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Subject: You have some crack!
Date: 1/13/00 12:31:39 PM

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Subject: letter
Date: 11/29/99 10:56:48 AM

The FEC has no business interfering or attempting to control or regulate free speech on the internet or in books and newspapers of anyone who is not a registered political candidate. Political parody and satire are what made England and later the US free. I already know George W, is an idiot and am beginning to think the FEC is equally mentally challenged. you really must have something better to do with your time and the taxpayers money. ken, reston, va.

Subject: wow
Date: 12/22/99 11:02:11 PM

what a great site. it's always something to get to a site and find nothing but negative, non-constructive bs without any suggested solutions. your site is one of the many that should be declared 'natural www. disasters'.

Subject: The man is on his way
Date: 12/23/99 3:04:42 PM

I have been diligently visiting for a few weeks, and my time has come to put forth some small opinion to ba added to others in the hopes that it will become part of a large and overwhelming opinion. The opinion of the people who live with their eyes open. We need to get together one more time. Come together right now under I know I'm just spewing antique lyrics, but they stand true 20 and 30 years later, and I sincerely hope that they are not still waiting to be fulfilled in 20 more years. What needs to happen for the poor fools of this country to realize that gw is a part a a grand tradition of conspiracy thats only goal in life is to make ALL THE MONEY. How long will it be before they "officially" buy the US Government and turn us into spending slaves? The fact is that they don't need to. We are already slaves to our own human weaknesses. And I will NOT be able to let a day go by without remembering that gw is just another pawn of big brother trying to position himself in the most deadly and strategic position he can, solely for the benefit of an elite, filthy rich, group of ABSOLUTE scumbags. What kind of idiots do they think we are? Predictable. Run for you lives. Now, I must live in fear that the man will assasinate me for speaking my mind, but then, I am not a serious threat, so I should be okay.

Subject: If Clinton is a "Liberal" Dubya Bush must be "Compassionate"
Date: 12/23/99 3:57:51 PM

It seems like the biggest complaint Bush supporters have about your website is you haven't done the same for Clinton or Gore. Some people seem to have this idea that Gore and Clinton are somehow "liberals", and we "liberals" support them. Clinton sold himself as a "liberal" to win the election, and then proceeded to become more right-wing in his actions than Bush, Reagan or Nixon ever dreamed of.

Every president crawls further to the Right, and Gore will likely be more right-wing than Conservative Clinton if elected. The Democrats and the Republicans are equally sleazy and corrupt...the Republicans are just meaner and scarier. Either crooked corporate party will take us further into the fires of hell, but Bush will lock me up because pot is the only medication I've found to relieve the stress I suffer from living in this crazy country. Besides my medication that keeps me off hard corporate drugs like Prozac, I'm model citizen, and spend most of my free time doing activities to benefit my local community. W Bush is a man that model citizens should be terrified of. Everything I hear and see makes me wonder how far from somewhere like Russia or China we really are.

The key to control of the masses is to keep them divided and conquered, and so far our government has had tremendous success. Whites against blacks, rich against poor, liberal against conservative, Christian against athiest, etc. As long as we keep hating each other over trivial issues the wicked people like Bush and Clinton and their underlings will remain in power (although I question how much power these individuals really have...they all end up doing the same thing once in office!).

A few years ago, when we only had TV and mass-media to tell us how to think, Bush would have been put in office in a heartbeat. When Reagan was in office we went to war with many poor countries and it was never really talked about, because military activities are always censored in the corporate-owned media. With all the forces out there trying to control our minds, we should be glad that there is finally free speech in America via the internet. We must defend free speech and the Internet at all costs, because otherwise we'll end up just like poverty-ridden, car-crammed, toxic waste dump Texas and not even know how we got there.

One more thing: Right-wingers say we must vote for this guy so we will have less government. What does "less government" mean? It means we will pay as much or more money to the feds every year, and all of it will go to corporate welfare, more massive highways, and military defense shields and weapons to bomb more sovereign countries just to make sure we have a never-ending supply of people who hate America and become terrorists. If I'm paying a third of my paycheck to the feds, which I will under Gore or Bush, I'd much rather see it used to benefit me and my society, not to generate nuclear waste or stir up a bunch of angry people who know how to build bombs. Our tax system is a huge rip-off, but if people think "less government" means more tax money saved, they've been seriously mislead. All politicians that make it into our corrupt system will take your money and run!

