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Subject: To Bad!!
Date: 8/1/99

You are so upset that your socialist hippie clinton is going to be replaced that you stoop to rumors and accusations.

Subject: Get a Life
Date: 8/2/99

Your site is exactly what it is, garbage. You probably go along with losing our freedom. Wake up and get a life and a job so you can be productive, not destructive. Don't bother returning this e-mail, as I certainly will not read it as you are a waste of my time.

Date: 8/4/99

You seem like such a diehard for the first amendment. I wonder how you feel about the second amendment - the anathema to liberal left wing pukes like you. Ever wonder why the Founding Fathers put it second instead of last? Ahead of unreasonable search and seizures, cruel and unusual punishment, self-incrimination?? Think about it.

A Federal Agent and MENSA member.

Subject: gwbush nonsense
Date: 8/4/99

I have looked over your website and it is most defenatly the biggest piece of trash on the net....with the exeption of all the porno sites you probibly visit every night....

1. It tries to look like a real george bush site (to get visitors)

2. It takes quotes out of reference...not even telling what the speaker was talking about.

3. Its only purpose was to further your political agenda and the agenda of Amnesty International. (If its purpose was to be comical then it would be alright...but I didn't notice any Gore sites or Bradley sites)

If your people have the guts or are stupid enough to write back write to me at:

very unrepectably yours Johnathan Shepherd -Registered republican -NRA member -Born-again

Date: 8/11/99

Funny how losers such as yourself are on the outside looking in again. Check it out, to date the people in this country have spoken. G.W. Bush is hands down kicking your socialist liberal butts around. Obviously your slanderous web-site isn't working. You lose.

Jerry Beukelman Denver, CO