Subject: T-Shirt
Date: 9/15/99

Hey guys could I get a TShirt with GW doing a line of coke, and under it it says what Bumber sticker #3 says. ie. "George W. Bush: Not a coke-head anymore"

I was going to buy the bumper sticker, but I really want a big fat tshirt. If this is not possible then let me know and I'll buy the bumper stickers.

Thx Jay

Subject: Good job done
Date: 9/15/99

The perverted republicans bent over backwards to find everything wrong with a democrat president. Those hypocrites are silent on the gwbush drug issue. Why aren't all those folks who also had youthful indiscretions speaking out? It's time people stopped getting political and just speaking out for what is right whether you are repub or dem. I am so glad that you young man has had the guts to speak out. We should all have such web sites to point out the slanted, vicious, devious political system we have. Where is Barr now ? where is Trent Lott ? why aren't they speaking out LOUD?

Date: 9/15/99

I want a copy of George W. Bush's birth certificate.

Subject: Atta Boy...
Date: 9/16/99

You go boy.

Tim , Carmen, Christopher & Nicholas

Subject: Hi
Date: 9/15/99


I heard you on the radio this morning and had to check out your site. (KABC 790/ Los Angeles).

I'm a Bush supporter, but I also support your right to maintain your site and say whatever you want about any political candidate, including GW Bush.

I would have signed your petition, but didn't see anything that said you wouldn't forward or sell my personal ID for profit. I hate to get junk e-mail. (I wonder if there are others of us out there that WOULD have signed except for that...)

Any way, I'm on your side. Good luck.


Subject: great site!
Date: 9/15/99

i loved your site. keep up the good work!

laughing out loud, -dan

Subject: pulling bush's card
Date: 9/15/99

dear sirs,

sitting here reading thru a recent issue of newsweek i come upon the article "the mouse that roars" this is not the first time i have heard of your site, so i felt compelled to ask for a favor,no not just a favor a huge favor

at some point in the past year or two mr.bush supported some type of bill that called for nuclear dumping in west texas thats right a texas govenor wanting to dump nuclear waste in his own state. amazingly enough i myself reside in texas, born and raised >From the word go i could give a shit about politics and polititions but the fact remains they still exist. so if one had to be in office, my choice would be one thats not fucking up shit where i live at. this is not made up stuff but it can be actually documented, although i could not tell you where. perhaps you could do me a favor and speak on this at your web site because the fact of the matter is this, bush supporters or not no one wants nuclear waste.

thank you red in the face texan Justin

Date: 9/15/99

So this is what the Republicans have come to: replace one mediocrity (the father) with another (the son). Does anyone see this as a re-enactment of the final nail in the coffin of the Roman Empire? I great regime brought to its end by the idiotic, inbred, spawn of it erstwhile leadership? Or, is this, in fact, Georhe Bush's revenge for electing Clinton, inthe first place? Time to think about emmigrating to France where the politics are far more rational.

Subject: good site...
Date: 9/15/99

nice job man real good

Date: 9/15/99

Great site! I saw you in Newsweek. Keep tweeking the shrub.

Subject: Great Job!
Date: 9/16/99

Thank you for putting up a great web site. The prisoner letters were heartbreaking. I hope they get a lot of national exposure.

I can't believe Bush Jr. still has so many supporters. You would think they would be spooked by all of the allegations that are floating around. There is still a lot of time for more damning evidence to surface. Might someone who is "in the know" be holding out for the opportunity to do the most damage? We can only hope.

Keep up the good work.


Subject: Nice Work.
Date: 9/15/99

Congratulations on your inadvertant step into American political history.

Free speech and political satire definitely adds to the quality of life in America.

If you decide to register as a political committee, and begin accepting donations to pay for the unexpected costs of hosting Drop me an E-mail and I'll make a modest donation.



