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Gem of the week:
"You are lower than a piece of corn in feces."

Date: 11/29/99 10:53:14 PM

Where were you when Slick Willy was being elected? Why didn't you set up a web site to embarrass and harass the amoral one William Jefferson Clinton.

How do you spell hypocrite? B-I-L-L C-L-I-N-T-O-N and A-L-G-O-R-E

Stick that in your ear and smoke it

R. Kemp

Date: 1/3/00 3:30:42 AM

Can you say PRESIDENT BUSH??, Damn what a bunch of pencil necked little twerps. You put me in mind of the ant climbing the elephant's leg with rape on it's mind. God, please get a life so I don't have to support you on welfare for the rest of your measly existence.

Lovingly yours, Houston, Tx.

Subject: screw you
Date: 1/3/00 2:07:35 PM

GWB is a patriot. screw you. what's your problem?

Subject: Democrats would love this
Date: 1/3/00 2:51:17 PM

Guess you all are determined to see a Democrat in the White House!

Subject: Wow!
Date: 1/3/00 8:38:00 PM

You really are fucking stupid. One year from now you fucks will lose the White House. PISS OFF!

Subject: x
Date: 12/26/99 1:11:55 PM

True, we have freedom of speech in America but this web site is an abuse of that right. You should hang your head in shame for what you have done!

Subject: Zack Exley
Date: 1/7/00 1:44:44 AM

If you had any integrity, you'd acknowledge who you are on your homepage, Zack. Your page is a joke (pun intended). Zack Exley, you have really made a bad name for yourself. Even if I hated Bush, I would vote for him just because of disgust towards people like Zack Exley.

Zack, you're disgusting.

Subject: You have no integrity
Date: 1/7/00 1:44:45 AM

No one should take you seriously, Zack. You have no integrity.

Subject: New Homepage!
Date: 1/7/00 1:46:59 AM

Zack, I have a new page to show you.....


I'm sure you'll enjoy reading it.

Subject: limits to freedom
Date: 12/27/99 12:15:46 PM

I'm as pro-freedom as the next person, but that still does not give anyone the right to stand in the middle of a fire and shout "Theatre!:"


Subject: freak
Date: 11/29/99 10:52:59 AM

If you were truly interested in the positive direction of this country, you would concentrate your efforts to the riddance of the current administration. George Bush may not be the BEST presidential material but he is far better than any of the other parties have to offer. Where were you and your little web sites when bill "DH" clinton was getting a head job in the most important office of this country. You probably thought it was cute you deranged fool. I hope the FEC works fast to shut your BS site down. Also, though I do not believe that Bush has partaken of drugs, I thought that was what you independents were all about, drugs and moral decay.

Subject: no thanks
Date: 11/29/99 10:59:44 AM


I support wholeheartedly your right to speech through this website. I support as well the coming lawsuit that will bankrupt your cynical postmod ass- this misappropriation of an individuals name for fraudulent purposes is clearly illegal. Not according to me- just to all the attorneys in my firm. This is too good an opportunity for Bush's lawyers to miss.

Watch your back, son. You'll most likely witness the new Republican administration's inauguration from your brand new cardboard home.

Subject: MYOB
Date: 11/29/99 10:47:57 PM

Dear Scumbags,

I didn't inhale.

George U. U. Bush

Subject: What were Bubba Clinton's grades when he was accepted at Yale, Georgetown, Oxford
Date: 11/29/99 10:56:29 PM

Why don't you query the President Bubba? He won't answer or reveal his grades. Bubba got in the same way he became president -- through lying and cheating.

R. Kemp

Subject: Well...another GDL Site...
Date: 11/29/99 11:38:42 PM

Well...another GDL Site. Sure smells that way...!

Subject: To the creator of this website
Date: 11/30/99 12:00:13 AM

I saw the article on Presidential hopeful George W. Bush in today's Washington Post and I have to be honest I was ready to explode after reading. It's because of lowlifes like you who have to prove something like calling it political satire give journalism such a bad name. I hate to say it but you have just have just slandered and libeled this great man. How dare you be so arrogant to call it parody, it was just a personal attack to the highest degree. This whole cocaine issue has been blown totally out of proportion. We have no solid hardcore evidence or even other allegations of drug use on Gov. Bush. Unlike our evertruthful President,Gov.Bush has no people coming out of the woodwork saying" I saw George at a party back in 1972 and he was doing XXX." >From the aftermath of Monica Lewinsky and White Water and Puerto Rican terrorists enough is enough. America wants someone who will restore the Office of the Presidency to its rightful place. Gov. Bush has a great father former President George Bush and brother Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida. He has a good family with solid American values this country has mostly forsaken. Why do people like your rich, arrogant self have to smear and attack a man who gets criticized for something he has not done. Any candidate running for the Presidency should not have to open his most deep and personal life with every American, it's only these dirtbag journalists whose bread and butter is sensationalism has to know every nook and cranny of some candidate's life. Hey Mr. Creator why don't you admit to the whole world if you ever cheated on an exam in college. Getting nervous? Typical hypocrite, bashing others but never taking your own credibility. You are lower than a piece of corn in feces.

