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Subject: keep up the good work
Date: 9/8/99

i just wanted to let you know i like your web site.

also, i did notice a typo you might want to correct. it's in the sixth sentence in the third paragraph on the "butseriously" page. it says "statue" instead of "statute." i hope you'll take this as constructive criticism.


Subject: Hey!
Date: 9/5/99


Date: 9/5/99

As a fifth-generation Texan, I'm appalled by the alacrity with which the mainstream media have embraced this lightweight, silver-spoon, soundbite hypocrite of a candidate. His endorsement of the Drug War is only the most obvious of the ills in store for our nation if we continue to utilize the popular culture in lieu of a true grassroots education process (such as your site) to elect our policy-makers. And your site (or any such open forum) is indeed a hope for our nation. There's no bureaucratic or corporate policymaker in charge here - the quality of your parody attracts readers, who will then understand that serious issues are at play. "Amnesty 2024" is brilliant in its simplicity, as is the Campaign from Jail. These are very funny ideas, but, hell, they're full of truth. Dubya is probably a really nice guy (for a Yankee) and his wife and family seem like good folks as well. He's just not up to the job. If his handlers can do this to him, run him through the popular press like this, what would happen in the face of International Crisis? Ron

Date: 9/9/99

Great job! Did you guys know that Mr. Bush is also alcohol-free? What an oversight! I live in Texas and would not vote for him even if I was in drugs and alcohol.


Subject: GWB
Date: 9/8/99

As Governor, GW has all but destroyed the rights of Plaintiffs in Texas, so that he could fill his pockets with all that Insurance money. There will be no hope against Insurance Companies when he becomes President. Please add my site to your links. The story has to be told!


Subject: fantastic
Date: 9/8/99

Your page is just fantastic. It is just so much fun sharing the knowledge I gleaned from your site. I've gotten a couple of things out of it really, first I get a special kind of thrill exposing GW to my friends and family. Secondly, GW makes a starting point for trying to convince those same family and friends that we have got to take the democratic process back from the monied interests. I would also like to wish you luck in your 1st amendment battle with the Bush campaign. Who can I contact in this regard? I have plans to write to my local congressman to maybe sponsor or write some legislation in this regards. It's about keeping the rights we have been granted by the constitution. I can walk out onto any public sidewalk in the U.S. and hand out my own newspaper and be 100% protected by the 1st Amendment. How is cyberspace any different from a sidewalk? Amazing, how the politicians are frightened by the equivalent of a printing press. Should you be able to slander or libel GW? Well of course not, but if you are quoting the candidate or satirizing him/her, well what's the harm? That you expose this person as a sham and force people to take a deeper look at their leadership or proposed leadership. Joe

Subject: Fan-frickin-tastic!
Date: 9/8/99

Great job y'all, keep it up!

I've been wondering what the best way to get out this raving hypocrisy bit is and the letter writing campaign from folks in prison is great. Keep it up and you'll get some fan-frickin-tastic national coverage. And keep that hypocritical scumbag out of office!

Subject: where there's smoke, there's coke
Date: 9/8/99


Check out today's - Wed Sept 8th - front page of Dallas Morning News, - article on Geo II by George Kuempel, Pete Slover - Austin Bureau entitled "Oilman Asked Barnes to Help get Bush in Guard, sources say" Also reporting are Christopher Lee in Manchester NH, with the campaign

This is complete replay of Quayle, Clinton experience. Totally plausible, since such deals were rampant at the time.

I know Nick Kraly mentioned in the article, and since he is motivated to keep his head down (he's a lobbyist involved in the G Tech lottery deal) he's not inclined to remember, nor is Barnes. But he would be inclined to leak like sieve if he knew what happened, since he is a Democratic lobbyist. If this had not blown up already, he would have told me, but now, no.

My guess - absolutley.

Note that Geo II would have had to have lied on his medical exam since this was post-coke

PS Like the dust under the nose.

Subject: Great Page
Date: 9/7/99

As a current resident & native of Texas, I am glad to see that there are people who do realize that GWB is a pompous jack ass. I have had to suffer with him as Guv for too many years now and I'm considering moving to Siberia if he is elected Prez.

Al Gore 2024!!!!!!!!

Subject: your site
Date: 9/7/99


I find your site refreshing and amusing, and a tribute to what makes america great.

Don't worry too much about the FEC, all they can do is imprison you, they can't stop your ideas.

