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One Love Brothers and Sisters!

My name is Rodosvaldo Pozo. I got 33 years for 7 grams of cocaine I didn't sold! What? Yes sir!

I was charged as parts to the crime under Wis. Stats. 439.D5!

Cuz I was Black Cubano with a German Lady, this set me up and let a woman who had six charges walk away and got 33 years cuz I don't like their oppressive system.

I'm here at Green Bay Corr. Inst. and I have decided to unite the whole world to bring true peace to this wonderful land. America's government are against us cuz we know (the truth). Now brothers and sisters, form yours own party and do not vote for any of those deceitful presidents -they all going to lie -you don't believe me?

Let us make a new constitution. And let us make women become our presidents and children their advisors right? Right!

Rodosvaldo Pozo #141818
GB Corr. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307

Rodosvaldo wrote on the back of a photocopy of a confidential agreement between State of Wisconsin and Michelle E. Riley. Riley agreed to act as a Confidential Police Informant (CPI) because:

In consideration for the the CPI's cooperation, the State of Wisconsin will:
Dismiss, without prejudice, the posession of marijuana count and reduce to an ordinance the obstructing count. The CPI will plead to the ordinance obstructing charge and also to the OWI 2nd, with recommendation of minimum statutory penalties (5 days jail, fine and revocation). OAR and other offenses to be dismissed...

Exh. #PP, Police Incident OCN 95-411, Court File 95-CF- 95-CT-