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Subject: (no subject)
Date: 11/30/99

Hi, Your story is in today's Times here in the UK. Keep the pressure on. We have our satirists over here who spend a whole load of time in court but this world needs you guys to stop the humourless power brokers from getting too serious about themselves, they even believe their own publicity! By the way George the third must have been the role model, he was completely off his trolley. Any way being his fathers son is enough to make him unelectable. Regards Mike G

Subject: Very good !
Date: 11/30/99

This site is very entertaining. Go on like this.


Bonn, Germany

Subject: s'c'em (Texican for "go get the SOB")
Date: 11/30/99

Ignominious failure to weasels!

Read that Dub'ya called you a garbageman. Of course a Skull'n'Boner WOULD think it an INSULT to call someone a "hard-working, underpaid guy who does an essential job." Good luck in taking out the trash.


Subject: bravo!!
Date: 11/30/99

I am an American who has lived in Israel for nearly 2 decades. Read of your Web site in today's IHT (Neal story in Washington Post) "Sting of Cybersatires" . Wonderful.

"there ought to be limits to freedom" GWB

Good we have a constitution!

Blessings and success from Israel.


Ibillin, Israel

Subject: <()>
Date: 11/30/99

Subject: Web
Date: 11/30/99

Politicians are the greatest threat to national security. Keep it up. Ron.

Subject: What have we wrought?
Date: 11/30/99

Let me start by saying that I grew up not in a privileged environment but a comfortable one. This was a farm family in the Midwest. There wasn't a place for me in the "family business", it couldn't support three families. So I went into the military, and served my country for over eight years, doing whatever I was told to do. I got out before having to fight for Shell Oil, or Exxon, in George Sr.'s war.

One thing that I have always tried to do is to get the facts on political issues and candidates. Now I see people who are believing whatever they are told. "Well, it was on the TV, in the paper, on Paul Harvey, it MUST be true," seems to be the mantra given by so many people. I won't buy a car based one a TV ad, I sure as hell am not going to elect somebody to run this country (or any other political area) based upon a TV ad. Politics has always been dirty, and I think if any of the signers of the constitution could see this there would be another revolution.

I can't remember the source but "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." This is no matter what GW says. GW seems to have not quite finished growing up. I still see that he resorts to the playground tactic of crying, "He said something bad about me!"

Shalom, via con dios,


Subject: A Suggestion
Date: 11/30/99


I love your website, but heard in the news that Boy George wants to sue you. A group of us on AOL has a website that was formerly located on Tripod. The Bush-alikes managed to get it closed down 5 times before we got it onto a domain of its own. We had many letters, threatening lawsuits and the like. We finally made it easy for them by creating a "Sue Us Online" link. I think it might work for you, too. If you're interested, check out Some of their letters are in the left column ("Fan Mail and Threats") ... and a link to the "Online Lawsuit" is on the right side of the home page ("Sue Us Online"). Good luck!

Subject: Keep up the good work
Date: 11/30/99

As a non-American I cannot ethically help in your presidential elections, but let me tell you that websites like yours represent all that is best about America. First, independent people willing to question authority and power. Second, the confidence that this questioning is an essential part of the democratic process. And third, the freedom to do so.

Keep it up! The whole world is watching.

Francesco, Covnetry, UK

Subject: Support
Date: 11/30/99

Keep up the good work !!

Subject: just curious
Date: 11/30/99

Just curious as to your political affiliation. You seem to have a problem with private donations for republicans, yet no problem with private donations for your own cause. Funny, do I sense a little hypocrisy of your own???? ;) Just curious.

R Keyes

Subject: Talk to Alan Dershowitz or Laurence Tribe!
Date: 11/30/99

Betcha either of these gents would LOVE to help you!

They're the best Constitutional scholars (and the best Constitutional lawyers) in the country. If they can't take on your case themselves, they'll know who can, and who will do a good job for you.

They might even do it for free!

Dershowitz teaches at Harvard, and is very approachable. Don't recall where Tribe is offhand, but you'll find him easily enough.

Subject: I love this guy
Date: 11/30/99

Bush was asked if he thought that people who did not believe in Christ would go to hell. Answer in Austin texas this year"Yes" contact the newspaper Austin-American for verification.

