech....however, your web page is misleading and not that funny...the least you could do is to indicate in the banner that this is the UN-OFFICIAL Bush web site.

Subject: More Shrub questions
Date: 8/31/99

Two points of consideration based on the recent letters to your site:

Firstly, the thought of Shrub collecting $36 million for his campaign shouldn't be that much of a concern, considering the amount of money that fellow Republican and Texan Phil Gramm collected for his 1996 Presidential bid, and he couldn't even make the top three candidates in Louisiana. Of course, the fact that Gramm has the personality of a rabid wolverine might have had something to do with that. (Our other Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison is just as bad: every time she smiles for the TV cameras, the universal response from her audience is "Where the hell are Sigourney Weaver and a forklift when you need 'em?"

Secondly, after the announcement of John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s death, I lamented the fact that we'd never see Shrub flying over water. Of course, his aversion to water is probably connected to his aversion to crucifixes, garlic, and mirrors, but...

More seriously, keep up the good work. I may have to put up with the man as Governor, but that doesn't mean I have to smile when I'm being screwed.



Subject: Looking out for you
Date: 8/31/99

I'm hoping that the frustration you'll experience from seeing George Bush elected president mounts doesn't cause you too much mental anguish. If it does, you will hopefully be sure to have enough money set aside to pay for your therapy...

Subject: Re: DMN Article
Date: 8/31/99

Article mentions

10 Reasons Why George W. Bush Won't Do

by Whit Sanders Southern Partisan Vol XIX First Quarter 1999 800 264 2559

I guess you have all the cocaine stories you need, interesting letter to DMN asked rhetorically whether he did the coke before the Natl Guard, in which case he would have had to lie on the medical questionaire. It's known for a fact that he was very free with his coke at Yale - acting as a de facto dealer to his friends. He supported increased mandatory sentences for drug possession while Governor.

Subject: great site!
Date: 8/31/99

keep up the good work! your website has me lauging to tears, which is hard to explain at work. anyway, fight the good the fight!!


Subject: It's the Hypocrisy, Stupid
Date: 8/31/99

Is there any way possible at all I can get that awesome pic as a sticker or a t-shirt? That is the best gw pic i have ever seen!

Pat ___________________ My idol is Lou Piniella. Can I say more?

Northview Hockey:

Subject: Drug Free Since 1984
Date: 8/31/99

You have fallen into the same trap as the press. When George Dubya said he could pass the 15 year test in effect during his father's Presidency, he didn't say he could pass it then, only now. So he is only drug free since 1984, not 1974.

Subject: Communicating the message of G Dumbbeyou's $50 MillionContributions...
Date: 9/1/99

I love your site and have forwarded your link to many friends!

Below is an idea I sent to Common Cause today ... maybe you could make something of it too ... for example ... George Bush wants to thank his many corporate sponsors, Tiger Woods style, by sporting their logos in his public appearances ...

Shouldn't be too hard to digitally enhance a picture of a well suited GW with an AT&T; hat, other corporate logo's plastered over his suit ... and maybe sporting a few guns! By the way, the corporations mentioned in my note to Common Cause are the ones CC lists as his top contributors.


Following is a note I sent to Common Cause today ...

Great to see Scott Harshbarger getting air time on TV on the soft money issue ...I only wish he named names!

I hear he's imaginitive ... here's an idea he may want to play around with.

In our increasingly commercial culture, when companies pay megabucks to sports stars and other celebrities they "sponsor" ... the celebs are required to wear the logo of the sponsoring companies in public appearances ... Tiger Woods and Nike for example.

I say turnabout is fair play ... our politicians should also be required to prominently sport the logos of the corporations and other organizations who sponsor them!

How about announcing that the public wants to see who our politicans represent ... when they are in public or in their political ads, we want them to prominently display the logos of those who sponsor them.

When you are on TV programs or in your ads, you could demonstrate the idea, by creating a picture/poster/cardboard mockup or??? of G.W.Bush sporting an AT&T; hat and on his suit are appliqued logos of Philip Morris, UPS, FFG, etc.

I think it would be a great way to visually communicate some of the points you are trying to make about the effects of soft money ... and surely would garner you some more attention.

Subject: hypocrisy or hot air?
Date: 9/1/99

Hmm... will they publish this? Lets give it a try...

Encouraging GWB to admit that he experimented with cocaine more than 25 years ago is akin to suggesting he should drop out of the race. Imagine the TV ads in the primaries.

