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Subject: Why GWB will stink as prez --- from a conservative!!
Date: 8/13/99


I don't know what the fuss is all about. Dubya is a NWO, status quo scum. By the end of his first term we'll still have the IRS, the UN, the FEDERAL RESERVE, the SSA, COMMERCE, HUD, FEMA, LABOR, EDUCATION, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. But this is a fantasy, of course. Why we would not dare get rid of something that exists to limit freedom and wastes the taxpayers money!

The problem is, the framers never intended us to be trapped within a system of economic fascism, and a governance that would make Karl Marx blush. Free people don't HAVE SSNs, they don't NEED the govt for anything except some very essential items -- not sure what they are, but there must be something, lol!

BUSH will make a BAD president, so will algore -- unless you are on welfare and don't care about being released from the anti Liberty system of economics put into place most particularly in 1913, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

I'd be impressed with a leader who can get the govt out of my life, take down the unconstitutional IRS, take the bloat out of the federal govt, and shut the doors to the federal reserve and return to a constitutional system of regulating monetary policy.

A great leader, imo, would be someone who could set a persuasive moral tone to help restore America to it's foundation, which is God. Our country is enslaved by the federal reserve economically, and it is enslaved by moral depravity. The two are connected, and it takes great leadership, with great, compelling, articulate, and convincing arguments to support the GOOD idea that what we all want is as much freedom as we can get our hands on, and that the govt, so long as it exists, ought to be an agent to DEFEND that Liberty, if it should do anything, instead of constantly encroaching upon it -- something the latter will continue to do unabated if GWB or algore are elected president.

So GWB can kiss my behind. He ain't good for nuttin', except what he can get for himself once he becomes the president. "Hey, look at me, I am the president" Not a bad deal, really. Take 150 million dollars of other people's money, get a nice salary, tons of perks, a secret Swiss bank account for kissing the ass of the 17 bankers that run the show, and the ability to have the ultimate power trip -- all at taxpayer expense.

I'll work very hard to make sure it is not at MY expense. At least if I am not paying for this crap it wont make me feel so bad :)


Subject: go man go
Date: 8/13/99

keep up the fight for all of america,we need you .

-- ned!

Subject: Bush the criminal
Date: 8/13/99

I love your site, but unless I'm mistaken you're missing one of the biggest stories on Bush's criminal past. When Daddy Bush was in office, GW was on the Board of Directors for an oil conglomerate. Days prior to the company reporting a 10 digit loss, GW sold millions of dollars in stock. There's a word for that, insider trading, and its very illegal.

And its morally wrong. When he did that, he was robbing the stockholders of the stability of their life's savings. He was risking a further drop in stock price, manipulating the market and misusing the power and responsibility given to him by the SEC.

Its amazing that this story isn't bigger already, but if you want to know more, check out last months issue of Rolling Stone.

Keep up the good work!


Subject: cover your ass
Date: 8/13/99

I can imagine the hassles you are getting.Were it not for the internet and it's partial exposure of the inherent hypocrisy of our elected oalfs Billy boys dead ass would be hanging as a trophy in the horny halls of congrunt. They are running scared and spending my tax money to cut your and your kind throats, ie your access. They spend enough money, mine, on how to control and they have learned any law that says" you can not....." doesn't work any more so they attach their desires to something out in left field to sneak it through legislation and cut your first amendment throat. Attached you will find an example if passed will be a huge leap to cutting you and your kind from a public forum. Sincerely Richard Wilkinson, Ponder, Tx. Dear Senators Gramm and Hutchison,

I am taking a moment to write you with some concerns I have regarding legislation which will be brought under your scrutiny. The Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999, led by Senators Hatch and Feinstein, would effectively end the protection of free speech on the Internet under the guise of protecting people from methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a dangerous substance, and its production and distribution must not be tolerated. However, the text of the bill you will be asked to vote on is not specific to information about methamphetamine.

Based on section 9 of the act, (reproduced below)publishing any drug information on the Internet will become a felony, punishable by up to ten years in a federal prison. Simply linking to a web site containing drug information will also become a crime.

Of course we dont want people openly trafficking in drugs on the internet, and there must be some legislation to prevent this, but Sec. 5 of the bill (also reproduced below) should cover such an instance. If this bill becomes law, strictly informational sites such as the Lycaeum ( and Erowid will be outlawed in the USA, and the door to further censorship on the Internet and elsewhere in America will be wide open.

In today's society the people depend on accurate information to create awareness that allow us to make informed and wise decisions. The rights of information publishers will be infringed upon by a law that demands they accurately predict the usage of the information that they make available. Whether a reader chooses to break Federal law is not something the publisher should be held legally responsible for. Please consider what similar laws could be passed based on an acceptance of this one. The dissemination of information about guns could be restricted, especially in the light of recent shootings. Medical information about drugs not yet approved in the USA could be stopped.

If this law is passed then even this email could be a felony that would result in me spending ten years of my life behind bars. Why? Because i have included 22 characters worth of information ( that would make me an accessory should you decide to break our nations drug laws.

This bill jeopardizes the right of Americans to be informed.

This is reason enough to make you vote against the current wording of the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 1999.

Thank you for your service as my senators, Warmest Regards, concerned

Subject: Freedom
Date: 8/13/99

I had a chance to check out your site and I love it!!! It's about time that some one told the 'truth' about Shrub,( a.k.a. G.W. Bush, a.k.a. Junior.) That conservative has killed 99 out of 100 people here in TX and is probably pissed he missed one. I work at a newspaper in Houston and am always hearing about his "compassionate conservativism" an oxymoron if I ever heard one, and my wife's an English major. I attached at the bottom an email sent 'here' for your review, I give no advice just suggestions, about what to do with information. But with all the hoopla about your 'opinions' why don't you just add a very sarcastic disclaimer and remind people that the facts are indisputable. If you would like any more information I recieve please let me know at this address it is checked hourly. By the way how is the 'garbage' business? ;)

Press release follows: Did you know that the assault rifle used in the Jewish Community Center massacre is manufactured by a company whose owner is a long time GWBush backer and--until outed a couple of weeks ago--was head of campaign fundraising in Maine for GWBush? Scary thought, indeed....that a presidential campaign is being funded by the the blood of innocent Jewish children.