- K

Subject: Press Release
Date: 12/23/99 4:51:31 PM

AUSTIN TX (12-23-99) Today presidential hopeful, Texas Gov. George W. Bush has announced the formation of a "Freedom Management" committee. "If elected president, I would like to see the Federal Government take a more active role in promoting the concept of responsiblity with our freedom," the Govenor said before a roomful of business leaders. Furthermore, the Governor added "our Freedom Management Committee will seek a way to advance a positive attitude in American's to use their freedom in a way that is productive and beneficial to all".

The business leaders were all very positive about this development. Said one business leader, "I'm really very excited that the Governor is taking the initiative here. We need effective leadership on the issue of responsiblity in America".

END [30]

Subject: Give your funds to the needy, and Earn your vote!
Date: 12/24/99 12:28:08 AM

I could never vote for the wealthiest man in the country to run the place I call home, and I certianlly would not vote for the richest candidate, no matter what he said about his cocaine use. I think this will be a big favor for the left in the end, so on second thought, go out and take another 10 mil or so.

Date: 12/24/99 2:14:37 PM

You may be interested to know that the organization known as "" has some ten books on the Bush crime family. I don't know if you noticed how convenient it is that GW and jeb also are governors of the to largest drug transhipment points in the U.S. How very coincidental wouldn't you say.

Date: 12/24/99 9:10:30 PM

Hi. Your site is fantastic. Perhaps there really is a way to keep G. Bushwacker Jr. out of office. You certainly have mounted a hell of a campaign. Dunno though. For the most part the politicalwastelandscape looks pretty bleak. How to break the stranglehold this present political "set-up" has on what happens in US.A.? Am doing my part. Will be online soon with a (another) NOBODY for President drive. Am calling for a National Protest Vote. Write in NOBODY. Any other better choices seem few and far between. Besides, a National Protest Vote would be good for the National Soul of this Republican raped, once great nation. Think about it. It would re-empower the vote and maybe even start something Wash. D.C. can't stop. Nothing else is working. Or at least fast enough to suit. Let's give a protest vote some energy.

Jon Stoneman poetician & chairdog for the Oregon Committee to Re-Elect NOBODY for President

P.S. Attachment is virus free. Use the photo if you see fit. Let me know if you do. Needs spread on the Web.

"A man that would expect to train lobsters to fly in a year is called a lunatic; but a man that thinks men can be turned into angels by an election is a reformer & remains at large." Finley Peter Dunne, author of various books by Mr. Dooley

Subject: Governor Bush
Date: 12/25/99 11:53:03 AM

Just to tell you that I am a french citizen, member of the International Bannister Foundation, and that I have a special page about "Governor Death" in my site (but this site is in french) If you want to add the link: The page is called "Special Texas". I will add a link to your site. OK? Anyway, go on..... My best, Fabian

Subject: bushes, shrubs, & weeds
Date: 12/25/99 11:57:25 PM

You all might find another worthwhile link in our recent column called "How Do You Tell a Bush from a Shrub from a Weed". You'll find it at:

-- Douglas Milburn Magellan's Log The On-line Magazine of Culture, Counter-culture, and Anti-culture

Date: 12/28/99 5:56:03 PM

The bible-humpers made bill clinton's private life public. They started it. Stick it to the Republicunts.

