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Subject: howdy
Date: 12/3/99 11:54:16 AM

kiss my ass

Subject: Press inquiries ??
Date: 12/1/99 9:33:19 AM

I feel sorry for you, idiot.

Subject: No Subject
Date: 12/1/99 10:24:47 AM

After Clinton, Bush is a saint.

Subject: Your site
Date: 12/1/99 1:32:11 PM

Funny site...I had a good laugh.

I'm still going to vote for W, maybe even more so now.

You are obviously a good site designer, imagine what you could do if you put your talent to some good.


Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/1/99 3:51:34 PM

G W Bush rocks.

Subject: Focus is everything
Date: 12/2/99 10:18:01 AM

Dear Zack,

I appreciate your concern about the issues involving the presidential candidacy. However, because the focus is solely on GW Bush and does not offer any solutions save more mud-slinging, I believe many people will find your web site despairing rather than hopeful. If I had found real, tangible debate and intelligent discourse on not only GW Bush's campaign, but those planning to run against him as well, I might actually have pulled my credit card out to further the outreach of such information. Instead, I find a completely one-sided, negative slant that offers no solution. I consider myself a liberal and would never vote for a candidate like GW Bush, but I fear that because you offer no reasonable solutions, your web site will only help his campaign by focusing on him completely.

Thank you, Melanie

Date: 12/2/99 1:17:29 PM

Date: 12/2/99 5:30:13 PM

You prefer Al Gore??????? Matt

Subject: Bush
Date: 12/2/99 7:11:07 PM

GWB Jr. will be the next President of the USA no matter how much propaganda a bunch of whiney liberals spread. Republican in the White House, a Republican controlled House & Senate, how sweet it is!!! Get a life, loser

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/2/99 7:44:43 PM

you are really not that smart are you?

Date: 12/2/99 10:50:32 PM

great job guys you fooled me. I was trying to find out how can I send money to the senator. Whether you like it or not he is going to be your next president. Look, I had to put up with Clinton for 8 years , now it's your turn, OGN

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/2/99 11:35:06 PM

I need to know the address to your "Slick Willie" web site. Surely you are an equal opportunity purveyor of the truth on both sides of the political spectrum. I seem to remember the the sitting President has a few "shortcomings" and that the American people said so what. Maybe they'll say the same about Georgie Porgie.

Subject: great site!
Date: 12/3/99 11:51:02 AM

Hey dude --

I think your site is just awesome. I love how you deftly pinpoint the hypocrisy of that gwbush guy. I just hate capitalist whores, who think they can get rich off of other people's hard work (i.e. his Dad's).

In a similar vein, I can't wait to order some bumper-stickers on "cyber-squatters" and how they expertly demonstrate their grasp of Capitalistic principles by buying low and selling high.

Did you get your $300,000 yet?

Rock-on dude

Subject: G.W. Bush.
Date: 12/3/99 9:49:39 PM

I will vote for G.W.Bush.

Subject: most are guilty
Date: 12/3/99 11:47:38 PM

Clinton set the standard. Slamming George or any other prospedtive canadate is numbing to citizens after trending eight years on the words , oh so many words to have so little truth and accountabity on both sides.

Subject: Your site is slanderous ....
Date: 12/4/99 6:37:24 AM

Your web site ... GWBUSH.COM is slanderous and worthless.

Trying to influence others by name calling .... Well here's one for you "HELLO LIBERAL ".... Better find a lawyer fast !!!!

.... Chris

Subject: Personal attack
Date: 12/4/99 11:11:19 AM

I don't like your methods of personal castagation of G.W. or anyone else. you may think it cleaver until someone unscrupulous does it to you. Leave me off your lists.

Subject: You must have something better to do?
Date: 12/4/99 12:03:26 PM

You must find it hard to sleep at night thinking up all these lies? Don

Subject: Re:Governor Bush
Date: 12/4/99 4:39:17 PM

This sight is sickening.......Get a Life

Date: 12/4/99 8:27:41 PM

Geez what a site you have there. But I'll send my money to our next president to help him sue your loser arse off! Pinhead.

Subject: disgusting site
Date: 12/4/99 10:18:05 PM

This is truly a disgusting site. Don't you have more constructive things to do?

