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Subject: Hurray for you!
Date: 12/1/99 1:22:00 AM

Dear Zack,

Let me add my name to the list of those who proclaim you to be a Great American! Thank God for people like you who keep the spirit of free speech and political dialogue alive. And a small thanks to the mighty Washington Post for attracting more attention to your site today. W's totalitarian reaction to your site is very revealing. These people are not used to having to tolerate dissent. They've had the big media under control for a long time. American citizens who still care for democracy had better use the Internet for all it is worth this election year because if GW is elected, it may be our last chance. Have you seen, by any chance, the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush? It comes up when you do a search on Yahoo under the name George Bush. [] It's about the old man, not Junior, but when you read about the power structure behind these guys, it becomes clear that the distinction between senior and junior is meaningless.

I just want to express my support and respect for you and what you are doing. You are sort of a Tom Paine of the Internet era. Few in the establishment media have the guts to take on a machine as powerful and vindictive as the Bushes. I wish you all the best.


Subject: kudos to you Zack Exley
Date: 12/1/99 9:17:48 AM

Don't let them shut you down! Keep up your work and protect free speech. Do not let them start some lame law or statute that they could call the Exley Law.

Subject: GWBush's new tax plan
Date: 12/1/99 9:47:13 AM

Check out G's proposed new tax plan. Those making $12,000 to $43,000 would get no tax cut at all, while those making $104,00 to $158,550 would get a six-percent tax cut. Sounds fair to me.


Subject: Free speech petition
Date: 12/1/99 2:08:49 PM

I think it's about time government officials, and potential govenrnment officials realised that they work for the taxpayer, there is a similar problem here in Britain whereby once elected, these people become your masters and dictate how to live your life, meanwhile living their lives as they choose. An extention of this is to curtail people's freedom in order to protect their abuse of power.

Subject: Your proposed ads
Date: 12/1/99 6:07:32 PM

Hey- Is this serious? I don't like Bush at all and I agree that he is a hypocrite, a liar and an elitist, but do the kind of ads you propose to run really help? Does this improve the political climate? How much of the money that is collected do you get? Why don't you all grow up?

Date: 12/1/99 7:22:45 PM

I hear those dicks are trying to take you to court or something. Don't give in! Keep on taking the piss out of that right wing mongoloid arsewit. I'm too tired to write much, but keep it going. And if you need a list of names in support, let me know, I will happily give you mine. As a journalist, I think we need more people who will risk unpopularity with well funded, litigious (unconstitutional? I think so) politicians. So what if you were irreverent. Good. Bush has told too many lies and skirted too many issues. Besides, he's an idiot. AND his father was a director of the CIA. I don't think you need him. Personally, I'm English and live in England so it probably won't effect me, but I do have a lot of American friends and they need another Bush like I need to be in a train accident. Plus I like the idea of dumping on anyone who a) lies so much b) thinks they should be trusted with high office. FUCK HIM! CONTINUE IN YOUR WORK

Sincere regards


Subject: your site is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 12/2/99 12:55:30 PM

i love your site..the look is professional..the satire superb... here in texas...we know about George W. and you spell it B U LLS H i t (sometimes you have to read between the letters and the lines [and George W. KNOWS about] )..don't let the bastards grind you down Zack..hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: What a treat!
Date: 12/2/99 2:06:10 PM

Zack......Love the web site. Freedom of speech means everything. The replies are interesting. We have the people mentioning God in the classroom. I thought that issue was silenced by separation of church and state. The right wing is boasting that there will be replacement of all who voted for Roe Vs. Wade. If they have their way, people will be burned at the stake for speaking their minds. Book burning will be popular. Slavery will be back in place with the low wages of the developing countries that are being taken advantage of with the World Trade Organization. There are a whole host of concerns that many of us have out here in cyberspace. I do not have much faith in anyone who is a typical politician. We need a third party that has concerns for America and its people. What we do not need is corporate America making decisions about our future. I would vote for someone who would rid Americans of the IRS and have taxation of purchases. People on low income really cannot afford those high ticket items so they would not be taxed as much as the rich. Campaign reform is important. Big money rules and does not represent most Americans. Thank you Zack for the brilliant idea of this web site. Elizabeth

Subject: "What does Bush have that McCain doesn't?"
Date: 12/2/99 5:12:07 PM

I think your answer to the question "What does Bush have that McCain doesn't?" ("$") is woefully incomplete.

Bush has: [1] anti-gay bigotry (signed the Family Protection Pledge) [2] a U.S. address for the duration of the Vietnam War [3] a history of mocking those he's executed

and any number of other possible answers....

Subject: "big business has funded Bush"
Date: 12/2/99 6:36:36 PM

This is completely false. All his donations are limited to the $1,000-per-person maximum, just like everyone else who's not self-funded.

I'm no big GW fan, but you shouldn't publish falsehoods on your web site. It only makes you look stupid.

Cheers! --- Chris

Subject: Love your site
Date: 12/2/99 7:55:25 PM

After George W. Bush's problems with foreign policy, should he be called ... George W. Quayle? Bush League? George W(what was the question?) Bush George W(well you'd have to ask my dad that one) Bush George W(What do you mean Kashmir isn't JUST a sweater?) Bush.

Former Ranger President George W. Bush: Major League Last Name, Minor League Intellect On the effect of Bretton Woods: I thing he's done a lot for Golf, and is a credit to his race. On Cocaine: Well, I can't tell you all the heads of state's names, but I can tell you we have a drug problem in America cause the street price of blow keeps on bouncin' up and down! Bush cut out figure ... Seems like the real thing, until he starts talking.

Subject: showing support for
Date: 12/2/99 10:21:54 PM

Hang in there! The more George W. Bush and his entourage attack your website, the more the people realize the true nature of Bush and his campaign. Hey, it might be a good idea to encourage all of your visitors and everyone on your list to visit and show their support for you and their disgust with George W. I did, and I'd like to share with you the comment I sent:

"I am a freshman at the University of Rhode Island and a new voter. First off, I would like to express my support for and the ideals that this website represents. Satirists have always existed and will always exist on every form of media, and you are mistaken if you believe that you can silence him merely because his opinion is contrary to your "best interest". Also, I must point out that your highbrow and aloof approach to politicking has soured many younger voters, as has your controversial comment, "There ought to be limits to freedom". Now, I do realize that my opinion does not matter in the least bit to you, since the only opinion that you care about is the opinion of the wealthy businesses and corporations that finance your campaign. I just wanted to make you aware that even if you are elected President, you will never represent the opinions of the people that you are supposed to be representing and the ideals on which this great country was founded. God Bless America!"

Kevin MacKeen

Subject: Change of venue
Date: 12/3/99 1:16:52 AM

Have someone on your site been interviewed nationally? I'd like to gear about it. I thought about a strategy in order to get the best of the Bush Campaign ... (1)offer to sell the site to the campaign (2)Reregister your site under GWBUSHLEAGUE under another domain either by using com and registering it outside the U.S.A. , or by using a domain from Europe. (3)The idea of using Bush money to finance an anti Bush Web Site has a nice ring to it!

Subject: Good Site.
Date: 12/3/99 1:32:27 AM

Keep up the good work. Bush sucks. I hate that spoiled,smug, punk. He is going to solve the problems. He is part of the problems in America. A rich boy out of touch with anyone not a member of a country club. This guy is just another draft dodging jerk.

Subject: Another Quote
Date: 12/3/99 2:05:15 AM

Just a fellow U.S. citizen who wanted to give you credit for a very well done web site. Much of what you have included is quite hilarious. Anyhow, I assume that you watched the Republican presidential debate this Thursday evening. It was full of quotes from George W. that I think you might want to include. The following is one that I believe deserves attention: "I want to create peace by strengthening our military." G.W. Bush 12/3/99 Bush himself smirked after this stupid comment. Hope its of some use! Watch the debate to make sure it is exactly accurate, but I'm pretty sure it is. Good luck on your efforts!

- J.F.

Subject: hey there
Date: 12/3/99 10:46:28 AM

just wanted to say that the Yale ad would be the sappiest excuse for a negative campaign ad to date. By the way, if McCain claims to feel tremendous respect for GW Bush, so much that he's refrained from bashing the governor, how do you all legitimize these ads, given your support for McCain? -Grant E, St. Louis, MO

Subject: Suggestion
Date: 12/3/99 1:14:21 PM

Pretty interesting site! How about some material on G.W. Bush supporting a "state's rights" approach to the legalization of marijuana? Or Daddy Bush's Contra/Cocaine connection? (Like father, like son?) Check out for details!

Subject: Welcome back, Zack
Date: 12/3/99 3:01:30 PM

Thank you so much for clearing the backlog in letters! I realize you're swamped, but I look forward to the diverse views in the letters. The ideas, the links, the diverse opinions are what makes this site terrific. With press and talking heads marching in lockstep with the Bush Bandwagon, we need independent thinkers and satirists to keep us honest.

