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Subject: I linked You
Date: 9/14/99

I saw your site in the austin chronicle, they had a whole story about it and its upsetting to see how government and politics handle freedom. I linked from my site: your at the bottom...

Did you know??? That Busch and Bush are the same, that is in Anhieser Busch. The same that sponsors the slashing and burning of marijuana fields in the US and South America...Marijuana which right now is alcohol's biggest compeitor! Augusta Busch III which is on the commercial is a cousin of the family.. Anhieser also owns tobbacco fields and industries in and outside the country and tabacco is also another competitor of the social wellness structure. Illuminatious events in this Tri-Lat family, Kennedy's ain't got shit on this. Support Rolling Rock, Art, Texas, Freedom, Gallery Vehicle, and you sir rule too... I salute you john, punkrebelwithsmartsandtalent

Subject: your website
Date: 9/14/99

Although I'm Australian I have an interest in U.S. politics thanks to "Today" on N.B.C. with Katie and Matt which we recieve down here on the Seven Network. Your website is hilarious, particularly the movie about George W. Bush turning himself to the authorities to set an example to children. I don't care what your political affiliations are this sort of hypocrisy must be lampooned. Keep up the good work. Regards, Scott.

LookSmart or keep looking.

Subject: Link!
Date: 9/14/99

We love your site! We have already featured it twice on our page. Please link to us!

Subject: Thank You
Date: 9/14/99

I didn't realize someone was standing up to the elitist segment of the Republican party. We've already had nearly eight years of a hypocritical unethical, strong armed, drug using, woman abusing jerk in the white house, we certainly don't need another four years of the Republicans version of the same thing.


Subject: ha ha :)
Date: 9/14/99

After Clinton, hypocrisy has been normalized in American politics. I had to live with it, now you get a dose of it, too. I think it's poetic justice, and I'm happy to see you shreiking about this, it shows how much it will burn you up when he's elected.

The answer to all of this is just enjoy your life, and only think about politics once every two years. In other words, just get a life, pal! :)

Subject: Hey Zack, saw you on MSNBC!
Date: 9/14/99

Give Bush hell! Make him answer the question! Go, Zack, Go! Thanks to MSNBC for having you on air!

John, West Point, Iowa

Subject: Anything other than
Date: 9/14/99

Clinton or Gore!!!!!

Subject: MSNBC
Date: 9/14/99

Just saw you on MSNBC - great job. I don't know how you kept a straight face when the host challenged you about whether you had proof that Bush had used coke and then he stated that a professional newsman could never repeat an unverified rumor on TV. Guess he was off the million or so hours that MSNBC discussed whether Clinton murdered Vincent Foster. Keep up the good work.


Subject: Power to You!
Date: 9/14/99

I saw your interview this evening on CNBC, and decided to visit your site -- it's great! We need more people like you with the initiative, creativity, and guts to take a stand for our internet, and free speech. Keep up the good work.

Subject: Fantastic!
Date: 9/14/99

You have a great web site.

I live in Houston, Texas and know first-hand what a hypocrite GW Bush is.

I might some day vote for him after he spends his time in jail under harsh drug use laws he himself has signed in to measure in this state! He is not one iota compassionate. What a joke!

You are absolutely dead-on with your satire.


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/14/99

I am glad you are not my son. You are in this for a fast buck, Shame on you. You are an embarrassment to the human race.

I hope G.W. Bush sues your butt off.

Jimmie Elkin NC

Subject: stupid website
Date: 9/14/99

Just visited your stupid website and found a bunch of vacuous horse. You queers always think you are so clever; lets see come up with something original that makes a positive contribution to the betterment of society and to progress for a change.

Subject: bravo
Date: 9/14/99

let us not forget the born again christian lady in texas they executed last year. he comes from oil, cia,drugs and the true coupd'etat that took over this country at the time of the kennedy assassination. with people like you maybe there is hope for this country. his brother's a hypocrite too.

Subject: connection to Skull & Bones club
Date: 9/14/99

Does GW Bush have any substantiated connections to the Yale "Skull & Bones" club, does his father, and what other stuff can you dig up on this issue? Thanks, ZZZChristi

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/14/99

Bravo!!!!!!!! Hopefully every registered voter will visit this site before the election. Keep up the good work!

