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Date: 9/4/99 12:03:23 PM

My, my Zack! You sure do seem concerned about Mr. Bush becoming President. Why is that, Zacky?

Is it because Mr. Bush thinks Public Education isn't working, wants to do something about it, and doesn't kiss left wing Teachers Unions asses and suck up to their perpetual whining for more money?

Is it because he doesn't think Democrats should have an Open Door For China policy where our National Security is concerned?

Is it because he isn't as much fun as Clinton, having only ONE woman in his wife?

Is it because he didn't dodge the draft, and actually chose to put on a uniform instead of a bandana?

Is it because he isn't playing your left wing media's game of rumor-mongering, guilt by accusation and "the politics of personal destruction"?

Is it because he's stealing half your party's core minority vote constituency, and probably will take at LEAST half the chick vote too?

Is it because he has money, and you don't? Is this just some more of that rich guy v. poor guy Liberal crap that's getting thrown around by you Democrats again? Is "Class Warfare" every Liberal's Middle Name?

Is it because Mr. Bush thinks my money is MY money, not YOUR money, and that I should get to keep more of it than I do at the present time...via ACROSS THE BOARD Tax Cuts?

Is it because Mr. Bush is kicking your idiot Gore's ass by STEADY DOUBLE DIGITS, and has raised more money than Bore and Bratley combined...from more than 100,000 contributors? Is THAT what's got you bitched, Zacky?

Is it because Mr. Bush doesn't suck up to Global Warming and Evolution pseudo-science BONEHEADS?

Is it because Mr. Bush is Governor of a large state of hardcore traditional Americans who like the Death Penalty and don't have income taxes to sweat about, and even carry guns! WOW! Hey, Zacky...GUNS! You Democrats SURE DO HATE THOSE!

How about,'re in a Liberal's candy store with your very own Visa card! Pick what you like, Zack! Tell me WHICH of those reasons are the number one reason you're so frightened by Mr. Bush's political juggernaut.

Heck, you can even admit to ALL of those reasons...IF...IF you have the courage to face AND believe the Truth.

I understand Mr. Bush's campaign has complained to the FCC about the name of your website. GOOD! With any luck, you won't be able to misrepresent his views like that much longer...then you can go back to looking for something in Gore to STAND UP FOR...instead of trying to win ANOTHER election by tearing DOWN the other guy.

That's the problem with you Liberals, you never have anything to fight FOR, just something to fight AGAINST...and this time it's gonna cost you simps BIG TIME!

Enjoy the 8 years minimum of Republican Hell the voters are about to sentence you to. You Democrats getting fired from Congress in '94 wasn't enough for me, I want some REAL pain for you SOBs this time...another Bush in the White House!

Enjoy, pal. ;=)

PS. Oh, uh, by the way, here's my heartfelt Saaaaalute to the Spermchucker-in-Chief!:

Subject: Enjoy......
Date: 1/13/00 6:40:27 PM

your fifteen minutes of fame. Just visited your site and confirmed my suspicions. Just another sleazy "look at me" stunt at the expense of an individual American - regardless of who he might be. Again, enjoy your fleeting limelight. Would write more - but it would be a waste of my time to devote another minute to that - there are so many "real" issues to be addressed.

D.P. Dilegge Stafford, Virginia

Subject: Hey Booger !
Date: 1/13/00 6:53:15 PM

It must feel terrible to know that all you despise is about to blossom. Come on Zippy don't eat those snot wads ... flip a few at the leftist deadhead Al boy. It's not to late to join the winning team. Join us and watch as Capitalism flourishes and and new era dawns . Take up our mantra " Gotta a job yet?" . You to can help us as we tear the greedy fingers of socialism from our pockets. See ya at the polls !

Subject: real American
Date: 1/13/00 8:34:41 PM

You would not know a real American if you were looking eye ball to eye ball. I guess you more perverts in the White House like we have now!

Date: 1/13/00 8:39:32 PM

You are pathetic. If you do not like Bush, fine. Do not vote for him. Do not ask people for contributions to keep your silly message on the web. You should at least put information that can be proven or substantiated. If you are so jealous about our next president, I hear Canada is nice.

See Ya.

Subject: Parody?
Date: 1/13/00 9:26:05 PM

I would like to have the address of your anti-Clinton site and your anti-Gore site!

