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"George, Let us rise above the extreme rhetoric of hate, fear and intolerance, and begin to explore alternatives to our current policy of mass incarceration."

Tom Nathaniel Walker II
13002-064 Austin
P.O. Pox 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119

Dear George,

When our God fearing leaders enacted the current immoral, racist and insane drug laws we were in a very deep post-Vietnam funk. Nixon needed a raft to cling to and a way to control an unruly and exploding population of young people, blacks and hispanics. With the influences exerted by the state, the church, and corporate America we ventured into the uncharted waters of the evolution of a fascist state.

George, I've smuggled hemp, in the spirit of the "kind of smugglers," John Hancock, since the dawn of this infamous 30 year odyssey of preposterous, ludicrous, and dangerous illogical war. My education at OSU was supplemented with income derived from procuring hemp in the form of marijuana to other students of higher education. Never have I pushed the herb, it sells itself. Remember that pot you smoked, you sought it out to further enhance the rough edges of that alcohol haze, or was it to explore the unknown?

George, how many billions of dollars will have to be wasted by the government before we admit the folly of our ways? The drug war fuels a billion dollar black market that could be tapped as a valuable source of revenue for the state!

George, as you well know, drugs are as American as apple pie, whether we like it or not. In both Colonial American and the newly independent United States, drugs were used to fill the public coffers. Tobacco was the number one cash crop. Hemp was number two.

George, history's lesson is clear. For all its bluster and brazen rhetoric, America is inherently tied to the propensity of human beings to take risk, a persistent and necessary trait of human nature.

George, illegal drugs are purely a matter of business, a way for the oppressed and disenfranchised to pursue the American Dream.

George, let us rise above the extreme rhetoric of hate, fear, and intolerance and begin to explore alternatives to our current policy of mass incarceration.

George, nothing is more destructive of respect for our government and its laws than passing laws which cannot be enforced. War is based on deception.

George, the drug war has clearly become a major social, economic, and legal phenomenon that directly involves millions of individuals. Yet, the issues of drug use remain shrouded in confusion, misinformation, and fear, perpetuating a flawed approach that was adopted more than 60 years ago, resulting in the continuing waste of resources and lives.

George, the drug war is not justice, it's a stage created for judges, lawyers, district attorneys and politicians. It's an act, a play in which real people are condemned to hell.

George, the drug war is a retarded response to a process of supply and demand gone amok, an insatiable machine into which the influential monied class with political smoke fed defenseless, disenfranchised blacks, meskins, hispanics, and poor Americans into the ever expanding corporate prison complex.

George, we dream and pray for peace, you have the power to produce this peace.

George, the continuation of punitive drug laws constitute a perverted and misguided infringement of personal privacy and individual freedom as well as a terrible waste of resources.

George, we are all full of weakness and errors, but tolerance implies a respect for others, we are all human.

George, we could eliminate up to 50% of our solid waste problems by legalizing hemp.

George, how long do you think we can hide the truth? Drugs don't kill people, it's policies and ignorance.

George, as we ride another economic miracle into the next millennium why can't we let our prosperity breed tolerance and compassion?

George, why can't we call at truce in this endless war and release on humanitarian grounds all non-violent prisoners of war as a means of contributing to a higher order of social justice?

George, why do politicians sensationalize crime and drugs to feed and perpetuate this monster?

George, inhaling marijuana is bad for the lungs, an enlightened public health advocate should urge cooking instead.

George, since the federal mandatory minimums were enacted in 1987, the number of women in prison has tripled. 80% of them are mothers and all of them are somebody's daughter. Two to three million children have parents in jail. Would you jail your daughters if they were caught doing drugs?

George, why is the latest tactic of our politicians to polarize the issue of constitutional rights vs. crime? Who benefits from this brazen rhetoric of hate?

George, the current drug policy rewards the weak antisocial predators to destroy the strong. How does this enhance the American system of justice?

George, using prisons for non-violent offenders is wasteful and counterproductive.

George, the drug war is destroying our most precious possessions: privacy and freedom.

George, do you realize that the commission guidelines have taken the responsibility of justice away from our judges and given it to the prosecutors?

George, the drug war can't be won. A hand full of zealots made noise and a cringing bunch of self-serving legislators caved in to perpetuate a system of greed that leads to power abuse evolving inexorably into a police state.

George, the underground black market for drugs offers life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the poor and the disenfranchised. Do you really believe this sanitized war with its abstract phrases and images perpetuated by hypocritical, vindictive, spineless inquisitors can break the cycle of people striving for the American Dream?

George, does the term compassionate conservative have room for the demonization of immigrants? Does the drug war also exploit the American penchant for cruelty towards lesser dehumanized peoples, immigrants, blacks, hispanics, poor?