Subject: Clinton Cigars
Date: 9/14/99


When do we get the Bill website. I'm looking for a good porn site. You could charge a monthly subscription fee. With all the upcoming streaming video resources, you could have Bill Clinton pleasing women with a variety of cigars. If that gets old, you could present a variety of women such as Janet Reno, Barbara Streisand, Rosie O'Donnell, performing Lewinski's on our most popular president ever....Bill Clinton.

Get some originality, make some money, start a Bill Clinton Porn Website, and lets see how long that stays on the internet. You'd be shut down in days.

What's a matter balls to take on real free speach in America.

Best Regards,


Subject: another "good old boy"
Date: 9/14/99

good work zack but you have to know that you're on a deadly playing field now. i believe that the same "foreign mafia" that PUT willy in office is now about PUTTING geo.w in office. I smelled a rat the minute geo.w. came out of the woods with 37 mllion way too soon. I heard commentators say, "geo.w. is not going to take gov't matching funds because he does not want to disclose his backers, another big smell came up. now all of a sudden we have found 100,000 contributors ("little" people, they say ) Well, i say daddy george sold out to the foreign mafia (gave up his run for his 2nd term) in a trade for willy and then the future placement of sonny, geo.w. (and don't forget zeb , we'll make him gov. too ) (not a bad trade daddy !) about the drug issue, he doesn't tell the truth any more than willy does.......geo.w.said, "it's been 24 yrs since I decided I was out of control and decided to stop alcohol etc." now then, if geo.w. was 40yrs old as he also states, that would make him at least 64 yrs old today. (and math is not my long suit!!!! ) Zack I think you're very refreshing, you made my day. I've been sick about the way all the media "boys" have been "fixing" and doing their assigned part in putting geo.w. in office. ANOTHER unqualified president to stomach through. I urge you to be careful and keep a very high profile now....stay out in the public so that you don't become one more body disposed of. you must know that "they" don't want anyone with character or brains in office of the president , I believe that "they" want a weak, addicted not too bright president, so that "they" can continue to destroy this once great country. God have mercy on America ! sincerely, jgm thank you.

Subject: Right on
Date: 9/14/99

I read about your site in the recent Newsweek article, and decided to drop by. Keep up the good (and damn funny) work.


Subject: right on!
Date: 9/14/99

This sight is great. Keep up the good work my man!


Subject: Why Tear Down our government!!!!
Date: 9/14/99

I find it so amazing to listen to all the gobbledygook that folks write, knocking the basic fabric and foundation of this great "United States of America." As a child, I grew up in a Foreign country, migrated here, served 20 years, in the United States Army and damn proud of it. Never did drugs, don, t break the Law and yes I love this country. One of the few in the world were you have a first amendment right. For all you complainers. What have you done to help your fellow man? What have you done to help to guide that young man or woman from drugs, or to get their lives straight? The way I see it, it is so easy to complain, if you want change, lets get out there and help people, who need help. Try being a BIG BROTHER OR SISTER. If you want bigger goals then YOU run for PRESIDENT. If you don't have, the ambition, morale preservation, and dedication to this great country, then go and sit quietly in a corner and quit being a cry baby. A Proud American.

Subject: Zack
Date: 9/14/99

Zack (hope I spelled it right),

I just saw you on MSNBC. Proud of you, kid (I can say that since I'm old enough to be your mother). It's people like you, who know the problem with government is really hypocrisy, who may finally save this country after all.

Thanks for being yourself from an ex-hippie.

Jamie San Diego

Subject: RIGHT ON!
Date: 9/14/99

Right on! Dont let them push you around just cause you got the domanion name of GWBUSH.COM! Pock fun, have a blast. The people are behind you! Dont ever lose this site. Fight it! THE SITE IS YOURS!! RIGHT ON! -Me

Subject: Thank you
Date: 9/14/99

By forcing old GW to utter that freedom should be limited you may have stopped the next Hitler. You did good and should be very proud.

Subject: Your web side
Date: 9/14/99

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you


In the history of ancient Rome, when the army took precedence over the concerns for the Empire, that was the beginning of the end. Today, we have people like GWBush who place the Republican Party over the concerns for this nation - Is this the decline and fall of the U.S. being heralded?

We need a sensible web site like yours, given that there is just so much hogwash out there.

Thanks again!


Date: 9/14/99


You rock! Great site, keep it up!


Subject: Check out The Ken Starr Jokes Page...
Date: 9/14/99

Clic k here: The Ken Starr Jokes Page...