--Celeste > News August 11, 1999 URL:

Subject: A position at last
Date: 8/13/99

See what you've done!

Here Dubya finally took a position on something, namely that there should be limits to freedom. We have all been waiting with bated breath for this moment of disambiguation and then you jump all over poor Georgie. He's probably so hurt that he run the rest of his campaign without telling a soul about his political convictions.


Date: 8/14/99

PLEASE I am asking all my American brother's and sister's THINK before you vote for george w bush. The man raised 36 Million dollars in 2 wks. Doesn't that tell you something. OH God please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Good work.
Date: 8/14/99

The prisoner stories are a measure of how far to the Right we have drifted.

Violent crime has been dimishing in this country for years (National Crime Victimization Study, FBI UFR's, and CDC studies - exception is gun homicides for 15-24 yr old males), yet our prisons are filling up.

Republicans are turning into "The Party". I guess they want everyone in jail except "Party Members". Sounds like another failed society to me that the GOP's all-time-hero himself labeled "The Evil Empire" ...

Dave T.

Date: 8/14/99

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Vote for George W Bush or you are a big fat queer that has homosexuaL TENDINCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: I see what they're pissed about
Date: 8/15/99

I think he's most upset with the fact that your site looks far more professional and inviting than his own. In fact, his looks more like what you would expect of a parody site than yours.

Great work, and best luck with the legal problems. Oh, and have you considered setting up a mailing list for updates on that?

-- Carlos

When they took the 2nd amendment, I was silent because I didn't own guns. When they took the 4th amendment, I was silent because I didn't deal drugs. When they took the 5th amendment, I was silent because I was innocent. Now they've taken the 1st amendment, and I can say nothing about it.

Subject: Bush
Date: 8/15/99

I support him very much...........I hate liberal whiners such as yourself. Maybe we should control idiot websites such as yours, hmm.

Stephen Coffeyville, Kansas

Subject: i am 100% on your side zack
Date: 8/15/99

as a humorist and writer, i believe there is a concentrated effort by the big brother political-industrial-corporate-prison complex to erode our personal freedoms, and escpecially that of free speech. now with the internet, everyone's ideas can be instantly spread through out the world, and this is an anethema to despots and dictators, even if they reside in corporate board rooms and politcal action committees.

when satire is out lawed, only out laws will be satirical.

good luck on your quest

gil c.

Subject: War on Americans
Date: 8/15/99


When the Berlin Wall was torn down and the USSR collapsed, I got a sinking feeling in my gut, knowing that our government's obsession with war and feeding the military-industrial complex would soon find a new enemy - the American people. This is no joke. Fifty million Americans have a criminal record - that means nearly everyone has a family member who is a "criminal". When the State puts a person in prison, the whole family is in prison, too, and the adverse effects are devastating, especially to kids. It just about tore my heart out to read the letters sent to you by the Drug POW's.

Although the Drug War is a disease that is slowly crippling our country, it is in reality only a symptom of a much deadlier malaise - a Federal government that is spinning out of control. Key portions of it are in the hands of people that have no respect for anybody or anything, including the Constitution, international treaties, its own laws, or the American people. I don't see a "Grand Conspiracy"; that would take organization and intelligence, both of which are severely lacking in the way the government behemoth operates. Instead I see a policy drift where government workers and decision makers adopt an "ends justifies the means" attitude in the persuit of dubious goals created to enhance our "leaders" electability.

The FBI's COINTELPRO program of the 1960's and 1970's was largely successful in stamping out organized non-violent resistance to government policies, which is like tying down the safety valve on a steam engine. People in power tend to forget that repression inevitably leads to a buildup of pressure, and resulting explosion usually destroys the entire machine.

Presently the safety valve has developed a serious leak with the rising popularity of the Internet. What an irony that it was originally conceived by the War Department! (I mean, Dept. of Defense) The Internet makes it too easy for people to look below the surface of the propaganda pumped out by the "mass media". The folks in Washington in charge of protecting us from ourselves have to be scared to death of the huge amount of damning material available to anyone with access to a computer.

I predict that many websites hosting "unapproved" material will soon disappear. Of course it won't happen overnight. There will not be a big announcement. The people in charge know how important it is to maintain the facade of freedom. The FEC will adopt requirements that political websites will have to be licensed. Other restrictions will appear in the guise of protecting the Internet from "viruses" and "security threats by terrorists". I expect that a federal agency known as "National Infrastructure Protection Center" will take the lead in protecting us from access to harmful material on the Internet. Their mission is to "perform threat assessment, warning, investigation, and response for threats or attacks against critical infrastructures, including telecommunications, utilities, government operations, and emergency services." You can be sure that "telecommunications" means "Internet backbone" and that they will be responsible for monitoring the traffic on that backbone.

Remember, "freedom of the press belongs to those who own one". Right now anyone can own a press in the form of a website, but not for long.

Oh, by the way, don't believe anything I've written. Do your own research. It will scare you half to death.

Jim, Clinton (home of Anarchists) Maine

Subject: Good job!
Date: 8/14/99

I love the "nay" letters on your site, especially when the writers call Clinton and his fellow Democrats "socialists" and how George Dubyah is going to kick their butts come next November. Isn't it interesting, though, that during his tenure as governor of Texas, G.W. has not taken a single initiative to reverse one of the most overtly "socialist" laws in the state -- the so-called "Robin Hood Law," which, for those unfamiliar with the idea, takes money from "rich" school districts and gives it to "poor" ones? Seeing how the plan has utterly failed (the "poor" districts aren't much better off, and the "rich" school districts just get poorer and poorer), you would think the younger GB would jump at the chance to reverse this rather blatantly "socialist" law. But nooooo, he's too busy giving hole-in-the-wall parody websites free publicity through legal threats and authoritarian remarks.

Anyway, keep up the good work on your site. It's probably futile -- the only thing that seems capable of keeping G.W. from the White House would be a plane crash -- but what the hell, it's just plain funny.