Subject: Re: draft dodger
Date: 1/13/00 10:19:24 PM

Thanks for the reply Zack. I went on to read the Dallas News article and I must say that many of the negative things that you pulled out of there were taken somewhat out of context. It seems that despite his low initial score he went on to be a good pilot and you fail to mention how the article also states that his leadership test scores were the highest of all the pilots. Overall the article seemed somewhat supportive of Mr. Bush and his military service. Anyone can take the facts of someone's life and put a negative spin on it. But for the record, while I don't agree with much of the content of your website I do agree that you have a right to put it on the internet. So in that respect I support what you are doing, I just wish you were "doing it" to someone else.


Subject: Checked out your site
Date: 1/13/00 10:43:03 PM

It's a good bet this site is being run by Democrats. Their own favorite son, Bill Clinton, makes George Bush look like a cross between General Patton and Albert Einstein. Guess I'll donate a little cash to the Bush Campaign (not that he needs it). Anyone who can arouse this much to do about nothing will certainly make a great President. And if the Democrats have to resort to this kind of campaign, they are certainly running dead last in every department and are really desperate.

I usually vote independent, but this nonsense has made me very sympathetic toward George, Jr. Thanks for kicking me off of dead center in the coming election.

J. Peden Middlebury, Vermont

Subject: volunteer
Date: 1/13/00 11:02:51 PM

I volunteer to work on any ad supporting George W. Bush for president and aimed at getting the SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS out of the white-house and back to Little Rock, New York or where ever, and Al Gore way back in the hills of TN.

Subject: Kiss My Ass
Date: 1/13/00 11:13:37 PM

Grow up and KissMy Ass Mike Murrow

Subject: shame on you
Date: 1/14/00 8:53:14 AM

Honestly you folks should realize the political fortune of this country is not based on money but on character. That is why our current president is an embarrassment to all of us. So whether you agree with George Bush or not, don't pound on him because he raised money to become President. Oh, by the way, if you were running for President, do you think you might have to raise money. And by the way, pick your candidate of choice......have they raised any money to become President.

Have some integrity and shut down unless you can post positive information.

Subject: Apologoy??
Date: 1/14/00 10:12:35 AM

I just read an article about the conflict between you and Bush. There was a section of it that made me laugh. It said that you were considering filing a defamation suite against bush. It also said that you wanted an apology from Bush. Now, I'm not a bush supporter but from what i've seen on your site, you're no better that he. He says your linked to pornography. You say he's a cokehead, a thief and a daddy's boy. From where I sit, you both equally out of line. You should both be required to apologize. It's yet another political blemish that the American people are being subjected to.

Subject: donations
Date: 1/14/00 1:09:03 PM

Let's all donate to the G. W. Bush campaign and say, "NO MORE GORE"

Subject: GWB
Date: 1/14/00 2:00:18 PM

So what exactly is your beef with GWBush? Obviously you're not a huge fan and you 'know' far more than does your average citizen. With whom do you affiliate yourself? For whom should I vote for Pres?

Casually wondering

Subject: Question
Date: 1/14/00 10:49:24 PM

I'm not a big GW supporter, but i noticed on your web site you say that he is trying to buy the presidency with $70 million in corporate cash. No one individual can send in more than $1000. If my math is correct, that means 700,000 people would have to each send in the maxiumum to get to $70 million. That's not corporate cash, that is the cash from 700,000+ Americans. You're site talks about telling the truth on issues. Start with a look in the mirror. Cindy

Subject: Confederate flag controversy
Date: 1/17/00 3:53:04 PM

I find it to be a typical desperate move by the Gore people to try to score points in any way possible by bringing up the flag issue against Gov. Bush.How strangely silent they are about the Arkansas state flag which has elements of the Confederacy in it.Although the stars on the diamond are supposed to mean that Arkansas is one of the 27 states at the time,the lone star above the name Arkansas DOES signify that the state was part of the Confederacy.Thus I think you shouls ask Algore why he and his boss Bill Clinton who was Governor did not do anything to change this representation of slavery which still flys today all over Arkansas.You will get no reply from that group of hypocrites,I'm sure. Regards, Henry Pelc Temecula, Ca. Also I am a conservative who will defintely vote for Gov. Bush come election time.

Subject: Two Words
Date: 1/17/00 5:52:36 PM


Subject: ITS EASY
Date: 1/19/00 3:24:16 PM

It's easy to be against... but who and what are you for? Who are you fronting for?