Subject: Edsel
Date: 12/29/99 12:26:45 AM

Dear GW Bush, I've seen your website and I think it's great. As a DC native, I love people who make fun of politicians I have an idea for your site, but am not completely sure of what do to with it: George W. seems like the Edsel of American Politics. Remember the Edsel- your too young and so am I. The Edsel was the biggest flop in automobile history. It was named after Henry Ford's Son, and thus the comparison to G.W.B. It was totally overhyped as the next big thing that everyone should buy, but when people looked at, they thought it was ugly and boring. Thus the comparison to G.W.B. Hence you see 57 Chevy's on the road, and not 57 Edsels. Have you considered putting up ads for Edsels on your website? Anyway, just an idea do with it what you please. -Alex

Subject: why the black out?
Date: 12/29/99 3:09:39 AM


Subject: Great ad ideas and SNL?
Date: 12/29/99 1:38:01 PM

I do not know how much getting just one of your ads aired would cost, but since you ads are fun and orginal have you thought about getting one produced on SNL? Maybe you could give it if they would list your URL at the end of the ad?

Just an idea, and good luck

BTW, I learned about your site on ZDnet TV.

Also to increase people whom locate your site, have you looked into banner ads? Some of even free, with a banner exchange program.

Keep up the good work,


Date: 12/30/99 2:48:49 AM

Dubya is a compassionate conservative?

I bet the late Karla Tucker, whose execution (remember in 1997) Dubya did not have the guts to stop would not agree; and an execution that the Pope called "barbaric."

Would it really have been too much to let Karla spend the rest of her life in prison (as she wanted)? Or did Dubya not want to be remembered as a compassionate man?

Oops, I forgot that we are talking about the compassionate conservative!

Subject: Re: Your order has been shipped - #60
Date: 12/31/99 5:36:03 AM

can't wait to put bumper sticker on my car.... ;o)

If Bush does get the nod...and picks Gov Whitman of NJ (no more drug stops on turnpike) for VP...i want a bumper sticker that reads


Subject: great site
Date: 12/31/99 9:08:26 AM

I really enjoy your web site. It seems georgie boy can't take a joke. You know what they say about these people. Keep up the good, no great work. It seems this has turned into more than just a political situation, free speech seems to be at stake. Where did all these fascist bastards come from?Again, keep on. Thank You.

Subject: Bush
Date: 1/2/00 12:45:52 AM

You are great!!!!!! I certainly admire your guts. But keep in mind, this is a vicious group. These are the same lawless thugs that pulled the "October Surprise" on Jimmy Carter back in 1980. These are CIA Operatives with unlimited resources. They are out to CRUSH anyone that tells the truth on this jerk. I support what you are doing 100%. The TV pundits are lying and covering up for this fraud. Thank God for the Internet.

Date: 1/3/00 12:52:03 AM

"W" is the puppet of our country's oligarchs. Please use our blessed right to free speech and keep sticking it to him!


Date: 1/3/00 2:27:34 PM


Subject: George down under
Date: 1/3/00 9:14:19 PM

Congratulations !! You made the Australian Financial Review today, 4th Jan. Keep up the good work!

Subject: Read the W.S.J. and seen your site. Nice job,but............
Date: 1/3/00 10:03:29 PM

Via The article in the W.S.J. I took a look at your site, My first thought was here is another democrat takin shots at his his twin brother the republican (after all,what is the difference other than where they spend my money) then I seen the site. Too bad your not a Libertarian we could use a few witty politicaly savy devils like yourselph. Nice Job. Count on me for any petitions for maintaining the constitution and the Bill of Rights. Happy New Years.


Ps. Curious, if you could pick anyone in the world (other than yourself) who would you like to see in office?

Subject: (no subject)
Date: 1/3/00 10:33:53 PM

Keep up the good work. Sincerely,

Ted Windham, NH

Subject: Is G.W. Bush a Free Mason?
Date: 1/4/00 10:16:57 AM

Is G.W. Bush a Free Mason?


Subject: The Economist
Date: 1/4/00 10:29:48 AM

An article in the Dec. 11, 1999 issue of The Economist discussed your website [Political campaigns online: Beyond the law's reach?].

I thoroughly enjoy your site and have send the URL to many friends. Keep up the good work!

Subject: Bush Campaign Efforts Against
Date: 1/5/00 12:06:14 AM

George W. Bush's efforts to characterize Mr. Exley's as an election campaign is a naked and unlawful attack on satirical journalism. The Internet is no different from any other medium in this regard.

Bush is making a big mistake by attempting to crush the First Amendment. It proves him to be un-American at the core. So too will you if you accede to Bush's request in any way. An even bigger mistake!