Date: 8/14/99


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 8/16/99

Keep up the good work on bringing the public the "truth" about this presidential front runner. So many Republicans seem to feel they are "youths" well into their 30s and possibly even 40s. As a registered Republican I feel we all need to keep digging for the TRUTH!! Donna

Date: 8/16/99


Subject: Web promotion
Date: 8/16/99

Be careful.

Be ... very ... very careful.

GWB might try and charge you for promoting your site.


You were 'promoted' on NPR's "All things considered."

Great job ... keep it up.


Subject: The FCC And Selective Persecution
Date: 8/16/99

I sent a complaint to the FEC about a charitable organization that was circulating solicitations for campaign contributions over the internet. The FEC responded with essentially "Don't bother us." If you would like a copy of the complaint and response, let me know.


Subject: Questions from a concerned voter in Texas!
Date: 8/16/99

Governor Bush,

Why do you have a new Texas driver's license number #000000005? Why do you need a new number, when no former governor, your wife, your daughters' or your parents need a new one? What does your old number have on the record? If the answer is nothing, you shouldn't mind releasing your old record, will you? Why are Mindy Tucker and Karen Hughes not answering these questions when asked months ago?

Please explain to us why Texas taxpayers have to support your bid for the presidency by providing you with 24 hour bodyguards using the Texas Rangers, yet you don't want to abide by normal campaign rules and reveal who all is contributing to your campaign? Surely you don't pretend to be on Texas state business with your cross-country galavanting? I am a resident and voter in Texas who wants some answers to my questions.

Thank you.

Subject: Fame, fame, fame!
Date: 8/16/99

Well, Zack, it was wonderful to hear this site discussed today on National Public Radio. You deserve all the positive attention such notice will bring you! Keep tellin' it like it is!!! Marie the Librarian and hater of injustice

Subject: Interesting . . .
Date: 8/16/99

Interesting - they complain that your site "looks like theirs." Yours is easier to navigate and loads faster. Maybe instead of complaining about you they should hire you!


Subject: Read Me
Date: 8/16/99

Keep up the good work Zack!!!!!!!

Subject: All Things Considered piece
Date: 8/16/99

Dear webmaster:

Your site was featured on the national public radio show All Things Considered today (Go to and choose "archives" to hear it on RealAudio). I visited your parody while listening and read the AP story as well as your comments.

Frankly, I find it amazing that more webmasters aren't familiar with libel law. Any public statement which is demonstrably false and can be shown to be injurious is illegal and subject to damages; the First Amendment doesn't cover libel. All the Bush campaign needs to do is to show that a few potential supporters were confused and deterred by your site, thereby causing him harm, and you will be legally liable for damages. Yes, this is America, but none of our freedoms are absolute. Personally, I feel quite comfortable knowing that the First Amendment makes exceptions for libel and slander.

If I were in your shoes, I'd put something like "the unofficial website" atop the main page with an asterisk to the bottom explaining that it's a parody. However, I have a feeling you're probably going to have to learn about libel law the hard way. Need a lawyer?


Bill J.

Subject: Thanks!
Date: 8/16/99

Thank you for this site!! I am so sick of the blathering right-wing hypocrites of the GOP. After eight long years of Clinton bashing they are finally getting a well deserved taste of their own medicine. It should be a real circus if THIS clown is ever elected!

And I REALLY loved the negative letters! Wow! Obviously you have touched a very raw nerve! Now, to make the comedy complete, junior should pick that bird-brained quayle for VEEP! Now THAT combination would restore the dignity to the White House, huh?!

Dana, in "Bush Country" (Maine)

Subject: great site!
Date: 8/16/99

keep it up!


Subject: your fatal flaw
Date: 8/16/99

After reading the innane piffle that is masquerading as argument and criticism in the "nays" letter section, I decided to write an intelligent, sophisticated and erudite reviewal, laying bare the nature of the fatal flaws of your website. So here it is--

Your site really needs some description and keywords tags to be indexed better by search engines. A little work, a few search engine submissions, you'd be the first site up from most of them.

;) Thanks for the fantastic work in helping to show that the emperor is indeed naked, and we're only killing ourselves. hope for peace- work for justice


Subject: Take heart
Date: 8/16/99

I have read the responses to your web site in the Yeas and Nays, I would ask the opponents (Nays) to read Jerry Manders In Absence of the Sacred, particularly chapters 5 and 7. In essence, don't let "them" think for themselves, just bombard them through controlled media. Thanks for the insight. Carl W.

Subject: Keep up the good work!
Date: 8/16/99

Dear Zack,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your web page and hope you don't have too many major problems keeping it online.

Reading through your email, I noticed that most of the writers in support of the site appear to be reasonably intelligent people who can write a well thought out message. Those who oppose your site seem, for the most part, to be illiterate boors who can't write a simple sentence without using the "f" word. Some don't make any sense at all, and others have never learned the rules of capitalization. The scary aspect of all this is that a lot of them may be registered voters.

The senior Bush was a con man. Just look at the way he campaigned in Texas as a "Texan". His only legal residence in Texas at the time was a Houston hotel suite. It's interesting to see how many Texans have written to complain about "Shrub's" activities as governor.

Bill Clinton is no saint, but are his crimes any worse than the shady financial dealings and drug abuse of the "Shrub"? What do all the self righteous, "shame on you" finger pointers think of that?

Rick, Bonita Springs, Florida

Subject: Fight For Your Right To Parody
Date: 8/16/99

your site had me snickering in my cubicle. im glad your standing up for your right to express yourself...anyone who cant tell your site is a parody is a moron anyway...f*k em! keep up the good work peace out everybody


Subject: GET REAL
Date: 8/16/99

To the so-called defender of our First Amendment rights, Freedom comes with the price of responsibility. Dopes, such as yourself, who take our precious freedoms and abuse them only serve to diminish freedom. Much like the school shootings that have in turn limited the right to bear arms with more regulation, the use of the internet to publish trash will eventually lead to limits on our freedom of speech with more government regulation. So, next time you accuse George W. Bush of wanting to limit the freedom of speech, consider the role you are playing in bringing about the potential limits.

Date: 8/17/99

i have to tell you ,,i think you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone who has not experimented with drugs these days, so i dont really care if he used cocaine. But he is damaging his image with me when he whines about your site. i think its funny as hell.

