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Subject: your site
Date: 7/15/99

Ha ha, love your site! There is such beauty in parody, such art that cannot be matched in any other way. Keep up the creative work. Meanwhile I'll write on thousands of bathroom walls: For a good time, go to I'll tell all my friends, including the dim witted Republicans, about you. They'll love thinking I've converted to their right wing idealogy. But I'll have the last laugh. Thank you.


Subject: Jan 1970 airstrip comments
Date: 7/15/99

One day in Jan (early 70's), I stood beside a sergeant and watched an airplane being loaded. (Air America had flown in replacements, but no one other than flight crew boarded to leave.) The sergeant pointed out the packages and said: "There's a new guy taking over intelligence and he's figured out how to run ops without using our tax money. What they're loading goes back home to get the junkies' money and gov't agents will track it all the way to the streets; making busts right behind." Officially none of us were there 'cause Nixon had not yet gotten authority. So I can't prove it. The next Director of the CIA was George Bush. I've wondered ever since if the sergeant was right or just making it up. My name must be withheld, for my own safety.

Subject: gop is trying to stop you
Date: 7/15/99

Senator Spence Aberhams of Mi is sponsoring a bill that will make it illegal to claim a web site that is not yours. It is claimed to stop people from making a profit from somebody's name or company, but I foresee if this law is passed they will come after you with a vengeance. Of course Spence is just acting as a pit bull for GW.

Great site...keep it up.

Clif Grand Rapids Michigan

Subject: Keep it up.
Date: 7/15/99

You are doing a great job! This kind of activism must seriously get under Junior's skin. I hope you continue to blindside him.

George W. Bush simply disgusts me. An absolute hypocrite. An absolute scumbag. Perfect candidate, I'll admit, for his supporters, all hypocrites and scumbags themselves.

You know a few weeks ago, up here in DC, an elderly woman died on the street, attempting to shield some neighborhood children from gunfire that had broken out across the street-the inevitable result of a street deal gone bad. Days later, the same pages in the paper printed stories trumpeting how succesful Dubya has been in his attempts to buy the election. Thirty-six million dollars, I think? For a political campaign? Disgusting.

It makes you wonder what someone as selfless as this unheralded woman, who laid down her life for the safety of a few neighborhood kids might have done with that kind of money. Something wonderful, I'm sure.

I hope I get the chance one day to punch Georgie in the mouth. In the meantime, you can count on a link from me when my site (of completely unrelated social satire) launches. I stand with you on the promise to make Junior's life as unpleasant as possible.


Subject: Three cheers
Date: 7/15/99

If the amerikan public elect bush president they deserve him. I truly hope they are smarter than that. I am going to tell everyone I know about this site. Keep up the good work you have brought out the real gorge bush. I still remember seeing him react at the republican convention. He is not a real bright person and outside of the sound bites we get his stupidity will shine through.

Subject: kudos
Date: 7/15/99

Great site! Keep up the good work. Eternal vigilance.

The *one* thing I like about GW, and he won't admit to it! LOL

Best luck winning your case with FEC.

Down with tyrants!!

Subject: Bush and his corpses
Date: 7/15/99

An article in the local rag here in Austin is covering what is considered to be the biggest influence-buying scandal in almost thirty years. Guess who is fighting a subpoena? If he is ever forced into deposition, this could make the national media. Check it out at:

Subject: retort retort
Date: 7/15/99

hi, I think that a good comment for GW to make when clinton steps on his tounge:

GW: "Presidential hopefull bill clinton.........."


GW: "The president should stop trying to help AL...."

thanks for the web site


Subject: hey
Date: 7/16/99

Hey folks. Could you maybe put a disclaimer on the top of this site or something. I was looking for real info on GW and found this site before I found the real site. I quickly figured out it was a parody but it was confusing at first.


Subject: Your contradictory t-shirt
Date: 7/16/99

why would you have a T-shirt that says Unlimited freedom on one side and "there aught to be limits to freedom" on the back?.. that has to be the dumbest t-shirt i have ever seen (unless you are against bush, if so, you should make that a part of the page.. not an undelying note)..


Subject: The Brother
Date: 7/17/99

Say, you've got lots of info but nothing about the BROTHER, NEIL, you know, the one who was director of the Silverado Savings & Loan?

Have you nothing? I never see bro pictured with GW. What gives?

Subject: booger eating morons
Date: 7/17/99

Today the media is having a field day over that Kennedy brats airplane trouble. Who gives a shit about him. He was just another of the privledged upper class... no not upper class, just rich. Why does the media try to sell us our hero's? More to the point, while catering a reception for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center in the Governors mansion(wearing all hemp clothing) I overheard and saw a lot of our respected shrubbery in action. He strolled through his kitchen where we were all working, wearing his jogging clothes. (Capitol 10K) The catering director asked him if the party was his private affair or a state function. His response.... He stopped walking, turned around and replied "Well it's my fucking house isn't it." Such dignity, such poise, such respect. The shrub is an evil man. It just blows me away to read the letters and hear the horseshit lies from all the booger eating morons that really believe that they have found the right path. It's a scary world out there. Thanks for letting me vent.

Subject: keep up the good work
Date: 7/18/99, I had read about your site in "funny times" and decided to see for myself. One thing that really bothers me is that sites are allowed if they are pro-canidate, but any type of derogatory information is quickly gagged. What happened to free speech? So I guess if you have enough money, freedom has a price too. Anyway, I like your site and was thinking of starting my own. Don't worry, it wont be as good as yours.



Subject: one question and one statement.
Date: 7/18/99

I have one question and one statement.


What is Gorge Bush jr's policy on Marijuana legalization?

Statement: I will not vote for ANY candidate for ANY office who opposes reform of marijuana laws. The war on drugs is causing immense damage to Individuals and families and is a waste of millions of tax payer dollars. To me the "war on drugs" is a war on freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ! I and tens of thousands will vote for ALL politicians who will end the war on drugs/Americans. I will consider a lack of responce as support for the war on drugs/Americans.

Thank you


Date: 7/18/99

Keep up the good work. With the job they've done on President Clinton, where does he get off thinking he's not fair game?????????

