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Subject: Compliment -
Date: 1/13/00 6:43:28 PM

Go forward with full steam...

Gary Scott

Subject: Nice job
Date: 1/13/00 6:54:41 PM

Keep up the good work, and if I can assist you, let me know.

Best, Jim Arnold

Date: 1/13/00 7:01:17 PM


I am trying to develop a site for my domain names and

have any ideas?


Armand Christopher

Subject: George Bush can eat my pussy
Date: 1/13/00 7:44:10 PM

Zack, Please post this: To all of you conservative, freedom stealing republicans: KISS MY ASS! George Bush is a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to breathe. He can't handle the truth! FUCK HIM and ALL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS....the funny thing is the people reading this right now think I am an uneducated idiot....wrong, I have an executive position in a leading internet company and I am educated. I am just sick of you two-bit hypocrit assholes that need to be exiled to China, because you all are communists, you fucking motherfuckers. GO ZACK! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!

Subject: i support your efforts...and
Date: 1/13/00 8:34:37 PM

offer pro bono legal services if you get into a fight with the all powerful! hang in there. Robert

Subject: Your website:
Date: 1/13/00 9:17:44 PM

I think it's hilarious and I sincerely hope it pisses him off. I actually took the time to write him a letter about some moronic bill he was endorsing to prevent gay/lesbian & yes, even bi-sexual people from having kids. Worse yet, the intention was to REMOVE the children from homes with these types of parents. Perhaps I'll attach the letter for your reading pleasure. Perhaps I'm naive, but I really don't think discrimination in any form should be condoned.

His office wrote back with some goop about family values, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure voicing my opinion has put me on some "hit" list of sorts.

I wonder if he sits around the table with his family snorting coke? Now, those are some family values! :)

Keep up the good work. If he can't stand the windows, he shouldn't stick his head in the fishbowl.


Subject: An ad I'd like to see. . .
Date: 1/13/00 10:58:02 PM

Watch for George W. Bush's new info-mertial, entitled "Anyone can get into Yale and Harvard." For $250,000, you get the governor's thirty-minute videotape revealing how a pinhead with average intelligence and below-average grades can get into the ivy league school of his choice. Also included are the necessary legal papers designating Former President George Bush as your adoptive father, along with a list of people who have influence at Yale and Harvard and owe Dad a favor. If you order now, we'll include a photo of the intelligent, hard-working admissions candidate who's spot at Harvard or Yale you'll be taking, since the poor bastard is from a middle-class family with no political influence. (Not included in this package is a list of local drug dealers, but if the governor scored coke at Harvard, how tough can the process be?) Rejoice in the sudden realization that "Family Values" really refers to the cost of promoting your dullard son to national prominence.


Subject: This site is great
Date: 1/13/00 11:27:46 PM

Hey Man,

This site is fucking great. How are you going to shoot the commercials?


Keith Brown Boston

Subject: did you know...
Date: 1/13/00 11:40:15 PM

G W Bush is really a North Korean spy?

We've got the story and the pictures:

Good luck with your site.

Subject: Bush's family has pro-Nazi past - my research linked
Date: 1/13/00 11:47:20 PM

I believe you will find this research file interesting, if you aren't already aware of it - GHW Bush's father and grandfather had corporations seized by the Foreign Properties office for running what was described as a money-laundering operation for the Nazis. Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were the culprets.

Here is the link to "Shadow of the Swastika", my research file which documents US government and corporate associations with the Nazis before, during and after World War II:

Keep giving them Hell!

Subject: Aussie CommentS.
Date: 1/14/00 12:16:59 AM

"All", in the Victorian State Elections a few Months ago A Similar .COM site was "credited" with UNseating the Perennial Incumbent Premier ?!* Bill(Y).

Subject: letter from someone who agrees with you
Date: 1/14/00 1:13:00 AM

American politics is full of hypocrisy and we're not even living in a true democracy. Consider this, when was the last time the government asked you to vote on an issue? Never. They ask you to vote for an individual that you can only hope will vote as you would on issues.

America, and all other so called democracies, have always easily been able to exclude people from their rights by calling them criminals, (trail of tears, internment camps, Kent State, Vietnam, slavery, and so on), while maintaining separate rules for the ruling classes (felony sized check bouncing by the congress, drug use and possession by both houses and the executive branch, pardons for breaking and entering, land fraud, illegal wiretapping, perjury, and so on).

Can you imagine working at the following company? It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics: * 29 have been accused of spousal abuse * 7 have been arrested for fraud * 19 have been accused of writing bad checks *117 have bankrupted at least two businesses * 3 have been arrested for assault * 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit * 14 have been arrested on drug related charges * 8 have been arrested for shoplifting * 21 are current defendants in lawsuits * In 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving Can you guess which organization this is? Give up?

It's the 535 members of your United States Congress. The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line.

Now, they are trying to introduce voting for these politicians on the Internet. In this day of information and technology, we could just as easily cast individual votes for specific issues. That is the way a true democracy works, people getting a say in how the country is managed. The really nice thing about it would be the elimination of lobby and special interest groups and politicians. Politicians could be replaced by managers whose job it would be carry out the laws that the majority of Americans voted for, while keeping the budget that the Americans approved. Lobbyists wouldn't have any campaigns to contribute to they'd be forced to spend their money stating their case to the public, and even if they decided to pay off citizens for their vote, they would find that it is not cost effective or even possible to corrupt the majority needed to enact a new law.

Consider Marijuana. NORML estimates that 80 million Americans have smoked pot. That is not a majority, but each user could convince one other person (maybe a family member) that locking up a person for using an herb that GOD provided is not a good reason to deprive someone of their freedom. 160 million would be enough of a majority to legalize what many consider to be a medically beneficial substance. It was lobbyists for the cotton industry trying to eliminate competition that bought off the politicians to make it illegal in the first place. It has only been illegal since 1939. The country was founded by marijuana growers and users.

Consider the Federal Income Tax. Federal income tax is unconstitutional, and was only temporarily enacted by politicians to pay off war debts to Germany, Japan and Allies for WWII. I don't see it going away, even though is an illegal law. Politicians can't see their way to allowing the people to keep their money once they have their fingers in it.

The Internet Sales Tax is another cash cow that they have been eyeballing.

The Bill of Rights is the only document that the American People own. It is the only document that states what our rights are. The constitution was designed to give politicians the ability to write laws that continually chisel away at the rights put forth in The Bill of Rights. The vast majority of laws written diminishes our rights, rather than protect them.

Thomas Jefferson said "In order for Democracy to survive, there will need to be a revolution every 100 years or so". We are overdue. I'm not suggesting taking up arms, I'm just talking about reforming a corrupt government that has separate aw enforcement for the ruling class, taxation without representation, and a legal system that requires you to have money to be found innocent of any accused crime.