Subject: keep it going
Date: 8/17/99

Alright Zack I just heard about this web site on N.P.R. news, I had to look it up. I love what you are doing and saying. If you need legal advice I will gadly give it. I do not have a law degree but I do have morals and believe in logic. Which seems to be lacking these days in the profession created to insure justice. Keep it up, I will support this site in any way, but money. As I said I am not a lawyer. Jay, Waimanalo, Hawaii

Subject: Keep up the good work!
Date: 8/17/99

Keep up the good work! Don't give in!

Happy Boy

Subject: This is beautiful!
Date: 8/17/99


I can't believe that after 7 years of unrelenting, nonstop bombardment of that "evil demon" Bill Clinton, those very same people have completely embraced this party boy crack-head ex-drunk. The Republicans and conservatives have been shooting themselves in the foot for years now and this looks like it's shaping up to be the grand finale... sort of a "Burning Bush" if you will. Thousands of us are just taking our places and quietly watching as this guy is about to consume himself and all of his hypocritical backers. I love it. I love it. I love it!!!

Thanks George W., we couldn't have done a better job ourselves!!

Laughing Man

Subject: Thanks!
Date: 8/17/99

You've done a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. I'll be passing the URL along to a number of folks.


Subject: groove on.
Date: 8/17/99

dear zack, thank you for the experience. as a confused and disappointed liberal (i actually voted for ralph nader last time), i have been hoping that there was going to be some powerful stimulus to galvanize the opposition in this election. we may not have anyone to vote FOR, but at least we have someone that we can be proud to vote AGAINST. your investigation by the FEC is also a frightening phenomenon. when an overlitigous politico can successfully seek to quell the voice of an intelligent, clever, and non-partisan critic through the machinations of our election law, the news papers, public radio stations, and television pundit shows had better run for cover. dear molly ivins will have to turn in her laptop. doesn't she make a living off of this stuff? best of luck, o intrepid and irreverent one! heather

ps aside from choosing the recipients of our votes more carefully, is there any way that we can be of assistance to the incarcerated pawns mentioned in the website?

Subject: They stand for the constitution, well, only if it suits them at the time.
Date: 8/17/99


I heard the report about your site on NPR. I laughed!! Good for you!!! And i've signed the petition. I'm proud that you're standing up for the freedoms that we supposedly have in this country. That they allow us to have, only if it suits them! Fact is, bush is a public figure and for that reason, he's open to having a web page about him, such as yours.

I always find it interesting how those in power get so uptight and want to restrict our personal freedoms, if it interfers with their plans. I think Bush is about the most perfect politician i've seen yet. He's produced, packaged and color glossy photographed. There is nothing real about him. He says what his advisers tell him people want to hear. I'd find it fascinating, if it didn't make me slightly ill.

Rah Rah America... lets show them we're all show and no substance!!!

Thanks again for this site!!


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 8/17/99

Your site is trash. The only thing it does is definitely impress upon people that they must vote for Mr. Bush if they have been ambiguous before. What you are doing is more than misleading. It is dishonest, abusive of freedom, and abuse of the internet.

Subject: Your Website
Date: 8/17/99

I can't imagine what drives a person to spend so much time talking about something he obviously knows so little about. Not that I am a big supporter of my fair governonr, mind you, but you're childlike ignorance of what goes on in our political system - whether it be historically or currently - makes me feel that if indeed your site is as popular as I am lead to believe (I heard about it on NPR the other day) then you are not alone in your ignorance. "But it's just a spoof," you say. Whether or not this is a spoof site is actually rather unimportant because there are a lot of people out there who have not done anything for the public, whether it be as a public servant or even by just voting, that are looking for some new excuse to be cynical and express negative or deragatory opinions that have netiher a base nor a body. I hope one day this makes sense to you. Maybe then you will do something other than sit on the sidelines and make fun.

Subject: How about a Clinton WebSite?
Date: 8/17/99

Since you seem to have the time on your hands to build a faux GW Bush website why don't you try a Clinton website - it would be far more entertaining and and in Clinton's case: truth is stranger than the fiction you're posting about GW Bush.

How about doing something productive for the political prosess? This site rates pretty low for content and entertainment.

I'm not even a Bush supporter....yet.

Subject: Good job!
Date: 8/17/99

Keep up the good work. Free speech will prevail over the right wing intolerant tendencies of GWBush and the rest of the Republican Party. His true colors are shining through...

Paul Denver, CO

Subject: Re: Petition refered by Kevin Sullivan
Date: 8/17/99

I did take action and go to the gwbush site where I signed the petition. George Dubya is definitely a threat to all of us. Here is a man who is so "pro-life" that he has gotten writer's cramp signing over 200 executions since he's been governor of Texas. But why go on? He's a disaster waiting to happen. Please keep me on your mailing list. Beth wrote: > > Your email address was given to us by Kevin Sullivan (, > who thought you would be interested in a petition to protect political free > speech on the Web at GWBUSH.COM. The petition is located at > > George W Bush is trying to bully the FEC into creating new regulations > that would force all political Web sites to register with the government. > The FEC registration process is complex and expensive, usually requiring > the services of an accountant and lawyer. > Bush's complaint to the FEC comes out of his attempt to shut down Web > sites that are critical of him, such as GWBUSH.COM ( > However he is pushing to establish a broad new policy with regards to > political speech on the Web that would effect ALL Web sites. Don't forget, > this is the man who said "There ought to be limits to freedom!" > ( > Please sign the petition and pass it along to friends. > > Kevin Sullivan passed along this message: If this is shrub's level of > commitment to the bill of rights before he is president Truly, if you're > not outraged you're not paying attention. Just say no to faciste swine. > Please sign and then send shrub back to texas where he belongs. Kevin

Subject: Stupidity
Date: 8/17/99

You are an idiot. Please stop attempting to formulate thought, your past attempts are obvious failures. You are an idiot.

Subject: threat
Date: 8/17/99

The biggest threat in years to our personal, individual freedom is William Jefferson Clinton and his room mate. If you don't see that, you've lost more nuerons to drugs that previously thought.