Good luck


Subject: Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme
Date: 9/7/99

F or someone who criticizes about loose morality and hypocrisy maybe you should NOT steal the header graphics from But then again you probably aren't running for president where everyone publishes indiscretions. Stephen King

Subject: Loved your sight - and I'm a staunch conservative.
Date: 9/7/99

Let's not forget that it was George W's daddy that brought us (unconstitutional) asset forfeiture laws under zero tolerance. I'm not surprised at all that George W would make a statement like "we need to limit freedom". Of course he means it should be available freely to the privileged and wealthy - the rest of us need to be regulated and controlled (don't you just look forward to the day when we will need to bow and curtsy to our "betters"?)

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? I think though that we do ourselves a great disservice when we look into matters like sex and drug use as the endall. These should just tell us we need to dig a little deeper. I'll bet that at the heart of George W we find someone who has a very different interpretation about the US Constitution than the rest of us do on trivial little matters like civil rights, freedom and due process of law.


Subject: I just read about you....
Date: 9/10/99

on the law-news-network website. Where on your website do you disclose that you are really a low-down, money grubbing, cyber squatter who is upset that he couldn't blackmail the bush campaign into paying for his own name?

Why don't you go reserve and set up your shop there? __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Bid and sell for free at

Subject: Confederate Flag
Date: 9/11/99

W complained that only the citizens of South Carolina should decide if the Confederate Flag should fly over the State House, and everyone else butt out.

Gee if W was the president in 1860 he tell the rest of the country to butt out as South Carolina should decide if slavery is legal.


Subject: Bush a member of Bohemian Club.
Date: 9/12/99

(Please post following comments on web site)

Dear GWBUSH web site,

Wake up Americans -- this isn't about Republican vs. Democrat -- this is about keeping a hard-line New World Order hot-shot priss and card-holding member of the Bohemian Club of Sanoma County, California out of the White House!

As reported by The Sacramento Bee, W. Bush spent at least a week at the Bohemian Club compound in late July of this year. This is the first time such has been reported, and it should come as a profound shock -- yet not a surprise -- to anyone who has knowledge of the practices of the pagan, highly-secret Bohemian Club.

While Bush may rattle off contradicting statements on gun-control, abortion, and the size of the federal government we must remember this: Bush is using these platforms to win over the hearts and minds of ordinary Americans and Republicans. How else is he going to become president? He doesn't actually believe in these policies -- he is a hard-line Globalist.

On top of this, he has a shady past of arrogance, criminality, drug trafficing, evasion of federal laws, etc.

Soon, I along with fellow troublemakers, will be protesting, in the field with signs and large placards, Bush's visit to Phoenix this October. This is what we should all be doing.

The GWBUSH web site excellent -- probably the best web site I've seen in a long time. It's the OFFICIAL web site of the Bush campaign, I say!


A citizen of Arizona

Subject: the real george site
Date: 9/12/99

I followed some of your links to the real george site and tried to use his contact me link. Funny it isn't working but he really wants to hear our opinions. Anyhow here is what I sent him George Stop being so hypocritical. I know it is a trait of Republican and many politicians, but we see right through your smoke screen. If you are as sincere as you say then let the political prisioners out of jail first in Texas. Yes those political prisoners whose only crime is smoking the benefical herb marijuana. Why can you do the illegal and others can't? It's too bad you are not such a good liar like other prohibitionists. Happy days to you King George Cheers Tom Suther

Subject: Bushes Legal Goons
Date: 9/12/99

Hey Greatsite,

If Baby Bushes Legal Henchmen shut you down, Contact me and I will set you up on a Canadian Server where you will be out of their reach.

And given Bushes immence (sic) popularity up here in Canada that stems from the execution of an innocent Canadian. any attempt to shut you down would be ignored or rejected by the courts here.


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/12/99

This is a great site!

I get a good laugh when the same people who would criticize President Clinton with the tenacity of a rabid pit bulldog are now saying how we must forgive ole Dubya for his womanizing, coke-snorting, draft-dodging ways.

Subject: Big Daddy Bush Speaks
Date: 9/13/99

Doesn't Big Daddy know that Denial is not only a river in Egypt?

Subject: your site...
Date: 9/13/99


Subject: Saw your site.
Date: 9/13/99

Typical whining stupid jealous liberal.

Can you fix a Clinton bumpersticker? Rape Free since 1998.

Lot of time on your hands. Get a job.

Subject: Like Father Like Son
Date: 9/11/99

Here's a great one for the bumpersticker makers: Read my lips, NO NEW BUSHES!

Subject: Free Speech and
Date: 9/11/99

Benjamin L. Ginsberg sucks. North Korea sucks too. Lawyers suck. has been an excellent source of information to me on the important process of selecting a United States president. Benjamin L. Ginsberg, restrain yourself from interfering in my getting all the information I need to make my own decision. The people of the United States should maybe sue you.