If you would like to respond to this letter's author, contact Brian Bateman

Subject: Dont understand
Date: 1/14/00 1:28:19 AM

I dont understand the questions and/or statements that the people against your site are asking. One major statement thats appears a lot is that you dont have any solutions. Solutions! You dont like GWB, you believe he will be a bad president and so dont want him to win. So what are you doing, but the best you can. You are raising money for ads (which I think are great by the way) and voicing your opinions. If you want to call someone a liar, just look at bush and his attempts to deface this website. Something else that I say in the letters sent to you is the Clinton thing. They are basically saying, Clinton did it so to be fair we have to let Bush do what ever the hell he wants.

Subject: Eliminate the core problem
Date: 1/14/00 10:27:53 AM

Yes, there are many truths on your site.

Yes, we all have a right to free speech.

Yes, we need to solve our serious national problems.

But, what is at the root of these problems?

Yes, our electoral system does not work.

Yes, partisan politics have failed.

Yes, Caged freedom cries a foul.

Yes, The great sleep is upon us.

The tree of life is sick, what will wake us up?


Subject: What do you mean?
Date: 1/14/00 12:06:19 PM

The other day George W. Bush said " What's not fine is rarely is the question asked, are, is our children learning."

How many grammatical errors did you find? Send your guess to the George W. Bush campaign.

Yes he really said this. Check today's LA Times newspaper!!!!!!

Subject: Keep up the good work
Date: 1/14/00 12:17:14 PM

If Bush wants to kill this site then you are doing a great job.

Dan Hogan

Subject: bushgore, I'm falling asleep..zzzzzzz
Date: 1/14/00 1:23:24 PM

Dear Mr.Zack Exley: I'm still undecided - since voting for McGovern vs. tricky-dicky in 1972. I believe the race should be between McCain and Bradley. It would at least make it interesting, as far as politicians and politics in the U.S. go. Right now, everytime my TV shows bush(es, hiding behind his father, the money and his screwed-up say this today, da-da-da, say that tomorrow) or gore(as in his I'm all for everything and everybody, including his cheap, past dancing with the clinton-lewinsky- Enquirer administration)...every time they come on I switch to the commercials or have to go to the bathroom. Take care buddy for what you're doing for all of our BASIC FREEDOMS : "Our Inherent Rights to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ON THE INTERNET AND OFF. For your Cost-Effective Creativity and your INNOVATION IN THE BUSINESS OF POLICY MAKING IN THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (For The People, Of The People and By The People, under God's Loving Purpose & Will). Your friend and supporter always : Rudy.

Subject: Drugs O.K. Suppression of Free Speech is a NO NO
Date: 1/14/00 1:46:08 PM

First off let me say kudos to you for a great site.

I'm much more concerned about his denials and advocacy of restrictions on free press than I am about whether he actually snorted coke at one time. Jesus, hasn't these guys got it yet? We just want someone to quit lying to us. We already know he's a hypocrite, hell aren't they all? Oh my.. I got it. The perfect honest candidate with the nerve to tell the truth..


Subject: funny, funny ha-ha
Date: 1/14/00 1:50:04 PM

Hey. Freedom of speech is where it's at. Even more funny than your site is the fact that a parody site such as yours can get so much attention from the people who hate it! Just like if you don't like porn, don't buy it. If you don't agree with abortion, don't have one. If you don't agree with, don't visit the goddamn site!!! It's as simple as that. Instead, Bush and all of those people who want this site shut down are complaining, getting their lawyers involved, etc. Meanwhile... more publicity for, more traffic, and more pissed off people. I LOVE IT!

Hello? Don't you complainers know that negative publicity is still publicity?

Subject: My thoughts
Date: 1/14/00 2:27:29 PM


Not much to say that hasn't, but:

1. The negative emails you get must not really read the site or else they might notice your thoughts. 2. You weren't around when Bill was getting hit with drug questions, why, well, ask the people if they had their internet connection then. I was using a 14.4 on BBS still then. (Unless my memory is now gone, 1992, yea, 14.4, pretty damn fast back then.) 3. When you go to the readers page and click home on the banner it gives a 404. I don't know how many other pages, though I just let you know.

Richie "Da Man"

Subject: Letter Quality
Date: 1/14/00 4:30:48 PM

Has anyone noticed yet that the 'yea' letters tend to be longer, better thought out, and the writers seem to have pretty good spelling and grammar skills? Whereas the 'nay' letters tend to be short, obnoxious, and badly written almost to the point of unreadability? It's really no surprise that it's the idiotic and easily duped who support the horror that is GW. Oh, great site by the way.

Subject: OL' dangerous dumbshit beady eyed Bush.
Date: 1/15/00 11:57:49 AM

My Top Ten Questions. 10. Who is going to be the real President? 9. Is someone laughing at us? Is this some kind of joke? 8. Never mind the drugs and hypocrisy.What about the real agenda? 7. Is this family O.K.? 6. Is it true that GW's brother is kept under lock and key in Tallahassee? 5. Does this mean I need to get up off my ass and do something? 4. Would it be possible to get this man certified and put him on SSDI? 3. Why would any group with enough money to get this man elected want to put up with him? 2. Will any institution of higher learning that might give this person an honorary degree lose its accreditation ? 1. Is it true that GW's backers said,"Screw them and blame it on someone else.Don't piss them off they are very good customers." ? RIC

Subject: Qualifications.......
Date: 1/15/00 4:55:17 PM

WG you are as qualified to be president as a tit on boar. Beside the savings and loan loot , you ,your brother Gov. Jeb and your conservative cause buddies has off shore in private accounts with the help of your old man the EX CIA Chief, there is nothing. The people will not allow you to buy the presidency.

Ma. Richards was right, your old man was born with a sliver spoon in his mouth and you were born with one up your ass, and that silly smart ass smirk on your face.

You and John the Rocker are the same bigot, racists promoting your conservative cause at the expense of little Cuban Kid. Your kind rather take pictures with black kids then feed them and that is your hypocrtic creed. You may be able to convince the SC rednecks bigots the Iowa Hicks and some of the conservatives from Texas but the rest of us see right through you. There is nothing there subtance except hot air BS.

Subject: Fwd: Bush
Date: 1/16/00 12:33:08 AM

Sid makes some excellent points here with the death penalty thing and Dumbyass' belief in accepting Jesus as one's personal savior. Also the commandment thou shall not kill. Seems he only thinks it applies to convicted criminals and he has no shared responsibility to God for killing. A point of argument you might use Jim and Sander.

L "Disobedience, in the eyes of any one who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made,

through disobedience and through rebellion." - Oscar Wilde "It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation, that gives happiness." - Thomas Jefferson

Subject: a thought
Date: 1/16/00 12:50:13 PM

I really enjoy your site. It's nice to see that at least a few people are awake and taken aback by the GW juggernaut from hell. Your GreatCrash site is very clever too.

The Great Sleeping Masses may see us as cranky curmudgeons, but I prefer to believe that underneath every cynic there lies an optimist, struggling to smile in the face of human mediocracy.