Ask yourselves How did Houston, Texas become the number one polluted city in America under the compassionate conservative's businessman's leadership. I guess it was all the business experience with the baseball team the Texas rangers and all the bs that incurred

Subject: yeah!!
Date: 11/30/99

we need to stamp out these hypocrite republicans... they tell us one thing and then do another, granted clinton did the same thing but thats different, democrats arent held to a high standard like republicans are!!! and the fact that bush got into yale and didnt exceed with his grades... we need a nation led by someone sililar to its population...and our population is filled with nothing BUT people with grades good enough to get into wait a minute forget that

lets talk hypocracy hmmm.... no too easy...

when you start throwing stones make sure you have ground to stand on or else youll just fall on your ass


Subject: Another ad for you
Date: 11/30/99 your site!

I had an idea for another ad, if I may......

This ad starts with a black screen with the words "Remember the care-free days of the 70's?"

Cut to a group of well-to-do young men sitting around a coffee table, chatting.......the viewer cannot see the coffee table. Every couple of seconds, someone bends down, and we hear a snorting sound. Each person, as they rise back up, rubs their nostrils clean.

Man #1 - "Yes, well, my father promises me a brand new Corvette following graduation"

Man #2 - "Wonderful! Say, perhaps my father will bring you all down to the summer home in Bermuda. I can't imagine why not?"

Man #3 - "That sounds fabulous! Perhaps I could get my father to fly us all there on his jet!"

Man #1 - "Hey, aren't you guys all worried about what we're doing here? I mean, I've heard stories about the CIA spying on people."

The room is filled with laughter

Man #4 - "Perhaps I should tell YOU about MY father"

Cut to a shot of a large wooden door. The name plate reads "George Bush - Director, CIA"

The laughter begins again, as we fade to black, and the screen reads a quote from GW Bush "I want to bring integrity back to the White House".

Let me know what you think!!!

Jeff Seemann

Subject: Good on you. Keep up the King George Dynasty comparisons.
Date: 11/30/99

Subject: Dub-ya at TAMU
Date: 11/30/99

Dear Sir:

Last Wednesday night (November 24) the Bushes -- father and son, sans wives -- attended the candlelight service honoring the 12 Texas A&M; students who died while building their annual bon fire. The TV station in Dallas which follows Dub-ya around (I suppose in case something worthwhile comes out of his mouth) showed them gathered together in this solemn and extremely painful event, at the moment when Daddy leans over and says, "Son, you need to have someone light your candle." 1. Do we need a president who's candle isn't lit? Do we need a president who doesn't know his candle isn't lit? 2. Why did "someone" need to do it? Why didn't Daddy just light the thing?

Of course this scene wasn't replayed during the myriad of re-airings of the memorial service. With George you can tell when it's live and when it's Memorex.

Subject: Re: [gw_bush] Washington Post article and new idea
Date: 11/30/99

You rock, man! This is _highly_ amusing stuff. Bush Baby certainly shot his own two feet -- and then stuffed the remains in his mouth -- when he decided that freedom should have some restrictions.

Go, man! You're letting this clown destroy his own bid for President -- and that's something I support 100%. We don't want fascist pigs who think there ought to be limits on freedom in the White House.

Subject: Webb Site
Date: 11/30/99

Hey, Zack. Right on! I read about it in the paper, otherwise I wouldn't have known. Just shows how studpid he is. Roy Graham

Subject: wow
Date: 11/30/99

love your site; heard about it on ktrs radio this a.m. fight, fight, fight!

Subject: This is what I put in the petition
Date: 11/30/99

i think that this sire was made for fun and family oriented. If supporters and George W. Bush himself is disturb by this site then maybe they all need to go to a porn site to relieve some tention. There are other things out there killing and demoralizing this country that deserves attention. Think about it all the children pronography and the propoganda that follows T.V. shows of torn families. Tell these folks and quote me;"That if you want to help this country then do it with your hands and not your mouth, for too long this country has been ran by folks that talk better than they can work. America needs a leader that is focus on America and not his image." My name is Marlon D. Ridley ,a sophomore at the Univeristy of Memphis. I am studying Electrical Engineering, and thinks that some things people shouldn't worry about.