I flinch at the Tim Russert type "softball" interviews. The spins upon spins upon spins leave me wondering who these people think they are?

I respect the intelligence of the people in this country, and I trust that given enough information, the people will make the right choice.

George W. Bush is a spoiled rich boy, who trades on his poppy's name when it is convenient, and claims "youthful indiscretion" when it is not convenient. It is no accident that poppy's name and record keep getting blurred with the baby bush's. No accident that poppy's face and baby's face keep getting juxtaposed in party propaganda. No accident that poppy's hand picked support staff are currently supporting the baby.

Where's the man? Where's the young man who grew up, took his lumps, studied and earned degrees, made investments and took the consequences for his own judgment?

He doesn't exist. Nowhere in George W.s history is there evidence that he grew up and became a man, dependent on his own word, his own intelligence, and his own decisions.

Now they want to foist this ill-formed, half-man on this country, reassuring us that he will be supported by poppy, poppy's cabinet, and a misbegotten gaggle of has-been Republican misfits. Nevermind that he can't read, has no curiosity, and has never participated in the rough and tumble politics on the national scene? Nevermind that he excuses his hair-triggered temper, pouting, and petulance when crossed, on genes from his mommy.

Forget it. If the Republicans can't field a better candidate than this, give me Dan Quayle! At least he tried to read, learn, become a man, and isn't still trying to hide behind mommy's skirts with the help of poppy's geriatric handlers!


Subject: RE : Advertisement IDEAS!!!
Date: 12/3/99 4:07:11 PM

The BIG play Dubya's team is using is about how George CUT taxes in Texas giving us Texans the largest tax break in our history. Yah, sure. Here's the truth... The tobacco settlement which George FOUGHT about with Democratic state ATTORNEY GEN Dan Morales before Dan quit was about suing the lawyers who fought the case for the state of Texas....saying that they should not be allowed to financially benefit from that huge settlement. That story got sort of BURIED here so I dont know how large their cut of the pay off was but it was released and Bush got the State Legislature to go along with the HYPE that he would be able to claim the "largest tax cut in Texas' history" by transferring that $2.5 billion tobacco money to reduce Property Owner's tax by .06 cents per $100.00 of value. In other words, he gets to claim somebody else's work which he argued about initially and then applies the smallest amount possible to the people who own property. Who benefits? Well the millionaires who own the largest homes of course. The rest of the tax break came in the form of an AMNESTY on back to school clothes and other sundries for 3 DAYs in August this year. a whopping 8% off school crap etc so that was his gift to the poor and middle class. HOW ABOUT EXPLOITING THAT LIE???????!!!!! Sincerely yours Mimi, Dallas Texas

Subject: a question
Date: 12/3/99 7:13:10 PM

I love the ad-funding plan, and plan to pledge something (not a lot, as I'm on something of a tight budget). Quick question, though. Aren't ads #1 and #3 potentially libelous? Though we all know he did coke, he's never admitted it, and there's also no hard evidence (that I'm aware of) that somebody pulled strings to get him into the National Guard, although again the circumstantial evidence is pretty convincing.

I'm not a lawyer, and I could certainly be wrong, but I thought I'd mention my concern. Also, a better catch-phrase for the coke ad would be the one you use on your site banner - "Drug Free since 1974." That's a great line, and it should be the centerpiece of the spot.


Subject: Rebublican hypocracy!
Date: 12/3/99 10:59:40 PM

Hey, you are doing a good job! If i were you, I'd slap a $100 million civil liberties suit on Shrub!

I also get a kick out of the "nays" section you have here. I really don't think they get it. They didn't have proof for 8 years of endless hatemongering and witchhunting, and their only policy still is "anything goes", one listen to the radio or one perusal of their websites proves this.

I want to see every Rebublican exposed to be the hypocrite they really are! I don't care where we dig up the info on them, or whom we dig it up on! We should also use THEIR standards of authenticity of the information stated, constructivism, if they should not be required to prove a thing they say, neither should we.

It's really amazing how they are rabid when they do it themselves, but moan and groan with cries of "foul" when their own games are turned around on themselves.

All I have to say to them is: If you can't eat it, you shouldn't have dished it [for eight years and still running]! Turn-about is fair play. It's YOUR rules that we play by now, so don't be a bunch of hypocrites! We've been turning our cheek for far too long!


Subject: G. W. Bush's brother???
Date: 12/4/99 1:01:47 AM

Here is a little question for the quiet as its kept minority. Does the wonderfully hypocratic gov. of the great state of Texas, after all they elected him, have a brother??? I for one would really like to know for you see I am not a real adved follower of any one political family or its legacies, especially since the rise of the Kennedy clan. After all who could top that circus tent? Back to our golden boy though, if he does have a brother then, he (the brother) must be the black sheep I am thinking of, and somewhat paints G. W. in a lighter shade of black. If G. W. however does not have a brother hanging in a closet somewhere then, he (G. W.) must be the dear sweet lad whom dear ole dad, (G. president B.) was talking about when, he (G. president B.) said, "I will not let my position as president interfere with due process of the law to protect him", in the S & L scandal. Then again I could be really mistaken and thinking of a different George Bush's (president) son.

Date: 12/4/99 4:51:06 PM

When Brit Hume asked Bush, ``What do you read?" He replied, ``What do I read?" not because he didn't hear the question, but to buy time. When my wife asks, ``Where have you been?" and I respond ``Where have I been?" you can bet the next thing out of my mouth is a lie. More...

Subject: Your website
Date: 12/4/99 6:11:52 PM

I'm an independent voter that could go any way. Dude drugs did not stick with Clinton. I believe Clinton lied about drugs like maybe George W. is being evasive. It really sounds like your scared George W is going to win. Dude There is more Democrats in the country and with Pat Buchanan likely to be the reform candidate the right wing vote will be broke up. How about sticking with the issues. Clinton did a good job while in the white house. We know he lied about the one time with Jennifer Flowers and under oath about Monica. I guess it is all about sex so I believe Clinton took coke and marijuana and lied because no one can prove it. Big deal if George W. took a little coke. The founding fathers took drugs dude it is no big deal.

Subject: Your site
Date: 12/4/99 6:36:34 PM

I keep waiting for everybody to realize how much of an issue-less power-hungry phony George Bush Jr. is, and I am glad to know that there are those out there that are busy getting the message out.

It amazes me that so many people cannot see the simple fact that had Dubya not been his father's son, he would have never made it past the county council in Texas. Everywhere he has gotten himself policitically has been from using his father's name and becoming the minion of big business. He is one of the biggest sell-out policitcians that I know about.

As Governor of Texas, Dubya was eager to cut taxes for oil companies but didn't think that there was enough money to get health care for children living in poverty. Houston has become the city with the most polluted air in the country, and despite what he may say, the only envivronmental concerns Dubya has are how the oil can be gotten out of it the quickest. Hopefully, through more examples of his stupidity (Grecians, not knowing the Prime Minister of India) people will realize how bad of a national leader George Bush Jr. would be.

The website is great, and made better by Dubya whining about it.

Nathan Chevy Chase, MD

P.S. I thought the person who wrote "you attack [George W. Bush] personally instead of concentrating on issues" was quite funny. After all, when he actually tells us what he stands for, we will make fun of that too.

Subject: Love it! Love it ! Love it!
Date: 12/4/99 6:54:38 PM

Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

George Bush in office! The Horror!

This man has no wisdom, foresight, humility or compassion. His tenure as President would be a blight on the freedom of citizens in the United States. If only more people understood this. He behaviour demonstrates that he thinks he is above the laws that ordinary people abide by.

Subject: gwbush
Date: 12/5/99 11:10:14 AM

good luck with your battle against gw. he seems a bit paranoid. i don't really care about former drug use, but he seems anxious to make a crime out of things that he himself did in the past. what a guy. bill

Subject: Your site (thumbs up)
Date: 12/5/99 12:47:57 PM

Keep up the good work. Heard about this on the news in PA. BTW his transcripts from Yale was on the USENET newgroup Hmmmm. Would be a bit miffed if kids came home from college with those grades.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/5/99 4:17:45 PM

please keep this site up and running.Let the truth be known if this mans last name was Smith we wouldn't even be having this site.We left England where they crown a king!

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/5/99 6:31:31 PM

Keep it up. What a creative and dynamic and witty web-site. Christy

Subject: Re: Your gwbush efforts
Date: 12/5/99 8:10:25 PM

My wife and I love what you are doing! How can we contribute to keep you up and running? Please let us know. And keep up your good work!

Subject: Bush
Date: 12/6/99 10:32:42 AM

Bush is protesting this site simply because he fears the power of the internet. Any individual now has the power to express his/her opinions and have those opinions broadcast throughout the world. For far too long, the press and government and interest groups have had control. So, whether you support Bush or not, the bigger picture is our freedom to express our opinions. Any additional information will only help us when we vote. A better-informed voter can only be a postive thing for this country, and for far too long, the information that we have been getting about all candidates has been controlled by a select few. It's about time that the people can participate.