Subject: G.W.Bush
Date: 7/18/99

Is this the same Bush that received goverment loan for an oil company which went broke after a short time then took out bankruptcy. If he is that man he should pay back that goverment loan. he has lots of money now days.

please check out

Thank you.

Date: 7/18/99

I bet that the BUSH CLAN & his "campagne goons" are behind all this! After all - It's what they practice in the CIA!


Subject: media coverage
Date: 7/19/99

Read about your site in a political commentary- had to check it out. I love it! Thanks for the yucks!.

Subject: sources
Date: 7/19/99

I just wanted to agree wholheartedly with Diane from New Hampshire who wrote in concerning your sources on 7/9/99. Absolutely the worst possible source for honest and believable information on George W. Bush is the public record of his speeches! I am amazed that you think his own statements might reveal any useful information about the man or his campaign! Please attempt to find a more trustworthy source on George W. Bush than George W. Bush.

Chuck, Seattle

Subject: Freedom of Expression
Date: 7/19/99

I visited your site and I found it very intriguing. Your careful examination of Governor Bush's speeches is very telling. Assuming that the quotations you use are true and after reading the Cease and Desist Letter, one cannot but give some serious thought about the governor's stance vis--vis the realm of the First Amendment and Freedom of Expression; particularly that the next president is likely to appoint 2-3 USSC judges. I think it should be made clear to the Public in general and to the voters in particular, where each presidential candidate stands on the constitutional issues and the civil rights. After all the make-up of the SC in the next century will shape American Social Policies for decades to come. Very nice work, Continue. The Friends of Freedom.

Subject: loved the site
Date: 7/19/99

(reply to:

Loved the site. Saw the URL in a Seattle paper.

"But seriously...," you should read the recent _Rolling Stone_ article on GW (Aug. 5, 1999 issue). One thing you might want to add to your site is a parody of the fact that the Texas Rangers, while Bush was an owner, got the city of Arlington TX to build a stadium for the team (well, the owners paid something , but not much). Also, while he was found innocent, there's a pretty good case to be made that GW did some insider trading.

Oh, regarding the law: 1. You can't be sued for libel/slander, since GW is a public figure. (This was settled in the famous case, _New York Times v. Sullivan_.) 2. I saw somewhere on the web, re copyright, that "parody" constitutes fair use. But I'm not sure about that.

You probably knew all that already.

Really liked your links to the pages on the folks that got unfair trials/sentences.

Best wishes,

Steve Fromm

Subject: georgew v. gw
Date: 7/19/99

I'm apalled - and tickled. I loved your response to the FEC. Don't back down. I'll try to keep up with this. Otherwise, keep me in touch if you can. Thanks. C. Patrick Mitchell at Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory in Irvine, CA.

Subject: Too close to reality?
Date: 7/19/99


Why are all your detractors so hot and bothered about this site? And why is the "Son-of-loser in 2024" legal team so busy filing suits against this site?

The paranoia is reminiscent of '72 GOP election (re) committee. My advice, if you've been seeing a psychiatrist, is to have them destroy your patient records before Gee Dubya's dirty tricks guys break in.

Jim, Seattle

Subject: Bush game!
Date: 7/19/99

Did you ever see the game where a Spice Girl popped up out of a gopher hole and the player bopped her on the head with a mallet? Whaddya think about a similar game with GWB instead of a Spice Girl and the title could be "Bushwhackin' ?"


Subject: here's a link for you.
Date: 7/20/99

I just found your web page. I like it very much. Check out my site @

Let me know what you think, or if you want me to include a particular columnist. If you like the page, pass it along to a friend, or link it.



Subject: Fantastic Site!
Date: 7/20/99

I love it. Great Web site. You are really painting George in such a positive light. I only wish he was really as open and honest as you like to depict him. Maybe he really should be paying you after all!

If he drops on you like the thug he really is, I'll be happy to send you a few bucks, and I suspect millions of others will too.

Too much freedom?!?!?! Unbe-f'ing-lievable!!!


Subject: Uphill Battle
Date: 7/20/99

Hi, great site!! Here in NY we have Guiliani looking to be our next senator after he marched through Manhattan like Napolian. Couple that with GW Jr. in DC, there will be a mass exodus of NYers out of the country. GWB, Jr.'s foregoing fed money is terrifying, you know he's going to dump boatloads of money early on to knock other candidates out. The problem in NY, this election will prove to be another ABC vote(Anyone But Clinton) like we had against Cuomo in '94 and we got GE Pataki. You don't want this generation of republicans. They didn't work as hard as their parents and they are certaintly not as bright. The assumption being their parents were semi-bright. Bush will be the worst! Any thing that can be done to keep this joker out of DC should be. My fear this guy may pull this one off, we were the nation that elected the former federal hitman, (head of the CIA) his father, President. Pataki's first four years were a vendetta against areas in the State that did not cary him, small minds think alike, I do think that GWB Jr. will punish states that don't carry him. This should be an interesting trip!

You should try to hook into Chris Cuomo's group hear in NY. It is made up of Gen-Xers that are interested in politics, based in Manhattan. They would be able to spread to word and share this site.


Subject: new Austin Chronicle Link
Date: 7/20/99 Go down to the politics section to find some really good storys about George II's own "-gate", FUNERALGATE

Subject: Good Belly Laughing Site
Date: 7/20/99

Zack, HA!HA!HA! I couldn't stop laughing as I read the articles and even the official letter from the official General Counsel of the official Website for the GW Jr.s campaign. You keep at it. You help put some prospective on the statements of our Guv. Texans have been paying for GW's mistakes and soon the rest of the US of A may buy a ticket. Hope this makes people think. I will recommend it to all my surfing buddies. Thanks. Alex, a Texican

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 7/20/99

too bad you are so jealous at how well george w is doing compared to al gore the bore and buddist remember the buddist temple??????? talk about crooked and a lier al gore is the worst hes a wimp and will tell you anything you want to hear he caters to the black and mexicans just to get their vote and i bet he hates them and dont say i am a racisst i am mexican and grew up with racisim so i know what it feels like but i dont fall for the democrats pandering to the minorities like thay do all put on and you can do all the lying you want but people love george w from all walks of life you liberals are sweating it arent you so you have to slam bush how about telling the truth about gore and all the turnarounds he has done all of a sudden and he hjas the gall to say anything about the money bush has rasied he is just mad because he cant raise it so admit it gore is awful and will lose in 2024 ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Way to go!
Date: 7/21/99


Of all the emails you get, I imagine the most satisfying are the mindless diatribes and rants you get for having the audacity to criticize G. Dubya.