For those who would say he is a hypocrite, or that he feels subject to different principles than those he wishes to put in jail for doing drugs, I would agree, assuming he was caught and let off as a result of his contacts or some other miscarriage of justice. He was not caught. There was no miscarriage of justice.

For those who would say it makes no difference if he was caught, I would counter that while the alleged activity was criminal, his beliefs now, and for the past 25 years, are not hypocritical.

Good and bad people can grow up, change their behaviors and change their principles.

Admitting specific personal behavior in his youth, behavior that has no present impact on his abilities as a leader, will serve only people who want him out of the race.

Please find something substantive to whine about. Your site is a bit monotonous. No?

Best Regards,


(A Democrat)

Date: 9/1/99

At first while reading about Bush turning himself in for past drug crimes - I thought..'Bush is a little nutty' but, I guess now I am not exactly sure what I think - but I am curious - and I am reading and listening - Bush didn't sound as stupid as he is being given credit for - If Bush is going to make a serious run for the Republican Candidate for Presidency - now is the time to power hit - For crying out loud - What was Clinton's favorite book as a child? 'Sparkies in heat again'

With what we've got sitting in office right now - with what Clinton has done and gotten away with - with nothing more than a few extra gray hairs for - and as stupid and insincere as Clinton sounds - I think I just might like David Letterman's 'colossal boob' and particularly if the name Clinton has any opportunity of being near the White House again - even if it is to serve lunch -

At least at being faced to review and/or reflect on past experimenting or experience with illegal drugs Bush reacted by acting 'a little nutty' and turning himself in, then by sheeplishly retreating with a lie that not only demonstrates stupidity, but declares it.

Subject: Have you considered sound files for
Date: 9/1/99

Greetings Zack:

Have you considered sound files --- maybe Eric Clapton's "Cocaine" or that old Coca-Cola jingle "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (to Buy the World a Coke and Live in Harmony)"? I don't know you may find these on the Internet, but you might be able to use thirty seconds or less of these titles as fair use (check on that).

Regards, Robert

Subject: More Links
Date: 9/1/99

Just in case you haven't seen some of these sites - here's some of my favorites!

For Dubya:

For Daddy:


Subject: hello Great Website :-)
Date: 9/1/99

Hey hey,

Great website :-) Keep up the good work!

You may want to add the Media Awareness Project & DrugSense to your list of anti-drugwar sites.

The MAP DrugNews Service collects, distributes & archives media articles on drug policy (over 26,000 articles in searchable archive) and responds to these articles with almost 2,300 published Letters-To-the-Editor advocating drug policy reform). We place an ad value of well over $2 million on the published LTEs.

MAP's main page is , the MAP DrugNews Service is , & the published LTE archive is .

MAP is the media interaction component of DrugSense at . DrugSense provides internet resources & tech management pro bono to many orgs including Marijuananews (Dick Cowan), Portland OR Norml, the November Coalition, FEAR, Family Watch, and 15 state-level Drug Policy Forums including the Drug Policy Forum of Texas (at ) among other orgs.

In McCzar's testimony in the first anti-legalization hearings to Congress he mentioned MAP by name 4 times with the only true negative thing he could say is that MAP links to orgs that links to orgs that he doesn't like.

take care --- peace --- ashley in atlanta (MAP, FEAR, DrugSense & November Coalition listmaster)


Subject: Danken
Date: 9/2/99

I'm sure GW has tried to buy out the site. I applaud the efforts of the site owner of thwarting off the temptation of capitalism in regards to consitutional rights and moral responsibility. This is funny. You've done good. If GW does but the next election, this site could be more profitable than Rush Lamebo.

Subject: GREAT SITE!!!
Date: 9/2/99

Keep up the excellent work.

Date: 9/2/99

Florida Governor Jeb Bush has announced a "New Assault on Drugs" today 9/2/99. One has to wonder if this will include reserving a prison cell for his elder brother when he decides to "fess up" and come clean. Dubya, with his connections could probably work out a deal where he could serve his time in a Florida prison where the warm clime would be conducive to visits from notables like Ralph Reed. The deal would permit Dubya to serve his sentence in Florida in a manner similar to the way the young man in Israel is serving time in an Israeli prison for killing someone in Maryland. Jeb and the Florida Supreme Court under a special carpetbagger provision will declare Dubya a citizen of Florida.

Jeb Bush himself has at least admitted to smoking a little weed in college as a self described "little turd". Jeb, it should be noted was also able to amass a fortune off of deals such as selling water pumps through a corporation called Bush-El with another Republican partner, David Eller of MWI - formerly M&W; Pump based in Florida, to Nigeria with our tax dollars. Something like to the tune of $75 million of our tax dollars, according to the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and other sources. The Miami Herald has also reported that a good number of these pumps are rusting on the docks in Nigeria.