Subject: Our Gov G. W. Bush w/ a silver spoon in his mouth
Date: 12/6/99 10:36:52 AM

Great web site! You are talking about real issues that most people should be concerned about.

Subject: Thanks
Date: 12/6/99 10:51:41 AM

Thank goodness there are people like you in this world. Keep up the good work.

A Fan

Subject: Great site! I read Leonard Pitts article about. I hope you get morepublicity.
Date: 12/6/99 11:07:39 AM

I find it hard to believe your photos are from Bush's site. Not very flattering.

Subject: All the drug stuff is good, but what about his ties to BinLaden...............
Date: 12/6/99 11:48:10 AM

as referred to by Hatfield. You must know the Hatfield book is being re-published. I hope everyone reads it.

Subject: Keep it up
Date: 12/6/99 1:53:10 PM

GW is a spoiled punk who feels he deserves to be Prez. Too bad he doesn't feel EVERYONE else in the US deserves this right or any other...

Don't let his bullies and lawyer scum intimidate you, keep it're (whoever ya are) a new age Thomas Paine and if GW had and ounce of the nads or smarts, he'd recognize that being parodied is part of being a politician.



Subject: Need to update link
Date: 12/6/99 2:35:52 PM

To whom it may concern,

I love your website. Keep up the good work. I wanted to tell you the link to GW's driving record does not work. I didn't know if this article is no longer available or if there is a problem. I want to hear the story of how he changed his driving record after he was elected governor.



Subject: right on!
Date: 12/6/99 2:59:13 PM

This morning I read an article in the option section of the Tacoma news tribune (WA state) about your web site and I just had too see what Dubya was so mad about. I support your voice and the constitution right provided to you to say what is going on here without free speech this country might as well be Russia during the cold war. Dont give up and good luck fighting the most powerful candidate is the upcoming election.

Subject: bumper sticker question
Date: 12/6/99 3:41:56 PM

Love the site - keep up the excellent work - do you have any bumper stickers - or t-shirts - that say "GWBush - Drug-free since 1974"?? Like the heading of the web site? In my opinion it's your funniest slogan (not a coke-head anymore is a close second). I'll gladly buy 10 stickers if you do - but I know that won't pay for makin em Don Byrd

Subject: from rockford, illinois
Date: 12/6/99 4:46:31 PM

was listening to you on our local talk radio...Well Done enjoyed it..

Date: 12/6/99 4:58:52 PM

Good site... funny, yet with a message... I completely agree the drug laws are bogus, but are so mired in politicians dogma they feel they can't turn back, no matter what they really think.... they believe if they come out in favor of decriminalization they couldn't be elected (they're probably right in some areas), so have to "send the right message", for "the children" of course...... If only they would think of prohibition when they think of drugs, and realize the tremendous reduction in interdiction related crime when prohibition ended... they have to understand that free adults are going to do pretty much as they damn well please, and in the U.S. should be allowed to do so unless their actions have a direct, detrimental affect on others..... I'm not really sure what to do with some of the more addictive and seriously mind-altering drugs available, although incarceration is clearly seriously counterproductive, but to lump marijuana and other cannabis based drugs into the same pile as these more unhealthy drugs is just plain stupid.... so the first step is to decriminalize marijuana for personal use, then deal with the harder drugs in a more compassionate manner than we're doing now...... now back more on topic, one thing I truly hate is hypocrisy, and for GW to call for such punitive punishments for drug use in Texas, given his background, makes him just another piece of shit hypocritical politician... for that alone I hope he loses the election...

Subject: web site
Date: 12/6/99 6:27:18 PM

good going. now that the web site was in the newspaper, i had to see what it was about.......

Subject: Hearty Congratulations
Date: 12/6/99 7:34:41 PM

Thanks for doing a great service to the electorate in these troubled--and troubling--days.

Subject: bush
Date: 12/6/99 7:56:47 PM

just learning how to use a excuse the screw ups.i live in bloomfield ca.. that;s northern ca near bodaga bay.if that means anything to you....anyway..was just reading our local paper and came acroos an article written by "leonard pitts jr. a columnist for the miama starts of "a few words if you will on the feud between george w. bush and a guy named zack.a well written colum i might add..and so as he gave out your web site i went to it.....i loved it.thanks for being there for us.peace thru love and understanding...minister moose

Subject: first amendment
Date: 12/6/99 9:42:24 PM


I find that this web site and the Media coverage surrounding it will be the precedent for all Internet-related 2nd Amendment court cases that we will see in the future. I hope that you prevail. Where our revolutionary forefathers not only printed pamphlets in favor of revolution (think conspiracy) and distributed them, you have merely spoken and people come to listen. Also, you should certainly NOT have this domain name for sale. Why sell the platform you have rightly built? Coincidentally, I do not like "W" and I cringe at his "media darling" status. His war chest is huge because his old man was the director of the CIA during the 70's. I don't believe the whole cocaine thing, but I'm sure someone pulled some strings to keep lil' "w" stateside during Vietnam. But I digress. Keep up the good work and let me know if I can provide anything. I am wanting to become politically involved this election season, and I feel the Mr. Thomas Jefferson would be proud of you for your political involvement as well.

With best regards -A.C.

Subject: drugs
Date: 12/6/99 9:53:50 PM

I suppport the decriminalization of drugs. ANDY

Subject: Site
Date: 12/6/99 10:12:43 PM

Love the site and agree with the message. LoL Keep up the good work. :) Here is mine and I hope you enjoy. Terri

Subject: Prisoner letters
Date: 12/6/99 10:38:11 PM

The blatant hypocrisy of Bush pretending his "mistakes" are too far in the past to matter is pretty funny until you read some of the prisoners' letters. How many lives are being ruined by this insane war on drugs? By the way, I don't drink, smoke or do any drugs and never have. it's just not my thing. Neither is locking up the lower class while the upper class walks.

Subject: Suggestion
Date: 12/6/99 11:19:53 PM


Enjoyed looking over your site!!! Your ideas about commercials etc. are great but what you really need is evidence!! If I know party-types like I think I do (and I do) they love to get trashed and take stupid pictures of each other. Surely there is someone out there that has some pictures of Georgie-porgie with a spoon in his nose, or a mirror full of coke on the table, or smoking a joint or a bong or some other such thing that would just love to pocket the $4000+ that you have pledged. With this "evidence" you would not have to worry about the high price of trying to produce and place commercials on TV...... the media would do it for you for free and it would reach a whole lot more voters!!!

What you might want to do is post a "reward" for such evidence. Surely not all of the people he partied with (and probably shit on) support him and his B.S. This might motivate them to have a look at some of their old photos...... I know that there is some of me floating around out there (of course before I turned 40 and became a good little hypocritical Christian .... ha, ha, ha, chuckle, chuckle)

It's not that I have anything against his or anyone else's "youthful indiscretions", but I really hate a hypocrite.

Good luck!!! Frank in Texas


Subject: GWGUSH
Date: 12/7/99 12:49:30 AM


Subject: more dirt on W.
Date: 12/7/99 11:22:46 AM

Hi! I like the website ... as far as his double-standard in terms of incarceration, it is worth pointing out that during Bush's watch as governor, it was discovered that guards in the Brazoria County prisons were loosing vicious dogs on non-violent inmates in their cells. Amnesty International cited this abuse of prisoners. Bill

Subject: Excellent!
Date: 12/7/99 11:22:48 AM

Keep up the good work. This is great.

Do not let them intimidate you into folding.

Tim Burke

Subject: web page info
Date: 12/7/99 11:50:04 AM

Today I was sent your web page by a friend. I have, on various occasions, read about and heard about the stunning injustices of the drug wars and George W. Bush's complicity in it. But your page said it best. Your summary statistics and the letters from p.o.w. victims are devastating and must surely penetrate all but the most hardened consciences. Thank you and may your cause take wings! Paul

Subject: your page
Date: 12/7/99 11:55:31 AM

There was a favorable column in the Chicago Tribune this morning about your site. Thanks for exposing this fraud. Keep it up. How about his involvement with the Silverado S&L;, and daddy's help. His basic failure in the business world would also be of interest.

Carl, Chicago

Subject: "Viable" Candidates
Date: 12/7/99 12:06:31 PM

I notice a lot of the "Nay" letters assume that everyone supporting this website is a...(gasp!)...liberal. Not true. I would consider voting Republican, IF the GOP would field a candidate worthy of my vote. The Democrats are just as guilty in this regard. If the candidates for President in the General Election are Bush & Gore, I'll be voting for a write-in candidate(my wife). If the candidates for President in the General Election are McCain & Bradley, well, I guess I'll have a tough choice to make. Whether Bush did drugs or not makes no difference to me. A lot of us did...some got caught, some didn't. I preach abstinence to my Daughter. Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe, maybe not. However, the way Bush has gone about his business in dealing with the drug issue, his military background, his schoolwork, and his many other "youthful indiscretions", tells me this man is either a shifty liar, or just plain dumb...and that does make a difference to me. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Gary P.S. And another thing is the whisper campaign being run by Bush's camp regarding John McCain's mental fitness. That's what I call "Bush League"!