You know you're doing your job as a parodist when those with no sense of humor get pissed. Keep up the good work!

Rick, VA

Subject: Way to go!
Date: 7/21/99


Of all the emails you get, I imagine the most satisfying are the mindless diatribes and rants you get for having the audacity to criticize G. Dubya.

You know you're doing your job as a parodist when those with no sense of humor get pissed. Keep up the good work!

Rick, VA

Subject: website controversy
Date: 7/21/99

It's good that you at least have an opinion in politics, but there are definitely more constructive ways to contribute as a FREE American. Having a website that appears to be an official campaign website while maliciously slinging mud at the candidate shows the exact root of all that is wrong with present-day politics. The founders of our country and writers of the Declaration of Independence created freedoms so that you may voice your opinion but I doubt they intended for deceiving and harmful webpages made only with the intention of hurting a candidate. Why don't you take a stand for something and either support another candidate by expressing their views or run yourself and try to make a positive contribution. Please do us all a favor and remove your website. Sincerely, Brian

Date: 7/21/99

thanks for the site remember LICK BUSH IN 2024 !!!!!

Subject: Thank you
Date: 7/21/99

Thank you for your page!!! I have just sent Mr. Bush an email letting him know that until he comes clean regarding his alleged drug abuse and alcoholism I cannot support him as president. Keep up the good work doode. Robert

Subject: this site
Date: 7/21/99

keep up the good work making asses of your selves...

the true believers who follow this site illustrate what is wrong with the current white house..

Subject: Free Press International
Date: 7/21/99


I was illegally arrested by Governor Bush in April of 1999. We are going to court to fight this insanity. Free Press International would appreciate any support you can give. Please visit our website for details.


Greg Ericson

Subject: Fun site
Date: 7/21/99

I love the way your links click back and forth from Yours to Theirs. Why stop with just a long prison sentence for GWB? Did you know that the Federal Crime Bill (1996, I think) provides for the death penalty for certain drug kingpins. Did he do drugs? Is he a king? Over 95 men and 1 woman have been executed on the Governor's watch and there are 460 men and 8 women on Texas death row with no pardons in sight. He could begin his compassionate conservativism with his own pardon . Oops! It's a federal charge so he'd need to ask for the pardon from - uh oh. That won't work. Never mind. Maybe he could apologize. Em Are


Subject: Nice website!
Date: 7/22/99

I first heard of your website in the beginning of the summer and I like it. It really does expose and bring to light the hypocrisy and character of George W. Bush that I, as a Texan, have been fortunate enough to realize. I personally think his campaign logo "the compassionate conservative" is a bunch of crap and I'm glad someone finally had the courage to bring that to light.

Glad from Texas

Date: 7/22/99

Why not take out your frustrations on the Clinton Justice Department. What has Bush got to do with the "injustice" dealt these "victims. Get a life you fucking idiots.


Subject: Americans Lack Imagination
Date: 7/24/99

What a shame, in a country with more than 250 million citizens, the best we can come up with is the son of an ex president. GW jr's claim to fame is he was the owner of a baseball team and made a killing of same when it sold. Read the unauthorized bio of George H W Bush and see where they are coming from. Why don't we just have kings and queens like England. Shame on you, America - I live in Texas and GW ain't done do do for Texas. cheers vic vreeland

Subject: George W. Bush on Family Values
Date: 7/24/99

You are invited to visit where I show proof that GWB, Jr. has turned his head to corruption and criminal wrongdoing within Texas Department of Protecitve and Regulatory Services.

You may add a link to this site if you wish.


Subject: freedom and crap like that
Date: 7/24/99

i was just looking at your site and read the letters from the official GWB site...don't they have a sense of humor? haven't they ever heard of cases like falwell v. flynt? and the estate of roy orbison v. public enemy? its called satire and whether they like it or not, its PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION.

keep up the good work!


p.s. the cases i list above, i'm not really sure if those are the exact names but i'm not in the mood to surf the web for the exact names.

Subject: s&l; scandal
Date: 7/24/99

Wasn't this guy the one involved in the Savings and Loan scandal which cost taxpayers billions? A main reason to start the war with Iraq. Any links or info on this would be nice to see on your site.

Subject: your website
Date: 7/25/99

To whom it may concern--

Though you have the constitutional right to give your opinion and state and mke it accessible to the public, a fine line can be drawn between expression and harrassment and attacking.

While you think you have good intentions to inform the public that your personal belief is that George W. Bush should not end up in the White House, there are better and more effective ways to approach this. Yes, I am a Bush supporter, but am one of those who are willing to keep my options open to not only other candidates, but other parties as well.

As a political science and journalism double major, I do see where you are coming from speaking purelly from your first amendment right. And if you were to argue it, you would win the debate. However, it has not only shown in history, but has become common practice, that negative campaigning is LESS effective for the candidate you wish to win, than not campaigning at all for him/her.

Think about courtesy. Think about politness. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has worked their entire life to achieve one goal. One goal has been in their mind their entire life, and while they do have many other sources of critisism and debate, using and internet web site that many Bush supporters will accidentally stumble on, is rude, unneccessary, and indecent. If you will to disagree with GW Bush, or any other candidate for that matter, do so with a website address that clearly states you are in opposition. Do not decieve for purpose of your own advancement.

Good Luck in your ventures to elect a person in office that you believe would be suited. In your journey to do so, concentrate on him or her, and what they should accomplish for your country, not what the other candidate cannot do. Being secure in your opinions means accepting the fact that there are opposing opinions.

