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That rat bastard Al Gore tried to one-up me by suggesting a law to keep Elian in the US.  I'll go one higher: I'm adopting Elian and making him my running mate.
Laura and I will raise young Elian as our own. He is being psychologically abused by his Miami family, and his father is a communist. Right here, right now, I'm vowing to rescue this miracle child not just from communism but from all crazy Cubans in general.
I also vow never to call him, "the little brown one."
As vice president, Elian Gonzolez will bring a much needed dose of innocence, optimism and sincerity to the White House. Also, he will provide representation to two disenfranchised groups: children and Latinos. If this doesn't work, there's also Ricky Martin.
Anyone who says a seven year old can't serve as VP doesn't know Elian. This kid has already been through hell and back--he's faced more adversity in his short life than I have in all my 53 years.

Todos Somos Elian!

FEC won't waste its time helping Bush --Press Release

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#1: Coke Hypocrisy A man of principle, Bush can't swallow the line of b.s. his advisors are feeding him.
#2: W, victim of social promotion. A New Haven youngster wonders if he can use the same affirmative action program that got Bush in despite his bad grades.  
#3: Another draft-dodger prez. A veteran asks, "If he didn't have the courage to serve back then, when did he get the courage to lead?" [News articles on this: 1, 2]  


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