Subject: Thank you.
Date: 8/17/99

I really appreciate what you are doing. As I write this from Austin, Texas is about to execute Larry Robison, a 42-year-old paranoid schizophrenic whose family was unable to obtain psychiatric care for him in this compassionately conservative state. (He eventually carved up 5 people. We still don't have publicly-funded care for people like him in Texas.) All the best, Mary

Subject: Hum baby! GREAT WORK! Keep it up! Lisa
Date: 8/17/99

Subject: fuck gw he is daddys boy
Date: 8/17/99

Date: 8/18/99


GREAT site. I especially like the way GW is pointing at people in the pic to the top right--that "hey, you over there--what are you doing?!?!" attitude sums up the Republican party quite nicely.

Sorry to see you're having such trouble with the FEC. Sadly, I imagine you can't expect it to stop with one simple compliant. Republicans never have had a very good since of humor...

Keep up the good work and let us know if we can help with anything!


Adam Birmingham, AL

Subject: National Public Radio
Date: 8/18/99

Good Morning. I wanted to tell you that I heard your interview on NPR a few days ago and I almost hit a Lexus since I was laughing so hard. Your site is hilarious. The mere thought of having to disclose any personal information just because your site has some sort of political bias is absurd and I encourage your fight (or whatever it is you're doing) to stop it. This rather seems like an ACLU type of issue wouldn't you say?


Subject: Congratulations!
Date: 8/18/99

Congrats on being the only apparent person to stand up and say "Hey wait a minute!" to G.W. Bush and his ideas. I just wish I could here a discussion of the "There should be limits on freedom" comment on CNN or NBC. What was he thinking!

Anyway, sorry to add to your e-mail flood and bandwidth problem. My fiance and I live in Somerville, MA as well (as I think she read somewhere) and maybe we could take you out to dinner in Davis Square some day as a thank you.

P.S. are you going to be able to make enough from the bumper stickers and T-shirts to break even? I'd hate to wreck the site with banners, but better that than to buckle under now!

Date: 8/18/99

'WE HAVE NO MORE BUSHIT' BUTTONS at $2 each, s.a.s.e. to Oral Majority, P.O.Box 402263,Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 or 25 butons for $40, plus $10 for handling and postage and we do take credit cards. Also please see: for the picture of the buttons and stickers. Thanks Bob

Subject: your great site
Date: 8/18/99

this is wonderful site. i love the amnesty 2024 stuff. i understand the guv wants to shut you guys down. i'd be happy to sign the petition, if you think a signature from canada would help.

best wishes, jim , toronto

Subject: Bush's trying to use FEC as censorship device...
Date: 8/18/99

Mail the US Constutution to ol' Georgie. looks like he's never read it, especially that first pesky amendment! :-)

Hey, heard an interesting analogy about Georgie's presence at the Iowa "Hey, Can I buy a vote from you" Straw many people were scrambling to shake the hand of ol' Georgie, one reporter remarked that we should call him the Presidential Furby :-)

Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoy your site. Don't let the Bushies whack ya...

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 8/18/99

You guys are a bunch of liberal stuid-asses. Can't wait until you all sit in jail for writing a bunch of crap! Hey stupid asses, there is a difference between free speech and lying!

Subject: Bush Lite Takes Iowa Straw Poll
Date: 8/18/99

"As expected, Governor Bush Lite won the Iowa Straw Poll on Saturday, with 2 out of 3 voters preferring another candidate.

"'It was my kind of election because it was not only okay to pay for votes, it was actually required,' said Bush Lite, referring to the fact that those wishing to vote had to have a $25 ticket to cast a ballot."

Read the full story at !


Subject: Alleged Drug Use
Date: 8/18/99

Keep your mouth is a trap...tell the press and the Dems to take two aspirin and run along.....again its a trap

Subject: why the increase in trafic on this site.
Date: 8/18/99


I am just an average everyday guy trying to get some info to help me know more about our options in the next election. my first step was to talk to some friends, my second was to check the net.

I am not wanting any reply to this note, I only wanted to comment that i found it purely by searching and not from being exposed to it by any local or national news or address.

with G.W. in the news more and more, many people like myself will come across this site only because of the name itself.

Is this site a waist of time?,,, its not for me to say.

Richard, Michigan

Subject: WOW
Date: 8/18/99

You are SERIOUSLY full of shit, my friends. Just what America needs more of; idiots with an audience full of idiots. And to top that off, lots of spare time. Is this country great or what? OH, and WOW, the yeas FAR outnumber the nays. I'm sure this is just the way the responses came in, right? Just incredible. Gotta go. Time to round up more BUSH supporters.

Subject: Amnesty 2024 - not just a joke, but a good idea
Date: 8/18/99

Amnesty 2024 is actually an excellent idea for policy, which would save taxpayers immense amounts of money while freeing space in correctional institutions for rapists, murderers, gangbangers, etc. ANY candidate who backed such a policy would get my vote anytime. There needs to be an amnesty for those with drugs convictions years in the past. This is an excellent idea and in a civilized country would be trumpeted by all the candidates. As it is none have the guts to do so.

Subject: No Subject
Date: 8/18/99

I wrote to this website before, and I am writing again now. I am a resident of Massachusetts which is largely Democratic. I heard that the maker of this site is from Massachusetts also. Well, since you have not written any unbiased information [Even though those who don't like the Right or Left (I commend YOU for being UNbiased) suggested you do], and even after you denied to me you "Were not a liberal," just like Clinton did, in ways, you still did not post any unbiased information, fulfilling the stereotype of the Massachusetts Democrat. Well, let me tell you something Zack you ARE a liberal, deny it or not. In the middle of this letter I just want to commend those who wrote letters in the "August Nays" section [which I might be in soon or now!] excellent writing, and correct ideas all the way! And I am not just saying that because I am a Republican [You've probably assumed]. I stopped visiting this website to see what the opposition was saying because it is just absurd, ridiculous claims, against a good man which attempt to have some meaning, but fail. I hope I haven't contributed to the amount of Internet hits you have had AT ALL. But I HAVE noticed I haven't heard about you in about two months. Is your 15 minutes of fame going down the drain? If it isn't it soon will, maybe some won't think so, but it will. So stop wasting your money NOW ZACK!!! And to those who criticized George W. Bush's attendance at Phillips Andover Academy, and his social class [which is above those who wrote that] I have one thing to say to you: YOU ARE JEALOUS!! You cannot afford or get in to such a fine institution!! And let me just say something to Zack and all the others reading this: GET A LIFE!!! As I said before I can't wait until Bush is President, and you liberals are nothing once again!!