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/5/99 3:23:09 PM

you are a jerk

Subject: Get a life
Date: 12/5/99 4:16:29 PM

Maybe you should move on with your life and find something else to do with it other then dig into peoples past and drag shit up.

Date: 12/6/99 1:44:40 PM

You are a sick piece of trash. Get a life, buzzard.


Date: 12/6/99 1:52:27 PM

Since reading this your garbage I am writing a check to Mr. Bush to help in his election because you are a screwed-up, maggot-infested, long-haired, FM type, (a little Rush Limbaugh lingo there).

You are so stupid you probably voted for Clinton.


Subject: hello!
Date: 12/6/99 3:15:16 PM

I consider myself a Libertarian. (Thought I would get this off my chest first...) I was cruising the news stories when I ran across a story of G.W. Bush suing you for this website.

I just have a question that I don't mean to sound critical, but I cannot help but wonder.... Don't you have something positive to do with your time? I strongly feel that many problem of this country could be resolved with a little positive energy. After all, you have to know by now that no one gets to the presidency of any nation by being a model individual....

Just a thought...

Subject: recent news article
Date: 12/6/99 6:31:34 PM

Dear Zack,

After reading an article in the USA Today, December 6th issue, I was tempted to visit your site.

I am not a huge supporter of George W. Bush, and actually do not follow politics any more than the average American citizen. I do believe that everyone has the right to free speech, and that is why I feel inclined to respond to your site.

If you have something to say about a politician's campaign or platform, you have every right. However, if you are simply damaging a politician's image simply because he or she would not buy a site from you for an unrealistic amount of money, then your site and your message becomes nothing more than the opinion of someone who is simply bitter.

Here is my suggestion: sell the site to a legally registered political organization who understands all the issues surrounding this politician's campaign so that this anti-drug law message is heard and respected. Or better yet, give the site to someone who respects the World Wide Web, its content, and the privaledge of free speech.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/6/99 6:38:27 PM


Date: 12/6/99 10:49:03 PM


Subject: Disgrace
Date: 12/6/99 11:59:56 PM

This site is horrible. At no time or place anywhere on your website do you come close to completing a rational thought. joshua

Subject: any time
Date: 12/7/99 12:43:19 AM

any time you would like to debate the FACTS you are welome online. don't think you will call. liberals like you run from the truth and like to distort and hide the truth. good job on the web site address. if only you used your talents for the betterment of america instead of tearing it down. youthfull indiscretions vs. continued liberal lies? i will take youthfull indiscretions any day

sincerely, seahawk

Date: 12/7/99 9:39:10 PM

Oh shut up, Exley.

Subject: clinton is a traitor
Date: 12/8/99 5:26:55 PM

I dont remember hearing you protest clintons anti-american PRO-COMMUNIST agenda?? from what I can read so far it appears that you must be a liberal. how dare you blast a man like Mr Bush when we have a traitor, anti-american, PRO-COMMUNIST, women abuser, alledged rapist, liar in the whte house. clinton is a disgrace to the US Constitution, freedom, truth, and honor. how many millions have you received from clintons allies the COMMUNIST CHINESE??? MSgt David Kaltenbach, PO Box 41, Gwinn MI 49841, 906-255-2003

Subject: george w bush
Date: 12/8/99 8:50:00 PM

Mr. Exley,

I read about this web-site and I just had to check it out. I didn't want to speak on something I hadn't seen first hand. Unlike you, apparently, truth and reality actually matter to me.

This web-site is filled with such utter hyperbole. I'm not saying there is nothing about Mr. Bush to criticize, but you don't seem to care about legitimate policy issues. You instead throw a childish fit and print it on the internet.

Whether I vote for G.W. Bush or John McCain, I will be voting for a good man. Both are good men with strong moral character. Is either perfect? Of course not. Are both decent people who at least try to do the right thing? Certainly. So no matter which of these two I choose, I'll be better off than if I voted for either Bradley or Gore.

One thing I must point out to you. I'm embarrassed for you and would like to advise you to remove this from your site. If you're going to criticize, please don't use such spurious logic. You basically say that if G.W. Bush has done drugs, then he shouldn't, as governor of the great state of Texas, be able to imprison other drug offenders. So you'd rather he didn't uphold the Texas' constitution by upholding its laws? Would it be your advise to a police officer that if, when he was younger, he had committed some minor offenses such as petty burgalary, he should simply decline to make any arrests on such cases in the future?