Subject: Glory Glory Hallelujah
Date: 9/10/99

My eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Demagogue known as George

He raised 50 million dolluhs So later his fatcat backers can gorge

He'll hint that blacks, the old and the poor appear the nation's bloody scourge

His white Snoot keeps tooting on!

Glory Glory Hallelujah Don't let Snorting George Bush Jr Fool Ya Glory Glory Hallelujah his white snoot keeps tooting on!

Subject: Drugs
Date: 9/10/99

Your site is a pretty sorry excuse for satire. There's no wit, no thought - just doctored photos and poorly written "articles."

What a waste of bandwidth.

Subject: Hey...?
Date: 9/10/99

Out of curiousity, are you for or against the legalization of drugs? I just want to know...

Subject: Keep up the good work
Date: 9/4/99

Keep up the good work.



Subject: BushLite 'Emoticon'
Date: 9/4/99

Just wanted to leave this 'emoticon' on 'Dubya's' college days: /:Q) Enjoy your website greatly. Sincerely, Rick

Subject: Stupidity
Date: 9/4/99

It's idiots like you who will eventually bring government controls to the web.

You are not exercising free speech, you are abusing it.

Subject: Well Done
Date: 9/4/99

Just saw the little snippet on your site this morning on CNN...and had to grin! Amazing how these people advocate the freedom of the people for practically anything until they themselves are immersed somehow. Then it becomes different, ehhh? Well, last I looked we are American citizens, complete with rights and responsibilities. As I see it, the responsibilities our country asks us, like taxes, laws for the protection of other citizens as well as ourselves etc...usually are done with little fussin'. But, at the same time, the freedoms our government was created to hold near and dear to it's people also need the same respect that they want when they ask for those responsibilities to be addressed. Kind of a convoluted way for me to say that I'm annoyed at anyone thinking they can and/or should come into a/our/MY world that they do NOT understand and think they need to place restrictions that make no sense...other then protect their own agenda! I see it...we should cc ALL messages to Mr. Hatch in triplicate and tell him to grow up. Hmmm...on second thought, maybe it should be done in triplicate like twice a week till he understands he's out of his elements. That's not too unusual a place for him to be. We may need to find several other ways to remind him WE are NOT his grandkids, and WE ARE able to think on our own as well as do as we wish as long as we hurt no one or anything. Right? I'm terribly sorry no one in the political ring was capable of "seeing" the power of the internet earlier. That's NOT our fault, Mr. Hatch. Your efforts to ummm...tidy up after the fact is a mite pathetic and sad. Do what it is you do best...and that is nothing, kay? Okay, well you should ummm...senator a bit if needed, but please stay out of stuff that will only succeed in making you renege on your sworn vow to up-hold the rights of the American people. Your people, Mr. Hatch, remember???? Good going, my friend Zack. If you need some good jokes, stories etc...I'll volunteer to help! ;) Always - Tish

Subject: great site
Date: 9/4/99

I just wanted to tell you that I think your site is great! The letters from drug war prisoners were especially moving. The arrogance and hypocrisy of polititions in general sickens me beyond words. I truly believe that if a viable third party candidate were chosen, that this coming election could be THE ONE. If only the media would take alternative parties more seriously.........they're far too concerned with "important issues" such as George W.'s boyish good looks or his fund-raising prowess. No wonder I know so many apathetic cynics.....Keep it up!

Subject: Cool Page
Date: 9/4/99

I just wanted to let you know that I saw your story on CNN this mornig and I think this Web site is real cool! Georgi Boy was a bit upset about it but that is the whole Idea , I think. Keep up the great work and don't let them get to you. Thanks, from Raul.

Subject: Awesome
Date: 9/4/99

This site is brilliant. You got great free publicity on the national news last night. Sorry, I don't remember which station, ABC?


Subject: Nice website, but...
Date: 9/4/99

Hey gang,

I enjoyed your website, and I think NO website should be shut down for its political content. BUT...

Is it right to use the name ""? Is it right to entitle it "OFFICIAL WEB SITE" ? Isn't this fraudulent? Since when does anyone think fraud should be protected as a "freedom"?

Notice the links you have to sites on "the other guy":,, --- not a chance that anyone would mistake these for Al Gore's own sites. But ""? "OFFICIAL WEB SITE"? Sorry, that's just fraudulent.

I think this sort of fraud is what GWB was objecting to when he said "There ought to be limits on freedom." Well, poor phrasing of the concept, George, because stopping fraud doesn't "limit freedom" any more than stopping theft does. In fact, stopping fraud and theft PROTECTS freedom.