Subject: Nice Job With The Site
Date: 12/7/99 1:40:31 PM

Very rational argument. Some of these problems are leftovers of the frantic "Drug War" of the 80's.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/7/99 2:01:49 PM

i really enjoy your site and hope you continue to be able to excercise your right to free political speech.

Subject: Gw bush
Date: 12/7/99 5:45:24 PM

Keep up the good work!!!Bush looks like the Millenias Quayle. He reminds me of the typical monied frat rat that I used to despise when I was working my way thru college. I can't believe how people can be so enraptured by him. The thought of him as President of the United States scares the s--- out of me!!! He looked like a dammned fool answering the question about an OPEC oil crisis.......Duh...lets drill for natural about

converting all our autos to natural gas?? P.S. I would like to contribute to your fund but won't send my credit card over the internet.

Subject: Bravo!!!!
Date: 12/7/99 7:34:00 PM

What a great web site and it totally speaks the truth. I live near S.A., TX and the newpaper here treats old GW like he's a God. I was really worried so it's good to see that others see what he's really about. Thanks!

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/7/99 11:57:48 PM

You have odiously irritated a hemorrhoid in some asses. Keep up the good work.

Subject: The Three Bush's
Date: 12/8/99 12:23:26 AM

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. A Bush is a Bush is a Bush!

Subject: Keep fighting the Bush people
Date: 12/8/99 9:40:08 AM

I hear Bush has taken this website to court, trying to shut it down.

Don't give in, fight them all the way.

Subject: Keating?
Date: 12/8/99 11:16:52 AM

I think what you have here is very good. Along with the question of drug use (past or present), no body seems to be asking about his involvement with Keating and the failed savings and loan institutions that Keating, Milkin, et al were able to steal from, spend only maybe 20 months in prison (federal) and still keep millions of dollars when they got out, yet the working class people are the ones who have pay to reimburse what was stolen from them in the first place. Keep to your pinciples.

Carrie Bryant Brownstown Twp., MI

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/8/99 12:28:46 PM


Subject: Heheheheh
Date: 12/8/99 12:52:54 PM

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to vote for unspeakable wienies:

Subject: Re: Commercials, support
Date: 12/8/99 2:04:25 PM

As an aside, please visit It's slow loading, and a bit dry, but very interesting. --Steve

Subject: DUBYA
Date: 12/8/99 2:15:32 PM




Subject: USA TODAY
Date: 12/8/99 3:39:02 PM


Subject: good site!
Date: 12/8/99 4:03:23 PM


Good site!

George W is not exactly the sharpest tack in the rug. If he weren't to the manor born, he'd be ekeing out an existence selling insurance.

But if he dosen't screw up that badly, he'll be the next President.

C'est la vie.

--Anthony, St. Louis

Date: 12/8/99 5:17:10 PM

Zack, I agree that jail for minor amounts of drugs is not the best solution. However, why do you think Bush is a hypocrite since he is not presently doing drugs? I would agree if he were presently a drug user. The scoffing tone of you site fails to win. If you have facts, use them, but ridicule belittles you.


Date: 12/8/99 7:50:00 PM

All the support for GWB in this country is proof that we are only a herd of sheep being led around by our noses. How can an only averge thinking person not see this through gwb. My bet is he will be elected than ridiculed for his whole 4 year term.

Subject: Shouldn't You Be Giving Away The Bank
Date: 12/8/99 10:59:51 PM

Why don't you get a life or run for the Senate from New York?

Subject: Wheres your proof
Date: 12/8/99 11:11:45 PM

You have no proof whatsoever none send me an e-mail please and show me the proof please I would like to see it. You can write all you want until you have some concrete evidence why dont you write about your good old buddy billy who it has been said he has used so much coke that he was always itching the hell out of his head. I will be watching in my box to see the evidence.

Subject: worthless man
Date: 12/9/99 12:00:01 AM

How apt of Mr. Bush to call you a "garbage man" since you are literally taking out the trash, displaying it for all of us to see. G.W. personifies everything wrong with American politics - money buys elections, a powerful dad will get you everywhere, the priviledged don't need to study or work hard to rise, Hypocrisy and stupidity are actually rewarded in our nation. G.W. was so terrible in those recent debates, I don't know how anyone could vote for him. Did you know Texas would be the 11th largest nation? He only repeated that one 20 times, making ludicrous answers to questions not even remotely about Texas. Now, he would like to throw out the 1st ammendment because of a parody site, what a pathetic, spoiled brat. I think Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin must roll over in their graves when they see what American politics has been reduced to. If McCain does not beat this scumbag, I fear for all of us. Probably a pointless war in some 3rd world nation to divert attention from real problems. I hope he contracts some sort of skin disease and has to drop out. The Bush family is every bit as destructive to our body politic as was (is) the Kennedy clan. Campaign finance reform is all that can possibly save us from G.W. and clones from running our republic hereon in.

S Subject: concerned resident of bushland
Date: 12/9/99 2:12:46 AM

How do we stop this shrub-born menace? I'm a registered voter in the state of texas (democrat, anyone?) and the lack of media coverage here of our governor's public statements is apalling. Does anyone care that this guy fries someone about twice a week?

Subject: bush nix freedom of religion
Date: 12/9/99 2:54:53 AM

I was not able to read all of your web page but just incase no one said anything, Bush is also against freedom of religion (that is if the religion is not the Christian Religion), Bush came out and said that Wicca (a Pagan Religion) was not a real religion and should not be allowed on Millitary Bases (It has been oked by the U.S. Gov as a Religion). This is another good reason that Bush should be voted down and hope he never gets in office (well maybe he can run for dog catcher). I am a member of the Religion that he cut down and have been for over 20 years. Hope you add this to your site. Thank you for your time. Jon York

Subject: Press Coverage
Date: 12/9/99 7:05:32 AM

Zack, Just an FYI. See Thursdays 12-9-99 Atlanta Journal ( op/ed page for a supporting column about your web site from one of our editorial writers. Don't let up on Bush.



Subject: Suggestion for GWBush TV Ad
Date: 12/9/99 8:11:32 AM

I thought about this when GWBush was first running for governor here in Texas. The ad should run in the general election campaign, a few weeks before the November election. It should show GWBush and review any number of his quotes which show him pandering to the religious right. Near the end of the ad, the image of GWBush should morph into the image of Pat Robertson. The ad should help demolish his attempts to be thought of as a moderate, and point out how scary he REALLY is. I would be glad to contribute to such an ad.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/9/99 10:09:23 AM

very interesting makes one start to think.

Date: 12/9/99 10:35:54 AM

Thank you so much for creating this important site. Your message goes a long way in exposing hypocrisy in American politics. Not so much in what yuo say, but through the response you have provoked. You sir are a great American. And besides there is no way in hell a man who is quoted as saying "there ought to be limits to freedom" will ever be making long distance phone calls to world leaders from the Oval Office. I don't care who his daddy is or how powerful the guys are that kept him out of Vietnam.

Good luck and whatever you do, do not let Mr. Bush or any of his lackies drive you of the net.


Subject: Yay Leonard Pitts!
Date: 12/9/99 11:10:23 AM

I just found out about your website from the Pitts article in our local paper today.

This is great. I'm going to send this info on to my friends who agree that Bush is just a facade and poster boy for the GOP. (And He's Really That Dumb!)

Great job! Keep it up. Hopefully this information will spread and your site will impact the process in a major way!

Subject: GWBUSH
Date: 12/9/99 2:03:37 PM

I love it! Especially that photo of him with a big grin and wide eyes (and wide nostrils)! Just beautiful!!

As a Texas resident I am appalled that this little rich kid with no brains may become the next president! What does it say about the Republican party that an inexperienced, inarticulate, good 'ol boy, frat boy will become their Presidential candidate. This is scary! People who visit Texas have asked me frequently what GW has done as Governor, and most of us here don't have a clue! We find ourselves responding, "Nobody knows!"

America's political system is a fucking JOKE if this is the best we can do!

Thank you--

Subject: Kevin McHall's Letter
Date: 12/9/99 3:08:52 PM

Hi Mr. Exley;

I read Kevin McHall's letter and I do agree with some of the things he said. I feel there is double standards, one for us and one for the goverment. Of course the goverment will disagree with that, but we all know what the truth is and what the lies are, don't we? Sincerely, Maribeth

Subject: a suggestion
Date: 12/9/99 7:19:24 PM

Dear sir, You might want to see what you or your readers can do about locating a tape of Comedy Central's 1992 Republican Convention Coverage, in which W. is interviewed. I have not seen it myself, but a friend of mine did and described W's condition as "coked up". My friend has seen a lot of people in this state so I trust his judgement. Obviously this could blow that "never since 1974" crap out the window. You're doing a good job keep it up!I' m from Texas, and let me tell you W. has done absolutely nothing for this state.