Think about what your saying. Might be a foreign concept, but it could actually do you some good.

And one last thing, there should be limits to freedom. You know that as well as I do. Ever hear the classic example, "You can't yell 'fire' in a crowded theater"? Duh. Talk about blowing a statement out of proportion. You must be really scared to write such nonsense.


ubject: Website response
Date: 12/9/99 1:03:53 AM

I would hope that "W" would have better things to do than wasting time complaining about your website.

Light yp, powder your nose, and get a life.

Subject: What else, green beans?
Date: 12/9/99 1:12:27 AM

Mr. Exley et. al.--

While I am impressed with your page and agree that good ol' Dubbya is a sniveling hypocrite, I think it may behoove you to check your facts more thoroughly. Some of your opponents (the ones who bother to think on their own, anyway) raised some points of proof I'd like to see resolved. However, that may be the Post's job, not yours. And while I find the drug discussion very interesting, it seems to me that Dubbya has many questionable things than not snorting coke in the past twenty-five years that should be brought out to air, activities that should send him to wherever white-collar criminals go.

Also, there is a necessary limit to freedom. Otherwise, there would be no freedom at all--everybody would infringe on everyone else, and the world would go to hell. Still, this disgusting display of tyrannical censoring by the much beloved Govenor of Texas and his little crony from D.C. reinforces the equally necessary modesty of those limitations. It is a weird paradox, but most of the fun things in life are paradoxes. Like rooting for the Cubs.

Good luck with those sleazy scumbag lawyers that work for our Gov. Dubbya, the new candidate for The Man,

John, University of Chicago

Subject: phoney
Date: 12/9/99 1:24:23 AM

liberal whose heart bleeds for the murderer and rapist and seeks to place responsibility elsewhere than the purpetrator. tell us about the victims plight yeah how about a picture of a bloody victim for balance--next to your warm fuzzy criminal.

Subject: specify
Date: 12/9/99 1:30:06 AM

g w bushes drug crimes of 25 yrs ago also how the mainstream press missed it

Subject: double standard
Date: 12/9/99 3:20:20 PM

You are pursuing such a double standard it is unbelievable. The press and people like you stood idly by and let Klinton pull all kinds of stunts and then you praised him for the great economy which the responsibility falls directly onto the shoulders of Alan Greenspan. now you suddenly have morals and are trying to get honesty in government?? gimme a break-go stand in the corner and shut up--sincerely Larry

Subject: drugs
Date: 12/9/99 3:35:02 PM

Do the crime do the time. So get over it dirt bag.

Subject: desperate
Date: 12/9/99 7:13:41 PM

It's nice to see all you liberal democrats squrming in fear. To go through all the troulble of creating a website to smear GW Bush shows how scared you all really are. I hate to tell you this but all your efforts will be in vain. GW Bush will be elected in 2024 and your immoral, unethical, Bill Clinton will go down in history as the biggest liar and whoremonger in presidential history. Deal with it! PS. If you feel the need to do illegal drugs, why don't you move to Mexico. I'm sure you won't be bothered much down there. Bo Dog Cellblock 16

Subject: Your siteyour site
Date: 12/10/99 8:31:54 AM

Your site abuses the spirit of the Internet. When you make a site that so closely copies another, you are obviously trying to mislead people. When that effort is in the area of elective politics, you threaten the government's involvement in the Internet. Express your opinions in a non-misleading fashion and you will earn respect and probably find many peolple who agree with you; otherwise you are intelectually dishonest. JS

Subject: stupid
Date: 12/10/99 5:20:33 PM

you are about as stupid as they come. You aren't bothered by Clinton and Gore's lies and deceits?

Bush was never fined $90,000 by a federal judge for lying under oath.

Subject: If not GW who?
Date: 12/10/99 10:24:10 PM

Interesting newsletter.

If not george, what other candidate is better? Site details and be specific please

Subject: No Subject
Date: 12/10/99 11:48:34 PM

Just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry that the first amendment protects your right to free speech. I'm going to assume that you are oppsed to the death penalty. In which case Governor Bush can pardon some of the psychotic inmates on death row and let them come live with you. Then after they are finished drinking soup from your skull then maybe we will execute them. Unfortuneatly, there will be some more bleeding heart liberals such as yourself to stop them. However, this could be a good thing because it might be a solution to the problems our country is having, because we all know that psychotic, canabalistic, blood thirsty, murderous, criminals need love too.