Subject: Thank you....
Date: 9/15/99

For reminding me of why I left the Republican party! :-) Until I visited your site I didn't realize Ralph Reed was working for GWB. That's all I need to know, since I knew he worked for Pat Robertson on his campPAIN (spelled wrong on purpose). I guess it really is true that the repubs are the Xtian party after all eh? The only good "right winger" is one who plays in the NHL..... Keep up the good work! Rich

Subject: great web site
Date: 9/15/99

Hi, I saw your article in Time. I think you sight is great and remember NEVER sell out

Keep up the good work


Subject: Your Webpage
Date: 9/16/99

I love your webpage on His Majesty George W Bush. Keep exposing this jerk for the hypocrite and moron that he is!! Great job.


Subject: Comfort?
Date: 9/16/99

Where has all the virtue gone. -Yoda

Subject: Keep up the good work Zack.
Date: 9/16/99

Just visited your site,alot of food for thought. Let us all hope that people will take the time to read those letters and feel some compassion for those who have gotten caught in the system. It is always the unfortunate who have to pay for their indiscretions and always money walks.

Subject: !!
Date: 9/16/99

Great fuckin site. I loved it. check out my site dedicated to New York City's fascist mayor Rudy Giuliani...

Subject: Great web site!
Date: 9/16/99

I think your web site is terrific and was happy to sign the petition in favor of free speech. Every person has the right to express political opinions, whether on the Internet, via a newspaper, or on a street corner. It will be a very sad day for America if G.W. is elected president. -Chris

Subject: Your silly site
Date: 9/16/99

Say, "President G W Bush...President G W Bush..."

Get used to it.

Subject: Your site
Date: 9/16/99

How about that. I bet you're real proud of yourself. You went and made a web site based on a reporter's unanswered question. It is YOU who are the hypocrite! You say that you want truth in politics. Liar! Just remember two things: Public opinion and cold, hard evidence.

PUBLIC OPINION: For what little it's worth, 51% believe Bush did coke but 53% believe Clinton did it. Do you poke fun at Clinton?

EVIDENCE: There is reasonable evidence to prove that Clinton not only did coke, but distributed it (as favors, not for profit). There is not a single shred of evidence that Bush has had anything to do with cocaine -- ever. There's not even an unverified report of some guy seeing GW putting something up his nose in college. Nothing.

SO, why isn't there a web site about Clinton's "drug use"? Instead of saying "Drug Free Since 1974" you could say "Drug Free Since Yesterday". We have no proof of him doing coke since being elected President, but since he did it as Arkansas Attorney General and as Governor, who's to say that he's NOT done it in Washington??? Why is it that he's the only President in 3 decades to not release his medical records to the public? Hmmmm??? (We knew every time Reagan was constipated!) Where's the media on that? Heck, where are YOU on that?

'Nuff said.

Mike, Fredericksburg, VA

Date: 9/16/99

I just finished reading an article about you site in Newsweek and felt compelled to write. Newsweek, undoubtedly swayed by its liberal leanings, essentially lauded your website for its barb parodies of George W. Bush while conveniently brushing aside the rather questionable motives for your attacks. Buried within the text was the fact that you are non-partisan and only developed the site after your demand of $350,000.00 for the site was rejected. Rather than marvel at the supposedly witty and inventive sites created on the web, the article should have centered upon greed and spitefulness which the net clearly engenders. In essence, you are no more than a blackmailing grifter who used the web as a weapon when your demands were not met. Your site was not developed because you truly believed Bush was a hypocrite or unfit for the job, but only because of his failure to pay you off. If that is to be considered an admirable aspect of the internet, the ease with which public figures can be smeared for failing to comply with blackmail demands, then we are all in trouble.


Date: 9/16/99

Thanks for the laughs...and the brisk, clean air of satire.

Sometimes all it takes is one sharp guy with a healthy sense of humor to knock some reality into the well sculpted personas that are made for our group consumption. Here's hoping GW doesn't get a chance to limit our freedom.

Good luck...& thanks again.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/16/99

As i sit hear and enjoy my legal beer i wish i had a number to burn.