For those who are unliberal enough [or are commending me] to write me send a letter to I don't feel like visiting your responses at this liberal haven.

Subject: No Subject
Date: 8/19/99

Just another thing, [my last letter to you liberals, I hope] I read your "August Yeas" section. What I bunch of Liberal hogwash. To the person who said the Bushes are lying and deceitful: HELLO??!!! Clinton is a lying sleazebag. And then you say "Poor Clinton"? Give me a break, HE risked our national security [Not bush] by talking on the phone about issues with congressmen well performing oral sex on a subordinate, give me a break, please!!! And by the way, I find it strange yet interesting that your "August Yeas" section is so much bigger than the "August Nays" section, either it is A: You are biased and don't publish anything BUT what YOU like (and some of the letters in the "August Yeas" section belonged in the "August Nays" section!). Or it is B: Only the low class and stupid (I could tell by the lack of spelling and grammar abilities) visit this haven for the stupid, and are dumb enough to believe it!! I hope my letters contribute to the "August Nays" section(s)! And what is the comment that Ronald Reagan "ruined our country"?! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I have a better one: Clinton ruined our country, and our traditional values. If I don't mention your liberal comments trust me I didn't like them either, you people make up the worst lies, just like Bill, to promote yourselves. And by the way a Republican controlled Congress will be a good thing for America! I am surprised to learn that there have been no GOP controlled Congresses and a GOP president at the same time, yet there have been more Republican White Houses. I hope that there were no Democratic presidents and Democratic controlled Congresses, like there was in 1993-1995. That was a disaster! Why do you think that the Republicans won in a landslide in 1994?! And by the way Medicare and all your other liberal programs are bad for the country, and because of Democrats hard working doctors, are getting cheated by the HMOs and getting hardly anything for office visits and surgeries!!! I just KNOW you liberals will resort to stereotype about Doctor's salaries. But hear this: Shut up! I know all about this I have a relative who is a physician (I know big word stupid, I know you don't understand: it means doctor). Some doctors do get a lot of money but most don't!! I am glad to tell you that one of the letters saying that George W. Bush, has been helping doctors in Texas, [It was negative, because this man had to PAY for medical care, a foreign concept to him]. I copied this letter, and had it posted in a hospital. So Zack, and the rest of your left wing followers, I hope that you are happy to know that your liberal trash of a site, is promoting our next president, George W. Bush!

Want to write to me? Write to:

Subject: Texas support
Date: 8/19/99

Dear GW: I am a fellow Texan and have left the state on several occasions only to move back when I needed a place to hide out. I think as much trouble as you are in that you should think doing the same, moving the White House to Texas. This may not be so difficult if you were to invite a number of your friends in Washington and the ones in prison, or some of your father's friends, and ask them to come with you. They could take turns staying in the Travis or Crockett bedrooms. No one would come to Austin or San Antonio looking for you or them!

By the way, the other Bush website is a disgraceful mockery of your lofty goals of delimiting freedom and general forgiveness of youthful excess. We have a lot of that in Texas, as you know, except for a few things like murder and mental illness. You could continue the tradition of cheap lethal injection type executions and less and less funding for mental health. I think you knew my grandmother. Well, she couldn't afford treatment for her schizophrenia and was left in a nursing home when they closed the state hospital. With no insurance coverage for mental health, we don't have to have income tax down here. It might be fun to give presidential pardons to all the sex offenders. Ask your Dad about it. Thanks.

See you out dove hunting! Bob

Subject: "Better the Devil You Know"
Date: 8/19/99

The Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America reads

"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America".


When Luther nailed his theses inaugurating the Reformation to the door of the cathedral at Wuertemburg with the remark, "Hier stehe ich--ich kann nicht anders (Here I stand--I cannot do otherwise)". I submit that if a contemporary writer wishes to nail intellectual arguments to a dozen "bulletin boards" as substitutes for cathedral doors, he must have the same right as Martin Luther. The Internet affords us this right, and must be protected at all cost.While newspapers such as the New York Times might have defended their suppression of "Unabomber's" communications as "journalistic responsibility" (an example of the glittering generality which is vague and undefined), it seems realistic to believe simply that the newspapers (justifiably) did not like "Unabomber"and what he was allegedly doing, and therefore refused to publish his "defense". But from any objective viewpoint, the end result was that a major news story was only partially presented--because the whole story wasn't "fit to print", perhaps. Which introduces the obvious fact that newspapers take sides on political issues, endorsing certain candidates and favoring their own choices. There are two local newspapers where I live--one overtly Democratic, and one leaning toward the Republican party --with distinctively different styles. If one writes a letter to the editor of either paper, it may or may not be published--entirely at the editor's discretion. And the usual "free enterprise" response of journalists to critics of editorial fairness seems to be, "it's our newspaper, and freedom of the press means we can print what we want. Start your own newspaper if you don't like it." We have!! It's called the "Internet".

E., Chicago, Illinois

Subject: There are people in jail who also have not done illegal drugs in the last 7 years, since their arrests perhaps:
Date: 8/19/99


I have NPR to thank for learning about your wonderful website this week. If you don't fear the consequences certain for opposing the likes of this gw, I would encourage you to get in his face and stay there for as long as possible! He reminds me of his father, whining whenever he is questioned or opposed on ANY front. He seems vindictive by nature like his father, too, and, I'd bet he'll use the government to jail as much of the middle class, expendable pawns all, as possible; however he sees fit to advance himself in the process. Here's an interesting (and in my case, anger-provoking) article to illustrate how privileged this guy is - evidenced by his total lack of regard for the war on drugs/all other baby boomers that his father began. Meanwhile scores of baby boomers have been sent to federal prison for lesser crimes than gwbush has committed, so far, since the early sixties.