SIncerly, Richard

Subject: evidence??
Date: 12/11/99 3:51:25 PM

You have evidence??

I didn't think so.


Subject: sour grapes
Date: 12/13/99 11:30:17 AM

We will defeat you Clintonians in whatever means we have. It is amazing that you use your small brain to attach Bush, but probably never consider doing the same for Clinton or any other Demorat.

If a Demorat had pulled this kind of campaign money, you would probably think it was great; a great way for the public to speak their mind. That is why Bush is getting the money. Not from just the rich, but also from the poor who feel we need a change. Another Demorat in the House will mean that we will be one step closer to Socialism... and we as Republicans and Americans will not allow that.

We will take you liberals out in the next election!


Subject: Moron
Date: 12/13/99 12:28:28 PM


Date: 12/13/99 12:30:12 PM

I viewed your site recently, and though I respect your right to express your opinions, I do have problems with your site. I am curious how loudly you protested Clinton, and his draft dodging, drug abuse, and womanizing. I am curious what made you speak out so loudly about Bush as opposed to the numerous other figures running for government seats. For instance, Hillary Clinton running for senate. She and her husband will never divorce, because if they do get divorced, they cannot plead the 5th when asked questions about the other's affairs in court. I am not attempting to demean you, but figure out what great evil you see in Bush that you don't see in many others. I do not defend Bush, but I see greater evil currently in that seat of government. I am curious as to wether your motivations are party-oriented. I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to this.

My Thanks, Chris

Subject: my contribution
Date: 12/13/99 12:31:27 PM

I was interested in your web site when I read about it on I followed the link to your site, and read your script for the TV ad. Your script fulfilled its purpose, because I actually found myself feeling indignant and angry at Bush's hypocrisy.

But then I followed the link you provided to the Dallas News article, and now I feel ashamed and embarrassed for actually having been stirred to emotion by your obnoxious little script. Did you in fact read the article? I ask because I'm having a hard time trying to figure out why you included a link to an article that does not support your position, and which shines daylight on your thorough lack of journalistic technique and moral integrity. In contrast to your puerile, inflammatory diatribe, the article was impartial and well researched. I feel better educated for having read it; I can't say the same for your script.

So here's my contribution to your cause: please give it up! Your site is an embarassment to journalism, civics, the web, and most of all to you.



Subject: Campaign
Date: 12/13/99 3:33:31 PM


I am not affiliated with the Bush campaign (or for that matter, any politician or campaign). So I have an unbiased message for you: Why don't you get a life?


Subject: Not doing very well
Date: 12/13/99 5:15:59 PM

Wow you guys aren't getting very many pledges are you? I guess it's no wonder. Anyone that has to go to this extent to get their message out doesn't deserve it I guess.

Subject: Liberal Knownothings
Date: 12/13/99 6:56:46 PM

you r all idiots!!!!!!

Subject: You're sick!
Date: 12/14/99 12:38:07 AM

...and we need more people like you. Great site! Keep fighting the good fight against anyone who would limit your freedom (that goes for Mr. Gore as well as George W.).

A Libertarian Scituate, MA

Subject: Go for the material!
Date: 12/14/99 10:55:18 AM

Where's your Clinton site? I think you'd have lots more to work with there--

and who's your choice for 2024?


Subject: Web Address
Date: 12/14/99 12:48:11 PM

Sirs: Your web address is deceptive. Which is not at all unusual for liberals! I suggest you change your address to

Subject: Your web site
Date: 12/14/99 2:20:44 PM

Dear Zack, Please note I have absolutely no political incentive for doing this except to ask you as a fellow member of Generation X, that you please grow-up. Your site is at best a childish 3rd grade playground case of name calling and yah-yah-ing. Please be wary of allowing yourself to become a political tool for people who will hang you out to dry in the wind when they're done with you. You should probably leave the name calling and political pranks to the professionals. These people are not your friends. Please do not trust them. You would better serve your time and effort to sell this domain name to the highest bidder, walk away, and go enjoy your money. Don't let your ego and pride cloud your judgement just for a few good laughs.