Subject: Misinformation
Date: 11/30/99

The real reason business supports Bush is because he has worked for tort reform and given business more freedom from government red tape. Something liberals oppose. I expect a full onslaught from the liberal media and weirdoes like your group in the next 11 months. We will only know in the end whether or not the American voters are smart enough to see past your sour grapes, misinformation, lies, and fear mongering. I hope for the sake of our country that we can.

More power to the governor from Texas.

David Huseman

Subject: suggestion
Date: 11/30/99

I would like to suggest a graphical representation of the bush drug timeline. I read your articles about Bush fudging on the numbers, and to tell you the truth, it made my head hurt trying to keep all the years straight. You need a chart, you could have a definite no drug area, from 0 yrs old to 15 or what ever, and then a lt gray area, for cocaine, and maybe a more gray area for more cocaine, but also another color for alcoholism. Also an area that compares the timeline for marine requirements, white house employment requirements, FBI requirements, heck, how about the requirements just to be a janitor at a school or something or to work at Wal-Mart, to compare it with. I just can't keep it all straight, which I guess is the idea.

Also, usually when people do drugs there are other people around who did drugs with or sold to the people in question, where are these people that Dub did the drugs with? Are they in prison? Who's going to interview them? That would add alot of credibility to the drug stories.

Let me know if I can help. Cathleen

Subject: support
Date: 11/28/99

Don't let George W. limit your freedom of speech. Go!!!! Scott Banville

'Star Wars' is a fantasy movie set in a galaxy far, far away. To dissect this movie as if it has some direct reference to the world we know today is absurd.--George Lucas

Uh-huh . . .

Subject: War Criminals
Date: 11/29/99

I think that you should deny that your site is a parody or a joke in any way. If they bust you (and they don't duct tape your mouth during the trial), you can argue this:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

What if after several years of prosecuting the war against the Jews, it was revealed that Hitler was a Jew during his rowdy college days? Don't you think that it would be permissable to put up a Web site saying that now that Hitler's college Jewish "crimes" had been uncovered, that Hitler was going to check himself into prison and sit there and run his next election campaign from his cell? What else could Hitler do in the face of such hypocracy? Surely, GW is every bit as honorable a man as Hitler.


Besides removing all references to parody, I have one more suggestion.

I loved the "Ralph, what are you doing out there?" If Emerson had checked himself in to the cell instead of paying Thoreau's taxes, who knows what might have happened? Why not have Bradley, Gore, and all the rest of those War Criminals all crowd into Bush's cell and pay for their crimes against the Bill of Rights?

Look at all of those NBA stars like confessed LSD "criminal" Phil Jackson supporting confessed hemp "criminal" Bradley. They all need to do some hard time for their active and tacit support of the Drug War.


One more thing, Bush, Bradley, and all of them that admit to "criminal" drug behavior 20 years ago should only be asked 1 question, over and over. Here's the question and setup:

"Mr. [Bush/Bradley/...], you readily admit to "criminal" drug behavior 20 years ago. If you had comitted a genuine crime 20 years ago (you know, like you had actually victimized another human being), do you think you would be as quick to admit to it today? And if you did admit to it, don't you think that you would feel obligated to explain how you had gone to those you had victimized and asked their forgiveness and restored to them all of their damages? "For example, if you had stolen a candy bar from the corner grocery store when you were 15 years old, and admitted it in public 20 or 30 years later, don't you think that you would feel obligated to also explain how you had gone back to the store owner and paid him back?

"This proves that, at some level, all of you Church Lady and Soccer Mom controlled politicians really do know the difference between Vice and Crime. Therefore, you are now (for the first time in your life apparantly) aware that it is not only hypocritical to pass and execute laws against harmless behavior that you admit to having engaged in yourself, but now you understand that it is a great CRIME itself to pass and execute laws against harmless behavior! Hence, you will immediately be checking yourself into a prison work camp where you will be working to pay for the damages that you have done to the countless drug war prisoners and their families."


Subject: American dream: PART I-Irony
Date: 11/29/99

Nice Job, really...

Looks like if you were now supported without frontier Limits...

As a non-american and external observator, I feel that America needs more than ever to have such a Self-Critical point of view...