Anyway, my point is this: under the heading of "hypocracy", I believe that we must view Liddy Dole's recent endorcement of GW as a monumental example. When she bowed out, she was full of bitter talk about fundraising and the lack of substantive debate in the process. I suppose she must have had a change of heart, 'cause she decided that maybe GW was the WAY after all. (The way to the veepeeship in any case).

Of course, her hubby's famous reversal a decade earlier on the merits of pappy Bush's "voodoo economics", must have served as a fine example on how to execute policy 180's. Yup, the only thing sadder than the Bush legacy is the Dole legacy. Bob kowtowed to Pappy, and now Bob's better half bows before Pappy's lesser half. Hmm, actually rather funny, if you're into irony...

Subject: keep up the good work
Date: 1/16/00 2:30:01 PM

Howdy Y'all,

from a transplanted Okie in San Francisco,I just wanted to say that Gore or Bradley's gonna' need all the help they can get beating that beady-eyed Bush boy with all the money and no ideas, so keep up the good work---Christopher G. Walker

Subject: Keep up the good work! Give him hell!
Date: 1/16/00 9:10:33 PM

It seems you have gotten the ditto heads upset. If 1 percent of this information is correct, Dumbya makes Clinton look saintly. The conservatives/bottom feeders can't take the same crap they have been serving up for the past 7 years against Clinton. Love your site. Becky

Subject: Possibility?
Date: 1/17/00 1:23:49 AM

If "Dubya" does win,maybe he'll O. D. at his Inaugural celebration, becoming the first U. S. President to assassinate himself .

Subject: 'Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly'
Date: 1/18/00 12:45:52 PM

I pass on this anonymous contribution.

Bill Scarborough, -- Austin, Texas, United States
  • Yellow Dream Machine Athens - Disability Rights -Literature - Culture 'It's no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or another.' --- President George Bush

    Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly!

    by A. Nony Mous

    To be sung to the tune of 'Holy, Holy, Holy' Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Golden Calf Almighty! Early in the campaign, your bucks will buy the race! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Fatcat with money! Bum with no scruples, just Idolatry! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Sycophants surround thee! Cops wil put me in the jail if I should doubt thee; P. R. men and cameramen suck up to your money, Which you from birth, forevermore shalt have. Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Newsmen gladly shield thee So that you may never face a question 'bout your past; Money thou hast greatly; You shall get the whitewash, Thanks to the money and lies -- Stupidity! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Golden Calf Almighty! Media moguls bless your name, no matter what you do! Money, money, money, Buys off everybody! Money is our Master, killing Reality! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Chickened out on issues, Saying time and time again, "I'm not the Legislature!' Money, money, money, Makes you look real holy; Bum you are being, no real leadership! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Hating handicapped! Asking for repeal of things your daddy signed to law! Selling out constituencies, No one dares to trust thee! Clintonesque you are now, shifting sands you be! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Golden Calf Almighty! Early in the campaign, your bucks will buy the race! Shrubly, Shrubly, Shrubly! Fatcat with money! Bum with no scruples, just Idolatry!

    - 30 -

    Subject: Bumper Sticker Idea - Jar Jar Bush- C Average and Proud of It!
    Date: 1/18/00 7:07:26 PM

    Subject: Zach, you have a spelling error on home page, right under yellow box
    Date: 1/18/00 8:55:22 PM

    Subject: please visit us
    Date: 1/18/00 9:29:50 PM

    We linked to your site after we got up off the floor from laughing. Please visit us and check out our site.



    Subject: (no subject)
    Date: 1/18/00 10:54:50 PM


    Subject: The GWBush Website!! :-)
    Date: 1/19/00 9:53:58 AM

    Good Job on the website!! It's hilarious!! And remember, if Saturday Night Live can make fun of can we all. Good job!!! :-)

    Still laughing, Michael

    Subject: ad #3
    Date: 1/19/00 2:22:24 PM

    "don't need another draft dodger in the white house" Regardless of your young age you could know should know what PROTESTING milatary involvement in Vietnam was about. IT WASN"T DEMOCRACY We saw the LIES THE DEATH THE BRUTALIZING OF AMERICAN YOUNG MEN...THE IMPOSSIBILITY of identifying even the enemy -- soldier from civilian. . not just that it was unwinnable it was despicable exploitative. especially of the weak/lower status. You must have heard from many accounts closer to fray the more blacks among the troops,. If I won a big Lotto though I'd fund your other two tv ads PLUS . . ..many like how can u.s. with gun toting angry people on shooting sprees elect gov from a state legalized concealed GUNS..NUTS!!! How can U.s citizens forced now to end their denial of GLOBAL WARMING elect a gov who leads by favoring/pushing voluntary compliance of enviro legislation even allowing polluters to write their own regulations (ticket)...

    Subject: A Humble Suggestion
    Date: 1/19/00 3:40:35 PM

    Hi folks,

    Absolutely great site; please keep up the good work. With your indulgence, a modest suggestion for improvement from the peanut gallery:

    In my opinion, the fact that GW used drugs and dodged the Vietnam war is NOT the problem. Politicians are human, fallible, and should be expected to demonstrate all forms of human strength and weakness.

    His character flaw is his hypocrisy about his behavior, not the behaviors themselves.

    In a similar vein, Jimmy Swaggart's visit to a prostitute was not really the issue, was it? It was his complete hypocrisy that was so offensive. I think that in some of the proposed ads, we've gotten this message wrong. I'd happily vote for a president that used drugs, or didn't use drugs; but I won't vote for a liar and a hypocrite.

    Food for thought, and please keep this great material flowing!

    Jim Stagnitto

    Subject: Freedom
    Date: 1/19/00 3:44:16 PM

    To Zack Ealey. Zack I just this morning read of your persecution from the Bush camp. {The Protectors of our freedoms.} I understand they have threated you with a law suit. Many people have given up thier right to freedom of speech, and decent, for fear of losing everything they have. I applaud your efforts and your determination. I see your website is still there. You have not folded your tent a slunk off into oblivion. If you want to continue speaking out without fear of,(at least) monetary loss, there may be a way. Check out, and its links. You may find you could have supprise for your enemies when they come to clean you out, right down to the dust in your clock. Have a good one

    Date: 1/20/00 2:36:39 AM

    I enjoyed your site, Keep up the good work and thank you for all the info that you don't hear in the daily news or on CNN.

    Subject: (no subject)
    Date: 1/20/00 8:37:45 AM

    george bush blows dick

    Subject: GWB
    Date: 1/20/00 9:37:13 AM

    I couldn't believe that GWB has lawyers attempting to shut your site down. What are they afraid of? I know a lot of people are afraid to go online to air their views because the "government" is listning, and they probably are correct, even my self sometimes. I don't use drugs, but this "war" is doing nothing but making the rich richer, and the poor in jails or with felony records. People are frightened with the "property" forfiture laws, now trial, no proof. If some millionaire went through an airport with a wallet full of thousand dollar bills, would his money be confiscated? No, he will get a police escort to his plane. Some poor bugger like myself with a few hundred dollar bills will have his money taken because they say I'm probably going to use it to buy drugs. I'm scared to carry cash anymore when I travel, not of robery, but of being named a drug buyer simply because I am carrying cash. Pretty scary. Give me the old 50's when I grew up. Billy

    Subject: another yea : )
    Date: 1/20/00 12:04:12 PM

    Hay thar!