Sincerly, SNicole

Subject: link on the drug war
Date: 7/25/99

here's a link that you'll find as a well-written, humorous piece on the drug czar:

enjoy! margaret children have more need of models than critics. -joubert

Subject: funny stuff!
Date: 7/26/99

Is it just me or does Junior sound like a bigger moron than Mr "Potatoe" Head Dan Quayle?


Subject: The Bushes
Date: 7/26/99

Will G.W. Bush,s mispeak make Dan Quale a valed canidate.

Subject: A New Anti-Bush Endeavor
Date: 7/28/99

Hi all,

We have linked to you from our new anti-Bush site, (To see your link, click on "The Man" link.)

Please take a moment to listen to the song we've recorded about our favorite Bush -- we think you'll like it.

And if you want to, of course, we'd love if you could add us to the links on your own Bush site.

Let me know what you think of the song/site. :-)

Kelly Holmes

Subject: family album
Date: 7/28/99

Have you seen the latest from the official George Dubya site - it BEGS to be parodied. THere is a conspicuous void of photos - save for blatantly contemptuous posing of GWB with "a worker" - during his 'youth', twenty years ago.

just an idea...

-- M.

Subject: NOT!
Date: 7/28/99

Sirs / Madames!

I followed your link and the site is, not as you have

Subject: new member.
Date: 7/29/99

Just joined the gwbush group after hearing a short on the raido by the founder ??..Great website with just enough "off the wall" to be perfect. Good luck to all and God bless America...

Subject: fair use and legal advice
Date: 7/29/99

Hi, I just looked at your site, and read the crummy letter Bush's people sent you.

I don't know how much you know or have read about copyright law, but I'm pretty sure that most of your activities should be protected under the Fair Use clause of the copyright law.

There is a fantastic source for information on this subject at The site is for Negativland, a music group which utilizes sampling to an unprecedented degree. They got sued twice in the early 90s for a record they made which, if they had made it *after* the famous 2 Live Crew Supreme Court decision, would've been entirely protected under Fair Use. So Negativland very quickly developed an interest in copyright issues. The site is informative and well-maintained.

Another item of possible interest to you might be the fact that Negativland found free legal advice. I'm sure that they would be ready and willing to speak with you about these issues, especially considering the international nature of your situation (albeit unintended). The most outspoken member of the group on copyright stuff is Mark Hosler.

I urge you at least to take a look at the site and see if it might be useful to you.

Hope it helps out and good luck to you, Jesse

Subject: Love it!
Date: 7/29/99

I enjoyed the tampon story. My husband and my son, gladly bought me tampons and super size (big box no way to hide it) female necessities. My husband is an executive, my son a lawyer. They are driven by love and not machismo.

Since Laura Bush (Mrs. GW), stated publicly, "I over protect George and just hate criticism about him." I don't think he's ever seen a tampon. He's a rich kid. They don't just walk down to the drug store to get what regular folks use. The same way they just don't walk down a ghetto to get cocaine. This is what sociologist call "The Saints and the Roughnecks." The rich saint kids get away with braking the law. And they get to attend Harvard and Yale. Poor roughneck kids get put in jail for spitting on the ground.

Is Laura Bush a good role model? Who is she and what are her views as hopeful future First Lady? She seems very mousse. There's something weird about this family. I have reservations about George Senior. Here's a handsome man, virile, youthful looking, Robert Redfort-type, still jumping out of airplanes, no viagra here. I cannot imagine waking up next to Barbara Bush. What a nightmare! He must have some secret hot woman somewhere who has kept his juices running into his late years. If you don't use it, you lose it, and for sure George Senior still got it!

Have you noticed that GW answers questions with laughter and humor. It's not charisma. It's insecurity and lack of knowledge. This is all the republicans have, spoiled boy GW. Al Gore will whip his butt in debate. GW is cramming and memorizing what Tom Delay dictates. We are republicans voting for Al Gore and hope he picks Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend as VP.

Regular media is not to be trusted. Notice how the media uses "positive" words for GW and "negative" words for any other candidate. These are not journalist, they are high paid lobbyist and think that the public does not understand or catch their Journalism 101 tricks.

Keep Up the Good Work!

Latinos - Not for GWBush

Subject: contradiction in Dubya's statements
Date: 7/29/99

He said government never "really" helps people, you know the quote. And he promises H-1 visas to the computer industry to poach government educated talent from India, China, Russia. Take it from there.


Subject: LOVE your site!
Date: 7/26/99

Great parody! This is the funniest web site I've come across in a long time, keep up the good work. I think it's hilarious that Ol' G.W. himself is trying to coerce you into silence. Have you had a similar reaction to

The only sad part is that all of the drug war "humor" you relate is true. America has become the world's largest prison, with more people in jail than in the former Soviet Union. I don't see much hope of change with either of the two party candidates. And Americans seem too stupid to figure out how to work with more than two parties at one time.


Subject: Re: funny stuff!
Date: 7/26/99

>>Is it just me or does Junior sound like a bigger

>>moron than Mr "Potatoe" Head Dan Quayle?


Seriously though I think twelve years of Reagan/Bush criminality and disrespect for the American people was enough. The country hasn't forgotten those crooks and word will surely spread about Junior's criminality......Iran Contra, Savings and Loan, Iraq-gate, etc, etc....we could go on and on about the crimes of that administration which were far more serious than lying about sex with an intern. You are doing this country a great service. Thank you for spreading the truth about crooked Bush Jr.


Date: 7/29/99


Subject: viva bush!
Date: 7/30/99

GW Bush should not be worry about your wonderful web page costing him the election. With the massive amount of dope dealers in America GW will have the backing of the non mainstream voters(dope dealers). Our current president claimed not to inhale pot and look at all the mess he put us through. Just think about what a former coke head would do. I am happy to know that there is information out there like you provide. Well i have to go because i have to tell my local crack dealer to VOTE BUSH!

Subject: Anti-Bush website
Date: 7/31/99

I love your scathing ant-bush website. A few of us in Texas know Bush junior's true colors. Unfortunately, a lot of people here didn't know, and voted for him. I heard about this website from a newsgroup, and about junior's legal campaign against websites such as this. Wow is he thin skinned, my God, he'll never make it! What a panty wasted wussy cry-baby! I never heard of even Clinton suing drudge, or his other critics on the WEB. Most politicians know it just goes along with the territory. The fact that he is trying to silence websites such as this, just shows what a spoiled brat he is. The fact that he is assaulting free speech should alarm everyone.