George, why do drug warriors, macho politicians with no record of independent thought, prey on the weak and defenseless, using children and fear as a smokescreen for their rascality.

George, in a true democracy the individual's freedom and liberties are protected from the absolute unrestrained rule of the majority.

George, is not tolerance the price of freedom?

George, the drug war is spreading an environment of despair and frustration through the land, from which emanates a strong feeling of injustice and hopelessness. A fertile breeding ground for violence and terrorism.

George, the drug war has transformed the idea of justice into a hideous brutal lie. The tyranny of mass incarceration is ablaze with defiance being driven to excess by charismatic inflammatory hate-filled oratory.

George, it is a fact that prisons are and have always been filled with the poor instead of the rich, this is not some great cosmic coincidence, we should be ashamed instead of only temporarily inconvenienced.

George, as a product of our insane drug laws the prisons are fast becoming a depository for the black, hispanic, poor, and disenfranchised. A deep contempt for the practice of justice and the power of money ricochets off the grim, ridiculous cinder block pile of despair.

George, in prison the immediate reward for doing the right thing is no longer enticing, because tomorrow has been stolen by the ephemeral little Tinker Bell called justice, it's easy to take risks and not to care, because there is no more stake in the future.

George, why do the so-called Christians, out of control primates, narcissistic and quite insensitive to others, orchestrate the destruction of the drug war while hiding behind bibles and badges with the thick blindfolds of patriotic optimism and intolerance?

George, all our children are the unfortunate victims of the lies that we spread to perpetuate this endless war. Ignorance continues to kill our children. We can no longer pretend that reality is fixed and that we have the answers to the future.

George, since 1937 about half the forest of the world has been cut down to make paper. If hemp had not been outlawed, most of it would still be standing oxygenating the planet.

George, one acre of hemp can produce the same amount of pulp as 4 acres of trees, or 25 barrels of oil.

George, do you really believe that marijuana is the gateway drug? Did you have an irresistible urge to try heroin or cocaine after you smoked that joint?

George, if we continue treat illegal drugs as a law enforcement problem, we are doomed to another four decades of abject failure.

George, prisons have become monuments of concrete, steel and razor wire, to the fear, greed, and political cowardice that now pervades American society.

George, the drug war, like the legend of Sisyphus, dooms us to eternity, demonizing an innate object.

George, why is the political rhetoric about small government and the virtues of the free market being accompanied by an eagerness to deny others their freedoms?

George, the right to choose must exist for everyone or it exists for no one!

George, why am I separated from my freedoms by boundaries arbitrarily set by others in the name of justice? Only in a repressive fascist state does law and order stand alone.

George, my goal is to free all political prisoners of war who are held in steel cages because their pursuit of happiness violates an arbitrary bar imposed by moral standards based on fairy tales.

George, why does the new world order enable finance capital of the multinational corporations to do whatever they want or to go where ever they want on the face of the earth, but restricts freedom of choice and establishes boundaries only for the people?

George, I strive to expose the arrogance of the drug warriors' claim to righteousness, the mandates that stem from such arrogance, and the destruction wrought by those mandates.

George, the oceans continue to be poisoned, the land is being raped and drowned in carcinogenic pesticides and herbicides, yet we still blow the trumpet of war upon an inmate object.

George, drug use is an act of defiance, a form of civil disobedience.

George, the war on drugs represents a fascist tactic of a repressive drug policy that inherently puts poor and disenfranchised people in prison before they get angry and organize. Incarcerating those at the bottom of the social strata for drugs has the smell and the ethics of the lowest form of intestinal bacterium.

George, the drug war has not and will not stop or alter the use of drugs, except the drugs are more available and much more potent than the ten dollar bags of marijuana we once inhaled. The drug war only enhances the profit to be made in the underground economy.

George, our use of indiscriminate labels only tends to polarize our people into intransigent conflicting positions. Using drug users as scapegoats does nothing to enhance the American system of justice.

George, our prisons are becoming vast overcrowded warehouses filled with slave factories behind bars. How does this enhance the American experience?

George, why must the state focus its energies on enforcing laws which penalize the crimes of the poor and the disenfranchised working men and women while ignoring the costly environmental degradation of the earth?

George, lest we wallow in the muck of history, let's cast off the shackles of intolerance, ignorance, hate, and begin again. Let liberty, justice, and the pursuit of justice encompass the dreams of all the people!

for the freedom of the cast & the capsule,

tom nathaniel walker II
p.o.w./fort worth, texas/1999

Tom Nathaniel Walker II
13002-064 Austin
P.O. Pox 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119