    Although I still have not perused the entire site, I must say that I am glad for its existence. I just got my copy of The Texas Observer in the mail recently, and the Back Page has a couple of re-touched photos of "Shrub" Bush with the coke-lip and the sub-title "Got Coke?" My wife and I laughed out loud at that one.

    One thing I have noticed from the nays without having to read even a third of the totals, is that so many of them seem to think that just because you are parodying a Republican, you MUST be a Liberal. I suspect none of them ever consider the "Third" parties (or as they should be referred to: alternative/best parties) as candidates. I know I will be voting for Ralph Nader if we can get him on the ballot in Texas.

    I seem to remember one of them asking if you would do a better job as Governor of Texas. Well, I know I would, and probably piss off Big Oil and Chemical so much they would consider hiring an assassin. Too bad Jim Hightower won't run for President. I think he would get elected in no time. I do suggest that the nays reading this go to his site at and learn for themselves just how bad BOTH political parties have become and _whom_ they really represent these days. No national-ballot Republicrat will ever get my vote again, thanks to Jim, Ronnie Duggar, Molly Ivins, Populists, the Green Party, and this site. Keep up the great work, eh! : )


    Subject: rock on america
    Date: 1/20/00 3:12:22 PM

    hi, I just heard your chat on rotten radio, I'm bloody glad I can't vote in America (on account of living in Britain and being English!) I couldn't live with myself if I accidentally ticked the wrong box on the ballot paper and voted in bush!

    from Lawsie

    Date: 1/21/00 3:28:19 AM

    Hey Folks,

    You also made the December 11, 1999 issue of the Economist. Bravo!

    Subject: posting
    Date: 1/22/00 12:38:01 AM

    I hadn't realized members can't post to this list. Here is the text of the message I tried to post. Please post it if you feel it is appropriate. -------- I am truly disgusted by the shrub. He is worse than Ronald Reagan, something I never thought possible. I plan on voting for McCain in the California primary this March, though I will vote Democratic in the general election. I need to believe I have done all I can to save this country from a mental midget hypocrite like the shrub.

    Getting to the meat of the message, I just found out that in California, even though you can vote for any candidate, in the national elections your vote will only count if you are registered in the party of the candidate. This is not true in the state and local elections, just the national candidates. Therefore, if you are a Democrat in California who planned on voting for McCain, you will need to register as a Republican. [A thought on par with eating your own vomit.] You have until February 7th to change your registration. After the primary you can re-register as a Democrat. Registering as a Republican will not stop you from voting for any Democrats in the state and local elections.

    As a reference for this information, I heard it on This Week in Northern California on KQED. Those in the SF Bay area can see the show this Sunday at 5:30PM on channel 9.

    Subject: GW
    Date: 1/22/00 7:50:59 PM

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain says he has 350 pages of medical records detailing all of the injuries he suffered in Vietnam. George W. Bush says that's nothing. He's got 350 pages of medical records just to list the contents of one urine sample.

    Subject: Hypocrites R Us
    Date: 1/24/00 4:30:33 PM


    You seem to have worked the naysayers into a tizzy. Are the people who criticize this website for taking a hard look at Ol' George "Whatever" Bush the very same people who rant and rave over every innuendo launched by the so-called moral majority---aka the GOP, God's Own People---attacking the Clintons? Quite frankly, judging from what I have read in the past few days, there seem to be more scandalous possibilities orbiting GWB than flies circling a hog's butt. If George W had as much sense as the hog he'd find a way to distance himself from these accusations. But nearly every time he opens his mouth, he somehow adds to the probability that those allegations which so far remain unsubstantiated---in particular the cocaine rumor--are indeed true. Personally, I think Congress ought to pass legislation stating that a percentage of the campaign funds collected by presidential, House, and Senate candidates should be set aside to investigate them after the election---win or lose. Unfortunately, the length of such high profile political investigations does not allow time for a candidate's past to be adequately explored before an election, though that would be preferable. With such a law in place, perhaps then we could begin to clean up politics without using so much taxpayer money. Another positive move would be for Congress to create a Hypocrisy Tax, in which candidates caught frolicking in this pasture of personal gain are ordered to pay an amount based on the seriousness of their offense. Of course we could expect to see politicians like Tom DeLay, Henry Hyde, Dan Burton, and Bob Barr in bankruptcy court. But wouldn't we, as taxpayers and voters, benefit by having such hypocrites tied up in court or anywhere else besides the halls of Congress trying to direct our attention away from the legislation they pass designed to line the duffle bags of their contributors and associates? I know these are only ideas, but certainly they are worthy of some consideration.

    Happy hunting and don't let the naysayers swamp your boat,


    Subject: zack exley...
    Date: 1/25/00 12:08:30 AM

    i am sure you get a thousand of these a day but just wanted to send a quick message (please not to be posted) to say that i am sincerely impressed. read the article in the improper bostonian and then checked out the web site-they both made me smile. besides insightful commentary on blatant hypocrisy, who would have thought that .25% of iceland would have read your page. but seriously, i love the idea that what started as a little project somehow got millions of peoples' attention. congrats and enjoy your success! julie

    Subject: Buying the Presidency for $65 million
    Date: 1/25/00 1:59:27 AM

    You have a great site! Here's my comment concerning the campaign for President for the GOP: it will really be a joke should GW be elected President. After watching at least two of the GOP debates that featured all of the Republican candidates, GW was a dope. It is unbelievable that because he's got cash he's got the Presidency. He's got no principles. He's got no character. He's a goofball. He's simply a Republican version of Bill Clinton. Heaven help us should the American people have another four years of outrageous politics with just another goofball. I still can't believe that it takes just $65 million dollars to elect a goofball. We have a multi-trillion dollar economy. Billions of dollars are in circulation throughout the American economy in a given month. At least 5 other candidates - Orin Hatch, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, Steve Forbes, and of course, John McCain - are more qualified to become President than GW. But, nope. Junior's got a poppa with the political connections that gets big bucks to buck the bureaucracy while poo pooing democracy. The goofball gets to gobble up the GOP with his poppa's green and get elected President. It's pathetic.

    Subject: Atta boy
    Date: 1/25/00 9:59:01 AM

    Dear Mr. Exley,

    Your effort here is not only funny, it is absolutely necessary. Don't be afraid of those who would silence you. There are many people in this nation and abroad who will protect you one way or another from the attacks of your enemies. The GW Bush campaign deserves everything you are giving them. They deserve to be exposed for the deceptive, shallow, power-hungry ignoramuses they are. These people manipulate the media everyday, distorting the truth about their own candidate everyday. They just hate you beating them at their own game, fighting with truth instead of lies.