Your website is quite humorous, thanks to junior. I got a good laugh from this excerpt, "Instead of going to Vietnam, he flew cool jet planes around Texas, valiantly defending us against the Mexican air force." Junior is hilarious, I just hope the whole nation comes to realize that.

Subject: it's too bad
Date: 7/31/99

well i like bush and all but i don't find it fair that people like E-Dole who can do better don't really have a chance against him because he has mor money

Subject: Love Your Site
Date: 8/1/99

Congratulations for your inspiration in finding a site name that GW's campaign hadn't already hijacked as a forum for feisting this empty suit on us as the President of Wealthy and Special Interest groups. Kudos and plaudits (I'm being redundant) to you! I'll keep checking in. Did you know that while he's been vacationing up here in Maine and raising the ire of Hispanics for not attending their La Raza convention in his home state, he's been out making mucho bucks by attending an "invitation only" fundraiser hosted by MBNA, one of the biggest credit card companies in this country, CEO, Charles Cawley, at his expansive, expensively landscaped (possibly at his shareholders' expense) Fox Hill home here in Camden, Maine? (The place is totally ugly, by the way; totally unlike the pristine place it was before. He's cut down most of the trees--while the code enforcement officer was out of town--and painted his domain in the sort off beige with dark green trim that he's painted all his new corporate headquarters--and any thing else he touches here in Camden, including his corporate boat.

Cawley invited his wealthy friends and middle to upper management people to this party for Bush--$1,000 a plate, his corporate employees knowing that not to attend meant a black mark on their personnel record. These "voluntary" contributions will no doubt be bundled and sent off to Bush, ignoring Campaign finance law, such that it is. Cawley did the same in trying to get Republican, Olympia Snowe re-elected to the Senate during her last run. She was re-elected.

Cawley's a megalomaniac, and he's the kind of guy GW is most likely to try to rub shoulders with.

That's the news from here in Camden, Maine. e-mail me for any further updates.

Subject: Shrub's outfit was known as the "Silver Spoon Squadron"
Date: 8/1/99

>From a post on Salon, about a C-Span show in which GWBush was interviewed.... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: "One thing was learned from a C-Span caller. Bush's Air national guard unit was known as the "Silver Spoon Squadron" because the son's of so many Texas oil millionaires, Cattle barons and influential Texas politicians were in the unit getting pilot training with no risk of being called up to fight in Viet Nam. Dear Bush defender Lois Romano said there was no proof that any family influence was used to get George DoubleShot in the unit, but her article in the Post has an interview with Bush's commanding officer in which he says he is a friend of George Herbert Hoover Bush, served with daddy Bush in WWII and was proud to request the Schrub off the old Bush for his outfit."

Date: 8/2/99

I'm glad to see that some people are not falling into the media trap that George W. Bush is the only one to vote for. One term in Texas does not qualify you for the presidency- much less when you've had your political career handed to you on a silver platter!!!


Subject: The Real Story
Date: 8/9/99

Dear Bill or Zack or whatever your name is,

I know who's really behind this! You can tell your little Boss with the big ears, this time he is in for a fight. He takes away 40 percent of my voters, just because he's funny. Laughter is so overrated! If that Southern Leprechaun thinks he can uncover my boy's checkered past and damage his campaign with a witty website, he's got another thing coming.

Your Boss just doesn't understand "the laughing at" as opposed to "the laughing with" concept. People tell me listening to Dan Quayle talk, does the same thing for them. This time we will fight fire with fire. Since being laughed at gets you votes; Jr. will make the following campaign statements - "Like my father, if elected I will puke on some Japanese dignitaries." "Like my father, I have a thing for older looking woman. I plan to bag that hotty Elizabeth Dole during my campaign." "You think my Dad's choice for running mate was bad, just wait until I announce Gary Bauer as mine!"

Georgey will get into office, do as I say, and I will be king again!

NC Cous' a.k.a GWB, Sr.

Subject: put me in touch with amnesty2000 people in my area
Date: 8/3/99

I think shrub and jeb both suck. Would like to get in contact and would love to support a Amnesty 2024 group in the St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach Florida areas. Hey the amnesty issue is a great one to support, if it fails to outrage and change current laws toward non-violent drug offences, and only succeeds in embarasing "Shrub Bush" enough to lose his run for special interest groups, to bad. Like his daddy He'll run, and run, and run, then He'll sneak in the back way as vice-president selling america along the way. Arthur

Subject: rahhhhhhhhhh
Date: 8/3/99

Congratulations Patriots!

His father was a liar and a creep, why should he be different. It worked for good ole dad (may blood parasites consume him).

He's a younger cuter (in that thin lipped kinda way) creep and deserves what he gets if he steps into the arena, POW!!@!.

What the Republican'ts did to the current (human=flawed=Democratic) President is unforgiveable. I have no sympathy for this power hungry agent of supreme evil. It warms my heart to see him REAMED a little, when everyone knows that Dan Quayle is a much better candidate to get CRUSHED by Al Gore in 2024.

The Republican'ts have a lot of nerve complaining since their whole platform is based upon serious real world lies and misdirection.

Congratulations Patriots!

This is by far the best use of internet bandwidth that I have ever seen. It's right up there with the Pam Lee videos....and covers the same subject....they both suck.

Good Job, and great service.


Date: 8/3/99

Keep up the ummmm great informative humor. Maybe the Bushes may possibly make you an offer from the proceeds of the tax payer supported ballpark that put a few extra bucks in his pockets. Hope that does not happen --- it would show you have great capitolist spirits even the best of them would agree. Besides who could blame you if you turned your investment into a nice tidy profit. Until that would take place I plan on being a regular visitor to the site---THANK YOU

Subject: your a quack
Date: 8/3/99

People like you who complain about the legal sale of products that are used to produce drugs are the same jerks who claim that the gun industry should be held liable because criminals use illegaly obtained weapons to committ crimes. go jump off a bridge!