Subject: Brilliant!
Date: 9/2/99

I have to tell you that this web site is a stroke of genius. It is heartwarming to see disinformation and misrepresenation of the facts outside of the mainstream media.

If the legal pressure becomes too great for you, please consider making your site public domain so that all of us adoring readers can propagate mirrors of it all over the web. It may turn out that trying to shut you down will be worse than leaving you alone!

sincerely, m@

ps. Please efface any references to my company from an reproductions of this email that you make. I don't know what my company would think of this and I don't want to find out.

-- Matthew Ashcraft, | "We generate our own environment. HQ Technical Support Specialist | We get exactly what we deserve. How Amdahl, Inc. | can we resent the life we've created 408-992-3775 | for ourselves? Who's to blame, who's to | credit, but us? Who can change it, any | time we wish, but us?" -Richard Bach

Subject: comment on your site
Date: 9/2/99

I support your views and thank you for maintaining the site. I wish you well in your interaction with the FEC.

Subject: Papa Bush's World War II parachute jump
Date: 9/2/99

Hey Zack:

If you are interested in Papa Bush, you may wish to check out an April 8, 1988 (or there about ) edition of the _Los Angeles Times_ featuring an interview of a former shipmate of Bush who stated that the Bush version of his famous WWII parachute jump over the island of ChiChi Jima was pure bunk (I first saw this former Navy enlisted man during the Bush 1988 Presidential Inanguration).

Regards, Robert

Date: 9/2/99


Subject: Well I'll be a Son of a Bush!
Date: 9/2/99

Hi... I just thought of what may be a wonderful catch phrase.

"Son of a Bush!"

There that was it.

I noticed there's no so maybe it would be a good thing to nab it before Bush's cash cows get to it first. Then again it's probably fun having him chase your team around like they do.


Subject: Rolling Stone
Date: 9/2/99

Did you read the Rolling Stone article "Empty Suit" - August 6th or 9th issue? Great material.

See the poll today that has Bush dead even with Bore, if Buchanan runs as Reform Party candidate? Go Jesse, go!

Heard from a Yale classmate of George II that he was so free with the cocaine that he was a "defacto dealer". Need to get info on his drug initiatives while Gov plus George I'st call for death penalty for dealers.

Also solid reports of philandering on Laura during out-of-town junkets to LA. Maybe Skeleton can confirm this.

Subject: Go get him!
Date: 9/3/99

I heard about your run-in with the Bush campaign on the radio.

I sent the following note to GWB's official campaign web site:

If I were you, I would not worry about political satire by sites like

They could not possibly think of anything funnier than "Prosperity With A Purpose"! My God! How do you come up with such crap!

Keep up the good work!

Subject: Compliment
Date: 9/3/99

You have a good site here. Just because someone has millions of dollars doesn't mean they should control us. Following is a letter I have sent out to my friends.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Check out the site

This is a great site created by someone/people possessing exceptional artistry in satire. Satire in the true sense that it contians enough reality to make one think.

Unfortunately, neither GW Bush nor his Republican counter-parts find the site very funny (come on guys ,... lighten up). So, they are pushing for laws that make it unconstitutional to make fun of them (even though they have sponsored tens of thousands of Democrat bashing websites since the web came into prominence). These bastards are right out of George Orwell's, "1984". They want to create internet regulation that would be able to suppress anything they deem as politcal incorrect by their standards i.e. not in line with their objectives. It appears that that the greatest people bashers in the world have reached such vanity in their wealth that they want to control who says what about them and their not so perfect (in many cases pathetic) lives.

There's also a petition at the site. If you are an American and feel it is your right to have a laugh at any public figure you choose, then I urge you fill it out.. Or if you feel it is your right to communicate your opinion over the internet in any way you choose, then you might consider filling it out. (one man was met at his door by FBI agents after sending a note saying he was so mad at Bill Clinton he could just kill him.) Someone's watching - let's not forget who engineered the internet.. Let's say in 2 or 3 years GW has bought himself the Presidency, do you want to be incarcerated for sending a name-added-in-to-an-old-political-joke email? I don't think so...

So please consider filling out the petition if you don't want some wimpy little shit with millions of dollars begging his Uncle Sam to go beat up the kids who are making fun of him. (This turd can't even make up his mind if he last used cocaine 7 years ago, 24 years ago, 12 years ago or 9 years ago. Either he thinks we want to elect another president with Alzheimers or he is STILL on something.)