    Keep up the good work. You are fighting for democracy.

    Subject: Millionaire?
    Date: 1/26/00 8:14:57 PM

    Dear people:

    I hear the media frequently talking about Millionaire Steve Forbes. What is G.W.Bush a Thousandaire? Was he abused sexually as a child? Did he lose his virginity early in an outhouse with his mom like someone said Jerry Falwell did?

    We need to know the truth.


    Subject: Bush Clan Watcher in Texas
    Date: 1/27/00 8:30:00 AM

    You are on the right track.!

    The social sucking-up to the Bushes et al, is nauseating to hear and watch.

    Daddy Bush was a wipe-out as President. He was only a Political Go-Fer for Nixon and Reagan.

    To watch them is like reading news of the Royal Family in England.


    Sick in Houston

    Subject: question
    Date: 1/27/00 10:56:12 PM

    Are you actually FOR anybody, or are you just making fun of the man?

    Subject: Yeas Vs. Nays.
    Date: 1/28/00 7:48:57 PM

    I like the site,and I think the Yeas have signifcantly better grammer than the Nays. I'm sure that means something.

    Subject: Does he have lips?
    Date: 1/28/00 8:11:02 PM

    LIPS? How can America "read his lips" if he has none? Reply to

    Subject: vote
    Date: 1/29/00 2:15:30 PM

    Anybody but Bush

    Subject: [Fwd: Bush News 01/29/00]
    Date: 1/29/00 9:31:55 PM

    Subject: G.W.Bush and the three little bears
    Date: 1/30/00 2:30:20 PM

    Sorry, It must be very upsetting to realize that he will be your next president.

    Subject: Press Treatment
    Date: 1/31/00 8:59:29 AM

    I resent and cannot understand the implication that the Press continues to stress the argument that questions your capacity to grasp and understand the job you are seeking. I fear it ould achieve the prominence that the perception they planted about your father being "a wimp".

    I would like to see you (and I think it would be advisable) for you to find an opportunity to con front both implications.

    My brother, who is a Pearl Harbor survivor (and adepression era Democrat) als resents these ideas. He cannot understand how any thinking journalist could further the implication that a U.S. Navy carrier pilot could ever be called A WIMP.

    And I cannot understand the mental capacity question in view of your formal education - which I believe exceeds any of the people who question your capacity and probably far exceeds that of the journalists who keep dwelling on this implication.

    I think by a strong confrontation of both these perceptions that you could put an end ( for the most part ) to the repetition of these thoughts. I do not think either the journalist or the perpatrator of these insidious speculations would be prepared to compare their own credentials on the spot.

    Thanks for reading

    Subject: Your website.
    Date: 1/31/00 2:23:28 PM

    First of all, I think this is the best thing to happen to the political process. It has taken some of the power and exclusivity of the big spenders and given voice to Joe Q. Public. No longer does Money Equal Voice in matters of election and expression of opposing ideas. This, in itself, is the threat that will get this website negative attention and a battle to stay alive.

    Second. If it angers some spoiled, rich and pretentious son, who thinks he, by rank, can rise above opinion, then he deserves to be skewered.

    Thanks for putting this up.


    Subject: perserving freedom
    Date: 1/31/00 6:38:11 PM

    I certainly am glad what you are doing. I even contributed to the ad campaign. We cannot have a president that is bringing us further into socialism and giving more power to the federal government which he is clearly for. Limits to freedom is just one of those ways the new government wants to become the ultimate big brother. We need to return to our roots laid down by Jefferson and Washington. We need to go back to where everyone was guaranteed complete freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You're efforts in this are strongly founded on libertarian motives and principles. I am supporting your efforts 100 percent.

    Subject: seriously
    Date: 1/31/00 9:08:06 PM

    TEXAS:Blood on his hands

    The number of executions in Texas under George W. Bush (the most in history) is the reason many pro-life people cannot vote for him as president. No pro-life person in good conscience could vote for him.

    I realize the governor of Texas cannot commute a death sentence - only the Board of Pardons can do that - but there are elements here that trouble me.

    Mr. Bush has appointed every member of the board. He has great influence over it and can influence it any way he wishes.

    The execution of Karla Faye Tucker could have been delayed by Mr. Bush for 30 days. In that time, he could have put pressure on the board to grant her clemency given her history of rehabilitation. He did not. Instead, he gave us the absurd rationale that it was in God's hands. The governor failed to note that God was not elected governor of Texas. George W. was.

    Do you really want a man as president whose hands are full of blood? That is why God did not permit David - great as that king was in all other aspects - to build the temple. He had too much blood on his hands.

    PETER J. RIGA, Houston

    Subject: Bumper Sticker
    Date: 2/2/00 10:32:27 PM

    1988 Read My Lips...........2000 Read My Mind

    Subject: (no subject)
    Date: 2/2/00 11:20:50 PM

    Now let this be known-I am not a left wing, nor am I a right wing who hates Bush. I am not a political fanatic either. It just so happens that I like McCain more. I will be too young to vote in this election, however, next election would be different in 2024.

    I just want a good president.

    Here's a few things that you might find interesting:

    1. George W. "advocates" small government. If so, why did the government fund stadiums in Dallas? Also, since Prescot, the Bush family has made their living off of the government. Why would George Bush wish to shut down his money supply? 2. Three words: Jebb stole money (Didn't go to jail?) 3. Pollution in Houston- What will George W. Bush do with industry restrictions as the head of the country? If he eased them in Texas, then what will he do to our nations pollution? 4. George W. Bush believes in "Limits to freedom," but he said he doesn't mind South Carolina flying the Confederate flag. Is this more Hypocrisy? This is one scenario where there can't be infinite freedom. I believe there should be infinite freedom as long as it doesn't affect others, like most people-Wouldn't the "right" to fly the confederate flag violate other people's rights to be a minority? 5. George W. Bush is avoiding the media now. Is he scared of questions? 6. Church and state are seperate-The northern voters tend to not go for religion more-there are many minorities in the north. Could minorities rights be affected by constant praising of the bible? Such a "bible" is great attitude points towards a president trying to combine church and state.

    Do you agree on any of these points?

    Subject: this candidate
    Date: 2/3/00 4:56:13 AM

    For some reason, I have never liked any of the Bush Political Machine, from Dad, former President (and why hasn't anyone been screaming about Dad and Iran-Contra) and the Goof Brothers, Gov's of Texas and Florida. George W. (Or Georgie as they have been calling him on The View) Bush is a snakeoil salesman. I cannot believe that someone hasn't ripped the lid off of this guys past, and actually gotten dirt on him that is proven. Thank you so much for providing this site, it has reaffirmed why I think this guy and most of his family is slime.

    A concerned voter

    Subject: i-hero
    Date: 2/3/00 8:43:01 AM

    After reading your hate-mail I've reached two conclusions: 1) you are as brave as any American patriot whoever defended his countryman's freedom 2) there are a lot of countryman who are not worth the effort. Thank you and God bless you.

