Governor Bush has decided the voters deserve answers about his "lost years" (1968-74). To that end, campaign HQ is publishing, in a serialized format, a supplement to W's autobiography.
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Soon I was in a pilot training class with 71 other guys all bound for deadly service in Vietnam. It was the most miserable experience of my life. As a guardsman, I was the only one guaranteed to stay stateside. Yes, I was ashamed. The guys didn't treat me poorly, but only because they knew who Dad was. Pilots had the highest casualty rate in Vietnam. These were the bravest men in the world--how could my presence not piss them off?

The training itself, however, was one of the most interesting experiences in my life. It was the first time I had an inkling that something about me was very different--that there was a whole set of experiences in my past that had been somehow blocked out. This will sound crazy, but it felt as though I already new how to fly.

Dad spoke at our graduation. Back then his reputation as a heroic WWII fighter pilot was still relatively fresh. The guys felt it a great honor to shake his hand and meet the man in person. Then they shipped off to the war, many of them looking back on American soil for the last time.

I stayed on base and received my orders: defend the coast line of Texas from foreign invasion. Sure, that sounds ridiculous, but the Texas guard actually kept two fighters scrambled at all times to defend Texas from foreign invasion.

Once I started my regular assignment, it was only weekend duty. I'd fly up the coast to Louisiana and then down the coast to Mexico, and spend the rest of the week drunk and high with the other pilot on my rotation, Kit Dart. Soon our route was monotonous and easy, and we started playing dangerous games in the air with each other to liven things up. Sure, sometimes we'd fly high, and why not? We could have flown it blind folded. I was a great pilot and so was Kit.

Kit played a major role in my spiritual development, though when I met him I never would have expected this to be the case. It all started with a visit to a desert Indian reservation a few months into our duty....

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