Subject: WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO ????
Date: 1/5/00 5:49:40 PM

Okay, so we know that GW is evil incarnate. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!? I implore whoever is reading this to shift the focus of this site from talking smack to building a resistance. It is up to everyone to prevent this catastrophe. The media has been in Bush's pocket from the get go. And HOW IN THE HELL can everyone, or anyone to my befuddlement, assume that this fool is qualified to be the president!! He has a terrible record, says nothing to substantiate his validity or capabilities as a leader. I feel very frustrated, and do not know what to do. I happen to be a very poor college graduate who could be eating from my parents plate, but insist that I learn to live on my own. I am not a powerful, or power hungry person, as many Americans are, or are not. But the people who are try extremely hard to make the rules for their own benefit.

I joined the Army when I was 18 (after a failed semester at Illinois State University). I joined because I did not want to fail with my parents taking the punches for my mistakes. Something GW has done his entire life. When I finished my time in the service, I went to Southern Illinois University and did well, earning a degree in public relations. It was not until I broke away from my parents that I realized what I wanted in life. Peace & quiet. I live in Southern Illinois now, in a very small town called Zeigler. The world of politics seems very far away until I jump on my favorite website @ I tell everyone about the site, but that is not enough.

THE question remains, HOW can we join forces, all of us little people, to prevent a great evil from entering the most important position in the country?

HOW! By simply voting. I know it is early, but for me, the only hope we have is getting the people who are to busy trying to stay alive and out of jail to vote.

For me, the anticipation and excitement I feel at my chance to keep this evil out of the White House floats in my mind like a carrot on a stick.

I would be pleased and honored to recieve a response from the people of People that I feel an unwarranted appreciation and respect for.

This site has so much potential. WHAT CAN WE DO WITH IT. Once people realize that there are MILLIONS of others who oppose the BUSH ESTABLISHMENT, maybe they will get the initiative to vote.

I am almost done, just a few words to think over.

How many people REALLY support Bush?

How many supported him before the media (a year before the race even begins, when no one knew what the hel GW meant) portrayed him as a shoe-in for an election 2 years away?

Who in their right mind would think that this same media will encourage people to vote?

Name one issue that jackass has an opinion on, or solution for (besides Jesus Christ, which doesn't count in my opinion)?

And the most important. What in the hell are we to do about this powerful force that wants to put us all in jail, kill us, segregate us, and force us to adhere to their irrational laws?

I implore you all to help me, Phillip Anderson

Subject: domain name hoarding
Date: 1/6/00 9:42:33 PM [...] "Bush campaign political consultant Karl Rove has purchased at least 60 domain names that include the Bush name in an apparent attempt to curtail other anti-Bush site-makers." [...]