Logic would tell me that GW has tried to buy out the site or URL. I applaud the efforts of the site owner in resisting the temptation of capitalistic gain in favor of consitutional rights, moral responsibility and freedom of speech.

Please check it out. Thank-you

Subject: Web Site
Date: 9/3/99

You're making fun of the wrong person. The straw should be in Clinton's nose while he and his friends are in the WhiteHouse theater. You should also have a few links where we can go and see the women that Clinton raped and beat. Their swollen lips and black eyes would have attracted more viewers than G.W.. Poor G.W. still has a long way to go to get to the level of hypocrisy that Clinton has established. On Clinton's side we have lying; rape; perjury; cocaine use; treason; obstruction of justice just to name a few. For G.W. all he has is a 30 yr. old rumor and the fact that his father was a powerful person. Let's see that's Clinton 6 and Bush 2. Damn, you're still ahead. K. Cordell

Subject: Kudos
Date: 9/3/99

Love the 'site. As a Libertarian, I just had to sign your petition against the anti-freedom "shrub."

Keep up the good work, Jason, Webmaster- Rockford Area Libertarians/Coalition for Equal Ballot Access

Rockford Area Libertarians:

Coalition for Equal Ballot Access:

Visit my website:

Subject: Sending Link - bush sucks !! -
Date: 9/3/99

Im developing this site , its going to be complete soon.

Keep on the great work fellas !!

Phil A.

Subject: Re: Closely resembles official site???
Date: 9/3/99

That's strange. Why would the official George bush Web site urge you "not" to vote for George Bush? Somehow I don't see a resemblance. Must be reverse psychology. I wouldn't worry to much about Georgy boy. He keeps stepping on his fathers coat tails. We voted against his dad for his "New World Order " views.

Subject: Funny site, weak ideas
Date: 9/3/99

Hi Zack,

I looked at your content and perused some of your readers' mail. Well done site but I disagree with your stance.

Dubya is no angel, but he's also no Clinton/Gore.

All of the "charges" put forward on this site pale in comparison to the perfidy of Hill-Billy and his stooge Al. Even if every story was true GWB would still have more integrity than the man from Hope. As for the readers' opinions, well, nothing new there. Tired, discredited rants that ring hollow after the last seven years.

Until there is a realistic Reform/Libertarian option, both parties will get away with doing anything to fool enough people into giving them the power.

Come on, admit it, you don't want Al Gore to be President?! Ventura in 2024!


Subject: Compassionate Conservatism?
Date: 9/3/99

I thought you might appreciate this piece. It seems some folks in the media are catching on to the issue you raise on your website. . .

- Shannon

Compassionate Conservatism?

09-01-99 By Rufus G.W. Sanders

Kudos must be extended to George W. Bush in regards to how he has thus far successfully handled and withstood the press's vicious attack into his private and personal life. Its about time that some perspective and dignity is brought back to the grimy and seedy world of American politics, especially in the area of political campaigning. The republican and media lead near fatal impeachment hearing of President Clinton last year, opened up a Pandora's box of the most venous and nefarious attacks against a public figure's character. It was unlike anything that we have ever seen in American political history.

The questions about Mr. Bush's drug usage based solely on rumor and innuendo is not only unfair, but totally inappropriate for any candidate. It is unfortunate that George W. Bush has been put in this unenviable position. I am in total agreement with his feelings that a person's privacy should be off limits when it does not effect or interfere with his ability to serve in a political capacity and no laws have been broken. It's destructive, tasteless and tactless for politics to stoop so low. It does nothing to further the discussion of issues and ideas which is what any campaign should be about.

But with that said; he is a political candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, and it is his own party that have created this new atmosphere of dirty politics in which every piece of information about a person's private life is left open to public scrutiny.

Thus far Mr. Bush has been able to get away with an "if you ask, I won't tell " kind of policy. How long he will be able to hold off the pack of political news thirsty hounds is another question altogether. It is rumored, according to the Village Voice and the New Republic ,and other newsprint's; that there are not only witnesses ,but pictures ,which show Mr. Bush in some unflattering situations. But it's not really the supposed drug usage that I find most troubling , if indeed he did use drugs; which I personally suspect that he did. After all he did confess that he had committed some youthful indiscretions. And after all I am in the forgiving business. Forgiving just happens to be the very nature of my day job. It is the hypocrisy and the total lack of sensitivity by the governor, as to his social policies in regards to Drug sentencing laws that I find most troubling. Of all people he should understand issues of " youthful indiscretion", second chances and leniency.