Subject: My corporate donation
Date: 1/19/00 7:08:30 PM

Having reviewed the allegations on your web page, I'm sending my money to Al Gore. I would rather give my money to a proven thief and hypocrite than take my chances that GW may be corrupted by the political process. I know big Al is working hard to win; his big shiny brown nose stands out in the crowd. Keep up your blind faith!!

Subject: ?
Date: 1/19/00 9:38:13 PM

I read about your site at wired. So I decided to visit and to be honest I am sorry I did and I am also sorry that my visiting has registered a hit on your site to allow you to continue. I am looking at one of your banners that says he is a crack head no more? I thought it was cokecain? If you want your site and your CAUSE to be taken seriously I suggest you change that. I personally don't like ANY of the candidates this time but Bush seems to be the best one out of all of them. Who do you want Al Gore? He is an idiot! I once heard him say that a leopard had stripes. What are you going to do when Gore gets elected and your is worthless? If Bush gets elected at least you will be able to use it for 4 years.

Subject: shame on you!!!
Date: 1/21/00 11:14:00 AM

this is reprehensible and shame on you!!!

Subject: First time at your site
Date: 1/24/00 9:09:30 PM

I am no political activist for any candidate or party in any way.

My comment is, I wish I had a job that was as easy as yours!!! Taking shots at a presidential candidate, wow that's gotta be tough! Must leave your head spinning at the end of every day trying to come up with negative points to make about a presidential candidate, NOT.

"If con is the opposite of pro, what is the opposite of progress?" -- unknown

Pete, Chief Software Engineer

Subject: Found your site by accident.....
Date: 1/25/00 12:07:43 AM

I got to your site by "accident". I actually wanted to see the "official" Bush web site. I have read a great deal of your postings, especially the NAYS since I am a strong supporter of GW for President. The reasoning/rationale for the NAYS are consistant with what's wrong with the political process as it has become since the first election of Bill Clinton. I am in my mid 40's and first voted in the Ford/Carter election. The negativity of this site, it's obvious intent, really undermines the political process. I think the effort should be in extolling the positives of your candidate, for the NAYS this could be either Forbes, McCain, Gore, Bradley. The effort "wasted" languishing on berating a candidate through the "faults" of his father's candidacy in 1988 is absurd, just as we would want ot be judged by the actions of our fathers.

Unless, the candidate you are supporting has no merits and you are falling for the current administraton political posture of attempting to bring the "other" person down to their level through smut and slander since that is the only way to make your choice palatible.

See in the White House in November.....NO MORE CLINTON, et AL BS.

Date: 1/25/00 3:30:21 PM

Your site is the biggest load of shit I have ever read. It sure is going to suck to be you when Bush is elected President in Nove,ber. You will have to put up with him for four years, and upon his re-election, four more. Get used to it!

Date: 1/25/00 3:32:27 PM

Your site is the biggest load of shit I have ever seen. And believe me, after almost eight years of Bill Clinton, I have seen and heard A LOT of shit. However, your site takes the cake.

It sure is going to suck to be you when Bush is elected President in November. You may as well get used to him cause he will be in office for four years, and upon his re-election, four more. Just get used to it!

Subject: Site
Date: 1/26/00 10:30:34 AM

I find you have a interesting site. The only thing missing any semblance of "balance" where are the "Chinese loans" for the Clinton "campaign?" The "dialing for dollars" for the Gore campaign? The "massacre" in Waco? The killing of the "Idiot" in Idaho? The "Lewensky" job in the White House? I think the lack of balance has driven me from your party, network news and all newspapers. The only "balance" is fox and CNN. I just thought to give yours a chance.

Subject: BUSH ADS
Date: 1/28/00 12:30:52 PM

Get a life! Your jealousy is no justification for destroying the American way of life. Remember this is a Republic, not just a democracy. Nothing is guaranteed but the right to pursue your dreams. If your parents are more successful at pursuing their dreams, they should help you with yours.

Besides, many great people have come out of the state university and community college system.