And it's good for Everybody's morale to see that now it is possible.

So, what will be the next Step: The weapon sales maybe ?

Vincent, France.

Subject: This man is a crook
Date: 11/29/99

Europeans are laughing at us........................ Bush is a such a fraud and possible criminal............look at Desert Storm and oil deals...............

Subject: Matters of grave consequences
Date: 11/29/99

Bush has stated he is against abortion in most cases. His plan to deal with teenage pregnancy is by having the schools teach abstinence.

Why not deal with all of society's problems by simply telling people not to engage in certain activities. For instance, the government should tell large corporations to stop polluting, tell speeders to go the speed limit, tell politicians not to sell their votes to special interest, tell murderers not to kill, tell all citizens not to be prejudice, etc. If simply telling people not to engage in certain activities was effective we would not need prisons.

Nature only asks one thing of each living organism; that it to reproduce as soon as possible. Do you really think Bush's idea to tell teenagers not to follow the call of nature will be effective in stopping teenage pregnancy. The problem is not a lack of abstinene, the problem is unwanted pregnancies. It can be better dealt by educating teenagers of the consequences of pregnancy.

Surely, you can develop this idea into something the mainstrean media will pickup on.


A damn liberal

Subject: Site
Date: 11/29/99

I found out about your site from the Washington Post. I think it's great what you are doing and please don't let the Bush campaign intimidate you into closing the site.

By the way, I'm interested in knowing how much money the National Rifle Association is giving George W. Do you know where I could find that information? Also perhaps you would like to have something on your site about George W's big contributions from the NRA.I have this image of him with a handful of machine guns.


Carollyne Hutter

Date: 11/29/99

Love it!

Keep up the good work......


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 11/29/99

Hi Zack,

Congratulations on a great web site! I read about it in the Washignton POST today and felt compelled to write to a kindred soul. You see, I registered the domain, offered it to Karl Rove who, of course did not accept the offer, but never put forth the effort to develop it into something like this. My hat's off to you! While I am a little short of dinero these days, if there is any way that I can help you, please let me know. If you get shut down, I have another domain ready to go for your content -- keep up the good work! You are doing a public service, by providing Shrub to expose himself in a way that even other candidates can.

-- Gregg Holman, MPA, MHS

Subject: George W Bush 4 Drug Zar!
Date: 11/29/99

If Gore Wins, he should make GWB hte national drug Czar!

Subject: Why Make fun of GWB?
Date: 11/29/99

Hey, unlike the people the went to the WAR, Goerge W Bush was protecting us from out ruthless Enemy UTAH! and god help Canda if he got his plane's sights on that country.

Subject: fair use clause of copyright law
Date: 11/29/99

I just wanted to make sure that you had gotten a heads-up to the fair use clause of copyright law. In an article I read about your site, Bush's lawyer claims that you have violated copyright law by using images from the copyrighted site. This isn't a violation of copyright law; it is specifically protected in it. Under the Fair Use Clause, the incorporation of material from a copyrighted work into a work with a different purpose or meaning (in particular pariody is mentioned). Anyway, you qualify. So don't let the weenieheads scare you. For more info on Fair Use see Negativland's site under "Intellectual Property Issues." -- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Um, nevermind. I have a job now.

Subject: supporter
Date: 11/29/99

Hey there-

maybe you'll get a kick out of this. A good friend of mine and I are juniors at the University of Montana, and found your website sometime this past September. We copied the pic of W with the coke all over his face onto all the desktops in one of the computer labs on campus and set them all as wallpaper. We hung out for a while and watched people's reactions to that picture, and I must say it was reassuring.

My friend and I support your efforts. I appreciate the fact that someone has the courage to take someone as fake as W on, and I wish you the best with what the Washington Post called legal problems with the site. Keep up the great work, and by all means, keep the website up.

-shane mahoney

Subject: Volunteering
Date: 11/29/99


I live in Washington, DC and would be interested in helping gather footage for any of your ads, though I particularly liked the "special interests" ads which discuss McCain vs Bush.

I have no video equiptment, just myself.

Incidentally, there is a typo on your page: "To volunteering to gather footage email us at:"

Shawn Fitzgibbons

Date: 11/29/99

I love this site.... it is great. As we English would say "Bollocks" to the Republicans and the right wing movement.