Subject: your website
Date: 9/16/99

I hope that you realize that everyone has skeletons in his/her closet. In fact, I am sure that there are things that you have done in you life that you regret. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes. As human beings, we are not perfect, nor should we expect others to be perfect. I am not advocating G.W. Bush, and the mistakes that he has made, but when is the American public going to stop focusing on the mistakes and start looking at the real issues that each of the candidates stand for. The only reason that I logged on to your website was because my one professor said that it was good for a laugh. It seems to me that it is definitly "good for a laugh". Maybe the next website that you create, you will devote to the real issues of each candidate instead of making a mockery of them.

Subject: bush
Date: 9/16/99

What bothers me more than GW Bush is the people who support him. Hyposcrisy runs the deepest here. The same people who whined that Bill Clinton was nothing but a "pot smoking draft-dodger" are now supporting a "coke-snorting draft-dodger." Talk about hypocrisy! If you hate Bill Clinton because he is a democrat...fine.. hate him. If you hate GW because he is Republican, that's ok too. But let's not confuse morality with partisanship.

If you hate GW because as Govenor he has pushed for tougher penalties for his own behavior...even better... that actually has logic to it.

Subject: Great Job
Date: 9/16/99

After hearing you the other day on the John & Ken Show in Los Angeles, I just had to sign in and check out your sight.

You've done a wonderful job, keep up the good work. It's about time someone stood up to these blowhards and told the world what it's all REALLY about. Too bad the net wasn't as widely available as it is now when Clinton was running. Maybe all the news about his infidelities would have made us all think twice before casting that vote.

Good luck to you in the future....


Subject: bush league
Date: 9/17/99

how come shrub did not buy up ""? There is room there for more shrub foibles

Subject: Enough with Bush!
Date: 9/17/99

I can't stand all this BS about G. Bush being a good man! He is nothing but a wax figure the lobbyists role out when they want something done. Everything he says is what his contributors want him to say; its like he doesn't have a mind of his own! Same with Al Gore and Bill Clinton! Along with most the other presidential canidates. We need a president that can think for his/her own, and is brave enough to say and work for it. What G. Bush does and says is totally opposite of what his campain contributers want him to say, so he ends up in this pickle! If we got a guy/gal up there that ran not for the fame and publicity, but for his/her own beleifs, we'd all be better off. WTG Zack for bringing up all this BS about Bush, and don't let those federal hilbillies let you down.

~Jason, CA

Subject: Thank You For Doing This!
Date: 9/17/99

Thank you for doing this website. Humor and parody is the only antidote when we have a candidate as ridiculous in his mediocrity and hypocrisy as George W. Bush.

I think more has to be done about looking into his past business dealings. All of the Bush sons were and are very dirty in this respect, and it is indeed relevant to their fitness for public office and the public trust that entails. Most of it was in relation to cushy investment and employment opportunties doled out to them as the sons of a President and Vice-President.

We should remember 2 key things about this Bush. 1) The Texas governorship is constitutionally the weakest in the country. 4+ plus years of that is far from heavy lifting and no qualification for the Presidency. Smile a lot, do photo-ops, and that's enough for that one. 2) G.W. Bush's only major accomplishment as governor was legislation that vastly reduced consumers' ability to sue manufacturers over defective products.

This is vintage Bush--hammer the average guy, and work for special interests. Like father, like son.

I can only repeat the bumper sticker I saw in 1992: NO MORE BUSHSHIT!

With deep appreciation,

Joe, Portland Oregon

Subject: love you website
Date: 9/17/99

This is a killer website. Peace, KLUB

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/17/99

I'm glad you didn't get your money.

Subject: Good work!
Date: 9/17/99

Great site! Keep up your blast at the hypocrisy of GWB. If (or Clinton, or any of the other drug-users in gov't) had any integrity, GWB would immediately commute the sentences of everyone in TX prisons for drug "crimes." But, then, if GWB had intergrity, he wouldn't be a politician.