The real issue is you can not make a giraffe out of a toad. You can go to any school or pursue any endeavor you choose, but if you can not perform you will drop out eventually. G W Bush, and even Bill Bradley, would not be where they are today if they had spent the last thirty years living a joke instead of making a life and reputation for themselves. The effort put forth to earn a C grade in 1963 would not even be worth an F grade today. Furthermore, the student deserving the F would probably get an A for their pitiful attempt at showing up for school on time. It is not about color. It is not about gender. We have social-engineered for over thirty years to "level the playing field for all." Reality is, with no firm standards anymore, those we have tried to elevate are falling further into the dust of mediocrity.

Quit making a joke of yourselves and go out there and actually contribute something. I may be a little off on this assumption, but this hare-brained idea smells of academia. Either you work in the self-isolated world of college culture or you are new escapees. Get out there and contribute instead of trying to mislead more impressionable mush-minds.

Date: 1/28/00 1:47:23 PM

Zack - dude (can I call you that?):

I saw the press you got in the Boston Globe - that's so cool ! and, um, I kinda was wondering, ahh, do you really, sort a, think Mr. Bush is, er, that lame ? I mean, like, he seems kinda righteous and such, ya think ?. Its all in the name of show business, eh? S'mazing what the net and this economy can do for someone willing to spend time firing baseless missives.

In the words of the immortal Harvey Korman in "Blazing Saddles": " Gentlemen, we have to do something to protect our Phony Baloney jobs ! "

Subject: hypocrisy
Date: 2/1/00 4:06:42 PM

Where is the outrage over stealing FBI files to be used against opponents, cattle futures trading, lying under oath, and failure to obey campaign finance laws on the other side of the aisle?

I don't mind someone disagreeing with a candidate but look at everything that liberals have to excuse, or otherwise ignore, in order to support this administration and the continuance of it by electing AlGore.

You should hold Democrats to the same standard that you seem to hold Republicans to. Eriq Breland

Subject: Mr. Exley, I apologize but you still upset me -- I believe you are mean, negative, and hateful
Date: 2/2/00 1:53:28 AM

Mr. Exley,

Although I remain angered by your slander, your misrepresentation, your spewing of hatred, and although I maintain my belief that you are a sad, mean, negative, hateful individual who exults in smearing others' names, and although I think your website is doing more damage to this country than good for it, I apologize for the sarcastic nature of my previous remarks. I was angered to the point of being sarcastic, which was wrong and which did not solve anything. I also should not have made an issue whether you focus your attacks on G.W. Bush. That is not the issue, so please disregard that comment. You are clearly jubilant in your smearing, slander, and libel of him -- and so that is the real issue. That is what is so upsetting. That someone can write such things so hatefully towards a person and write it so jubilantly: That is what is so sad.



Date: 2/2/00 5:48:01 PM

You're sight is absolutely ridiculous. Do you really think those would make good commericals? You really have a grasp of the political issues when you want to make a commercial about how most C-Students won't get into Yale like Bush did. Perhaps you are unaware that nearly all the presidential candidates have gotten where they are because of their parents. Did you think it was coincidence that they asll had famous and powerful fathers? A draft dodger? I suppose he could have gone over there for less than a year as a reporter (before having strings pulled for him) as Gore did. Do you really want an intellect in the White House. It's good to know Gore is an intellectual -- that must be why he is better at relating to trees, endangered species and the ozone layer than people. I think I'll make a commercial on how Gore worked hard to get where he is and had no help whatsoever from his family name or the best things money could buy -- wait a minute, that would be as dumb as yours!

NICE WEBSITE! Keep up the excellent political work!

PS. Sorry that death row seems so inhumane. I guess we should work harder to preserve the dignity of those who had no respect for the massive amounts of lives they took -- often in a brutal fashion. Find the families of the victims who have been raped, pick-axed, and cut into pieces . . . I am sure they will be very concerned with the fact that we make our "poor death-row inmates" wear hospital gowns for 30 days before they pay their debt to society (usually larger than they could ever hope to repay).

PS. 2 I was also really impressed by the advertisement for the Fortunate Son book. I hear it came from such a reliable source! You idiots . . . One final thing that impressed me was the outstanding Bush quotes all taken out of context. Hope nobody ever quotes everything you say and chops it up into misleading pieces. And by the way, I have heard much funnier from our tree-huggin', Chinese campaign fund swindling VP. Sometime I'll send you an e-mail going around called "gore-isms". Your not ready yet!

