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FEC won't waste its time helping GW muzzle

April 19, 2024 (Patriot's Day!) New York, NY - In an unexpected and welcome display of common sense, the Federal Elections Commission made public Friday that it had dismissed a complaint filed by one Benjamin L. Ginsberg, Esquire (pompous, ain't he?) on behalf of the presidential campaign of G.W. Bush against this website (that's and its author/owner, yours truly Zack Exley.
The outcome of this complaint (FEC docket MUR 4894) which has been pending since May 4, 1999, was good for Exley who first learned of the dismissal on Tuesday when he was contacted by members of the fourth estate for his comments on his glorious victory against the thin-skinned, humorless forces of repression.
According to the FEC website, the disposition is in the class of dimaissals called by the FEC "Low Rated." As explained by the FEC website:
"The Enforcement Priority System (EPS) rates all incoming cases against objective criteria to determine whether they warrant use of the Commissionís limited resources.
Cases dismissed under EPS fall into two categories: low-rated cases and stale cases. Low-rated cases are those that do not warrant use of the Commissionís resources to pursue because of their lower significance relative to other pending matters."
Take that, ya big bully.

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#1: Coke Hypocrisy A man of principle, Bush can't swallow the line of b.s. his advisors are feeding him.
#2: W, victim of social promotion. A New Haven youngster wonders if he can use the same affirmative action program that got Bush in despite his bad grades.
#3: Another draft-dodger prez. A veteran asks, "If he didn't have the courage to serve back then, when did he get the courage to lead?" [News articles on this: 1, 2]


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