Date: 12/9/99 7:38:39 PM

Great Site! May I assume that you are a Libertarian? I don't know of any other party supporting the decriminalization of adult use of drugs, with treatment coming from the medical community, not the criminal "justice" department. I came to this conclusion in 1972, long before I had heard of the Libertarian party. I hope that you are in touch with Peter McWilliams, fighting the federal onslaught in California: If you haven't yet read his book, "Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do", you MUST do so. It is on his website.

I heard about your site on Detroit's WXYT; never would have heard about it if GW hadn't made such a stink about it. Thanks, GW! It was talked about at length on the John McCullough show today. Contact him for an interview;

good luck

Subject: new look
Date: 12/9/99 7:46:46 PM

Great new look Zack. McCain will beat this empty suit in New Hampshire like a gong.

Subject: George "White Lines" Bush
Date: 12/9/99 8:36:08 PM

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your political parody of G Dubya Bush. Please keep up the entertainment.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/10/99 1:19:34 AM

Great Web site! I've always considered ol' G.W. to be a hypocrite. Isn't one Bush as president enough? We don't need his son, who apparently delights in locking up people for committing the same "youthful indiscretions" that he apparently was able to commit with impunity. Keep up the good work and don't let Bush and his croonies bully you in compromising your First Amendment rights!

A fan in Seattle

Subject: Great Job
Date: 12/10/99 2:51:06 PM

Hi Zach,

Love the site. Keep up the good work and don't cave in to Shrub's Thugs. Thanks to you, this bastard might actually lose the race. We are behind you!

Thanks, Keen

Subject: Thank you -
Date: 12/10/99 6:35:25 PM

Greetings from Miami. Thank you. The one need this campaign needs is reality. My idea of horror picture is Bush sharing a boardroom table with the same dummies that Saab, the car (or is it Volvo) uses in its TV commercials. This means, people in government are needed, not bloodless creaures. Also, we need to be inspired, as was done by Roosevelt and JFK. We need to be challenged, to be motivated, to be given a purpose - not just jobs at Burger King... Yes.. there really is an enemy out there. Go back to 1968. The Rappaport Report said it.. Americans are optimistic but that has to be taken away... that had been denounced by Pres. McKinley in 1901.. so.. let us wake up and survive, not by making war on anyone but by setting an example.. I sent a copy of your page to many friends.. regards.. JL

Date: 12/10/99 8:19:55 PM

keep doing what you're doing. it's helping in its own way. i support you.


Subject: your site
Date: 12/11/99 12:53:01 AM

keep up the good work. Mike

Subject: Question
Date: 12/11/99 1:24:08 AM

Are you a Republican who dislikes Bush or a Democrat, or nonpartisan? Just curious. I do like much of what you say!


Subject: Info on Bush for Oz
Date: 12/11/99 6:57:57 AM

Hi Zack,

Just reading through your site on Bush, we don't hear alot about him in Australia but I have no doubt that he's a clown and a father, like son.........what's the story with the drug taking and draft dodging?

Anyway, nothing would surprise me in the good old US of A. The problem you'll have is that the other candidates are probably in the same boat....that's the problem we have here.. Anyway, keep up the good work, I think the Internet may have re-opened your country for at least a little bit of freedom of information, for a while , anyway. Regards Eli

Subject: A Pardon is a Pardon
Date: 12/11/99 7:37:52 AM

I don't know if you've taken the time to read Lawrence Walsh's book "Firewall," but it details his investigation into the Iran-Contra scandal. In fact, if then President Bush hadn't granted a pardon to Casper Weinberger on his way out the White House door, then Bush's false statements to the Independent Counsel would have become public record. They are now, but you have to willing to read to be familiar with them.

Walsh is a lifelong Republican, who was appointed Deputy Arttorney General by President Eisenhower and was later appointed to the federal bench by "Ike." Walsh makes clear that he had no intetion of indicting Bush, providing he purged himself at Weinberger's trial and told the truth. Please see page 504 et. seq.) Compare that to Kenneth Starr and the hypocritical Republican Congress.

It is highly doubtful that either of Bush's sons would ever have been elected Governor had the Weinberger trial been permitted to take place. As it is, they sit as Governors of Texas and Florida, respectively. Both are chips off the old block, because neither can conjugate a verb - shades of the old man. They also have difficulty with the truth. Must be a family trait. Then, of course, there's Neil - the S & L mogul who cheated the U.s Government in a Small Business loan to the tune of $2.5 million. We should consider ourselves lucky because Silverado (S & L) cost the taxpayers over 1 billion. To date, Neil hasn't been elected as Governor of any State.

George W has been quoted as saying he is running for President because he wants to restore honor and dignity to the White House. His knowledge of history must be on parr with his knowledge of foreign affairs.

Reference: Firewall. The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-Up - Lawrence E. Walsh - W.W. Norton & Compay, New York & Londonn (1997)

Date: 12/11/99 10:28:24 AM

Hey, chief! I talked with a nice lady whose husband is in Jail. His name is Jim Tolar in the fed pen for the I-30 condo scandel. He wouldn't plea bargain, so he got hit with a nice long sentence. His wife informed me that the Bush family has the clothing franchise for the federal prison system, charging inmates $70 for a $30 pair of shoes. At 17cents an hour it might take a while to pay for it, but what are these guys gonna do. Might be interesting if someone were to confirm this story. Might be why we have the prison industrial complex. Keep on plugging! Randy.

Subject: gw
Date: 12/11/99 10:41:58 AM

Keep us the good work!

What a small minded jerk Bush is.


Subject: Attacks from Dubya
Date: 12/11/99 2:20:31 PM

Hang in there, please, and don't let this underqualified and overentitled Texan intimidate you.

Subject: your site mentioned in Playboy January, 2024
Date: 12/11/99 2:25:28 PM

Just thought I'd let you know your site was mentioned in Playboy's ongoing "War on War on Drugs" as I like to call it. In the Forum section of the magazine, a fictitious quote obviously making fun of GWB is in the War of Words section. Keep up the good work with the site, and get a democrat in the whitehouse again. Josh

Subject: ddw99
Date: 12/11/99 2:48:14 PM

Great job and don't let the bastards muzzle you!!!!

Subject: gw
Date: 12/11/99 11:30:14 PM

i heard you on jim hightower's radio show and i am enjoying your site. you certainly have worked hard and are keeping up with it. i read a letter from a fellow that called gw "shrub". i like that name "shrub". will check in from time to time to see how it is going. man i hope that guy doesn't get elected he's too smarmy. shrub ...

Subject: Site
Date: 12/12/99 2:55:44 AM

Reached you through Aardvark. I live in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Don't want to use any names as his father has most likely engaged Echelon to monitor/destroy your site. What, me paranoid?!! Go for it!! I think I'd actually vote for Dan Quayle ( I don't believe I said that) before I'd vote for this idiot. Little hard to pose the question; " Did he inhale? " I truely hope he gets the nomination. John McCain would be VERY difficult to be up against. This jerk would add a new chapter to the inner-workings of American political sludge. Wow, talk about skeletons in the closet!! Still, it would be entertaining to watch Barbra (BIG Barbra) put her foot in her mouth again on a regular basis. Ah, takes me back! Thanks for the site, I'll bookmark it, and hope to see it expanded!! H.J.P.

Subject: Thank you
Date: 12/12/99 3:43:06 AM

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this site! Aloha and Mahalo Elisha

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/12/99 11:46:38 AM

Your points in your web site are very valid. Texas is harsh to drug users even recreational ones. Who in the past can throw the first stone here. Did we all not go through the 1970s and 1980s??? I think it is sad the a murder in Texas does not receive the same vigorous prosecution that a drug crime does. I think they should legalize drug use and get these people out of jail and put the real criminals behind bars. I sit here patiently waiting for the guy who murdered my brother to serve his time after nearly 14 years!!!! So much for the good OLE boy network but at least those drug users are off the street.

Subject: commercials
Date: 12/12/99 1:50:43 PM

i've seen these email jokes going around. its a short skit where a humours situation is created. in one, a women is shown to the car where she sits down. the man then goes to the other side to let himself in. in the mean time she farts. when the man gets in he asked the people in the back seat, she didn't see them, if they are ready. the joke is short and easily emailed. i think it would reach many more people.

all the religious TV show are talking about y2k and the end. you know anti-christ. the leadership of this group doesn't want hate crime legislation to include gays and lesbians. an incidental picture dubya wearing a blue turban or even something that looks like one would be quite fun.