Subject: Get some class!
Date: 12/22/99 7:00:28 PM

I would strongly support closing down web sites such as this. Innuendo and slander have no place in our country. I strongly support truth in advertising for political campaigns.

Date: 12/22/99 10:58:08 PM

this is a bad site... maybe you could do a better job than the gov. of texas?

Subject: Trash
Date: 12/22/99 11:40:58 PM

You people are pure trash. Get a life.

Subject: you are worthless.....
Date: 12/23/99 7:04:18 AM

You are a worthless liberal, I am sure, I pledge to not give you anything but a hard time.

Subject: litttle boy
Date: 12/23/99 1:27:35 PM

No woman would do this

Only a man who enjoys reliving his days as a mean little boy....

You're so clever....

and so pathetic.....

Subject: Thanks
Date: 12/25/99 12:15:36 AM

Thanks for the link to the Dallas News article. If you had bothered to read it, you would know that it doesn't support your argument. I scanned through your letters. More nays than yeas, and the yeas came mostly from foreigners and Washington Post readers. So, they don't really count for anything. BOB.

Subject: website
Date: 12/26/99 9:14:02 PM

this web site is insane. You people are taking free speech to the extent of yelling fire (when there is not one) in a crowded theater. I rebuke it in Jesus Name.. be smart take it down.. Kim Gerring

Subject: Re E/m About Your Webpage
Date: 12/27/99 7:36:29 AM

Do You Think Bill And Big Bad Betty Is The Way To Go, Then Kids are Not Problem, and because the Donky Party , Could Not Do Any Think Right We Should All Give up well this must be you, this land had their for father, that gave a Dan , but most people do care , You should fine some thing good to do with your life.

Subject: What evidence
Date: 12/28/99 2:19:14 PM

There is no evidence that G. W. Bush Still uses cocaine or marijuana. Pass it around.

Subject: no intelligent life at this site
Date: 12/31/99 12:18:52 AM

Might be able to take you serious if you didn't have the grade-school type pictures in this place.

Subject: web site
Date: 12/31/99 4:57:14 PM

Your web site is a disappointing piece of garbage.

Date: 1/1/00 12:28:44 PM

Your site sucks!

Subject: this is your message
Date: 1/1/00 1:25:33 PM

I am now leaning toward a Bush vote..... after see how venomous and hateful your site is.... you must love twisted truth....

Subject: This site sucks!
Date: 1/2/00 9:24:42 PM

This site is more about its author than anything else.

Subject: Volunteer
Date: 1/4/00 7:50:23 AM

Volunteer to help you spread this crap? You people are the worst kind of liars. You may have a legal right to do what you do, but I really wonder how you sleep at night with so much hate and dishonesty driving your pathetic lives.

PS: I am NOT a Bush supporter. I just detest such sickness as yours.

Subject: Darn right Bush
Date: 1/4/00 8:49:41 AM

Where were you when the idiot in the Whitehorse now got his start. I know you were hoping that he would get in. Bush would make a better president than any of the other choices we have. So, let's get off the negative and look a little more positive at what choices we have. Your against the National Guard, and they were the first to arrive in the Gulf War. So, like Quail and a lot of us that served, I think the guard is a good place to start. Bush could have gone the same as any of us. Besides that I'll put my money on a survivor any day. Just because a guy was captured and held for four years tells me something about a guy that doesn't know how to duck. Bush supporter................

Date: 1/4/00 10:16:25 AM


Subject: George Bush
Date: 1/6/00 4:45:28 PM

It is sad that you find it necessary to demean a man's character without even knowing him. I feel sorry for you. I found out, later in life than I wished, that for every negative word, feeling, vibe or whatever you might call it that I gave out, I invariably got two back at me. If you are honest with yourself, you probably have found the same. Life is too short to live it with this sort of negative emphasis. I don't expect this message to change your mind about George Bush, someone whom I personally know to be a man of honor and integrity. Instead, I ask only that you think about my comment. Good luck.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 1/7/00 12:23:58 AM

get lost

Go home, loser.

Subject: no subject
Date: 1/7/00 1:49:09 AM

God help you, Zack. You're certainly going to need his help, because you are a sad, sad fool.

Subject: no subject
Date: 1/7/00 1:56:54 AM

Zack, to tell the honest truth, I was not a Bush fan before I saw your website. But now that I've seen your website, I like the man. That is much more than I can say for the poor fool named Z.exley.

I guarantee you that you will not reply to this.

Subject: website link
Date: 1/7/00 1:59:16 AM

I guarantee you that you'll not answer my emails. You're too cowardly.

Subject: interesting
Date: 1/7/00 2:14:12 AM

Zack, just go here and get a dose of reality.

