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Governor Bush has decided the voters deserve answers about his "lost years" (1968-74). To that end, campaign HQ is publishing, in a serialized format, a supplement to W's autobiography.
This is Episode 4
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Dad's man in the Air Force took my application form, looked it over quickly until he got to the bottom, where I had volunteered for service in Vietnam, then he stared up at me intensely. He was obviously confused. His assignment had been to lay the ground work to get me into the guard. Now I'd have to explain to him that I had made up my mind to fight for my country instead of hiding out in Texas.

The thought of having that conversation gave me another wave of feelings of pride, and pushed the fear back down. But the officer left the room without saying a word. I sat, unsettled, waiting for him to come back for maybe 20 minutes. He returned with a relaxed smile on his face, and a new form.

"Could you sign this again for us, George?" he said, laying the form down in front of me.

They had filled in a new form for me, with all the same answers I had given except the last question--the volunteering overseas question. To that they answered, "NO."

I looked up at him, and he gazed down with the same calm smile. He sort of gave me a little nod and gestured that I sign it.

I signed it. How did this guy know that's all it would take to dampen my resolve, when I didn't even know that until just now?

That old familiar feeling of letting Dad down--and letting myself down--washed over me. I slipped into a bit of a trance that would last much of the next few years. All I could feel was that I needed a drink.

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