Subject: crap
Date: 12/14/99 4:07:09 PM

What a load of crap. When you have proof, Post it. Bruce

Subject: Your siteyour site
Date: 12/10/99 8:31:54 AM

Your site abuses the spirit of the Internet. When you make a site that so closely copies another, you are obviously trying to mislead people. When that effort is in the area of elective politics, you threaten the government's involvement in the Internet. Express your opinions in a non-misleading fashion and you will earn respect and probably find many peolple who agree with you; otherwise you are intelectually dishonest. JS

Subject: Government is the most powerful addiction of all
Date: 12/14/99 11:01:22 PM

Dear Zack,


You are almost completely right on your opinion about George W. Bush and his drug past. In fact I find it hard to argue with your logic. Maybe because I'm a programmer too (Java). You sound more libertarian than liberal.

Anyways, I still support George W Bush. Here's why, if we lived in a world where every time a politician did something immoral (however you want to define that) and decided to make it legal so as to not be a hypocrite, we would be headed down a road of letting people do whatever they want.

And what's wrong with that. Well, a life of pleasure is seldom paid for by the person living it. We are the ones who pay for peoples "mistakes" in some way or another, be it financial support in the form of welfare, public housing etc...

I truly believe that drug use would go down if people had more faith in themselves, which is something that does not come from having more government to lean on for support.

You must realize that a vote against George W Bush means a vote for more government. The question for you is "Is defeating a hypocrite really worth the cost of seeing millions more Americans give in to the comfort of depending on drugs or government?".

Date: 12/15/99 1:41:45 AM

Get use to hearing that phrase many many times over the next 8 years. Just because your pimp in the Whitehouse is BJ Clinton and his sidekick Al "show me the Hindu $$" Gore are the scum of the earth, you are afraid of the office of the president returning to honorable men. Thus you run this chickens_ _ _ website that has absolutely no value.

You may think that you are Matt Drudge, but you couldn't hold his jock strap. Being the dem that you are, you'd probably wear it around your nose so that you could sniff it. Matt Drudge came up with credible information that was help lead to the first elected president ever to be impeached.

So take your puny website and stick it where the sun don't shine! Unless of course, you can get BJ's and Al's nose out of the way!

Subject: Interrogative intervention
Date: 12/17/99 2:27:23 AM

To err is human to forgive is divine. So said Shakespeare How much we serve what is diametrically opposed to the divine is measurable by how much we cannot forgive the mere folly of our fellow human beings. George W. Bush has never committed homicides; ordered hit jobs; etc. Why the hate?

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/18/99 7:24:40 AM

With all the politcians out there I wonder why your zeroing in on this one and not all of them I did not see many sites out there when the original Draft dodger (Bill Clinton) was getting to the White house.

It seems that the Liberal Democrats are immune to this kind of treatment and the Republicans are ripe for the picking.

What a sorry world we will have if we elect a tree (Al Bore) into the White house.

I think that people who have a full time job probably would not have all this time on their hands.


Subject: Go Bark Up a Tree
Date: 12/18/99 7:38:56 PM

Whoever you are, and because of who you are, I will not vote Democratic this year, but will vote for Bush. Even freedom, if you call it that on the net, has its limits. Go bark up a tree

Subject: Will Vote Republican
Date: 12/18/99 7:50:01 PM

Just because of your page i will vote republican.

Subject: Hippocrazy
Date: 12/19/99 1:07:28 PM

It takes one to know one - give me a break - no one is asking you to go to Vietnam so don't judge others based on your preconceived ideas of what is right

Subject: GW Bush's Money
Date: 12/21/99 9:47:48 AM

It is clear that u people have little regard for the truth. 1.) do the math 168,000 Individual donations averaging less that $400.00 equal 68 million. Coment NO YEN excepted! 2.) Bill Clintons brother stated he had a nose like a vac., Genifer Flowers confirms, but he is a democrate so its ok. Why the double standard? Have U no Shame? It must be a terrible feeling to realize u are going to lose big!