Very truly yours, B, of Melrose,

Subject: Randome ramblings
Date: 8/19/99

I just spent time trying to find contact information at to put my $0.02 in about web sites and PACs - no luck. I also dropped Mr. Bush and e-mail on his site telling him, as a registered voter, he won't be getting my vote with opinions and attitudes like his!

I can't believe the amount of money Bush has to run! So much for campaign finance reform!

I am glad I found your site and many others like it. Keep up the good work.

Former Texas resident, Vince

Subject: Letter to editor
Date: 8/19/99

Dear Editor, I am afraid of former frat rat Bush- especially now, after the straw poll,it looks like he might actually be a serious contender. It is time to look into his campaign financing, instead of only concentrating on his drug use. Although that is extremely vaild. Sincerely, kate

Date: 8/19/99

Get a life!!!! Don't you have something better to do!

Subject: [Fwd: FW: The Bill of No Rights]
Date: 8/19/99


I have a couple of questions for you? First question-Why do you have to use someone's name other than your own to sell products? Are you not able on your own to do so? And the other question:-How come it is a big deal if Bush has done coke, but not a big deal for Clinton to smoke pot & lie, lie, lie about everything? When Clinton was found out about smoking pot, liberals all over made excuses for him, but IF Bush had done coke, then you all turn it into a big deal. I went to a liberal college & I have never seen so many idiots in my life!!!!. Please let me know where you are coming from? I have attached something for you to read that I found truthful and interesting.

Subject: Bush's Cocaine Use
Date: 8/19/99

Fact: Bush Jr won't admit to having used drugs more than 7 years ago. Fact: Bush Sr. was head of the CIA when Air America was transporting drugs from Laos to our troops is Saigon. Fact: The CIA used drug money to fund the Iran-Contra affair.

SO, since the Bushs have been so involved with illegal drugs, who much of Bush Jr's campaign money has come from drug overlords?


Subject: Bush fundraising
Date: 8/19/99

Have you heard about the new Bush fundraiser? Everyone should send him a rolled up dollar bill.

-- Scott

Subject: Dubya led me to you
Date: 8/19/99

You're right!

I tripped into your website because of a news story about George the Second trying to shut you down.

What a cowardly thing to do. How unAmerican! Unless Dubya has something to hide....

Could it be that he is as obviously devoid of value as his sad old Dad??

Just an intellectual husk, stuffed full of what republicans revere most, money, making him their ideal candidate.

Inquiring minds want to know.

And so do I.

These guys have no moral or intellectual validity. They are tiny people with lots of money trying to sell a cardboard personality with NO entertainment value.

At least Dan Quayle has entertainment value!

Dubya's gutless attack on you puts him well on the way to earning the title, GEORGE OF THE BUNGLE.

What about the Coke, there Georgie?

Best regards Terry

Subject: You guys are desparate!
Date: 8/19/99

The sludge is at work! We have had 6yrs. of it and see through you! Now watch out, your time is up ! Too many are on to this sleeze. We are not stupid! Faye

Subject: The few, the proud, the priviledged.
Date: 8/19/99

Yo, Zack. Don't you think it would be a serious mistake to elect a man who has no interest in serving the public good, no desire to work his way up the ranks and no patience to serve any sort of political apprenticeship at the local, grassroots level of government? Really? Neither do I. I can't bring myself to trust a man who is unwilling to serve his state, country or community until offered the top spot. The "command chair" has to be earned, and Junior has done nothing to earn it. Gore may be boring (Lord, is he ever boring!), but at least he was willing to pay his dues.

David Gable, Lead Technician Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc phone (817) 212-4254/ pager (817) 818-7706 "Rush a miracle man, you get lousy miracles."

Subject: drugs or not?
Date: 8/19/99

It is very important to know the truth behind G.W. 'S drug addiction or non-addiction. If he did you drugs and was not a rich boy and able to pay for the drugs. He would be no different then any other drug addict who would do most anything to get the fix. Robbing, killing etc. Does it make him any better because he is rich? No! If in fact he did abuse drugs, he should come upfront with it and take the heat the Washington way. The way I see it At least Clinton acknowledged a lot more than Bush is ever going too. How can you trust a person like this to lead our great nation? He won't the N. R. A. will and wouldn't that be just sweet we'll have a rooten-tooten- shooten -cowboy in the white house wouldn't that be just dandy! George bush is not beyond the bounds of personal interference. It's the price you pay for wanting to lead the country. George Bush is no exception!

Date: 8/19/99

Yeh Mr. Bush you are such a hypocrite! I am sure you reveled in the firestorm of Clinton's evasive remarks regarding his sexual conduct and also the alleged fact "he never inhaled". How dare you lead the near middle-eastern draconian state of Texas with your background. How dare you aspire to the presidency? I ardently hope you are finished. Bj

Subject: Perseverance Pays Off!
Date: 8/19/99

Very heartened to see truth & justice seekers have been instrumental in causing news hounds to keep sniffing up Gdubyas` leg til he`s forced to make excuses for himself (albeit lame ones). No time to let up now! Keep pressing the issue. The issue is not whether he should be allowed to run for office but rather the hypocrisy involved in locking up others who aren`t connected to a family of influence. He has the audacity to make a demand for a statute of limitations on his own past but not for those locked up in his Texas prisons. Amnesty for all those convicted after 1974. ALL! People, speak out now while you still have the freedom to do so. It`s fleeting fast with the likes of Son Of a Bush around. Persevere, start a website of your own, do whatever is your forte, but DO something. I started mine, I put my money and time where my mouth is just like Zack and a few others, courageous and concerned enough have done. Don`t wait around til Shrub crawls back out from under his rock. He`s on the run now...give it all you`ve got while you`ve got the advantage. And if you`ve got time left over come and visit our site: Power To The People, American Woman

Subject: Tell it like it is
Date: 8/19/99

Here we go again. A candidate with high potential is bobbing and weaving to get around the truth. Mr. GW Bush. If you used drugs in the past, admit it and stop playing the game like we're all idiots out here in voterville. Our current president operated that way and WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THAT. We don't want a perfect president but we sure as hell want one who tells the truth. Your losing my vote!!!!

