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A proclamation. . . Whereas, the reign of George the First was hotly cut short by the upstart from the Ozarks; and Whereas the American common folk have, time and time again, shown themselves to be

manifestly unfit to decide for themselves what is indeed in the best interest of the realm, er, nation; gets semi-official endorsment from the Bush family, and the nod from Larry King.

Hereby be it Resolved. . .notwithstanding that the realm (drat!) nation has - during the intervening era, by irksome causes and inclusive to all - thriven to a "time of unprecedented prosperity" (so sayeth himself, George the Younger Pilot), . . . that now is the time to return to the Saturnian age of yesteryear and to Restore to America the Purpose it so callously threw aside when George the First - the Elder Pilot - was turned out of the palace, . . . to wit its Purpose: to elevate to his rightful throne, the Heir of the Great Angler, now the Younger Pilot, as it were Prince George, soon to be anoited His Highness (oops, not since 1974), George The Second.

PO Box 1245
Murray Hill Station
New York, NY 10156

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