One thing I admire about the US is its freedom of speech, if GW Bush takes it away, it will reduce the people of the US to a nation of lip locked people, a situation that would benefit the republicans.

Take care..

Shadi, London

Subject: hightimes magazine
Date: 11/29/99

sir love your site did you read this months issue of hightimes magazine? great story about the whole bush clan and drugs. take care joe stein

Subject: support for freedom of speech
Date: 11/29/99

I would like to send you my support on behalf of your "freedom of speech" hearing in front of the FCC. Your submission form does give an error when I tried it on Monday november 29, at 10: 43 eastern time. Any problems with the server? We support your cause, let's ride out of bussiness "money political candidates" and support "popular political candidates with real agendas and "knowledge"". Keep it up Eduardo Ruiz

Subject: Way To Go!
Date: 11/29/99

You have a great website and you are fighting the good fight! If GWB gets unnerved by this website, how will he fare when a real "crisis" comes up? Parody is a part of the political process...GWB can't take the heat, so he ought to get out!

Subject: Keep fighting!!!!!
Date: 11/29/99

Saw your article in the W-Post...

I am a republican but still believe you are fighting the good fight.

These hypocritical politicians are gunna pull out all the stops to try to take our domain names away! I am personally fighting for . Don't be afraid to organize protests, call the ACLU, etc.....

Good Luck,


Subject: GW Bush site
Date: 11/29/99

I'd have no problem with your stretch of a parody of the facts in the Bush campaign if I saw half as much attention paid to the hyprocisy and outright vile and criminal conduct demonstrated by the demcratic side -

larry ccf

Subject: A Sggestion Re FEC
Date: 11/29/99


If the FEC rules that you should register as a PAC, then by extension all newspapers (or at least most) should also register as PACs. After all, what newspaper doesn't publish editorials directly supporting one candidate over another. Most seem to publish their "recommended voting list" shortly before an election.

Keep fighting the good fight. I just order a t-shirt and a couple bumper stickers to help support. One of the bumper stickers will go to my dad who sports a "Vote No For President" sticker. I think he'll really enjoy King George's quote.

A note to the webmaster: The email link for press inquiries on the home page is broken. The href is '' instead of'. Just thought you'd want to know.

Best Regards, Jim McCorison

Subject: links
Date: 11/29/99

Apathy Sucks/Nobody for President -- curtis - - site administrator for Nobody I want Nobody to control my life! How about you?

Subject: Legal crap
Date: 11/29/99

Hey I just wanted to congratulate you on Great site. I admire the fight you're giving 'em.

If they end up forcing you to take the site down, I'd be more than happy to host your material on my site ( And I'll encourage my friends with websits to do the same. After all, what are they gonna do, sue all of us?

Take a look at this parody site for an example of what I'm talking about.

Let's show George W. what he's facing.

Good luck! And keep fighting the good fight.

Don Bruns

Subject: Freedom
Date: 11/29/99


I support your right to have your site, and share some of your concerns about Bush.

But, do you really think the idea that "There Ought To Be Limits to Freedom" is controversial, and not merely a quite obvious truth? I mean, do you feel I should be free to rob your house nay time I feel like dropping by?

Just wondering.

Gene Callahan

Subject: C-student
Date: 11/29/99

George Bush said he was a C-student AT Yale, not in high school.

Subject: George W. Bush
Date: 11/29/99

Why don't you spend your time, money and efforts on the CRIMINAL in the White House ? You don't have the guts.

Subject: Have Fun
Date: 11/29/99

Have fun while it lasts! We're going to crush you next Nov.!

- Gene Schulze

Subject: Good Work!
Date: 11/29/99

I just wanted to say that I love what you are doing with the Web Site. I just found about it today from a Washington Post article:

Tina N.C.

Subject: Web Wonder
Date: 11/29/99


A great website. I see where junior can't take your heat, no problem just turn it UP!

Cheers, Mike Stevenson

Subject: Thank you for your efforts on free speach!
Date: 11/29/99

Many thanks! I read the article in the Washington Post today! My hat's off to you and your staff for exposing the paranoia that obviously exists in the Bush campaign! Way to be! Don't sell the domain - keep the "real" news out there!!!