So then why would he push through legislation in Texas expanding crimes for which kids as young as 14 can be tried and imprisoned as adults? In 1997 he authorized judges to incarcerate people for possessing ( or selling) less than one gram of cocaine; the same drug that was supposedly his drug of choice. It did not matter of course that these people were usually first time offenders and usually were juveniles who were transporting drugs (selling) to adults for recreational use. It is my concern that mostly minority ( black males) ,the poor and juveniles are continually being apprehended for drugs and packed into prisons; while those that they are servicing; middle and upper class white recreational users are going free.

Of course Mr. Bush is not the only politician from the age of Aquarius that now support tough mandatory sentencing laws that are not equally applied across the board to all Americans. But for a man that can't seem to say that he has never used cocaine before in his entire life; one would think that some "Compassionate Conservatism" would not be such a bad idea for some misguided first time Texas offending minority juvenile who was having trouble with youthful indiscretion. After all what would have happen if George W. Bush had been apprehended at any pre-25 age by an undercover D.A.R.E. cop for using, selling, transporting , or even being around any amount of cocaine? He wouldn't be running for the president of the United States of America, ........ or would he ?

While I am sorry that Mr. Bush must answer such public questions about his private life. I offer some words of wisdom to him....Mr. Bush stop crying, be a man, tell the truth and answer the questions. For the American people this is about more than just your supposed drug use. This about human character, moral hypocrisy, and social sensitivity. Oh, .... one last thing, in the words of President Harry Truman," If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen."

Rufus G.W. Sanders can be reached at

Subject: lil' george
Date: 9/3/99

To Whom it Mau Concern,

Right On! Those of us living in Austin have known this guy stinks on ice. There have been rumors (unconfirmed) that all is not well in the gov's mansion. Stories of problems with the kids, such as using the the Texas Department of Public Safety to cover up for a daughters shoplifting. One secretary at the gov's mansion was overheard at a local restarant saying "I hope he doesn't run for president, that family has real issues." Of course it would be tough to confirm these, but as a family values type of guy, it certainly rings of further hypocrisy.

Keep up the good work, Mark in Austin, Tx

Date: 9/3/99

Don't you idiots have anything better to do with your time? Get a life.

Subject: web site
Date: 9/3/99

To put it mildly your site sucks.Why don't you spend a little space whing about fat willie and his stumpy wife. I smell fear coming from the left.How sad.

Subject: more links
Date: 9/3/99

two interesting web pages (with libertarian tendencies)

Subject: GWBUSH
Date: 9/3/99

GOV BUSH does not like your web site. Guess what is my answer:

Gov, that is just too goddamn bad!!

I think every politician deserves a web site like yours.


Subject: Web-site I hope you will add
Date: 9/3/99

Hi Zack,

I hope you will add my web-site to your list of links. It summarizes pretty well the reasons for believing that their has been a coordinated effort by the Right Wing Network to drive Clinton from office.

I think that this is important for voters to know about, especially because of the ties between Richard Mellon Scaife and George Bush Sr vis a vis the Intelligence community. If you click on my link about the "Triple Crown Dream", you will see how it all ties together in the goals of the Inner Circle of the Far Right, and why they would promote the campaigns of George Bush, and now George W. Bush. I plan on adding more detail elaborating on how so many of the Heritage Board are on-board with their contributions. Jeb Bush is on the Heritage Board as well, along with Scaife, Coors, Amway's DeVos and Van Andels, etc.

Again, some of this is speculation, but I think it is a scary enough message to make ordinary citizens pause before voting for a man who appears to be the chosen one of this group. I think that is unbelievable arrogance on the part of the Right Wing Fat Cats to think that they can take down one President, and coronate another.

For me, it's the message not the messenger who matters, so I only shed my anonymity to my allies, such as yourself, who care about reclaiming are democracy in 2024.

I support you in your endeavors.

Best wishes,


Subject: you suck
Date: 9/3/99

i can't believe that you actually waste all of your time with this stupid website! Do you actually think that Gore has a chance in hell of winning? i hope the government does shut this site down because it is nothing more than an internet National Enquirer. I usually don't wish ill well upon others, but in your case, I'll make an exception: I hope you die!

Subject: question
Date: 9/3/99

Whats the purpose of this site? Do you receive any income from it? If not, why bother...Ray

Subject: Bush sucks?
Date: 9/3/99

The link "" goes right to Bushie's official site. Thought you might like to know.