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 2/3/00 2:31:24 PM


Subject: Love your Site on GW Bush
Date: 2/4/00 12:32:05 AM

Thanks to your site, I now realize that Mr.Bush is the man we need in office. I like the way he deals with violent psychopaths in texas of where I am from. Only problem is, may be too easy on criminals. Any body disagrees with this is probably from the lily white, black free suburbs where the biggest offense is "My cat is in a tree ".

As for GW Bush taking Cocaine---SO WHAT, The asshole we have in office now has been doing it since his Pro-Communist days avoiding the draft. Cocaine is safer than Alcohol, so is Pot. I say ban ETOH and replace it with controlled substances. Cocaine, Pot mellow a person out where ETOH destroys frontal brain lobes and turns people violent----> basis of many spouse abuse cases. Who can disagree with this ????

As for the silver spoon, I would rather have a rich person run than a prostitute that owes his rectum to every special interest group out there.

Subject: Thank You
Date: 2/8/00 2:00:16 PM

Dear sirs: I just wanted to thank you for making the future president of the United states look so good. You see by making your self's out to be close minded and spiteful you relay help our cause. Once more thank you and please continue your work in supporting the conservative movement.

Thank you Mr. Stevens

Subject: the 2024 election
Date: 2/8/00 5:23:10 PM

you are a looser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shrub

Date: 2/9/00 11:51:48 AM

don't you people have anything better to do with your time, or are you all on welfare.

Subject: facts
Date: 2/9/00 8:17:48 PM

your site would be a lot more humorous if you had fact to back up some of the wild statements that make Bush out to be a crack user and antichrist. Also, if youre supposedly bipartisan, why dont you share what happened to the author of "Fortunate Son" Yes, the only person to have come forward saying he did drugs is a convicted felon that never knew him. thanks

Subject: Texas death penalty
Date: 2/10/00 3:02:42 AM

I think that the death penalty should be used more widely. In fact I think that if one of my family members were killed violently or mercilessly, I would like the murderer to be punished harshly. Death by lethal injection is painless and quick. What justice is that? To compensate for the lack of physical pain and suffering, the Murderer is subjected to very harsh mental anguish. In that way they suffer. If it was your spouse, child, family member, would you be willing to let the murderer live and be paroled in ten years? Capital punishment is very necessary and just!! What good is a life sentence anyway? We (the tax payers) are paying to house the life sentences. Hat's off to Texas, more states should adopt stricter policies on criminal punishment. Plus I don't know if you know this but the Governor of a state (much like the president) doesn't make the laws, the state congress does. So GW Bush has no control over the death penalty anyway. and about Clinton being so good, what does he do? In-between his affairs, he asks congress to make a law. The real state of the union is a direct result of congresses actions. The president has very little to do with it. US Government 101 --> study up

Subject: Funny
Date: 2/10/00 4:29:25 PM

Funny isn't it that Liberals, like you running this web site, feel it is okay to call George W. Bush insanely ignorant things and accuse him of being the worst enemy of the world (i.e., antichrist). I saw a web site by Senator Barbara Boxer which called my close personal friend, Matt Fong, the new antichrist and depicted him as a devil.

However, when I am in mixed company (i.e., Conservatives and Idiots--aka Liberals) and mention I think Bill & Hillary Clinton are pathological liars and could not tell the truth if you held a gun to their head, I am immediately condemned and told I am a worse person than Hitler.

My statement says it all: "Liberals, like the tape at the beginning of the Mission: Impossible television program, automatically self-destruct five seconds after being told the truth by a Conservative!"

The only reason anyone is attacking George W. Bush is that they know he is popular, they know he will kick Al Gore's butt so bad it will overshadow the overwhelming victories both Nixon and Reagan enjoyed, and will do away with the major money-wasting Liberal programs (such as Welfare and Free Medical Care for Illegal Aliens) that keep Liberals in office in the first place. (Gee, if I was a Welfare moocher or Illegal Alien and could get $800 per month tax free, plus FREE medical care, from Liberals, who do you think I would vote for?) DUH!

After the November 2024 elections, Liberals can pull their head out of the asses and breathe some fresh air as a Republican will be in office. And, 9 out of 10 Liberals will deny voting for Al Gore.

Mr. Bullwinkle California

Date: 2/10/00 7:32:44 PM

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves with this crap.