Subject: First Amendment
Date: 11/29/99


GW has not read it. That assumes that he can, in fact, read. I have my suspicions. I long ago departed from the Republican party as it commenced its race to the intellectual bottom behind then standard bearer now divorce defendant Newt Gingrich. Due in large measure to reapportionment in the state of Georgia, for quite a while he was my Congressman. I have not been the same since. I'm in recovery, but it's a slow process. But, I digress, only a little though. Leave it to the Republicans to bring forth a candidate that makes Newt look good and Dan Quayle appear an intellectual.

If your legal team needs muscle, consider me available and willing to help. I am a praciticing attorney, well grounded in free speech issues and would be happy to lend my assistance.

Neil Wilkinson

Subject: Good Job!
Date: 11/29/99

I think it's great that you guys are pounding the drug issue- but there are also other sinister dimensions to our friend "Dubya"!

I'm talking about the fact that George W. Bush does not believe in the separation of church and state. If you look carefully at his "compassionate conservatism" agenda, you'll notice that it is primarily concerned with giving federal funding to religious "charities" and other Christian organisations. Is there a real attempt to end poverty? Is there an a ttempt to dissociate charity from missionaryism? No!

Basically, his whole "compassion" plan is to federally fund (usually corrupt) Christian organisations, in violation of the Constitution. That way, he gets to screw the poor AND take credit for helping them through breaking down the wall between church and state!

While I don't have any good quotes from W. off hand about this issue, I think we can all see his intentions for what they are.

Also, I'm impressed you guys got this domain in the first place, because, as I'm sure you know, he's already bought and the like.

Keep tearing him down!

--D. J. Waletzky An American citizen studying abroad, and staunch civil libertarian.

Subject: Saw a write up in the Washington Post....
Date: 11/29/99

Obviously, GW is more interested in the Second Amendment than in the First. Wonder where he was when they taught civics?

Subject: FEC letter
Date: 11/29/99

Just read your letter to the FEC.......great stuff!!!! Any idea when you may get a response from them?

nicole rodriguez, boston, MA

Subject: Unique But Still Negative Campaigning
Date: 11/29/99

Would prefer you stay away from this type of inter net use, and discuss only policy issues...Hollywood has made a fortune off drug use in its movies...musicians have long been supporters of "free drug use"...You were quiet about Clinton and Gore's drug use during collegiate years, and Clinton's own White House team continuously using high powered drugs. Why both with Gore?

What is your purpose in advertising GW Bush's alleged drug use...Have you manipulated his image to make it appear the photograph with him in a confirmed, documented drug use incident, with witness, date, location documented?

This action on your part or that of your organization does not due the American campaign any useful purpose other than to get your unique style momentary national news exposure.

Why not spend your creative effort to help the Hurricane Floyd victims secure food, clothing, shelter, and security?

Date: 11/29/99

how about a bumper sticker with the headline ya'll made up? "McCain, not Cocaine." I'd buy it. Good job with the site. I'm a die hard repupublican and I hate Bush! Go McCain

Subject: Bush and Yale
Date: 11/29/99


I am a registered Democrat, and probably will not be voting for George.

However, I did just want to point out that according to New York Magazine George Jr. was a B student at Yale.

(Somehow George's grades got leaked)

Anyway, at the time that put him in the top 20% of the students at Yale, which seems respectable to me ...

I assume you think the various Kennedy's got into Harvard based on their academic skills?

Do you really think your site is contributing to a debate on the issues ... Frankly (while I will vote Democrate) I am tempted to make a contribution to Bush just to show that not all Democrat are mud slinger ...

Enjoy ...

Subject: thanks
Date: 11/29/99

If it weren't for hypocritical thoughts, Bush's head would be empty. Re: your site...very funny stuff. Keep up the good work.

Date: 11/29/99

nail his ass!

Subject: FEC letter
Date: 11/29/99

Just read your letter to the FEC.......great stuff!!!! Any idea when you may get a response from them?

nicole rodriguez, boston, MA

Subject: Good job
Date: 11/29/99

Hey, I just heard you on the Bob Grant radio show today - good job. You really had him in a snit. Your site is great - please don't sell it!