All the best,


Subject: dazed
Date: 9/17/99

I just want to say that I see nothing wrong with this site. I think it might be good. I do think though that the tactics about the is something maybe that should be resolved. Three years ago I might have thought this site is terrible. But because of someone very close to me that went through some problems with the law and court similar to Clinton's ordeal with Lewinsky I have changed my mind. I saw Clinton get away with things that my close friend did not get away with. And the worst part of it is, he did not lie, but Clinton actually was guilty of lying. I remember thinking if he had been a politician and had money, he would have been free and able to go just like Clinton. As far as Mr. Bush Jr., well I think he should just say it like it is. By not admitting anything it has grown much worse. 2 wrongs do not create anything right. Maybe our past is private, but he is running for public office and the people have a right to any questions they want to ask, and expect an answer. We have been lied to in this last few years. I don't think anyone really cares if he did use drugs, what we care about is if he is man enough to say the truth. No wonder the Reform Party is growing stronger. I am in Minnesota, and I am so glad that Governor Ventura got voted in. It sure woke up all our other politicians in this State. So think about working out the name issue of your site, and work this into a good thing. It can be extremely useful for the public to see that we all have similar feelings. I don't like reading polls to see if these candidates are accepted or not. I want to hear what people are really thinking. Build it on respect. Don't play the same game the politicians do.


Subject: Please consider linking to my political rant room
Date: 9/17/99

Hi GWBUSH world, Good job. Keep up the great work.

Alos, please consider linking to my political rant room. The URL is:

Thankyou, Adrienne

Subject: ed
Date: 9/17/99


Geo II on Roseanne - perfect marriage

Check out Maureen Dowd (NYTimes) ed "Will Bush be quick enough study?" Another Qualyeism. - "East Timorians" instead of East Timorese. Plus some great quotes - musing about how he will tell his advisors to "kiss off"

Plus good photo of Geo II at a loss for words - Dallas Morning News/ Ronald Matinez - page 21A - "Bush Deplores Killings During visit to hospital"

Subject: Your Site
Date: 9/17/99

Wow. I'd heard briefly that GW was in a wrangle with some internet site, but I didn't know it had been elevated to such a high level. After reading the letters and the FEC indictment, I'm appalled that this could happen in MY country. Zack, my old son, I applaud your balls to buck these politicos. But be careful!!!! To paraphrase an old quote, "Them that's got, get. Them that ain't, don't." Keep cool and "Illegitimus non carborundum". Bruce

Subject: "G. W. Bush...The Finest Politician That Money Can Buy!"
Date: 9/17/99

I've Got A Great Bumper Sticker For GW's Presidential Campaign...

"G. W. Bush...The Finest Politician That Money Can Buy!"

Keep up the good work!

Ron, Seattle, WA

PS I signed the petition.

Subject: Your Web Page
Date: 9/17/99

Your web page is just about as inane as anything I have seen on the inernet to date. Bet you are still scared to death of Richard Nixon. Get a life!

Subject: Newsweek Article
Date: 9/17/99


I have to say that the article in Newsweek will probably not end up being your friend. You came off looking like a "get rich quick" vindictive profiteer. When you didn't get your extortive asking price, you took your response to a very vicious and personal level. If you had asked a more reasonable price for your investment you might have done well, but I fear that you will regret the press that you probably sought out. Now that I (and millions of others) know what you look like, I will be sure never to conduct any business with someone who finds it so easy to trash a fellow human being. I would love to see Newsweek do a follow-up story on you in 6 to 9 months. I don't think it would have a happy ending.

Subject: way t' go
Date: 9/17/99

Z - Great site! But don't you think you should be a little more respectful? After all, we're talking about a man who has unselfishly devoted his life to the public good, forsaking riches to work for you and me - the little people.

Best of luck - John

Subject: Don't elect that son of a Bush
Date: 9/18/99

OK, I'm still not sure who I'm gonna vote for in 2024. But it sure as hell is not going to be Bush or Gore. BTW, all you idiots who call Zack a left-wing nutcase, how can you be so sure that this guy is definitely a liberal? What irrevocable proof do you have of this? And what is this shit about Zack being one-sided? He has links to anti-Gore sites, a Libertarian site, and others as well. I don't know how much hope there is for this country anymore. Remember what comedy great George Carlin said: "If you have selfish, ignorant voters, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders." Peace, Jeremy Ross BTW, In case you were wondering, I am a liberal. Not that it's all that relevant.

