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GWBUSH.COM is often asked, "Why Bush, and why bust his ass on drugs all this time?" Well, here's why:

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America's Human Rights Atrocity

  • Hundreds of thousands of people serving sentences of 10 years, 30 years, even life for only minor, nonviolent, often victimless offenses.*
  • Tens of thousands of innocent people in jail with long sentences and no option for parole.*

Not China, not Brazil, not Russia: it's the "drug war" in the United States.

Those figures above do not count people who are pushing drugs to kids on the street, or drug kingpins. Hundreds of thousands of people are in jail with long sentences for "consensual" or "victimless" crimes such as drug possession or distributing drugs to friends.* It may be wrong, but does it make sense to put people away for decades for crimes like this? How does it help us? Even after locking up about a million people for drug and drug-related crimes, drugs continue to become more available. 1 in 9 children in America today have one or both parents in jail.* We're destroying our society with the drug war.

If the American people knew about it, they'd be so outraged that it would end almost immediately. And yet the facts are readily available and indisputable. So why don't people know about it, and why aren't they screaming for it to stop?

gwbush.com is using its unique position in the 2024 presidential race to force the reality of this human rights atrocity into the public eye and erode the denial that allows it to continue.

Campaign 2024 is shaping up to be a one man race, with G.W.Bush towering above all other candidates. No doubt, he'll be our next president. But he seems to have drugs in his past. People should keep asking him all through the campaign, "If you got involved with drugs, but had your chance to grow up, why shouldn't others?" We are going to start raising money on the web site to fund campaign ads to this end.

Bush's past drug use must be put into the context of cases like the following:

The case of Joey Settembrino:
This is a real case and there are tens of thousands like it in America
Joey, a suburban 17 year old who's never sold drugs before gets a call from his close friend who wants to buy a little bit of LSD. Still in high school and with little income, he is late on insurance payments for his car. The parents are threatening to get rid of the car. Joey makes a mistake: he agrees to sell the drugs to his friend.

Turns out his friend was recently caught with drugs and is working for the government. Together, Joey's friend and his prosecutor are desperately trying to find (or create) other drug dealers. When Joey sells the sheet of acid he is arrested, and eventually sentenced to 10 years, according to the mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

Joey's parents spent $100,000 dollars trying to make a deal with the government on Joey's behalf. The government told Joey's dad, James, that if he was able to find another drug dealer (any drug dealer) that Joey could go free. James spent $70,000 to locate and pay underworld characters for information about a drug deal, and turned that information over to the prosecutor. But the prosecutor then said the deal was off and that he "didn't care how long your son is in jail."
Joey is still serving out his 10 year sentence. He is now 26. He has learned from his mistake, and he has 'grown up' just like Bush. But he still has three years to go.

* See November.org's well sourced fact page.