Subject: yale admissions spot
Date: 11/29/99

this does not qualify as a press inquiry, but I feel obligated, as a figuratively card-carrying anti-Bush Yalie, to point out that the statement "you pretty much need all A's to get in here" is one which would never be uttered by a Yale undergraduate even if it were true, which it certainly is not. I could also quibble with the description of legacy spots as being reserved for rich students, but I'm afraid I'd lose that one.

--Ben Warfield New Haven, CT.

Subject: Yeah baby!
Date: 11/29/99

Just a quick note of encouragement for your efforts on the GWBush site. It's funny as hell, and obviously you're pushing all the right buttons.

I wish you well, and I hope Bush (and other politicians) are unsuccessful in their attempts to harness the First Amendment.

Keep up the good work!

Eric Andersen

Subject: Frivolous Law Suits
Date: 11/29/99

There is George W., the boy born with the silver spoon in his nose, yelping: frivolous lawsuit; frivolous lawsuit, frivolous lawsuit, in an adle-brained mantra against trial lawyers. Then, he has the temerity to sue in an effort to intimidate. Don't be intimidated. It is arogant and disgusting that a rich kid like W. can use the court system for his personal playground to vindicate his childish sense of indignity over pure parody, while at the same time a horribly burned child cannot sue for monetary comensation because it is a "frivolous" suit. Come on W. Grow up; and become that "compassionate" conservative you claim to be. For more on hypocracy, visit W.'s real website at

Subject: Astonished!
Date: 11/29/99

Dear Zack Exley: I was astonished to read the article in today's Washington Post. The strength of our political system -- such as it is -- rests in large part on the free and open exchange of ideas and opinions, some of which are profound, some of which are idiotic, some of which are serious, some of which are satirical. As an old polemicist and propagandist myself during the 60s and 70s, I enjoy political satire of every sort, and defend your and my right to publish and re-publish anything we damn well please, as long at the targets are public figures and our blasts do not exceed the limits placed on public comment ["malice" and "reckless disregard of the truth"]. Keep it up! I'm going to follow this as closely as I can. Gren Whitman 3133 Guilford Avenue Baltimore MD 21218

Subject: Bob Grant
Date: 11/29/99

I heard you on the radio today and just wanted to say, bravo!

Grant often talks about Clinton apologists, it sure sounded like he was doing the same thing for GW.

I lean toward McCain as well. But lately, I have been finding Steve Forbes to be more in line with my overall political philosophy.

I think you are doing a great service to the country! Keep up the good work!



Subject: principles
Date: 11/29/99

If you had any you would be contributing to anyone that can beat whatever leftist or elitist candidate that the Democrats chose to nominate

Subject: Soapboxes
Date: 11/29/99

Hey, I heard over at Slashdot that there was some talk about the site being shut down. At risk of great naievity, can't you just host it somewhere else? Say.. Spain, they have almost non-existant defamation laws and by the time the illustrious Mr Bush got around to hiring lawyers in Spain and attempting to prosecute, the Presidential campaign will be over. By all means, campaign for your Constitutional rights, but don't get so carried away with it that you decide to take the site down as a moral stance. Just move it. If they get itchy in one country, move it to another.... Hey, DNS only takes a few minutes

Best Regards, Anthony Mockler -- Vhy am I dripping in Goo? -- Yanosh, Ghost Busters II

Subject: keep it up
Date: 11/29/99

Mr. Exley:

Congratulations on the success of your parody website. I think it is very well done and entertaining. I've noticed quite a few news articles about it and all of them seem to place Mr. Bush in the guise of an attacker of free speech. It seems ridiculous to me that Mr. Bush has filed a lawsuit against the you over the parody web site and I hope it does not cause you any trouble. I agree with you that your website is an obvious parody and should be protected by the First Amendment.

I would also like to congratulate you on the fact that it was in response to your website that Mr. Bush uttered his much repeated phrase about the limits of freedom. I am sure he must regret saying it and yet he can blame no one but himself for that huge blunder.

I will make a point of signing your free speech petition as soon as it is up and running.