Subject: Questionable statistic
Date: 9/18/99


In your "but seriously" section, you claim that "40% of Americans have a criminal record."


I'm sorry, but that's a real stretch. That would mean, of a country of 270 million people, that about 108 million of us have a criminal records. And since a substantial number of people are under 18, that means that the proportion of adults with criminal records would have to be very high.

Your statistic is very questionable. If you can document it from an authorative source, fine. Otherwise, you begin to look like the people you hate.

Just a thought.


Subject: From the Armpit of DC...
Date: 9/18/99

...DC being "Dubya Country", of co-ourse (gotta say that with a Texas twang, then it sounds right).

I'll (in 7-10 days) count myself as one of the proud wearers of what will hopefully be Dubya's last great quote, "There ought to be limits to freedom". I will carry that standard into the deepest darkest regions of DC and will never hesitate to use every opportunity to smartly raise my right thumb to my nose while moving my fingers of my right hand in a waving fashion while issuing a "brraaaaappp" noise from my mouth. This is my pledge.

Subject: Your site
Date: 9/18/99

I would think that your site was cool, except for one thing: Your original purpose in securing the domain name was to extort money from the Bush campaign. The opinion of an extortionist is worthless.

Correction: the extortionist is worthless.

Subject: re: "GET REAL" 8/16
Date: 9/18/99

So basicly, you feel we shouldn't exercise our freedoms, because it puts us at risk of losing them, and that political parody is an especially abusive use of the freedom of speech?

This is a great site, and humorously poses some questions about Dubya that really need answering. I think the founders and writers of the Constitution had exactly this kind of speech in mind when they framed the First Amendment.

The way to keep our freedoms is to fight tooth and nail for them. Many, many Americans have done that, even to their death. To give them up passively dishonors too many that have suffered to preserve them for us.

To loosely quote Jefferson: the true patriot is the one who respects the ideals of their country, not its present policies.

Subject: Announcement:GW Bush & Marion Barry 2024 Republican ticket
Date: 9/18/99

Hey Zack:

I am offering the following two suggestions:

web parody announcing the GW Bush & Marion Barry (Washinton D.C. mayor) 2024 Presidential Campiagn Ticket, and;

web page exclusively for Texans to post their rants about Shrub

Take Care, Ritchie.

Subject: Zack
Date: 9/18/99

How's it going...I just read your article in Newsweek and I was wanted to tell you that I think you're doing a great job. I'm a Poli. Sci. student at UT, and we have been discussing your problem with the FEC in class.

Keep up the good work...


Subject: John and Ken RULE......
Date: 9/18/99

This sight kicks ass......

Date: 9/18/99

Keep on giving the Shrub hell! If he is elected president, I'm moving to Canada.

J. Dillard

Subject: Marilyn Quayle and George
Date: 9/18/99

The quote I liked best was when Marilyn was asked what she thought of George's coke use she said, "I'm not worried so much about the coke, it's the LSD use that I worry about."


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/18/99

I hope you're having fun with this, because it appears to be a complete waste of time to me. I recommend putting your obvious talents in web design to a more productive use for all of us. Good luck.

Subject: Kudo's!
Date: 9/19/99

We need more people like you. You make people look, listen and question, not just do as the other sheep do. You made a stand and the intelligent ones out there love you for it and will stand side by side with you. Keep up the great work and never back down, freedom is worth fighting for!

Lisa & Bob

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 9/19/99

So you must think your sight is funny? I read about in the most recent issue of Newsweek...You must be proud of the smirk on your mug in the issue, but your web sight is very insulting. So you enjoy jumping all over Bush--even though you think it's all in fun--which surely shows your own misplaced values. You're just a typical yankee: all in it for himself, doesn't give a damn about anyone else.