Subject: Yea
Date: 8/19/99


Subject: youve got the site
Date: 8/19/99

the site is right!!! the day they shut parody down and vote no guns and the flag amendment in we might as well all head for someplace else cause this will be russia and nazi germany all rolled into one. keep on keeping on

Subject: Mistreatment of Mike Behr
Date: 8/19/99

The mistreatment of employe Mike Behr at the Gov's house is going nation wide. Give him his job back!!!!!

Subject: San Jose Metro review
Date: 8/19/99

What a great web page! Keep asking the questions that the reporters are afraid to ask. Someone needs to do it and thanks to a very foolish move by Bush Jr., you have been given a wonderful opportunity. Perhaps some of his hypocritical friends such as Lamar and Forbes and Gore can join him in a roundtable discussion on important issues.

By the way, you got a wonderful writeup in the San Jose Metro may I recommend a great web page that I subscribe to

It's written by an ex reporter and definitely worth a look, Short articles that have unusual information , such as Gore draining 4 billion gallons down a river so he could float his canoe properly) Now someone wants to see that the power company charges his campaign. Not stuff you read in the newspapers.


Date: 8/19/99


Subject: these cottonpickin press people.....
Date: 8/19/99

Hi Zack Please tell the good Gov hello from a fellow West Texan from Monahans. I have an unsolicited suggestion concerning how Gov. Bush might handle one of these crazy questions from the press....If it were me, I would ask a couple of questions:

1. Is this a substantiated story? 2. Who is your source?

the follow-up is obvious. if the reporter is just fishing to create controversy, chances are that he will refuse to disclose sources(since he probably has none)..

I am a conservative who believes that the media needs to be accountable for their behavior just like anyone else. even if this Coke story gets no traction with American people, ya'll can be sure that the (liberal) media will continue to throw anything and everything at the wall just to see what sticks.

By the way, I appreciate the way Gov Bush handled the question of abortion. Please do not let the hardcore "RIGHT" push you guys into a position that will alienate women. In spite of all the rhetoric about drugs, gun control, health care, etc., I sincerely believe that abortion will be the deciding issue for the election. I can't help but think that if you take a neutral stance(born of conviction) that the next Presidency will surely be yours!!!!

Jack, Colorado

Subject: Great work!
Date: 8/19/99

I live here in Austin, TX and Bushleague is a blight on the state and the rest of us REAL Texans. Also, as a person who has recovered from alcoholism >5 years I find his 'do as I say not as I do' stance a joke. He is what we call a two-stepper - admits to having a problem and carrying the message to those who still suffer. Except he has not done the 10 steps in-between and would not know that the Big Book of AA states on XIII, '...we have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body...' and it is too bad because Bushleague has done neither of either!

The Republicans deserve this loser.

Subject: daddy's connections
Date: 8/20/99

How about a satire, "thinly veiled", on papa bush's Contra-Cocaine connections and where the shrub got his blow? If he got elected, we'd have all those maniacs running (ruining) our country again.

Subject: Evidence of a history of Bush crimes
Date: 8/20/99

Have you checked out ? More incriminating evidence about Bush Sr. and the drug cartels. CIA Inspector General's report part 2 admits to drug running. Bush Sr. is also being sued by Bill Tyree , ex green-beret who worked in Colombia for the CIA. This would make a great link. People need to know about this elitist family and their criminal activity. In the 80's if you research Execitive orders you will find that George Bush Sr.created organizzations that put him in control of every border in the US, and drugs got cheaper. KT

Subject: gwbush
Date: 8/20/99

Excellent site! It makes the official campaign site look stupid. Hopefully, with enough information coming forward George W. will be exposed as the shallow, evil person that he is. Here in Florida we're stuck with his dim brother who is dragging down the quality of life to the Texas level while his wife smuggles expensive clothing into the country from France. I like the t-shirt but would prefer a poster showing G.W. with that silly smirk of his and some white powder under his nose. The caption should read: Got Coke?

Subject: GO GO GO!!!
Date: 8/20/99

Your doing a great job of allowing George W. to come out of his campaign shell and show everyone how he really will behave if elected to the Oval Office. Your websight may just become his excuse to start drinking and using drugs again. He is in denial about his past... Obviously he is not yet ready to truly be in recovery.

His response to this site verifies that "Compasionate Conservatism" is truly an OXYMORON.

Peace, Mike

Subject: comment on this site.
Date: 8/20/99

How can you fuckin assholes take this e-mail adress to screw George bush. I from Maine where we like the Bushes. Find another e-mail adress you fuckers because he's going to win anyway.

Subject: We need George ...
Date: 8/20/99

Yes America needs George W. Bush. We need a fresh face. We need a man whose life has been one of opportunity. We need a man who has been bailed out of every situation by simply stating his name. We need a man who gets corporations to buy his failing businesses for millions. We need a man who is tough on drugs (even though he used them). We need a twice born Christian (God knows we don't have enough of them in politics).

Yes we need George Bush ... to get the hell out of politics and make his own living. Unfortunately, even if he is not the candidate, the power he has with his 37 million dollars in campaign contributions insures him the power to affect the GOP for years. We haven't seen the last of him unless we make sure that a Republican is not elected President in 2024. We all need to work hard for honesty. We all need to encourage everyone to speak out against a man who has no idea what our lives are like and has sold his soul to big business. A George W. Bush Presidency would not feel "fresh as a summer's breeze". It would be filled with paybacks to all his bug business buddies. That's all he knows. He grew up with it and now he knows, "when someone gives you cash, you pay them back".

We need to wake up. He and Steve Forbes are not like the other candidates. Their type of evil would destroy the America that our founding fathers defined, that our brave veterans fought for and that we count on to make our children's lives good.

Come on America, wake up, speak out, get goofballs like Bush, Forbes, Pat Buchanan, Dan Quayle and Gary Baurer out of politics by writing your newspapers, voting, putting up signs and bumper stickers, talking to your neighbors, etc. Let's take this country back from big business. We have the vote and that means we have the power.

Date: 8/20/99

Before his current wife, wasn't "the W" engaged very suddenly and then, just as suddenly, disengaged? My understanding is that he knocked up some chick and then got her an abortion.

Another thing I've heard--the Midland police once got a call in the night from a desperate Mrs. George W, begging them to stop her husband from beating the shit out of her.

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