Subject: Living in Bush's Texas
Date: 12/12/99 4:58:56 PM

I am writing as a resident of the Texas G. W. Bush is so proud of leading. As your site has already pointed out, Texas is very low in funding for children's programs, help for poor people, funding for programs for disabled, handicaped, and people with mental illness. That is just the tip of the iceberg of the shortcomings of our state government. What you may not understand, is that is the way most residents of Texas like it. As long as Texans have guns, football, beer and pick-up trucks, most do not give a rat's hindquarters what happens to the less fortunate. You also make a big deal about G. W.'s c-average school grades. You should understand that Texans have no interest in electing anyone smarter than the average Texan. We did that with our previous governor, and in spite of the outstanding job she did, we dumped her for someone more mediocre at the first opportunity. Of course, the Republican party in this state is always ready to offer us a candidate with questinable qualifications, Tom DeLay, Phil Graham, Kay Bailey Hutchinson being examples. The Democrats on the other hand, continue to offer thoughtful and reasonable canditates for the voter's consideration. Is it any wonder that they cannot get elected? This state is not going to elect anyone who favors even the most reasonable limits on gun ownership. Nor are we going to elect anyone who favors the most reasonable or responsible increase in taxes tro pay for badly needed social programs. As long as guns are left abundant and easy to obtain, taxes are kept to a bare minimum, and we continue to lead the country in executions, most voters see little reason to be unhappy. Big petrochemical business is destroying our enviroment, and big corporations own our government, but it is not important to most citizens. We can still get our beer, guns and pick-up trucks. We can still pretend we live in the past, and ignore the problems of the present. We are very happy with G. W., thank you very much. He is the governor we want, and wat's more, he is the governor we deserve.

Jack, Smithville, Texas

Subject: Luv this site/petition broken
Date: 12/13/99 8:50:46 AM

Hello. First of all, I'd like to say that I love your site. The paradies are quite funny! It's nice to know that other people see GW as an overgrown brat who wants to be president to stroke his ego and make some cash. I also wasn't surprised that they attempted to take legal action against you. I'm glad that you've had the courage to stand firm in the face of their attacks.

On another note, I attempted to sign your free speech petition, but the script that runs it appears to be broken. Let me know if/when this is fixed and I'll gladly sign it.

Keep up the good work,


Subject: Draft dodging ad and mediocre grades
Date: 12/13/99 9:07:21 AM

Possibilities for Improvement

1.Theme: to emphasize the very long line.....(in a TV ad)

have a long line of people standing, waiting to get into the National Guard.....with a limo driving past all of the people

2. Theme: to emphasize the mediocre grades (TV or perhaps radio)

have a university classroom scene, where George is baffled by some question but another person answers brilliantly.


Subject: awesome site
Date: 12/13/99 9:46:32 AM

i read about the pussy crying about your site and had to check it out.... good work!

Date: 12/13/99 10:30:09 AM

We just wanted to let you know good for you in having the courage to setup and maintain this website even though GW Bush is putting heat on you. It's people like you that this country was founded for keep up the good work.

Subject: Another Yea
Date: 12/13/99 11:29:15 AM

Keep up the good work. I hope this privileged little Texas prick loses the nomination. Just goes to show how after one generation in Texas, a well educated and upright New England blood line can turn to unmitigated crap !!!

Subject: idea for bumper sticker or tagline
Date: 12/13/99 12:29:01 PM

Plays on the perception that everything has been handed to him. I waive any and all copyrights to the following:

GWBush Prosperity without Perspiration


Date: 12/13/99 12:46:18 PM

Once GWBush wins (and I'm not saying I would like him to), don't be surprised if you find yourself a target of some kind of FBI or IRS investigation.

That dude seems vindictive, man. To go SO far out of your way to make him look silly might come back and bite you on the ass.

Hope you're raising contributions for your own legal defense fund as well.

Subject: your commercials and distribution
Date: 12/13/99 1:23:42 PM

I hope that when you get your commericals made, you will distribute them via mpeg to the net so you can get the word out. Some indisputable facts are so infuriating I can't imagine any American, conservative or liberal, recommending GW Bush to hold office.

Good luck.


Subject: ads ...the plan
Date: 12/13/99 3:22:08 PM

gooood work.. strongly suggest however ...rethink #3 of course he didn't protest the vietnam war & disparaged and hated 60's liberals , but remember many many tens of thousands of us did give our whole hearts & minds to THE PROTEST ...youwere too young... however , that cant be as strong as his paybacks to billionaire backers including those publicly owned bldgs sold to his buddies WAY UNDER VALUE SO ON AND SO ON

Subject: Nay's
Date: 12/13/99 3:23:17 PM

I just finished reading many of the letters in your Nay column. People assume that because you slam GWB, you must be a democrat and an Al Gore lover. People think that the only reason you would dislike Bush is that you like Gore. That shows what a sad state the two party system in America has come to. Most Americans don't even realize that there are plenty of political opinions out there that are not Democratic or Republican.

As a registered Libertarian, I fully support your right to publish whatever you want, true or untrue, with evidence or without. I would even support a site that defamed my party's candidate, Harry Browne, and so, I suspect, would he.

Sincerely, Corey

Subject: Running for pres like baseball?
Date: 12/13/99 4:14:52 PM

To whom it may concern:

Have you all seen:, GW's comparison of the Presidential election and Baseball?

How right he is:

The teams are owned by major corporations. The whole thing is shut down when there's a disagreement about money. Sportsmanship is not rewarded. The game revolves around the media. The money exchange is out of control. Celebrity status and pumped egos run a-muck. No matter who wins, the public looses.



Subject: letters
Date: 12/13/99 4:38:21 PM

enjoy your web site. The best part is the "nay" letters. These are some angry folks!!! For 8 years now, they've been calling Clinton every foul name in their vocabulary and accusing both of the Clintons of every heinous crime they can imagine, but just suggest that a Republican has virtually admitted to using cocaine, and these wackos are claiming libel and making veiled death threats! Several of the letters even defended the shrub's efforts to shut down your web site!

The pro-site letters are calm and reasonable - the "nays" are angry, bitter, hostile, and venomous. Reading the letters as a group paints a dramatically different picture of the people that wrote them. I'm old enough to remember when Republicans were nice, normal people, if a bit on the conservative side, and ultra-leftists were the only "haters" and bomb throwers in America. What happened? Did somebody pass a law that says you have to be an a**hole to join the Republican party?

Keep up the good work.

Subject: donation
Date: 12/13/99 5:33:18 PM

Dear Sir,

I was surfing the web and I came across your web site which I found to be very impressive. I would like to make a donation to your campaign but I am uncomfortable giving my credit card number out over a non-encrypted connection. Is there another way that I can make a pledge? Thanks.



Date: 12/13/99 8:28:17 PM

Hello, I read about this site in The Economist. I have some advice for you if the Bush people get to close to shutting down this site.... Move the host to a foriegn country like Cananda...They can't touch you if the host for your web page is outside the country....You will still be but hosted outside the arm of the FEC. If you want me to help or you need info on how to do this just respond to my e-mail with your questions.

I really believe in being able to do what you are doing, and the fact that you have caused so much trouble means you are doing something right.

Robert Helmuth.

Subject: no more dds in the white house
Date: 12/13/99 10:36:12 PM

Because his father was a congressman, George W was moved to the head of a very, very long waiting list to get into the national guard. Then, he was given the additional privilege of entering a pilot training program despite having one of the lowest intelligence scores on the entrance exam. So and so, then speaker of the house in Texas, admits that he made phone calls on behalf of young Bush to get him into the guard.

end of voice over:

quick flash of battlefield violence in Vietnam then...

The veteran from the begining of the spot says directly to the camera solemnly...Earn this George. Earn This. (ala saving private ryan)

Right on Zack!

Subject: Zack...
Date: 12/13/99 11:23:54 PM

Zack right on man...Im scared of George being president. His dad scared me and his dad's dad (Ronald Reagan) scared me. The scariest thing of all to me is that I have more respect for his dad and Ronnie than I do for George because George Jr is about to walk into a firestorm he doesnt fully understand. He is a last ditch effort of the right to "fight fire with fire" or "an eye for an eye" on behalf of the christian right and republicans to somehow recover from their failures to dethrone Clinton via Ken Starr. Lets elect a halfway good-looking, self-absorbed, draft-dodging, drug-user to the white house. The only difference between Clinton and George Jr. is that Clinton has a brain and knows how to use it. Clinton has a heart and knows how to use that too. How many people, Zack, in your personal life do you know who can do both equally well? or either well at all?

Unfortunately for us...George has been all but been anointed "President" by the Christian right and the lack of a communicator on the democrats part.

When Bill Clinton was asked by the media about GWs faltering on the radio "Pop-Quiz", Bill said something akin to "its something you pick up after being on the job for awhile" (I said AKIN to). Would a republican ever say that about Bill Clinton? Nope.

What would it take for me to vote for George W?

He has to move to Virginia and cut off his right hand because the bible told him so.

If he ate it that would be entertaining but I wont require it. Thanks and keep fighting the good fight. Bill C.