Subject: Kudos to the new establishment
Date: 8/3/99

I picked up on this site when a friend of mine (a very subversive journalist in a right-wing newspaper) pointed it out. I compared it to the official web site and I'm quite impressed. Not only is it visually great, but it smokes for actual content and actually saying something instead of the usual political doublespeak. Keep up the good fight for those people like the Tuckers and Leonard Peltier (just thought I'd throw that in). Oh and just to clarify for the Silverado letter, the Bush who was involved was Neil Bush- same clan. Of course there's always Jeb Bush's wife who doesn't know the difference between $500 and $19,000. Remember, be informed, don't vote for a party, vote for a person.

Subject: keep it up
Date: 8/3/99

Great job Zack. Your letter to the FEC was a class act. Your piece about the Tuckers truly evocative. Anthony

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 8/3/99

Pretty obvious your sick website is sponsored by the liberal left wing communist. Good try you idiot, but no ribbon.

Subject: add to links
Date: 8/3/99

How bout adding Jim Hightowers web site: 8/3/99 commentary has some insight into "Shrubs" Pioneers. enjoy, MV

Subject: domains
Date: 8/4/99

I read the article in USA Today. The government needs to keep it's nose out of everyone's business. So your trying to make a buck, big deal. First come, first serve. What do these people think they can control everything we do?

If that BILL passes about domains, peoples lives will be effected dramatically. That's saying anyone (or any company) with enough money (campaign contributions) can make the rules for everyone else. What is this country coming to?

Keep up the good work on your site & I hope that BILL doesn't pass.

Where can we voice our opinions on that BILL anyway? Any Idea?


Subject: Press Coverage
Date: 8/4/99

Dear Zack,

Don't let them get you down. What you are doing is great for this country. We all need to stand up to this. These are our rights. Any negative comments or mail you get is most likely from Bush's people. There are a lot of us in Ohio who will stand up for you.

I think I'll have to start an e-mail and forward it to all my friends and have them forward and so on.

Again, good luck, If there's anything I can do let me know.


Subject: hello
Date: 8/4/99

i just want everyone to know that everyone in lee's summit mo is going to vote bush.jason

Subject: You're in our paper!
Date: 8/4/99

Your site appears in the August 2nd business section of the Denver Rocky Mountain News. (

Apparently you have the Governor's panties in a ruffle. (snicker) In case you haven't been notified yet, he has filed a legal complaint against your site. (aww, poor Bushie can't take a joke.)

I just wanted to let you know that there are laws that protect you and your use of a parody web page. You can even use the images right from his web page without his consent, regardless of the copyright.

There was a case against the "aolsucks" web page where AOL got pissy with the creator, and LOST! See:

So, don't freat (if you were), you are safe to keep humiliating good 'ol Bushy Baby. Hehehe (As long as it doesn't turn into slander anyway.)

Just FYI.


Date: 8/4/99

Hi When I get expose or get burn than I want restriction. otherwise I want freedom for me and everyone as long as it did not hurt me. what a Teflon that is again from cowboy states.!!! nick

Subject: keep up the good work
Date: 8/4/99

just found your we page after reading an article in USA today,from a Texan i wish you luck in all your endeavors

Subject: Great work!!
Date: 8/4/99

Loved your web-site. How about telling the readers about how shrub and his cronies got rich by creating a new government agency to condemn land the owners refused to sell, and were later foced to at one/sixth of fair market value, and paid for largely by a new 1/2 cent sales tax on the citizens. Does this sound like less government - less taxes - or some form of advocacy for private prperty rights? Well that's how shrub and his cronies got rich with the Texas Rangers Baseball Team which he later sold his stake in for a 2,300% profit or a cool $14 million of the taxpayers money! Expose the Bush crime family for who they really are!!! They damn well derserve it!

Keep up the crusade. Brian - Tyler, Texas.

Subject: Dubya Speaks
Date: 8/4/99

Bush Lite Announces Formation of Exploratory Committee to Study Possibility of Establishing Steering Committee to Explore Potential Preliminary Position Statements

[HOUSTON - AUGUST 4, 1999] Responding defiantly to criticism from Democrats and from within his own party, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee today unveiled plans to explore the possibility of issuing preliminary clues to his stand on issues. "The American people are crying out for leadership," said Texas Governor Bush Lite. Read more at Bush Lite: Parody with a Purpose

To avoid being needlessly harassed and/or exasperated by these updates in the future, simply reply to this e-mail and type "unsubscribe" in the first line of the body of your message.

Subject: Compassionate and Conservative Comment
Date: 8/5/99

Ever hear the hard to say, hard to understand, variations on "Compassinate Conservative"? Here are a few.

Compassionately Conservative Compassionate Conservationatory Compassionately Conservatism Compassionismly Conservatitorily

Subject: link
Date: 8/6/99

Here's a link you might be interested in:

Inaugural Address of Pres. George W. Bush, Jan. 20, 2024:

Subject: Save me!
Date: 8/6/99

Living in Texas for the past few years has been hell! George W. must be overthrown! He's the most incompetent governor we've had here in decades. It still astounds me that he defeated Ann Richards. The worst thing I can think of that he's done is making it easier to carry concealed weapons. Is he insane?! What's the point of that? Hand guns should be banned, not hidden! If it was illegal to have a hand gun, the amount of murders and accidental shootings would go down at an extreme rate. But, of course, that's not going to happen because everyone has the right to bear arms. Unlike Bush, I like to uphold the Constitution!