    Subject: COMMENT
    Date: 2/3/00 9:32:28 AM

    YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS!!!!! I am a first time reader of your garbage and congratulate the Democrat Party for the way in which they are using you....I would bet my life that all of you are paid by the DLC!! YOU ARE SICK< SICK, SICK!!

    Subject: Your naysayers are confused.......
    Date: 2/3/00 10:25:19 AM

    I have just finished reading the e-mails from your naysayers. None of the letters contained one relevant piece of information to support George Bush for President. George Bush did not raise the standard of living as Governor of Texas. Education levels of attainment have not been raised in Texas under George Bush. Serious crime levels have not lowered under George Bush. Welfare rolls were not lowered under Bush. However, all the preceding variables, as a way of measuring the effectiveness of an elected official, were improved in Arkansas under Governor Clinton.

    Clinton may have made very poor decisions in regard to his personal behavior in the White House, but our country, as a whole, is better off after 8 years of Clinton. Is that not the real tool to measure the effectiveness of a President?

    Personally, I could care less if Bush used cocaine, or Clinton received oral sex from an intern. The fact is, I am better off financially, the schools in my area have improved, crime is down, and I feel good about being an American.

    Clinton has a 65%-70% approval rating. Obviously, most people do not care whether he had sex outside his marriage. And I doubt most people care if Bush used cocaine. The real question is who, of the leading candidates, is better prepared to assume the crushing responsibilities of President of this great nation? Bush? Hardly. He has no real record of any type of achievement. McCain? Possibly. His fearlessness is a matter of record. (By the way to your naysayer who stated that he would take a survivor any day and that McCain should have learned to duck, is, for a better word. Spineless. McCain FOUGHT for this country. I just hope if I ever have to do battle that the person who sent that e-mail is NOT part of my unit.) Bradley? A man of conviction, but I doubt if he has the stomach for Washington. Gore? Personally I do not think the man has an original idea. So where does that leave us?

    Until a candidate present themselves capable to run this country, I feel it best for this nation to keep Clinton. I am not alone in this way of thinking. Many presidential decisions do not lend themselves to scrutiny until several years after the enactment of a piece of legislature. I truly think history will find that the 2nd best President of the 20th century was Clinton.

    I wish all voters would simply search their hearts and ask themselves the fundamental question "am I better off now, is my community better off now, than before Clinton went into office." Based upon your answer find the candidate that best possesses the tools necessary to run this country. I want the BEST person in the White House. The label of Democrat and Republican is simply a way of identifying the teams. I liked the Tennessee Titans, but I wanted the Rams to win. Maybe next year I'll root for the Titans over a less deserving team.

    I do hope whoever reads this gets my point. Vote for the best person for the White House EVEN if that person is not on your "team".



    Date: 2/3/00 10:40:35 AM

    I'm not one that usually gets very involved in politics, but in this case I have to say something. I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I want someone to nail George Bush down on this so called tax cut that ALL Texans got. He keeps bringing this up in the debates. Most of us must have missed the notice that we received a tax cut. Until Bush started his campaign we were unaware of a tax cut. We don't have a state income tax, so he couldn't have cut that. He can't cut federal taxes, so he didn't do anything there. My property tax went up to an ALL time high, so where was the TAX CUT ? This must be one of those trickle down tax cuts because the middle class sure didn't benefit from it. If you're Republican, BEWARE of George Bush. The only thing he can talk about is education and that's MOMA's plan (not his). Thank you...


    Subject: This Media in this country is really sick. Get a Life
    Date: 2/3/00 10:31:35 PM

    To Members of the Disgusting Media:

    Re: Al Gore's "Tight Jeans"

    For God Sake....This American media has really hit rock bottom. Isn't there any real news you can print? This is one of the lowest behaviors in the past 2 years.

    You gave us nightly crap about Clinton and Monica, and now you want us to listen to you rotten, nincompoops reporting Gore's tight jeans???? Get a Life.For God Sake, Get a decent life and a 'real' job.

    What a bunch of losers.

    Koppel says Gore looks, "buff" Dowd calls his pants "weirdly tight" Kit Seeyle (NYTimes) calls Gore's pants "obscene" Another says he looked like he hadn't been wearing any boxers or briefs.(why were you looking anyway?)

    Well, bully for the news hounds....This is the kind of news the American People really want to hear.

    What an appalling display of prejudicial yellow journalism.

    I would like to ask, "Where the hell are your eyes, ears, and minds?" What the hell are you all doing looking at Gore's crotch? You must be perverted. I am sure you are.

    Disgusted in Florida. Really Disgusted with this trash from the Media. You should all be canned (sic) for indecent observations.

    I am utterly disgusted with this kind of jackass, imbecilic, simpleton writing.

    J. Drean Florida (address upon request)

    Subject: 'Yea' for you and your web site
    Date: 2/4/00 12:31:15 AM

    Zach, I applaud your efforts to expose the unfortunately all-too-typical hypocrisy of yet another loathsome politician. All things need some balance of view to be shown for what they truly are, and your web site certainly swings the opposite pole to Mr. G. Dubya.

    Reading the 'Nea' responses to your site has simply convinced me of a long-held belief that Republicans and other conservatives have only two responses to the truth when it challenges the integrity of their Heroes (based on long-time observation of professional politicians and supporters):

    1.) Bury the truth and/or the speaker of that truth, regardless of the constitutional rights your opponent is exercising. Choose your weapon - legal, moral, or lethal.

    2.) Insult your enemy, often and loudly.

    >From the responses I've seen on your site, the nea-sayers in general go a step further by also making their arguments (if they have one - they are certainly few and far between) stream as far from critical thought about their own beloved hero as possible. The rest simply spit a well-thought "Well, Fuck You, too!" They all seem to assume the best about their hero and of course of their own intentions - and "Screw the rest!".

    Personally, I don't see all of your information as 100% accurate - How could I know for sure without endlessly studying detail of every issue in depth as you and others seem to have done? What I do see raises a lot of questions, and some terrifying concerns about the nature of this guy G Dubya. The very least the nea-sayers could do is take a CLOSER LOOK and THINK instead of simply reacting. They should be asking questions of everyone - not taking the easy way out by simply throwing insults at you in response to your actual efforts to find the truth.

    Thanks again.


    Subject: Does he think he inherits the WH
    Date: 2/4/00 12:40:21 AM

    I hope McCain does another number on GW in South Carolina. GW has a name and a lot of money -- and that's all there is to him. Do you think if he had a different name he'd be this far with the donors and all GOP establishment endorsements? If Bush is the nominee, Al Gore is going to have a field day with this guy in debates. Let the GOP nominate him, he'll make it easier for the Dems to keep the WH. I never would have thought this a few months back, but the more I see of him on tv the dumber he appears. Elect Bush and have a dumb, presumptuous commander-in-chief. Maybe we can also say goodbye to the strongest economy in US history. Despite the weak economy, higher crime rates and unemployment figures during his father's presidency, at least his father accomplished something before he ran for president. Who was GW before he ran for Gov of Texas? His father gave him everything (money, a baseball team, the family business, etc) and now he thinks he should be our president? Get real. I hope you keep up this website for as long as possible. Let the Bush fans get upset -- the fact is GW is a lightweight.