Don't change a thing about your website -- except the domain name. Find another name that isn't deceptive. And as a gesture of good will, donate the domain "" to George W. himself. I don't think $70 more or less will make or break either you or him, and it would certainly be the mature and honest thing to do.


Subject: help me out. Love the site!
Date: 9/4/99

I love your site! Can you tell me, though, who do you want to win in 2024. It's obviously not W, and it doesn't see like it's Gore. So who?

Subject: YEEE-HAAA!!
Date: 9/4/99

Great site!! It's about time someone let the world know what a useless, hypocritical, no governmental experience having, big-money election buying scum "Mini-Me" really is! I live in Austin and I can tell you the only things that Bush has brought to Texas are more pollution and more guns. I can't believe my fellow Texans elected and re-elected this moron! I'd rather have this state run by Jesse Ventura than Shrub! Don't worry too much though folks becuase he at least he hasn't found a way to fuck up Texas barbecue, yet. I miss Ann Richards!!! Keep up the great work and remember the First Amendment! Down with Shrub!!

Scott Carlin, Editor and Publisher of SMaCk!! E-zine

Subject: Keep up the good fight
Date: 9/4/99

Ecellent work sir! I would just like to point out that in a may Austin American Statesman article, Bush claimed that his past indiscretions were nothing more than drinking too heavily. He made allusions to there being no drugs in his past. It's more of that oh so delightful double speak.


Date: 9/4/99

To Whom It May Concern:

Beautiful site; I love it. I can't understand what Bush is bellyaching about. If he can't stand the heat, maybe he should get out of the kitchen. And what's this nonsense about buying up Bush domain names? What? Is he a sore loser, or, just a loser? This guys just another elitist like his father and brother. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes, William

Subject: your site
Date: 9/5/99

Good going. And your response letter kicked butt.

Date: 9/5/99

Hey, isnt it incredibly funny that if you go to WWW.BUSHSUX.ORG you get the official George W. Bush website? Isn't it funnier than anything you could get away with in fiction? LOL

Date: 9/5/99

I went to your website because of the piece I saw on CNN. I hope if the Bush camp tries to buy your web address, you sell it for a ton.

Subject: This website!
Date: 9/6/99

Just found this website this early am - YAWN! I live in Florida where Jeb Bush is our Governor. Wondered if you guys follow George's family as well as himself - some of the events going on in the rural panhandle have unsettled a number of honest, hard-working "poor" people!! Have you ever heard of a small-town paper called the "Twin City News"? It's located in a town named Chattahoochee where the FL Dept of Corrections - led by one Michael Moore (one-time Texas dept of corrections secretary or whatever they call their top-man) - has decided to relocate a sex-offender treatment program - 35 paces from an elementary school!! On top of that, they are closing the only correctional mental health institution in the panhandle & one facility, displacing about 360 employees. Of course, the official report states that all of these dislocated employees will have jobs within a 50 mile radius - the last one I talked to (in the medical services area) said that it was "on your own" & within 90 days - bye-bye. The citizens of that small town are outraged - can you imagine placing convicts labeled "sexual predators" in a facility so close to a school - let alone a neighborhood - in a facility run by who knows???? - first they said Children & Family Services. Now they are saying a private entity - supposedly Wackenhutt (sp?) which others say have family ties to the Bush family (rumor??).

Anyhow - just wanted to let you know I love your site - hope you keep an eye on the entire political "Dallas" - we all suppose that the Bushes are living at Southfork these days! ekeen

Subject: GO GW GO
Date: 9/6/99


Subject: Paying for Crimes
Date: 9/6/99

It appears that you seem to have a very strong desire for seeing political figures pay for their crimes. Why don't I see any material on our beloved president and vice-president? If you really want credibility you should maybe start with Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Or better yet, maybe you should examine your own life......

Subject: Getting better
Date: 9/7/99

Your site is all the time. Many thanks. I read the nays sent in by those who have that dreaded Lying Rush Maggot disease. Poor and pathetic souls they must be. Their party has been fueled by millions of dollars and apparently Clinton terrified them when he proved that a guy who didn't come from a family of financial behemoths, could win. And to this day they spend a million dollars to investigating each nickel he's ever made in his life. Not to be outdone they further prove their lack of intelligence by sending really dumb letters into sites that are frequented by people who were "born" with brains (instead of having them bought by daddy when daddy thought they might be old enough to handle one).

Keep up the good work.

Once an entity is registered with the FEC, does that allow them to accept donations? If so then we better not mention it as they may decide the need more rules on that. I wonder if there is a website where the FEC regs can be read. I'm sure it's a piece of artwork best read after six-pack ( or in GW's case, a few lines and whatever his other choices are for recreational incognito inducers). I'll have to look around for that. It might be pretty funny.