Subject: hypocrisy sneaks up on you
Date: 12/14/99 1:46:11 AM

Zack, You know I was reading your links to GWs explanation on the draft thing. And it occurred to me. Perhaps erroneously. That you know the whole issue exists because no politician will stand up and be honest. Noone will say "I didnt want to die in that war" (and I and my family were willing to use whatever means to make sure I didnt). Hindsight is 20/20. We all now see that the cause was bogus. The management of the bogus cause was worse than bogus. And alot of people died for nothing. Democracy, communism, emperialism, and humankind were not served in any way. Yet no one (politician) will say on a personal level - "I did not want to lose my life in that war". Thats a hypocrisy in itself. So we are saying...."In retrospect it was a stupid war...I wish I had died in it!"

I guess dying for any cause is NOBLE no matter how stupid the cause. Or because we (supposedly) HAD TO. Im not trying to give nobility to draft dodgers. I just think..hey Bill Clinton dodged and I dont really remember him denying it. I hope George doesnt try to deny the only thing I might have respected him for.

Bill C.

Subject: Your battle with Bush
Date: 12/14/99 10:24:03 AM

How can I contribute? Don't get too excited. I'm only talking about ten or twenty dollars (I'm poor), but I want you to know that I support what you are doing and I want to thank you for doing it.

I hate George Bush and all that he stands for, but much more important is the principle that we MUST HAVE FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET. His attempts to intimidate you must be stopped. You should not have to hire a lawyer to defend your rights.

Is there a way people can contribute to your defense online? My publication is read by about 1500 different individuals a month, and I have put a link to your site on it. I am working on an article about your battle and would like to offer my readers a way to 'put their money where their mouth is."

Thanks for all you are doing. You are a courageous man.

-- Jonathan

Subject: Anheiser
Date: 12/14/99 11:56:45 AM

Did you hear about the illegitimate Bush?


Subject: Re: Commercials, Good Luck
Date: 12/14/99 12:04:46 PM

I don't know if the below link will work. I assume you've had some prior exposure to Adbusters. If you have, please ignore this message. I am sending it in the hope that you may glean something from the site about their struggle to place their fully-produced, non-offensive ads on network television. By and large, they were unsuccessful. Good luck!!!

Subject: millennium Celebrations
Date: 12/14/99 12:07:14 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

As I am sure you are aware the pyramids will be closed to the public for 36 hours whilst the great and mighty perform their demonic duties.

I was hoping you would be able to confirm whether George W Bush will be joining his father for the secret Illuminati millennium celebrations within the Pyramids at Giza in Eygpt?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Subject: Web Site
Date: 12/14/99 12:09:44 PM

Your site is lame! Just because you couldn't "get rich quick" by selling your domain name, you have to lower yourself to spending hours on a parody site with the hope of generating pledges to air erroneous ads. I hope all this time is worth the $6,000 you raised!

Subject: funny
Date: 12/10/99 9:00:39 AM

I find your site hilarious. Do nothing jr. can't take a joke. You know what they say about people who can't take a joke.This event is about a lot more than blow monkey's pride. It's about our basic rights as Americans. I find it extremely disturbing that this empty suit wants to "dictate" what the limits of freedom should be. Of course he may know more than the rest of us as he has since "grown up".Keep up the good work! Thanks

Date: 12/14/99 9:01:10 PM

Good show my man.

j.leisen [

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 12/14/99 9:50:11 PM

Just read about your page in the Chicago Tribune, best of luck. Your proof that the American system works and Dubya hopes to squash your freedom of speech. 25 years ago a man in Michigan applied for and received license plates, USA 200. In 1976 the govenor of Michigan wanted that number on his car so he just took it. The little guy went to the press and sued. The bad press was killing the governor and the man got his plates back. You got GWBUSH before they did. Its nice when a little guy has more foresight than the whole Republician party. I'm going to watch your page, jwj

Subject: We make a difference!
Date: 12/14/99 9:55:35 PM

It is refreshing to see people unafraid to voice their opinions...and yes, like butt-cracks we all have one. Some are just a little bigger and hairier than others. Do your research, ask questions, and keep your mind alert and open to what the candidates are saying. If you vote for a man because of his party affiliation you may be voting for the man with the largest financial backing (not necessarily a good thing). But VOTE, we CAN make a difference and change some of the mess we currently have. Politicians have a bad name and beaurocracy is a four letter word (ain't that some S*@t!) because we have let them become isolated from us, due to our lack of involvement and failure to unite. Remind your legislators, judges, local, state, and federal that you are their customer...THEY WORK FOR YOU! See you at the voting booth in Nov 00..bring it on...time to say I CARE, count this suckers! I am concerned about complacency in America, are you?

Subject: Great Site!
Date: 12/15/99 11:39:49 AM

Thank you for putting up the Dubyuh site.


Subject: up yours
Date: 12/15/99 1:21:50 PM

Probably another long hair maggot infested hippy.

Date: 12/15/99 6:30:05 PM

FUCK YOU!! BUSH WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANTI-BUSH BITCHES!!!!!!

Subject: HE WAS A BANKER??
Date: 12/15/99 11:43:35 PM


Subject: phrases for you to use
Date: 12/16/99 12:52:16 AM

The Little Prince of Texas The Sappy Prince

Have fun!

Subject: Cool Web Site
Date: 12/16/99 2:29:14 AM

Glad you found a name that they did't register.LOL

Subject: NO WAY BUSH, JR!
Date: 12/16/99 3:44:18 AM

I'm a Republican by ideals, values, and morals (what Republicans "used" to stand for;) but, there is NO WAY that I'm voting for Geo. W. He is nothing more than another Klinton but under the Republican disguise who is going to continue the agenda of the NWO people (Bilderberg/CFR/Trilateral, etc) who want to DESTROY the U.S.

Even though my vote won't mean anything (because Bush, Jr. is the bought & paid for Golden Boy of the NWO people,) I'm going to vote for Buchanan, who I believe is the O N L Y "TRUE" American in the running, who is "AGAINST" these NWO people who want to destroy U.S. sovereignty in their quest for MONEY, GREED, and POWER!!

I am "ASHAMED" at my fellow Americans who S T I L L "DON'T GET IT!!" They listen to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC and read the "LIBERAL" newspapers and actually "BELIEVE" all the propoganda/brainwashing from the NWO owned media!!!

World Net Daily is one of my favorite sites that I go to every day; but, I am perplexed that they now have a new site for people to write to their elected officials. I don't waste my time writing to the House or the Senate because some are Communists (belonging to the Progressive Party but they label themselves as Democrats (like Conyers;) or, they have been blackmailed, threatened, or just scared, and they are doing what Klinton wants instead of what they "SHOULD" be doing to S A V E the United States. It became V E R Y clear to me when the Senate did not convict Klinton of Impeachment, let alone TREASON, that our elected officials were N O T working for the American people; instead, they were "UNWILLING" to F I G H T for the United States of America and the American people and were "SELLING US OUT" along with Klinton and his NWO pals!!!!!!!!

Just to let you know -- I am a 50ish grandmother, and I "K N O W" what is going on with the NWO people and people within our own government who want to DESTROY us!


Subject: good luck
Date: 12/16/99 2:50:59 PM


I thought your response to the FEC was well done. I don't believe you're being libelous, and therefore you have a First Ammendment right to operate your site. I wish you luck.

Hank Stewart

Subject: EPA Sanctions and GW's legislation
Date: 12/16/99 8:26:19 PM

As a recent transplant to the DFW area, I am more than a little annoyed at the free pass given GW's legislation regarding the largest industrial polluters in Texas. They were "grandfathered" to avoid reducing emissions 27 years ago, and George has requested that they voluntarily reduce emissions.

if they haven't done anything in 27 years, they won't without threat of economic penalty. we always hear about the loss of old technology jobs, but there is never any mention of the jobs to be created in the new industries to provide air and water cleaners, alternative energy sources, more efficient engines, etc.. If "Conservatives" are so concerned about maintaining the current status quo, let's leave them the past and seize the future.

Subject: draft dodger
Date: 12/16/99 11:12:49 PM

i'm glad you asked that question, and i believe the answer depends on your definition of courage. if courage means risking life and limb to further the greater good of your country or fellow man, then yes i believe i displayed great personal courage during my time in the texas air national guard. my skill, dedication and personal sacrifice while serving my country during these trying times is beyond question. i'm proud of the fact that not one north vietnamese mig penetrated texas air space while i was on duty. i know the meaning of duty and sacrifice, flying over thousands of square miles of empty texas desert, staring into the sun for hours, searching for the enemy, ever alert and vigilent. tough duty, tough. i mean it's hard to hold that joystick with your knees, roll a bill and toot some blow all at the same time. as for the source of courage i offer my father as an example. navy pilot, congressman, cia director, ambassador to china, vice president and president of the united states for ONE TERM. (still can't believe that slick no name weasel from that small state kicked his ass. with a 90% approval rating no less.) yes the force i mean courage is strong in my family. for generations courage has flowed freely through the blue bush blood. (try saying that fast five times) but for myself courage comes not from tradition or blood lines, but from a small nickel bag or liter of jack daniels.