_______________________________________________________________ Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit

Subject: Bush antics
Date: 8/6/99

Like many surfers, your site ( was unknown to me until I heard the incredible story on the radio of Bush lawyers attcking your site simply for criticising a public figure who is running for public office. Apparently there are fears that your case will set an awful precedent, such that anyone who wants to make political statements with their web sites will have to join or become a PAC. This is Timocratic insularism at its finest and a good example of our government's fear of the net and its effect of amplifying the voice of the common man. Actually, I feel that your plight has a chance not only to affect the outcome of the 2024 presidential election, but call attention to America's terribly wrong-headed drug policy as well. It also showcases yet another example (like those of Mayor Barry, President Clinton, and any number of others) of a politician who either escapes punishment or otherwise attains political office despite prior drug use or other criminal activity, yet feels free to support draconian policies for the rest of us. This sort of elitism is all too common in our power structure (some being more equal than others) and the media has been all too silent about it. People may not all agree with the way you have stated your message, but most would defend your right to state it. I think that Bush has made a critical mistake in making a martyr of you, and in attacking one of the most fundamental rights of our Constitution dead-on. As governor of Texas, Bush recently gave clemency to a famous convicted murderer (Henry Lucas) because he said (correctly) the case had potential for setting a precedent whereby a person could be executed for a crime of which they were known to be innocent. (This was all the more profound since the clemency program in Texas is so weak that it has rarely if ever been successfully used, and has infact been publically ridiculed as basically nonexistent because of its ineffectuality.) Yet here he recklessly endangers the rights our founding fathers knew were so important that they contained within the very first ammendment to the Constitution. Until now I had thought that George Bush was, while not a very exciting candidate, probably the best candidate for president and one who would probably cause the least harm; I had decided to vote for him in 2024. I probably would not have been swayed in my choice had I simply encountered your site in passing. I might have laughed and moved on. But as a result of his actions in this matter I see now that to vote for Bush in 2024 would be a dangerous decision indeed, and as a result I have no choice but to find a new candidate for whom to vote, as a result of Bush's _current_ indiscretions....

P.S. Here in the capital of Texas, there are billboards for another interesting site with the text, in english and spanish, "George Bush 2024, Privelege at your expense." The site is:

It is actually very interesting...

Subject: Your site
Date: 8/6/99

Mr. Exley:

I have no party affiliation and am not a fan of Dubya, Algore, Dollar Bill or any of the other candidates. I love political parody sites and enjoyed yours. However, I believe a lot of the flack you are getting is because it looks "too good" ... i.e. it looks damn near like a serious and official George Bush site. You might consider being a bit more humorous right up front and thus increase the impact of your message and get a lot of the "legal eagles" off your back.

One of the best and funniest sites I've seen is and there is no mistaking it's a parody site. But it gets the message across quite well.

Cheers! Phil

Thought-for-the-Day: Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed often and for the same reason.

Subject: Upset about something???
Date: 8/6/99

I just don't get it. Are you upset at Republican because drugs are still illegal? The DEA enforcement fiascos that hurt innocent people do just what your buddy's (The Democrats) love to do....give people's hard earned personal property and cash to the government.

Republican a curse word? Let me guess; those nasty Republicans want to kill the poor, steal money from the old folks, and starve the homeless? They're also all gray haired old men who want to make sure you don't get any or have any fun. Ok...whatever. On the other hand, Mr. Bill is a guy just like us...we can all identify with him. I mean, the dude is just trying to get some nookie and have fun right? That's what makes this country work man, all us guys who just wanna have a beer on the weekend and get laid.

And Reagan...oh my God. He just ruined this country. Never mind the fact that the liberal social attitude that started in the 60s may have kicked off a chain of events, sent the divorce rate soaring, and made your mother struggle to raise kids on her own. And, oh yeah, Dad was probably evil and never came around but he had a lot of money and didn't pay child support. Or your dad lost his job in the 80s because the "evil corporations" were laying off people by the hords to save money. Give me a fucking break...How in the hell did trickle down economics cause that shit? Ok, I'll give you that the tax cuts Reagan put into place fucked real estate values which rocked the world. But, don't throw the baby out with the bath water. The economy today (especially the high tech world) is a perfect example of supply side working....and the benefits of government staying the fuck out.

Go libetarian...I can't stand this shit where people just beat on the evil Republicans and don't dish it out to the lying, money stealing pieces of shit on the other side of the aisle.

Peace dude,


Subject: Danny's spellcheck
Date: 8/6/99

Dear GW, Thank you for your insightful and honest Web sight.. You are just about to win me over - Big Boy. Is little Danny Quail helping you use your spellchecker- I think "rating" might have two "T's"-Ratting.

Date: 8/7/99

Please provide more truth about over political leaders,if they worry about their private life then let them stay private. get them out from public life nick

Subject: great site!
Date: 8/7/99

Hello! I'm only 15 years old, (and I'm bummed that I'm not going to be able to vote against ol' GW!) but I like to keep up with politics, and I think that your web site is really awesome! I've told all of my friends about it, and I'm glad that your opinions are being so widely circulated, because I agree that the public needs to see all sides of the presidential candidates. Keep up the great work! Ali

Subject: Garbage
Date: 8/7/99

"There's a lot of garbage in politics, and, obviously, this is a garbage man," said Mr. Bush.

You gotta love that Bush. Stop, stop! I'm getting turned on!

Throwing garbage into the Bush is called "Littering". Throwing Bush into the garbage is called...."Doing the world a gigantic, stinking favor".

Would you care for some more Coke with your Wheaties, Senior Bush'a?

Subject: GW Shrub swears like a sailor in "Talk", yet press ignores this!
Date: 8/7/99

My goodness!

The press is SO BUSY raking HRC over the coals for doing what they wanted her to do in the first place - talk about Bill's affair with Monica - that they TOTALLY IGNORED Mr. Morality, Mr. Grown-Up, Mr. Character, swearing like a sailor in the VERY SAME ISSUE of "Talk" magazine

Meanwhile, the media harrassment has caused HRC's polls to go up, even in the Right-WIng Zogby poll.

They will never learn....

Date: 8/7/99


I'm just an interested party who has happened upon your awesome web site! Keep up the good work and please let me know how I can help!

I'm a teacher living in Phoenix, AZ.