Some political humor to lighten spirits tonight.

Subject: W. Bush and his drug policy
Date: 9/14/99

Thanks to Newsweek, my aunt and I just discovered your website. It's true, its true that both my Aunt and I are liberal democrats. And it goes without saying that we are partisan voters.

Still, we are disgusted by Bill Clinton and his lies and deceit. But Bush is far far worse! This is a man who would send to prison millions of young people for using the very drugs he himself was so fond of using.

And even had Bush never been a druggie, the idea that he is willing and capable of wrecking young lives by pandering to the sentiments of religious right is reprehensible!!

While I deplore the usage of drugs along with alcohol abuse, I also believe that NO ONE belongs in jail or prison for usage. If they have a problem, then we should be supporting rehab and helping people repair their lives. Anything else is cruel and unusual punishment!

Thanks for this website and providing me the opportunity to vent.

Cheers from San Diego,


Subject: Great website
Date: 9/14/99

keep uo the good work. The letters from prison were most effective. Very very sad! Thanks for doing a public service and helping to shed light on injustice.

Vikky (grandmother

Subject: The Biggest Secret
Date: 9/14/99

Hi, Saw your site written up in Newsweek and had to visit. About two weeks ago a friend gave me a web site address that would have some information about a secret ceremony that was supposed to take place at the Pyramids in Egypt during the eclipse that would be attended by George Bush among others. Well I visited and there was not much information about the ceremony but there were many articles all about George Bush and his family bloodlines and the Windsors. There was also an article bout Aliens Amongst Us which is just too too bizarre but after reading it I visited to see if they carried David Icke's newest book The Biggest Secret. They do ... so I read the reviews. I live near a Borders Bookstore and went in and asked if they carried the book. I found it and decided to buy it. It is really far out but the more you read it the more you see and recognize the familiar signs and symbols that supposedly mean the corporations behind the logos, buildings, etc. are all part of an occult brotherhood. George Bush figures prominently in this book so I thougt I would point this information your way. Your link to the Drug War Links and Cops VS CIA:LA Cop takes on CIA over drug running are just too damn coincidental. Thanks for your excellent site. B. Sonder

Subject: Keep Up the Good Work
Date: 9/14/99

I applaud your website.......Keep the pressure on all professional politicians - Republican or Democrat......

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/14/99

You are an idiot for dishonoring our next President

Subject: read artilce in newsweek
Date: 9/15/99

great story in newsweek checked out your site it is funny as shit. good work and good foresight

Subject: VERY FUNNY SITE and Bush Campaign contribution to it!
Date: 9/15/99

Hey Zack,

Your gwbush site is funny, funny, funny. I'm a freelance writer and was thoroughly entertained. Interestingly enough, the actions of the Bush campaign contributed to both my finding the site and my enjoyment as a reader. Coverage of their antics in the press provides readers with an almost irresistible invitation to visit your site. And for webbies (and probably a lot of other folks), it infuses drama and excitement into a site before they've even read the content. Your site stats must be going through the ceiling.

Usually when I visit a site because of its high media profile I'm disappointed. Like going to a movie that's received such a big buildup that seeing the film is an anticlimax because the buildup was better than the movie. However, there are parody sites (as well as movies) that are done so well the media buildup actually enhances the reader's experience. certainly qualifies for the latter.

It's hard to believe that Bush doesn't have at least one media savvy staffer. It's just basic PR to understand that the Bush people elevated what might have been a non-story to the status of a big story. Big, not in terms of it's earthshaking content, but more because of what it represents and the ripple (or in this case, tidal wave) effect. The absurdity of the situation makes Bush a target for every comedian, satirist, humorist, or any of the multitude of folks whose job it is to make fun of the silly things politicians do. Additionally, the range of issues the story touches gives it staying power-everything from the domain name brouhaha, to freedom on the net, to a glimpse at the man behind the curtain (with apologies to "The Wizard of Oz" fans).

It shows either an incredible lack of experience, an abundance of arrogance or both. My own experience tells me that no amount of savvy staffers could have prevented the campaign's response because it no doubt came right from the horses, well, mouth-Mr. G. W. Bush himself. It's a given that the attitudes of the leader flow down through the organization. Or, as some of my corporate clients would say, "Shit flows downhill."