Subject: Great work!
Date: 12/17/99 4:51:18 AM

I feel excatly the way that you do. This man is a true piece of trash. He is the stereotypical politician. He would tell you that the earth was really flat if that would get him elected. He is almost as abd as his father. But, you know what, he said last night in the debate in Iowa, that his favorite philosopher is Jesus Christ! He must be a righteous man, right?

Subject: Christ as a Political Philosopher
Date: 12/17/99 5:34:20 PM

When asked to name his favorite political philosopher at the Des Moines debate, Mr, Bush answered, "Christ." From his reply is it correct to assume that Mr. Bush would make political decisions based on the Christ gospel? For example, The Gospel According to St. Matthew 5:39 says, "....whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other cheek also." If the United States were attacked, would Mr. Bush, as commander-in-chief, follow Christ's gospel and turn the other cheek rather than defend the country? If Mr. would defend the country, how does he resolve the conflict with Christ's gospel? I would appreciate clarification of this issue.


Subject: DUBYA
Date: 12/17/99 5:37:36 PM

Some pretty funny stuff. Still I hope he is our next president. Don't care if he did coke. He is a good conservative. No slimy liberal like Clinton & Gore

Subject: Bumper stickers
Date: 12/17/99 5:56:44 PM

Love the web site!

Looking for a bumper sticker -


Any info?


Subject: what happened to the third ad?
Date: 12/17/99 11:25:58 PM

why'd you decide to cut the third ad "what does bush have that mccain doesn't. hint: int starts with $") that was my favorite one!

Subject: Are Nays for real?
Date: 12/18/99 3:26:54 PM

Hey Zack: You're making up those e-mails, right? There aren't real, living, breathing human beings who actually SUPPORT the Shrub (except for those who he owe$ favor$ to...) are there? I am a working class person in Florida, and none of the other wage slaves I know ever talk about Bush. (Or Bore, for that matter.) The only possible presidential personage who registers on their radar scope is Jesse Ventura. You would be surprised at what a positive image he has among the masses who don't give a rat's ass about what passes for politics these days. I say keep up the smirky work. Laughter is a great way to shatter hypocrisy. I pledged with my credit card! Just don't sell the number to crackheads. Or Dubbya. Wait -- same thing!!!!!!!

Subject: Read My Mail: No More Bush!
Date: 12/19/99 1:11:56 PM

It amazes me that Shrub-Boy has gathered as much money and as many supporters as he has. Look at all the questionable dealings (legal & otherwise) in which GWB has been involved. Look at all the Web addresses (bush,,, etc.) bought up by the Bush campaign people (at least they didn't get Look at the past dealings (again, legal & otherwise) of GWB's family. How anyone can be informed about this conniving little shit's past and STILL support his bid for the White House, I'll never know.

Subject: The Bushwacker
Date: 12/20/99 6:33:22 PM

Bush's compassionate conservatism defined:

You beat up a Log Cabin Republican, then hand him a band-aid.

You take a dump on a homeless guy, then hand him two squares of toilet paper.

Fred, Austin, TX

Subject: Hey
Date: 12/21/99 9:54:37 AM


It brings me great joy to know that you are doing what you do! This site was listed in Newsweek and of course I had to check it out. BTW, I DON'T read Newsweek, unless there is absolutely nothing else in the Dentist's office to look at.

Thanks, CCR

PS Is it just my imagination or is GW Bush's nose growing?

Subject: Your Site
Date: 12/21/99 9:09:45 PM

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site, and how it exposes the pure lies and hypocrisy that plagues the Bush campaign. Not only is this man a hypocrite in his drug policies and anti-affirmative action stance (although he benefited from it throughout his life), but he is an absolute imbecile. I am insulted that this man would have the audacity to run to become president of the United States of America. Kudos to your efforts, and I truly hope that you can get those ads on the air and bring this jerk down! -Concerned Citizen

Subject: ya gotta know...
Date: 12/21/99 9:12:04 PM

My sister use to date a guy way back when there was a draft. The guy got into the Air Guard in Houston because his dad was a member. Now this guy was enlisted. But it seems that now people are realizing that G.W. dad was the local congressmen at the time. Also, there were about seven to eight colleges in the area that were producing guys who were loosing their college deferments. Funny how Georgie W. just gets into flight school. I doubt that there was a shortage of guys wanting to get into the Air Guard. Don't forget about the business side of George. His brother, the Governer of Florida was one of the people responsible for the creation of the Resolution Trust Corp. (RTC) in the late 80's early 90's. His poor real estate business helped create it. Also, people don't know that if you get into business with George W. you loose money, but he makes it.

Subject: negative campaigning
Date: 12/21/99 10:11:54 PM

You should be ashamed of this web site. Attacking someone else is such a pathetic way to TRY to get ahead. Count on me not to visit again.

Subject: Your website has it all wrong...
Date: 12/21/99 2:21:56 PM

What is your problem with GW Bush? His record in Texas *clearly* shows he will be a superb national leader, and that attacks against him are unfounded! Here is some of his awesome Texas record:

- Since becoming governor, my hometown (Houston) has become the #1 city for air, water, AND ground pollution. GWB obviously cares about and demonstrates consistency on environmental issues (and us Houstonians love our vacations to L.A. when we need some fresh air!). - The homeless and hungry in Houston are more and more numerous. But they don't pay taxes (see below) so why do we care? GWB doesn't care about the unfortunate and hungry in Texas, why should he? They only make up 5% of our population. - Texas and Taxes have the same letters, and are virtually synonomous. And the tax situation here is perfect! The more you own, the less you will be taxed. The system is marvelous, especially if you're wealthy and own a large lot/mansion. In fact, my tiny house in middle-class houston has a land valued *2x* higher than that of his good father, former President Bush (who, incidentally, is one of the select few in Houston that did not get yet another property tax increase in 1999, here is the link to that fact: ). The ultra-wealthy in the River Oaks section of Houston get great property land values, much lower than the middle class home-owners receive. It pays to know GW Bush! - Crime? who cares about crime...we can all simply walk around with guns and shoot each other, claiming "self defense." The gun makers certainly deserve to have good GW Bush in office! - Minorities? What are those? Doesn't matter as long as you're white, anglo, and wealthy.

These are just some of GW's great contributions to our wonderful state of Taxes, er - Texas. We love our pollution and daily new stories about road-rage (er- self defense) shootings. We love the dragging deaths and the tax hell imposed if you're not wealthy. To be sure, if elected GW will make an even better president. Clearly, your website is out of line saying he is a bad man without a substantive track record!

Date: 12/21/99 10:27:15 PM

Great web site. Is there anything you stand for or is it that you have nothing that you can truthfully stand for to support a web site of the Democratic party.

Terry from Texas

Subject: Bushwhacked
Date: 12/22/99 3:27:55 AM

If you wait until the general elections to run the ads, then it boils down to tencit support for Gore, who has been caught taking campaign contributions from the Communist Chinese military attach´┐Ż in a Buddhist monastery in Calif. The problems we face as a nation politically are represented by both parties equally. You could help the crisis by reaiming the effort toward the real Trojan Horse- the one party system we have. Of course, you are correct about Bush, however, brains do not make a Patriot, cocaine usage in and of itself does not disqualify anyone from anything (self victim) [Gen. Grant] Like Quayle, who finagled his way out of Vietnam, Clinton, same, Bush is in good company.

I guess that I am questioning your ultimate motivations, and you may have a good answer. I am no Bush supporter. I am a Vietnam Vet (combat medic). I believe that a radical change is imminent, and that the infiltrated elite conspiracy will fail. (interestingly enough, I also am pragmatic enough to realize that apathy prevails to exempt that scenario from jelling at the voting booth) It is entirely up to the "elite" to effectively shoot themselves in the foot. Electing either Gore or Bush will swing the pendulum enough to affect this by activating pragmatic enzymes that only surface for self preservation proclivities. A moderate president will only serve to freeze in the Constitutional degenerations that have occurred. Take 'em all away and we will reinstall them in no uncertain terms.(we always have)

Subject: Careful-GW might get you for mistake
Date: 12/22/99 3:44:04 AM

Bush looks a little young to have been accepted at Yale in 1664. Apart from that,though, good website. I'm just letting you know because Bush might use your typo in his case against you. Too much freedom can be dangerous,as W reminds us. Sincerely,

Subject: GW Bush DPS records.
Date: 12/22/99 7:20:29 AM

In 1995 GW had his DPS(dept of motor vehicles) records sealed and was issued a new drivers ID.There is nothing in Texas laws that state a person can do this. I am surprised no one has looked into this.

Stan, San Antonio TX