Date: 12/21/99 10:38:13 PM

This website is all a bunch of hogwash. Any individual(s) who has to run a smear campaign doesn't have enough integrity, experience, ideas/platform or even self-worth to run a clean campaign or to win an election. Grow up cry baby. People have and will continue to see through your "troubled" and erratic messages. You have every right to your opinion, but you need to take a lesson from GEORGE W. BUSH, our next President of the United States and run a clean campaign with honesty, integrity and a clear direction for our country. In Texas, we call things like you . . . LITTLE CHICKENSHITS!

Subject: Funny Site
Date: 12/21/99 10:42:17 PM

I think your site is really cool. It demonstrates how completely "out of it" the left is. Why don't (or haven't you) spent your time and effort looking at credible allegations and proven facts rather than focusing on pure rumors regarding G. W. For example:

How do you feel about Bill Clinton's alleged rape of Juanita Broderick? She seems pretty credible to me. And there are others...But they're all lying, right?

How do you feel about Bill Clinton's contempt citation by a Federal judge?

How do you feel about Bill Clinton renting out the Lincoln Bedroom for campaign donations to the DNC?

How do you feel about Bill Clinton grabbing over 900 FBI files on Republicans? Just an innocent mistake I guess.

Who hired Craig Livingstone - no one seems to know. He was only head of White House Security. Who cares, right?

How do you feel about Hillary firing the White House Travel Office personnel in order to "get her people in there"? Billy Dale was tried on bogus charges and acquitted. The judge in the case had nothing but condemnation for the Justice Department's actions. Hillary is alleged to have been behind the whole thing.

How do you feel about Hillary turning $1000 into $100,000 in the cattle futures market, a clear case of insider trading? No, just blind luck I guess.

How do you feel about Hillary conducting secret hearings regarding her health care scheme, in clear violation of Federal "sunshine" Laws?

How do you feel about Al Gore getting preferential treatment in Viet Nam (only in country 5 months - not a full year, had other troops assigned to look out for him, never heard a shot fired in anger).

How do you feel about Al Gore admitting to smoking dope? (what else has he done to which he has yet to admit?)

How do you feel about Al Gore taking campaign donations from Buddhist nuns who where sworn to a vow of poverty, i.e. it wasn't their money, where'd it come from, is he so stupid he thinks Buddhist nuns are rolling in dough?

How do you feel about Al Gore making solicitations for campaign funds in 1996 from Federal property, i.e. the White House (no controlling legal authority, right)?

How do you feel about Al Gore's numerous lies: he invented the Internet, "Love Story" was about him and Tipper, he discovered the Love Canal mess.

* * *

I'm not a George W. Bush fan (Alan Keyes would make a much better President), but in your search for corrupt, lying, and dishonest politicians, you're really missing the mark in going after Bush, Jr. It's staring you right in the face. Where have you been the last seven years? Why aren't you going after Al, Bill, and Hillary? There's a lot more there that you don't have to simply make up. You could go where the major media won't and establish some real credibility.

Oh well. You're liberals. You lie and demagogue. You have to. I forgot.

Subject: 2024 campaign
Date: 12/22/99 12:21:47 PM

You guys just can't stand the idea of a Republican in the White House can you? You are probably all Bill Clinton supporters. Bill Clinton and Hillary have been terrible for this country and I for one cannot wait for them to leave Washington. I'll bet that you are still bristling over Ma Richards defeat at the hands of George W. Bush. Could she get elected to anything in Texas now? Respectfully yours, Stan, Rotan, TX

Subject: You have no say in the matter
Date: 12/22/99 12:30:38 PM

I read the e-mail about GWB, Jr. and finding some old students from Yale. Why waste your time? Do you really think you have any say in who gets "elected" to the presidency in this country? Why do you think vote fraud is a closely held tool? The shadow government decided probably 18 mos -2 yrs ago which one of their minions would get "elected" to the dirty house on PA Ave, the rest is just an illusion for public consumption and keeps the people busy chasing their tails.


Subject: Bush
Date: 12/22/99 12:50:35 PM

You guys are losers with too much time on your hands. Get a life.

Subject: You're lower that whale dung!
Date: 12/22/99 1:57:35 PM

Go to's people like you who support a party that lies and protects a real draft dodger plus a rapist plus a pervert and go to hell.. we'll take young Bush anytime over Gore..the (sellout)...and that other word that rhymes with Gore!!!

Love that guy..GW.. Jake