Hahaha, does that mean is already taken?! --

Subject: Bush Jr. and Reagan
Date: 1/7/00 12:49:48 AM

So Bush Jr. wants to be like Reagan? In the April 29, 1991, Selene Walters who was interviewed in People Magazine, said Ronald Reagan "Raped" her in 1952. Selene Walters said of the Right WingGod, Ronald Reagan, when describing the rape: "Date Rape? God No! I didn't have a chance to date him. There was the battle on the couch. It was the most pitched battle I've ever been in." Ronald Reagan was a Rapist and Baby Bush wants to be like Reagan. Also, Ronald Reagan was a liar. There were over 138 officials of the Reagan Administration that were either indicted, forced to resign, or investigated for serious crimes. Reagan LIED from the beginning when he said "Never will the US make deals with terrorists." He was already making deals with them according to his former campaign member, Barbara Honegger in her book, "October Surprise." Former Reagan employee in the US Information Agency, Alvin Synder, in his book, "Warriors of Disinformation" said most of the Reagan foreign policy was fake, including the so-called War in Grenada which was primarily staged. Reagan was a LIAR that GOT 243 US Marines MURDERED in Beruit in 1983. Reagan also LIED on Nov 13, 1986, when he said: "We have not - repeat - exchanged weapons for hostages nor shall we." That was a dirty lie. The only Reason the Liar Reagan DID NOT get impeached was 1) He made sure FELLOW Republicans led all investigations against him - example: John Tower, Republican Senator from Texas led the Tower Commission and Lawrence Walsh, Republican Judge from Oklahoma City led the Special Counselor's office looking into Reagan's crimes and 2) Reagan allowed all of his buddies to take the dive for him and 3) Reagan turned a blind eye while Oliver North DESTROYED documents and Caspar Weinberger HID Iran Contra notes and 4) It had been only 12 yrs since the FORCED Resignation of Nixon and Democrats didn't want to take the country through the process of ousting another Republican President so soon and 5) George Bush Sr. pardoned the SIX MAIN IRAN CONTRA players in Dec., 1992, which Protected him and Reagan from possible indictment. Reagan was a FARCE. The manner in which Republicans have enshrined this HOAX is the biggest Right Wing Revisionist History Trick since the antics of Joe McCarthy. Even according to Reagan's OWN daughter, Patti (Davis) Reagan in her book, "The Way I See It" she described her parents, to paraphrase her as, "BIZARRE LIARS." Reagan was a FARCE. And George W Bush is a FARCE. Especially since he wants to be like Reagan. That tells me all I need to know.

Subject: Savings and Loan Crisis in Texas
Date: 1/7/00 7:22:04 PM

Dear GW Bush,

I can remember clearly reading an article in either the Washington Post or the Philadelphia Inquirer about a Savings and Loan institution in Texas that came under critism during the crisis because they had issued to G.W. Bush an unsecured loan for what I believe was $80.000. Mr. Bush had some influence at the bank and while the depositors were wondering if they would ever see their savings again the S&L; saw fit to forgive the loan to Mr. G.W. Bush. Can anyone explore this and post how this matter was resolved if at all.

Subject: Yale Admissions
Date: 1/7/00 7:28:22 PM

In his 1999 book on the rise of standardized testing, The Big Test, Nicholas Lemann cites the tenure of R. Inslee "Inky" Clark as Director of Admissions at Yale as being the turning point of Yale's transition from "the finishing school at the top of Long Island Sound" to a first rate university. Inky's first year as dean was 1964-1965, meaning that the first class he admitted was the entering class of 1965. Operating with Kingman Brewster's consent, he turned down some applicants that would have been shu-ins under any of his predecessors, including the son of Yale's leading benefactor, Paul Mellon. In the matriculating class of 1965, applications were up by 40%. Admits from Andover were cut in half. Legacies dropped from 20% to 12%. Mean SAT verbal score went up 100 points to 683. See pp. 148 - 153.

George W. Bush entered Yale in the fall of 1964. Missing Inky's axe by one year.



Subject: name
Date: 1/7/00 10:21:54 PM

I like your web page on George W. Bush. However, how the hell can I believe anything you put on it if you don't even know the guy's name? He isn't a "junior." His father's (the former President) name is not George W. Bush. It's George Herber Walker Bush. And G.W. ain't "George, Junior" as your page repeatedly says. If we're going to rip this guy, let's at least start off right. Credibility is everything.

Subject: Sounds familiar
Date: 1/8/00 2:01:06 PM

Are you talking about George Bush or Dan Quayle? The cases sound so similar. In spite of a very long waiting list to get in the Guard, when Dan applied during Vietnam, he was accepted. As with Bush, there were undoubtedly those who didn't have the clout to "go to the head of the line" and were subsequently drafted (and some of these died) in his place. In retrospect, it was a useless war, but so many of them are. Bush is just another of those pretty faces who don't have to earn their way in life. Doug (Vietnam June '66 - June '67 )

Subject: excellent website
Date: 1/9/00 10:42:20 AM


Thank you very much for fighting the good fight for freedom of speech on the internet. I grow more concerned every day with GWBush's popularity, and I have always questioned the Republican creedo of "less government."

The terms "less government" and "big government" are both ubiquitous, because both the major parties want their own kind of government that's big in some ways and small in others. Democrats want a government that's big on social welfare, labor rights, environmental activism, and government regulation of business, among other things. I sometimes question these policies, but on the whole they do not disturb me nearly as much as the Republican kind of government that GW represents.