Subject: gwbush
Date: 8/8/99

Keep up the good work. Everybody needs some lampooning sometimes. I enjoyed it. David

Subject: thanx
Date: 8/8/99

Thank you for providing a breath of sanity into these election processes we have... too bad the masses dont care about sanity or facts or logic, otherwise this man wouldnt even be on the ticket, hell neither would al gore, or, any of these people. It makes me wanna cry sometimes to see someone like GWB as a presidential cand. My big (stupid) idea is that maybe we should re-instate the draft for political posistions.... cant do too much worse then the morons (and hypocrites) we have to chose from now can we? the lowest common denominator will be elected next year. Not that i have contempt for the american populace, they are very intelligent, they just dont know anything.... we need more alternative sources of news, more questioning voices, more variations in the news. For being the latter i thank you. Even in a sarcastic and joking manner, you can be more effective then with a serious note, look at the backlash at him not answering the "question" the fact that he is hard on drugs doesnt come into play in mass media... Well if ya' believ in god "let Us Pray" If not "Lets put Our Heads Between Our Legs": we havent much time before the system of facism overtakes us. How long did it take for germany? (dont forget Hitler was elected) Let's question and question our questions. lets not let anyone off the hook. and thank you for being there gabe

Subject: ain't it a shame
Date: 8/8/99

Gotta love it... this wiener makes President Clinton look like a boy scout! Everybody makes mistakes, but at least Mr. Clinton worked for what he has, and WHO he is. Would somebody mind telling me how such a poor student can get into Andover... and having done poorly there get into Yale.... and having done poorly there get into Harvard's B school? And please put me in touch with W's broker, I'd love to make those kind of investments. I hope W does get the nomination, because any Democrat who hasn't been convicted of murder will have no problem beating him... jeez, Clinton whipped George H. W., what makes George W.. think he can win... yo papa can't help you now junior! Who here wants to bet W. cries on national television before this is all over?

K. J.

Subject: source of supply
Date: 8/8/99

Dear Sir,

Who was Wush's source of supply? Did the Secret Service know? Please advise. Love your site.


Subject: Your Site
Date: 8/8/99

Enjoyed your site. Very clever. Where is the site you maintain about Al Gore?? Oh - you don't have one? What?? No, don't tell me - you couldn't be a tool of the Democratic Party just out to smear GW personally!! Please! Tell me that you are about true parody without limits, prejudices - Could it be that you are actually INTOLERANT of GW and his past? What? How could that be true of the tolerant party? Could it be that you are only tolerant of those who agree with you?

Let's laugh about both sides of the aisle, there's plenty to go around. I'm waiting to see that new Al Gore site.


Subject: I'm gonna git u sucka!!!
Date: 8/8/99

If you think I'm going to pardon ANYONE for drug use, you are out of your mind! Just because I had a little snort now and then is completely irrelevant! I am now - and always have been - a white, rich and well-connected guy. That makes me a *responsible* person, see? It's completely different when I do drugs than when those icky poor people, or those dirty black people or those, like, really unhappy people do it. See?? I did it and will become President. They did it and are in jail - where they BELONG! So what kind of moron are you not to see it's okay whenever I did drugs!! And another thing, I don't want to hear anymore garbage about liquor dealers being drug dealers! Alcohol is a *legal* drug all you hypocrites out there! That makes it okay even when it kills 20 times more people than all those horrible, nightmarish illegal drugs do combined. I have heard all the garbage that an illegal drug prisoner is a political prisoner because it's because of politics that one drug is legal and another is not. Well, it's time to wake up!! This is a *moral* issue! And I stand for morality! What I can't get over is the GALL of people like you who think you can just do whatever you please and make excuses for it later. SO TAKE DOWN THIS WEBSITE!! DO IT NOW, DARN YOU!! I AM THE GARBAGE MAN AND I'M HAULING YOU AWAY!! TAKE IT DOWN! TAKE IT DOWN! OR I'M GONNA GIT U SUCKA!!!!!!!!

His Highness,

G. W. Bush

Subject: Letter to George Bush
Date: 8/8/99

To Whom It May Concern:

I hear there "ought to be limits on freedom," at least according to George Bush II. I also hear he's suing you.

Good luck with him. He definitely needs some help with his First Amendment law.

In fact, I recently wrote him the attached letter, which touches, oddly enough, on the Bill of Rights. I hope you find it amusing. You have my permission to post it, if you give full credit to me as the author.


Date: 8/9/99

Something to think about! Since 1932 we have had Republican presidents and republican controlled congresses (1946-1948 and 1994-1999) but we have never had a republican president at the same time we had a republican congress! Eisenhower was nothing - the Dems saved him. Nixon-Ford and Reagan-Bush were all saved from themselves and the right wing of the Republican Party by Democratic Congresses that wouldn't let them do most of the things the Right stands for. If W. gets in and Trent Lott and his racist friends are still in charge on the Hill you'd better get ready for some serious trouble. They are against everything that matters to the people: Social Security, Medicare, care of the environment, etc., etc. Right now, Mr. Clinton, the poor schmuck, is saving us from the depradations of the rabid right just by being there at the right time. God Bless the poor soul!


Subject: Bush for Ending Social Promotion
Date: 8/10/99

Ending social promotion is one of Bush's priority for America. Who better to end social promotion than someone who has first hand experience?

Subject: Oh most Definetly Sign me UP!
Date: 8/10/99

Hey Folk's,

if there is anything I can to hinder, and/or prevent George Junior from being Elected President of this country, then by all means sign me up. I am currently living in Addison, Texas. And frankly I voted for Ann Richards last time round. (and the time before that actually) I know what George Jr. has been up to, and I know what his Daddy had been up to. And I must anything within my LEGAL means to prevent George Jr.s election as president. so sign me up. Lest the Rich, get the upper hand, and the CIA return to power.

Cris, Private Citizen

Subject: The Pardon Governor
Date: 8/12/99

I'm running for Governor of South Carolina as an Independent and I am starting to get some support. Please visit my web site, it's awesome. I love your website, it's awesome too. I don't want King George shutting down my web site. Thanks for the warning.

Tom Pickett

Subject: George Dubya Bush
Date: 8/12/99

While it is true that I am a yellow dog Democrat, I have not had such a visceral reaction to a Republican candidate since Tom DeLay. I think that GWB is bad for Texas and bad for the USA. He inherited none of his parents style and finesse. He is the quintessential spoiled urban yuppie with very little going on upstairs. Thank God for Daddy's connections or GWB would just be another manager at Wal-Mart or Target. (No, I take that back - Target has higher standards). Keep up the good fight!!