    Date: 2/4/00 1:25:18 AM


    Date: 2/4/00 3:20:53 AM

    A little compassion for victims here would be nice. I'm no fan of capital punishment, but there are some bad boys in the world, and society has to be protected from them. These are creepy guys who have left innocent victims in their wake. For every death row inmate that's innocent...there are a hundred who oughta stay locked up for a long time. I'm undecided in the Pres. Race. I tire of Clinton-Gore...and am looking at Bradley/McCain

    Date: 2/4/00 9:19:50 AM

    Dear Zack The reason that the dirty details get more attention than the facts,is that the media is not what Cokie Roberts referred to when describing her Sunday Program as hopefully an honest political discussion, but part of the advertising for revenue that most tv and press are about. Cokie lost my attention when she got into all the details of the presidents sex life on Nationall TV

    Subject: I love it
    Date: 2/4/00 11:09:22 AM

    I hear the Governor's office is working on plans to build a nuclear waste dump in New Hampshire next year.

    Subject: george w. bush and AIDS
    Date: 2/4/00 11:28:32 AM

    Do you have anything on your site regarding the fact that George W. Bush 's state of Texas has one of the highest incidinces of AIDS and HIV infection in the United States (i think it is number 4? I don't have it in front of me, though...), yet George has never said the word AIDS in public. I got this information from a local publication, and I'm not from Texas, but if it is true, it's something you could add to the hypocrisy section. Just curious... Sara Riney :) have a great day, I really like your site!

    Date: 2/6/00 11:51:04 AM

    Your site is awesome !!! keep up the good work !!!

    Subject: funny site
    Date: 2/8/00 4:08:44 PM

    I found your site a refreshing change after hearing all about the anti-Clinton sites everywhere. I haven't paid too much attention to the upcomin election yet but it had seemed that GW's nomination was a foregone conclusion. Now the more I hear about the man the more I think: He is not too bright. I've heard a number of speech clips from him and he sounds inarticulate and kind of slow. He repeats meaningless phrases over and over again. What is the deal with him, why is he so popular with people?? He is certainly no match for Gore who seems very smart and well equiped with heading the governement.

    Subject: Additional Info
    Date: 2/8/00 5:11:30 PM

    Great site! FYI - you may know this but Jim Hightower has a great newsletter called "The Hightower Lowdown" where in every issue he has a column called "Behind the Shrub". It has some great info on GW that, of course, is never covered in the main stream media. Their e-mail is and his web site is Thanks, Joe

    Subject: Ralph Reed & G. Bush - Not My Vote!
    Date: 2/9/00 2:37:33 AM

    Since I saw Ralph Reed on the Larry King Show, I got became nauseas. I thought after the other anti-women's rights, anti-semitic Gary Bauer dropped out, things would be pretty reasonable now. But I was mistaken. Ralph Reed is anothe Gary Bauer. He has shown himself to be a true anti-women's rights activist, has assisted in the funding of abortion clinic bombings, and is not a friend to those who are not "born again Christians." He would want everyone in this country to be either a born-again or to leave. Imagine a country where people had to be only one thing. Isn't that what Adoph Hitler wanted? They even look similar (if Ralph Reed was given a square mustache and wore his hair longer on one side).

    However, learning that this self-righteous nut is on GW Bush's team, this family of five is not going to be voting for Bush. McCain and the Democrats are looking better and better.

    I've had enough of the Bush's during the 1980s. His dad even taught Saddam Hussein how to manipulate and become a threat to countries (with CIA training). His dad has been anti-Israel. It took Bill Clinton to give Israel the loan that G. Bush promised and never gave (but give arab countries (Iran/Syria) money yes indeed). If G. Bush would have allowed Israel to go into the Gulf War when being attacked, Saddam would have been a memory or in a jail cell right now.

    Thanks to G. Bush this former republican voter will not be voting for his son anytime soon. I have children and family that lives in this country. I will not allow a person who hires hatemongers to be on their team to be a leader of my country, if I can help it. I have urged people I know in California not to vote for him, and I believe I have been successful.

    Mr. McCain seems to be an honest (something we haven't had in over 20 years) candidate. I guess to be worthy of people one needs to suffer, and McCain may be of a Christian faith,but he isn't pushing it down my throat or hiring "thugs" to do it for him. Yes, he doesn't believe in abortion, but he doesn't believe it is a man's right to dictate or the government's right to dictate what a woman may or may not do, especially in cases of rape, incest or of some danger.

    Date: 2/9/00 7:31:50 PM

    After reading the Harper's Magazine article on Baby Bush I realized that he has a wimp-factor larger than Texas - all those things his Daddy's friends gave to him on a about hyper-linking that article from your site?....or get permission to put it on your site.

    Subject: Down With Shrub!
    Date: 2/9/00 8:33:04 PM

    This is one of the best websites that I've seen in a long time! You're doing quite a bit to keep Shrub out of the White House, good job...and I'm a lifelong Republican who would rather stick a Japanese ritual knife in his gut than cast a vote for Clintongore types.

    Finally, something that Republicans and Democrats can agree on...

    "Down with Shrub! Down with Shrub!"

    Subject: Nyce site
    Date: 2/9/00 11:41:32 PM

    Hey, this is a nyce site. i personally do not want to see GWbush in offce. keep up the good work. (don'cha think that all the best politial commentary comes from MA?) -Eitan

    Subject: Forgotten Folks
    Date: 2/10/00 1:17:58 AM

    ...If Bush is doing such a good job for Texans , why are the State Mental Hospitals at Rusk and Terrel Tx. falling apart , some one should go and see these old buildings that were built probably back in the 30s...

    Subject: George W. Bush - -
    Date: 2/10/00 6:42:48 AM

    GIVE IT UP GEORGE "DUH" BUSH - - - why would anyone vote for a man of such low principles as you? Too many men are sitting in Prison in Texas for doing just what you did - - - Give me a man who engages in oral sex anytime over a spoiled "rich" kid who's been give everything by his Mommy and Daddy - - - - and gets away with breaking the laws and then puts others in prison for doing the same thing he did - - -


    Subject: George Bush Jr (Washingtons JR)
    Date: 2/11/00 2:32:44 AM

    Hello Americans,

    If you like this country and hope to keep you constutional rights... I beg you, pay attention and vote Democrat!

    Unlike most people who log on to GWBUSH.COM, I like him and I support him! He is by far the weakest candidate to ever run for office... I can't wait to see him up against Al Gore!

    I predict that this time next year, Walker, Texas DunbAss' public career will be contained to the Erectile Disfunction Ads he'll do with Bob Dole!