Republicans talk about less government in all their stump speeches, but really want a big government of a different color. They want a government that regulates people, by telling them what they should watch on TV and in movie theatres, what video games they should play, and even what religion to privilege. Their ideal government would sterilize the media, loosen the constitutional reins on large corporations and law enforcement, and infuse the rich and powerful in this country with still more power (as if they didn't already have plenty) Their style of government subjugates the rights of the individual to big business and police wrongdoing.

Democrats may run up our budgets in extra spending for their "big government" proposals, but at least their government doesn't systematically poke holes in our civil liberties while claiming to be "small." In fact Republican government under people like GW is big in its own way -- Big Brother. So let's stick it to GW in 2024 and keep the GOP wolf from the door.


Date: 1/9/00 9:36:35 PM

Love the site! Any LEGAL problems from W? I'm being sued for my web site and am using your site as an example of what is allowed. Sleeping with one eye open, David

Subject: Thank You
Date: 1/9/00 10:20:30 PM

It's about time someone had some fun and exposed this douchebag for what he really is. God help us if the rest of the U.S. happens to be fooled by this sham. I can't contribute monetarily, but I have other resources that I could contribute. Keep up the good work -Stephen I enjoyed your site very much

Subject: untitled
Date: 1/10/00 2:52:06 PM

Hi, Excellent work. I intend to contribute to help get the truth out about this dangerous hypocrit.

Subject: a group
Date: 1/10/00 5:42:39 PM

Is there a group that one can join to help him NOT get elected. Please let me know.

thank you, Jill

Subject: In addition
Date: 1/12/00 12:54:01 PM

It is also quite interesting how as soon as the whole Bush campaign for president started getting going this summer, that several African American colleges in the state of Texas only were closed. Schools had been in operation for years and now suddenly are closed. Interesting...


Subject: Wanted to add my 2cents.
Date: 1/13/00 9:06:15 AM

I just wanted to say that I think your site is very good. What's the best thing is that Mr. Bush Jr. himself is giving you more publicity by whining about it.

I read all your past letters and one thing that I have not seen addressed is the fact that most Americans are under the sad delusion that we live in a free country.

This country was founded on the violation of very basic human rights ie. murder, rape, thievery, etc. The Native Americans are still being f**ked by the government of this "Great " country. What about slavery? What about the denial of equal rights to women or even the "right to choose?"

I consider myself to be non-denominational when it comes to the politics of this country because it's all really bullshit anyway. They on;B want us to believe that our vote counts--that this is a government created by the people and for the people. That's the real lie. And what's sad is that it is a lie that has gone on for so long that WE don't even realize we have been, and continue to be mislead by The Man.

Wake up, Americans, you really have no rights! You're really not free!

Personally, I'm voting for no one because they all suck!

Date: 1/13/00 10:31:42 AM

That has to be the funniest site I have seen in a long time. I have followed your site by reading artcles on and think this is truely what the web is all about. What a blessing we have in this modern age, the internet. My hats off to you for fighting the good fight in the name of fun and free speech. Our founding fathers said that we should welcome all kinds and let freedom sourt it out and the cream shall rise... is the cream of the crop!!!

Keep up the good work!!!


Subject: Republican statements about the FEC
Date: 1/13/00 11:53:35 AM

Hello, I'd like to start by saying I enjoy your site, and I really agree with your attitude about the whole thing. I am also shocked at the measures employed by the Bush campaign in an effort to shut down your site. If I recall correctly, one of the things they did was complain to the FEC about your site. Because of this, I thought I should call to your attention this article at the NY Times web site:

This article contains the following quote concerning the Republican party's stance towards FEC regulation of the internet:

'An eight-page letter from the Republicans described the Internet as "a vital tool of democracy," and said that "the RNC supports a relaxed regulatory environment that will allow the political party committees to widely disseminate information."'

I think that if the Republican party feels this way about FEC regulation, the Bush campaign has no grounds for pursuing FEC regulation of your site.

I hope this was useful information.