I've not had time to read the entire site and you may have already thought of this, but, I'd love to see you parody some of Mr. Bush's other activities (not just drugs). Between now and the election (especially early on), Mr. Bush will probably give repeat performances rich with material. I'd also like to read more about you (in your own words), as well as your thoughts on "cybersquatting." Some press reports have tied your site to the whole cybersquatting controversy because of the reason you started the site. That's certainly the writer's prerogative, but it's clear that a concerning number of writers who can't seem to distinguish cybersquatting from legitimate parody sites that often use the names of well-known people.

Congratulations. Keep up the entertaining work. And thanks for helping to start and expand the public discussion of some important issues. I say "helping" because the Bush campaign should receive some credit for their unwitting contributions to the site's success. Can you imagine how Mr. Bush would handle the president's "bully pulpit?"


F r a n k

Subject: Time to grow up, Zack
Date: 9/15/99

I'm not a George W. supporter. Hell, I'm a registered independent. But you're way out of line. Maybe when you grow up you'll regret your actions. Maybe you like all the attention you're getting. Who knows? But my question to you is: What did George W. Bush ever do to you to make you treat him so disrespectfully? I realize he's lived a charmed life & might be living off his father's name, but did he ever harm you or your family? Pretty soon, it'll be time for you to act like a man. What will you do then? Imagine how pissed you'd be if someone unknown to you ridiculed you for no reason whatsoever. Someday, someone somewhere will do just that. But, heck, I'm sure you'll take it like a man, right? Yeah, sure...

Subject: Great Job!
Date: 9/15/99

Heya Zach,

I read the article about your site in Newsweek, and decided to take a visit.

I loved it! I'm from Austin, and am so disgusted with his campaign, both locally and nationally, that your website was a nice breather.

You've got guts guy. I respect that.

A fellow techie in Austin,


Subject: Where were you
Date: 9/15/99

Hey guys,

Where were you when we needed you? Last year when clinton was being impeached for lying and lying and lying, where were you? Sure he didn't inhale-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I guess you believe in the tooth fairy. Oh well, I guess you have no qualms with clinton granting amnesty to terrorists? You want to know why this country is in such bad shape? It's because of hypocrites, not only Bush, but you and clinton and the other liberals. You probably were protecting bill and hillary during their trying times, and now you decide to stand up for something you believe in. Well my friend, it's too late. Don't give up your day job.......

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/15/99

This site is a crock of shit. It's pretty evident that the guy on MSNBC last night was a Gore supporter not a Buchanan supporter. Goiod scam. The DNC must be proud of you.

Subject: Your Site
Date: 9/15/99

Dear Zack:

As one prankster to another: JOB WELL DONE!!!! Thanks for renewing my faith that the power to laugh can heal a multitude of problems. Long may you wave



Subject: Ten Commandments
Date: 9/15/99

Dear Zack,

Wasn't there some weirdness in G.W.'s mind recently, when he suggested there must be a way for all of us to agree on the Ten Commandments? This was a couple of months ago, and I don't have the exact quote; but there was something he said about the adoption of a uniform "Ten," which could be used in all the public schools. I read it in a newspaper, during my lunch. Sorry I don't have all the facts, but I'm sure he said something to that effect. Ah, but which version? The Torah, the Vulgate of St. Jerome, the King James translation, the Jerusalem Bible, or Good News for Modern Man? Being Episcopalian, I think he meant the one in the New English Bible, but I might be wrong.

Maybe you've run something on this already (I don't know, since I just found out about your site in the current "Newsweek"). But maybe Jews, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Protestants might need some reminding of what he suggested. Run something on this's sure to touch a nerve with the Judeo-Christian Right, Center or Left. It can't lose, because it is an ecumenical issue!

G.W. missed a few things about history in his classes, but maybe he can find expedient solutions to intractible theological dilemmas. The World Council of Churches might be interested in his ideas on reunification, transubstantiation, infant baptism and the correct number of sacraments, if he has a little time to spare & share, in his vigorous life.

Whoa! This will be a long campaign...I'll try to send other tidbits, when I find 'em.


Subject: MSNBC
Date: 9/15/99

Saw you on MSNBC. Good Job. Programers rule! Love the GWbush site. Keep it up. Its time to expose the coke heads who put people in jail for being coke heads.

Add to your list of Drug News sites.


Jay, Grad Student Computer Science and Engineering Penn State