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 1/7/00 10:12:13 AM

Why has nothing been said anything about al gore's campaign manager making racial remarks to the press? Where is your ability to right wrong? Are you so intimidated by her that you allow her to get away with racist remarks? She has had to have had the backing of al gore to make those remarks. Or maybe you feel that it is all right for blacks to make racist remarks. But Colin Powell is a different matter. He has done too much for people to allow her to make the remarks that she did. I shall be looking forward to seeing if you are capable of righting wrongs, or if you will just roll over on your back in submission.

Subject: poor little zackie wackie
Date: 1/8/00 6:38:27 PM

What a laugher. My, my, how thin-skinned we are. guy wants me to send him an apology.

hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahaahahahahahah ahahahahahahahaahahahah!a ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

poor little Zackie wackie (and i do mean wackie)

hahahahahahahaha! ahhahahahahahahahahahaha

----- Original Message ----- From: Zack Exley To: Sent: Friday, January 07, 2024 2:04 AM Subject: RE: News from

> why don't you send me a short apology. >

Subject: The Real Joke is the Democratic Spin Machine
Date: 1/9/00 1:52:12 AM

Yes, you have convinced me that you are part of the most corrupt Administration of all time. That's right, "Slick Willy's Liars are Wild". Any Commander in Chief who violates his own Executive Orders on Sexual Harassment should have resigned. Oh, foolish me, that would take an honorable man. Enough said. Your site sucks. Have a good election year. Does this mean I'll get CIA on my butt now?

Subject: I know a secret about George Bush
Date: 1/9/00 1:01:48 PM

He'll make the best President this country has seen in 7 years!

Sorry to disappoint you pricks, I love your effort - in the tradition of the great loathsome, morally bankrupt devious character of the liberals.

Lies, lies and more lies - but if Clinton can get away with it.......

You guys are real sorry.

Subject: shove it up your ass!
Date: 1/9/00 9:23:04 PM

Subject: LOW LIFE
Date: 1/11/00 3:38:16 AM


Subject: Over Stepping bounds??
Date: 1/13/00 11:29:47 AM

I am neither Republican nor Democrats to the bone. I vote for the candidate who can best serve and can show leadership when it counts. I register my self as a Republican because of people like Bill Clinton. Notice I did not say Mr. or President, because he is neither to me. Your web site offers quite a lot of information aimed at smearing Mr. Bush. Is he Presidential material probably just as much as Gore whom you show glowing and blowing a kiss to America. I just do not under stand why " the political spin doctors --- YOU --" can not act on the merits of your candidates. Your are concerned about drug use by Mr. Bush, I wonder if a in-depth study was done on your staff and supporters who would fail the test for past drug use. At least he had the forthwith to come forward and admit it. Not like the supposed President who wants us to think that " I did not inhale". Get serious.... Look at the Kennedy and the Clinton's and see all of the corruption and deception they have offered the American people. Do you not realize that the only thing you accomplish by sling mud at one candidate is that you get your hands just as dirty? The drug issue is history. The College thing is the same. Look at what Mr. Kennedy did for his sons, nephews and cousins. Is that any more wrong? Speak out on issues today - - - Straight away - - - Abortion, Gun Control, Homosexual rights, Drug control. Most true Americans are tired of having so much rights that it allows and in fact forces the Government to protect the accused while crucifying the victim. Have you ever set on a jury or been an audience to a RAPE trial? There is where you will see the "Freedoms" I am talking about. Prison is now a country club that you just can not leave instead of a place where harden criminals go for rehabilitation. Put your site stright. Push your candidate. Show his abilities, political stand, issues and values to the American People and stop trying to sling mud. We ( most folks I have showed your site to) are tired of it. You will cause your candidate to loose votes because of it. Let him win if he can on his or her merits.

Rob Rose Concern citizen

Date: 1/13/00 12:00:42 PM

You may not like GWBush, but he is head and shoulders above any other candidate including the tree hugging / give all our money away to those who won't work for it Al Gore.

Date: 1/13/00 12:03:05 PM

This is obviously an attempt to extort money out of a potential candidate. You people make me sick. This is a sick attempt to extort someone's name for your personal profit. Are you just going to hassle him through this website until he makes you an offer to buy it. This is pitiful. You have no morals


Subject: Bush parody sight
Date: 1/13/00 1:10:27 PM

Don't you losers have anything else to do with your time? __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Talk to your friends online with Yahoo! Messenger.

Subject: draft dodger
Date: 1/13/00 3:04:19 PM

OK, so you slam a guy who actually served in the US military for being a draft dodger while our current president ran off to college in England to avoid being drafted. Who has the courage to lead it? The man who's father was a former Navy pilot and U.S. president and also served in the military himself or the man who went to England to avoid the draft?

Get a clue!

Chuck Martin

Subject: Sorry, Can't help
Date: 1/13/00 3:50:18 PM

As someone who made mistakes in the past, I can't endorse the attacks on someone who made mistakes in the past.

If you want to attack soemone or something, attack the donors. Bush hasn't done anything for them yet - he can't. I think you will find that other administrations have done favors for their donors - past and present administrations alike, but don't start saying "he's going to do something".

The system has to be changed, I'll agree. The proof is in our current state of leadership.