Jan Steckel

Date: 11/29/99

You guys are awesome!! While I understand your desire to capitalize on this website and sell it to Dubbya. Please reconsider. Keep marketing the tee-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. and charge those of us who love your site. I, for one, will keep ordering the items you put on your website. The media isn't pursuing the truth about Dubbya's corrupt financial investments, drug-use, and preferential treatment so thank God you are. I hope more people buy your goods to put out the truth about this asshole.

Date: 11/29/99

Dear Mr. Exley,

I just wanted to drop you a note to compliment you on the hilarious parody of George Dubyuh's hypocritical positions. Keep your chin up during the unpatriotic, anti-First Amendment attacks on your site.

I'm assuming you saw Junior's interview on Meet the Press a couple of weeks ago. God, what a shallow, shallow man.

Keep fighting the good fight!


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 11/29/99

Thanks for continuing to test the limits of the First Amendment tolerance of mediocre candidates with lots of money. If you keep it up there is a future for you - did you ever think of running for the U.S. Senate?

Subject: Naked Tabledancing ???
Date: 11/29/99

Made you look!!

Seriously, I hear this is on the web, haven't found it yet

If I find it I will send you a copy


Tom Bell

Subject: south austin pipeline?
Date: 11/29/99

as far as I am concerned the Bush's started all the "mud slinging" when George Sr.'s campaign went after Kitty Dukakis ----- as a transplanted new yorker-now sharing neighborhood space and the hike and bike trail with George jr., as well as his kids attending the same school as mine and also where I teach- I only wish he WERE presidential--but the fact is HE IS A WEENIE--he has sold out Texas at every opportunity--the Sierra Blanca Nuclear waste site in West Texas, where HE would allow Vermont to dump their nuclear waste?? and now it is the Longhorn Pipeline which is over 50 yrs old and HE wants to let them send gas thru this ancient mess and right next to our aquafer-Austin's water supply as well as neighborhoods and at least 12 schools!!!!!!! This guy is to lame for me. How cool it would be if the next president were from Austin, too bad GW just ain't it-

Subject: gwbush
Date: 11/29/99


Subject: Some freedom of speech site
Date: 11/29/99

I thought the article said this was just a fun satire site. I guess the guy couldn't sell it to Bush so he sold it to a Bush opponent. Nice touch. Listen up: After Mr. Clinton, nobody looks ethically challenged. All future candidates owe Mr. Clinton a debt of gratitude.

Subject: Why ruin a good thing?
Date: 11/29/99

Subject: It spreads like a fungus
Date: 11/29/99

I noticed something more disturbing than the idea of 'President Dubya' on your website. I started reading the 'POW' letters. Here's guys jailed for murder and dealing in *pounds* of drugs, but thanks to the high powered speech writers and spin-doctors required for a presidential campaign, they've got pre-fab excuses to cling to. They themselves may actually think they're hard done by. They certainly want us to believe it.

Good old law'n order relies either upon having citizens who respect the law, or upon having a police state. The USA is abandoning the first option at a good clip. Bush is one of a crowd pushing as hard as possible to move that process foward. Because he's so prominent, we quickly see others copying his expedient and self-serving excuses.

Meanwhile in the other camp there's Al Gore, a politico of such evident talent that beside Bush he looks like a contender and not a lead-pipe cinch. Enjoy your election, America.

Yours, Glenn Gill Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Those who do not recall Santayana are doomed to repeat him

Subject: Is This True
Date: 11/29/99

I recently read an e-mail that stated George W. Bush had sold a home with a "white only" clause. It was a house in Dallas that George and his wife allegedly purchased in 1988 and sold in 1995 with the racial covenant still attached. Is this true? I will be contacting other potential candidates to see if they have any information regarding this most disturbing story. I wanted to give you a chance to deny this though if it is true I consider it indefensible.

Subject: Register and vote.
Date: 11/29/99

Zack, I love the website. Thank you for providing a forum to vent...the truth about Bush! A word to the wise: if you're hating Bush and the GOPs, like me, then do defend freedom by registering to vote, and then actually voting. I hate hearing and reading complaints from good people like yourselves who failed voting which allows for scum like Bush, Gingrich, et al to gain power. People around the world are dying for the right to vote. Don't take sufferage for granted. See you on election day!