    Here's Knowing you can't pick a poorer campanger!

    Thomas W Lynn II

    ps those with knowlege, no his name! he is the BEAST... George W BUSH

    Subject: possible slogan?
    Date: 2/11/00 9:08:24 AM

    If you use this and if you credit this, give credit to Thomas Wayne.

    "Oh Look, there's a Quayle in that Bush."

    I liked it anyhow.


    Subject: Great Bumper Sticker Idea
    Date: 2/11/00 7:59:47 PM

    You may have already seen this, but in the Baltimore Sun a few weeks ago was a great cartoon. It had a picture with 2 cars, one dated 1992 with a sticker that said "Bush - Quayle", then another dated 2024 with a sticker that said "Bush = Quayle"

    Anyway, just an idea for a new bumper sticker and a quick Kudos to your website!

    Subject: How to negatively contribute to the G.W. Campaign!
    Date: 2/12/00 5:57:21 PM

    Thought you might be interested in knowing how to do this. For some reason or another, I was sent one of those letters from the G.W. campaign asking for money. Well I had a couple of pennies that needed a home so I sent 2 cents in their pre-paid envelope back to them. Who know's the real cost of the printing and postage but I could say that I contributed -.30 cents to the campaign. Anyways, I found Dubya's website would also accept contribuations. So, I decided to try to see if they were stupid enough to accept "2 cents" by credit card. I think the credit card companies charge a dollar fee (i'm not sure the exact number) for every charge, giving me a chance to contribute -.98 cents. Well they didn't charge my credit card but instead wasted more money and time sending me a letter saying that I must "resubmit" my card number because "it didn't work". Ok, sure. I filled out the form once again putting .02 cents as the amount and sent it in another pre-paid envelope. They probably won't accept it but oh, well, they can just keep on wasting their money.

    Hell, Try it yourself. Give G. Dubya 1, 2 or even 3 cents on his website. They'll waste the time and money sending you a nice little "letter". Negatively contribute to the campaign today! (Feel free to pass this on to others..eventually they'll catch on but lets try to drain the funds as much as possible before they catch on).

    Subject: sugestion
    Date: 2/13/00 12:09:15 PM

    John MaCain has used the words "working people" made him define that. The only none working people that I know of are the retired and those on some sort of govn't aid. Just a thought Don Leask Tacoma, Wa.

    Subject: A little confused
    Date: 2/13/00 9:53:37 PM

    Ok, it's clear you guys don't support Bush, though you should (sorry, had to inject a personal opinion here). But you also add links to Gore parody sites. Exactly whom DO you support in 2024?

    Just asking. -Chris, (currently) Gifu Prefecture, Japan

    Subject: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Date: 2/13/00 10:53:54 PM

    Hello, my name is Rachel. I am a sophomore in high school in Dallas and I just wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful web site! I hate G. W. Bush, jr.--- he is a hypocrite, he doesn't know squat about foreign affairs, he has had no experience in political debates previous to this campaign, etc., etc., etc. But I am sure you knew that already. Georgy boy is riding on his daddy's coattails and I feel that he is probably the least qualified of any of the runners, regardless of political party, to be in charge of my parent's tax dollars...not to mention nuclear weapons. Any-who, I congratulate you once again on the splendid work--keep it up! off to sign the free speech petition! ---Rachel

    Date: 2/13/00 11:20:04 PM


    Subject: MHMR scandals
    Date: 2/15/00 9:29:35 PM

    Don't for get that this mans connections with medicine has cause endless misery in the MHMR field. Check this out for details and you will find that millions in tax payer dollars were just given away to his business partners. Naturally he has this in a blind trust. Look into what this person has done while privatizing the field. His governor ship will have to go down as the biggest unarmed robbery of citizens in history. And he will become President besides we don't have the brains or guts to vote for the best man for the job Mr. Keyes or in lue of him McCain.

    Subject: Ask Georgie
    Date: 2/15/00 11:51:05 PM

    I am a Texan still waiting for the tax cut that my governor, George W. "read my lips" Bush tells everyone he gave us. I pay two kinds of taxes in TX. Property tax and sales tax. Both have increased. Where is my tax cut Mr. Bush? You promote the fact that you lowered taxes in TX. Did you really? Or did it only go to the rich?

    Where is the compassion in your Compassionate Conservative? Mr. Bush got the Texas legislature to fail to pass the hate crimes bill in TX so he would avoid having to veto it and answering why he did. Avoided a hate crimes bill in the state where an African American was dragged to death behind a truck. Dodged another one Mr. Bush?

    Where is all that money coming from? Making any promises to those who contribute to your campaign? I would like to know.

    These are just some of the questions that I would like to see surface in this campaign. Mr. Bush has done nothing for the State of Texas except give us all the right to carry hand guns. Will he do the same as president???

    Subject: GW Bush in Mad Magazine #391 March 2024!
    Date: 2/16/00 11:44:58 AM

    Hey, Doctor Hackemup!

    You've _got_ to alert your loyal fans about Mad Magazine Issue #391 for March, 2024, on sale now. Toward the very back, there's a _great_ article on George W. Bush called "George W. Bush faces the drug issue head-on!" George W. Bush is speaking about his "Presidential coronation." And at the end of his speech he vows to "rid this nation of drugs... if necessary, one ounce at a time!" Then end ends with "God bless the statute of limitations, and god bless America!"

    Mad Magazine also gives President Clinton some, er, good whacks and every time he's drawn, it's with his pants down around his ankles.


    Subject: like father - like son. The apples don't fall far from the tree.
    Date: 2/16/00 12:06:20 PM

    Good job you're doing. I must say however, if the father can say "we are a nation of laws" (not people) while sitting under a fringed flag that signifies the suspension of law (signified by the red, white, and blue-you know -the one he took an oath to defend---thereby perjuring his oath [constructive Treason] ), what do you expect. When King David (Rochefeller) bought the tree he bought the apples too.

    Subject: please....
    Date: 2/16/00 1:14:15 PM

    PLEASE don't let this fool be elected to anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it just me or is this guy frightening??????????? he is not qualified to sit on ausitn's city council----------he has done jack for schools in texas---i work in austin school district, what he says is not only untrue, it is funny, these schools are a disgrace--------property taxes lowered? well not exactly, while he may have lowered the "tax rate" the property appraisals conveniently skyrocketed and my taxes have gone up $642 in the last 2 years!!! kathy marino austin, texas TEXANS AGAINST BUSH

    Subject: Get real
    Date: 2/16/00 2:34:01 PM

    I changed my party as did many of my friends so we could vote against GOOD OLD GEORGE one Bush is one to many. Now if we want a bush we will go to a nursery and buy one . If we don't like it at least we can pull it out and start over. We have never found anything in Texas we couldn't live without, especially a bad politician. Remember your brother or was it you that helped the savings and loan in Colorado go bust. A BUSH is something this country does not need again. By the way can't you go to a cacus with mommie and daddie?