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Texas Observer's
Skeleton Closet
Bush Watch Cocaine Feature
Austin Chronicle
Texas Observer

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UnAuthorized Bush(Sr.) Bio
Bush is the Antichrist (with a well-reasoned argument)
The Bush Body Count
Another "questionable" Bush site
The Serial President and
Bush Kills Web Sites
The Queen Mother
(Ma Bush on kids and drugs)
Bush Song Page
GWBush: Hypocrisy on Parade

Drug War links:
Frontline's "Snitches"
The November Coalition
Family Watch
Common Sense for Drug Policy
Cop Vs. CIA: LA Cop takes
on CIA over drug running.
Movement Against Corruption
and Complicity
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights

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Harry Browne:
Libertarian for Prez

SEND IN MORE LINKS! The Contributor Help-Desk [previous topic]

You're thinking: "He's pissed away all my money and now he's gonna lose!"
Stay calm, and let's put the situation into perspective., the contributor help-desk, is here to help.

This is nothing less than a battle for control of American democracy. Should money count more than ideas? You bet: the Supreme Court has said so definitively. Money IS speech. Your wealth DAMN WELL BETTER buy you a bigger slice of the power pie. That's the principle the Bush campaign is fighting to preserve.

John McCain is trying to make a name for himself by touting "reform." Give that some serious thought before jumping ship! This man is recklessly inciting the multitudes against your money's right to speak on your behalf.

With a message like that, of course he'll be hard to beat. We're fighting as hard as we can with what we have. It's time to stop asking us what WE can do, and think about what YOU can do: GIVE MORE DOUGH!

Every primary McCain wins, your bank account has come one step closer to being disenfranchised.

And please don't forget the one-a-week Kompassionate Killings scheduled for the primaries:
2-23 Cornelius Goss
last month:

Bettie's lawyer is in jail for losing cases on purpose. But we killed her anyway.
2-24 Bettie Beets
3-01 Odell Barnes Jr.
3-15 Timothy Gribble
3-22 Dennis Bagwell
4-12 Orien Joiner
4-18 Victor Saldona
4-26 Robert Carter
4-27 Robert Neville
5-03 Caruthers Alexander
Official State of Texas Execution Web site Just like in Afghanistan, we make execution as public as possible, right down to the inmate's last meal.
(infrequent) mailing list.
Watch motivational videos by the official "Republican establishment hand-holder," Will Newcomb.

Buy Stuff

It's true, GW's gone through $60 million faster than a crackhead could spend a twenty dollar bill...
And sure, McCain's success despite slim resources does suggest he's the better candidate...
But that's precisely why we need more money from you right away! Because Bush was never meant to be simply the best candidate...he's the best candidate MONEY CAN BUY!

GW Multimedia: Ads with Will Neukom. (big file)

Bush seeks the religious vote (RealAudio)

Other good stuff from The Daily Feed

Animation of W before the debate
What me worry?

Fund an ad to tell the truth about Bush!
He's buying the presidency with $70
million in corporate cash. Don't let democracy take another step DOWN!
#1: Coke Hypocrisy A man of principle, Bush can't swallow the line of b.s. his advisors are feeding him.
#2: W, victim of social promotion. A New Haven youngster wonders if he can use the same affirmative action program that got Bush in despite his bad grades.
#3: Another draft-dodger prez. A veteran asks, "If he didn't have the courage to serve back then, when did he get the courage to lead?" [News articles on this: 1, 2]
Soft Skull

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