Date: 2/11/00 7:36:03 AM


Subject: fool
Date: 2/11/00 9:20:39 AM

you suck

Date: 2/11/00 1:08:43 PM

You have too much time on your hands...who do you want as president, Gore? They are all losers in my opinion.

Subject: You need to get a life ! !
Date: 2/11/00 8:51:17 PM

Bush bashing. Is this what you call America ? I didn't come here for this. I wanted a new life for my family. This is what you give me ? My family will vote for G. W. Bush now thanks to you.......

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 2/11/00 11:42:39 PM

I am sorry but you must not be a native Texan. Since Bush took office the state has improved threefold. I left before his election due to the unemployment and crime as well as the high taxes. Now the state is among the most desirable states to live. Try living in a state that is number 50 in education. Oh and if he is executing a murderer every week then I guess it will be justice served and if they had not killed someone then they would not have found themselves on death row. If you do the crime you must do the time. So if he enforces the death penalty I say good for him and it will be a deterrant for other people who think about killing someone.

Date: 2/12/00 3:40:54 PM


Subject: Political Agenda
Date: 2/13/00 10:06:29 PM

your site looks more like a political agenda than parody. btw the voters of Texas insist on capital punishment, where do you live?

Subject: Stop Fucking around
Date: 2/14/00 11:56:58 AM

I'm a McCain Supporter, but I think that this load of crap that your website has put out about the governor is a crock of shit. You jackasses(I say that because you must be democrats) should have your scummy hands full researching the scandals of Al Gore and his boss( talk about hypocrisy) Bush certainly has stumbled several times, but to stumble you really have to stand for something; Cuomo and Richards did Doritos commercials, Gore and Clinton should do 'em for Wonder Bread(if that company will hold its nose long enough to accept them)cause they've been on both sides of everything. How 'bout that Chinese money that they sucked in in '96? Huh? They sure as hell can't prove that Win Ho Li sold classified info to the P.R.C. Tell 'em to quit harrasing the poor scientist and look in the mirror! Moot point I guess cause John McCain is going to wallop Gore in 2024 and that crapp won't happen anymore. Stop trying to screw Bush and realize that some other people have seiously fucked up Washington, not even counting Monica. Bush has an excellent record, moreover, and those people on death Row? Why don't you spend a little less time trying to glamorize 'em and talk to some of their victims!

Subject: I find this web site to be great!
Date: 2/15/00 6:32:47 PM

I find this web site to be Great! if your a moron. Are you having problems with facts. Oh Iam sorry did I hurt your feelings? I guess it should be against the law huh.

>From the Great Right-Wing Conspiracy That hates Socialist Commies.


I hope they all fry for killing the innocent.

Subject: death penalty
Date: 2/16/00 2:24:49 AM

In short, to kill is wrong - PERIOD!! It is never right to kill - anything (a human being, animal, anything)!! BUT - in some situations it is justified. Now I know you are saying to yourself, 'How can it always be wrong to kill but sometimes be justified to kill?' Well, most people equate justice as being right. This is not the case. Justice and what is right have nothing in common. The two are mutually exclusive. What is right comes from our hearts and from God. Justice is something that comes from our minds. And as humans, we try to "Justify" everything. That is why we are fallible. The death penalty serves one useful purpose - If someone is put to death, it insures that the person put to death will NEVER do anything bad again! It serves Justice and nothing else. By no stretch of the imagination is it right. I do not support the death penalty but I am compelled to support justice. We live in a society where the death penalty seems to be "acceptable". As a member of a democratic society, I have to yield to the wishes of the majority. That is the United States of America. The majority rules - right or wrong. History tells us that. We tend to think we know what is best for everyone - people in Iraq, China, Russia, and so on. Hell, we even think we know what is best for the whales, wolfs, and any other living thing. To think we know what is best or right for every living thing is amazing - we as humans are very arrogant!

We are only human. God will judge each and every one of us and determine our fate!

Subject: Death Row in Texas
Date: 2/16/00 6:11:05 AM

So let me get this straight: I'm to feel sorry for the guy on Death Row in Texas who beat a woman to death with a board and a lady who killed her fifth husband for the insurance money. Because they both their own excuses. Is that correct?

Where on your site, is the section to raise money, concern, or awareness for THEIR victims or their families?

This is not an "eye for an eye" email. Simply a question on how YOU think we should handle the people who kill human beings viciously and coldly as these two did.

I'll be shocked if I get an answer.....